February Monthly Aspects

Shelly LealMonthly Aspects

February 2023

Salacia, Chiron and Eris are anchored in Aries, and will be for years to come. Benevolent Jupiter entered that sign in December 2022, and Juno, expressing our connectedness, entered in January. By the time February ends, there will be 8 planets in the sign of pioneering creative spark.


Astraea, 5D asteroid of justice and balance, joins the stellium on 2/6, followed by Vesta, adding devotion to the mix on 2/7. These two planets conjoin in a new cycle on 2/13. And Venus joins them all 2/20. According to Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the sign of Mental Power, where what we think can yield tangible results. Therefore, we must use conscious discipline to keep our thoughts positive, the better to act on. It is here we begin to bring the higher Self into human existence. This concentrated dose of Aries energy brings the element of Self-realization to the planet, and will remain a big factor for at least a few months.


With so many planets in the same sign, there will naturally be plenty of new cycles created over the next 3 months. Juno has already conjoined with Jupiter and Salacia in January; this month she meets up with Chiron (2/8) and Eris (2/28), suggesting healing and new realizations regarding our connections to each other. Jupiter (2/5) and Vesta (2/24) make new cycles with Salacia, which should serve to lighten our hearts and enable us to share our joy with others. And on 2/26, a triple conjunction occurs between Venus, Salacia and Astraea, injecting love into the mix.


Meanwhile, Mars, to whom Aries belongs, remains in Gemini, retracing his steps. On 2/22 he aspects Mercury with a manifestation (trine), another indication of the strong mind-body connection that calls our attention.


Ceres, traveling in Libra, stations retrograde 2/3, while Sedna (2/10) and Pallas (2/16) go direct. At this point, only some 5D planets are retrograde, meaning that all the planets in our solar system are in direct motion, and we find ourselves focused on the physical realm. As fast as thing are going, it will feel like there are no brakes and things will move even faster until Mercury’s retrograde in mid-April. Finding ways to center quickly will be so important now.


The Full Moon in Leo occurs on 2/5, disposed (ruled) by the Sun and Uranus. The Great Awakener forms a t-square, or intersection, between the Sun and Moon, creating an alternate path where we can apply our intuition and gain insight as to what our true values are. This is something we can be grateful for, as it will help us know ourselves better.


From there it will take the Sun 9 days to connect with Saturn on 2/16. This new cycle brings our awareness to our own sense of authority and integrity and how we structure our lives. We are due for an upgrade. We can gain a new awareness of our social interactions and how to tend to them, making them work for us. The Sun enters Pisces on 2/18, shifting our consciousness to the unlimited possibilities that can be ours if we have faith in ourselves. Pisces is the sign of Divine Mastery, where we learn to face our fears and realize ourselves as truly unlimited beings. Here we explore how we hold ourselves back when we put our attention on our fears.


This message is also part of the Pisces New Moon that takes place on 2/20. This lunation forms a bridge with (opposes) the Fixed Royal Star Regulus, at 0°Virgo, in the sign of emotional wisdom. The star is considered a directional star, Watcher of the North, represented by Archangel Raphael. We need emotional intelligence to keep us in balance, so we can make use of the expansive energies of Pisces. Neptune disposes this New Moon, and it is not a coincidence that Venus conjoins with Neptune on 2/15, setting us up for a new cycle of higher universal Love before this lunation.


Mercury, the Great Messenger, clears his shadow 2/7, creating a new beginning of thought, connection, and communication. Still in Capricorn, the Mercury-Pluto new cycle occurs on 2/10; new ideas about how to use the power we’ve always had can’t be far behind. The following day Mercury shifts into Aquarius, another precursor to Pluto’s shift next month. While there, the Mercury-Chariklo new cycle occurs, on 2/18, bringing much needed stability and calmness to our mental processes, and hopefully, our communication with each other.


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