July 2019 Cosmic Consciousness Monthly

Shelly LealMonthly Aspects

 Photo by James Barnes
Welcome to July, the 1st month of the 2nd half of the year. The wheels of evolution are grinding, moving us forward, ready or not, awake or not. We are in a wormhole that began on 6/3, and this month brings 2 eclipses that promise to take us to new vistas in the twinkling of an eye at any time. Although the wormhole ends on 7/31, there is so much movement and change to cover, as the energies within and (reflected) without continue to swirl at a faster rate and higher frequency. I will attempt to cover the highlights and provide clues as to how to navigate this magical month.
July is the 7th month, and in Cosmic Consciousness it relates to the 7 o’clock hour represented by Leo, the middle sign of the Emotional Body, where the mechanism of Love requires the practice of looking for the blessing in everything, regardless of how it appears. Leo is disposed by the Sun, which gives life force and warmth as well as Light, shining on all equally without discrimination. “Good” and “bad” are judgments of the lower mind, which weighs us down and prevents us from seeing the bigger picture.  The wider view from any observer’s perch allows us to see the unity behind every polarity, the Truth behind all deception, Light shining behind the darkness.  When we choose to focus on the similarities that unite us rather than the differences, we build bridges that allow us to reach each other where we couldn’t before. We forge new roads.

We are here to soften hearts, not to change minds. Coming from a place of gratitude– for every person who crosses our path (even those who exasperate or frustrate us), every lesson learned, every talent or skill we posess, every experience that brings us to this point– is the greatest service we can provide. It activates Love in others’ hearts and gives them permission to access their own abundance.  Since we are not privy to the divine plan, trusting that it’s all perfect frees us to find the positive in every situation. That is the gift of July.


Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune

In Cosmic Consciousness, Jupiter and Saturn are called the social planets, and. Neptune is referred to as an ‘inner outer’ planet. They go beyond the personal planets, and are part of our immediate solar system. Jupiter and Saturn are coming together in a new 20-year cycle in a few months, one that will alter our social relationships. Neptune relates to collective illusions that give way to clarity and new vision. All three planets are retrograde now, moving towards Source; we are inclined to go within and lift our Selves up to higher frequencies, accepting what is, knowing that things will become clear in time. Jupiter and Neptune are in a square (90°) aspect; Saturn is conjunct the Earth Star Chakra (S. Node) and resourcing Neptune. And all 3 planets are residing in their own signs, making those energy fields in our consciousness (Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces) especially significant.
We can see by the placement of these planets that we are between cycles now, pushing against the old so that the new can be born. It is birthing even now, and the possibilities are endless. Last month Mars and Mercury formed new cycles with the Soul Star Chakra (N. Node), bridges (formerly oppositions) with Saturn, manifestations (trines) with Neptune, and great eliminators (inconjuncts) with Jupiter, before conjoining each other. The transmutation of the new mind/body connection has already begun. Our bodies and minds are preparing for the new energies and downloads that are coming relentlessly now.
This month the Sun (7/8-711) and Venus (7/16-7/18) make the same aspects as Mars and Mercury. Our consciousness and emotional energies connect with our inner authority, creativity, higher Love, and the willingness to seek out the Truth of every situation. Clarity, integrity and emotional harmony are available to us on a personal level when we choose the high road of Self Love. Every connection of the personal planets to these archetypes brings us closer to a new social order that will begin to manifest next year.
At the end of July (7/25-7/30) Mars contacts Jupiter, Saturn, the Earth Star and Neptune again, but with different aspects: manifestation with Jupiter, and great eliminators with the rest. Actions have consequences, and we have opportunities to act with Love, intention, mindfulness and faith. Choosing these responses will do so much to expand us at the personal level.

The Divine Feminine

In June the Divine Feminine came together in a powerful calibration with the Venus, Astraea, Sedna and Alcyone new cycles. Alcyone is the main star of the Pleiades, the Great Central Sun of our universe. She sits at 0 Gemini. Ceres (where we midwife our Selves into new life) spends the whole month in a bridge to Alcyone, retrograding back to 0 Sagittarius, where she goes direct on 7/17. The Divine Feminine is multidimensional and can be accessed on any level. The Ceres Alcyone Light Bridge is the perfect place to observe the birthing of the new world out of the ashes of the patriarchy.

Inside the Wormhole—Energies of July

A wormhole contains the sideways elevators (eclipses) that deliver us to another part of our Selves more quickly than we could get there otherwise. Its energies are erratic and wonky, and the best way to handle them is to remain open to whatever comes and say yes to the journey. Eclipses reboot our consciousness, and this reboot may be a sudden turn of events or a subtle unfolding. Either way, awareness makes the journey easier to take, if not smoother.

Cancer New Moon Total Solar Eclipse – 7/2

This New Moon, at 10 Cancer, conjoins Sirius and the dharmic Soul Star Chakra. We have access to the 7D energies of the Masters; expect downloads of the highest order, especially in the emotional body. Cancer is the sign of the Mother, the One who nurtures, supports and loves all unconditionally. We all have the Mother within us. Cancer is symbolized by the River, which moves ceaselessly onward. To be in flow with our emotions is to achieve inner harmony. With this New Moon we eclipse the old ways of accessing Emotional Power from the root chakra and shift it into the 5D heart chakra at the core of our being. When we come from the heart in all that we do, it is easier to process our emotions. Humankind’s evolution involves a new emotional maturity, the ability to sit with emotions and find the issue underneath. Healing these issues deep in the core releases stuck energy, allowing it to flow through our physical being, raising the frequencies for all.
The New Moon resources Uranus and Orcus, as well as the Vesta Albion new cycle that occurs today.  It also manifests with Neptune, makes bridges with the Earth Star Chakra and Saturn, and a great eliminator with Jupiter (see above for a discussion of those archetypes). Fresh new perceptions, insights and revelations are available. Venus’ bridge to Ixion and the Galactic Center infuses the heart with new purpose and magnetic energies.

Capricorn Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse – 7/16

A lunar eclipse affects our consciousness and asks us for a new kind of response to whatever happens. This Full Moon at 24 Capricorn completes the current eclipse passage that will reverberate for the next 6 months. All June the Cancer-Capricorn polarity of Self-empowerment has been majorly activated; this lunation is the high point of the recalibration and balancing of the Mother-Father energies in each of us, in preparation for the massive 9-planet stellium in Capricorn next January.
Saturn has dominion over the eclipse, and he is in a perfect bridge with Venus. Venus Saturn aspects deal with issues of Self-esteem. Saturn conjuncts the Earth Star Chakra, Pluto, Chariklo and the Moon in Capricorn; the Sun conjoins the Soul Star Chakra, Venus and Sirius in Cancer. This is a very wide, stable bridge on which to stand, and it crosses the Eris Haumea/ Arcturus Light Bridge. We stand at the crossroads, with all avenues open, arms wide, ready to access the road dictated by the heart’s calling. We are heading into new uncharted territory, creating different responses from the new parameters of the divine feminine as it is being transformed.
Pluto and Chariklo are traveling together and will conjoin 7/23; Chariklo’s stabilizing energies provide the balm to Pluto’s deep purging of the patriarchy. Jupiter, Neptune and Astraea intersect with the Venus Saturn and nodal bridges, yet another indication of the shift in consciousness brought about by the unification of the Divine Feminine. The chaos we are experiencing is the clash of the old masculine energies that have dominated for millennia with the newly unified divine feminine, while a new masculine/feminine balance is in the process of manifesting. There is no telling where the sideways elevator will take us, but change is imminent.

Mercury Retrograde-7/7-7/31

Because the wormhole activated with a Gemini New Moon, Mercury has dominion over this wormhole, making his movements so important. It is significant that the archetype representing the higher Christed mind goes retrograde on the 7/7 Stargate, the holy number of the World Soul. Mercury begins his journey towards Source (retrograde) at 4 Leo, reenters Cancer on 7/19, and goes direct on 7/31. In Leo Mercury is on the Master Path, and to prepare for mastery our higher minds need to revisit the lessons of the last degrees of Cancer, especially after Mercury’s conjunction to Mars and squares to the Eris Haumea Light Bridge. Our words are powerful weapons, infused with the power to sow discord or bring unity, especially at the emotional level. As the Light Bridge to Awakening Unity Consciousness begins to deactivate, the 2 Mercury intersections (7/27 to 8/5) provide a way to think with the heart and allow the appropriate response to arise from within.
Mars comes to meet the stationing Mercury for the 2nd of 3 conjunctions on 7/8, manifesting with Chiron/Salacia and resourcing MakeMake. The mind/body calibration is part of the divine plan. Their first meeting, on 6/18, occurred in Cancer; this one takes place in Leo. (Their new cycle on 9/3 will be in Virgo, as part of an amazing stellium with Orcus and the Sun—talk about a realignment of mind and body! Stay tuned!)
During the course of this retrograde cycle, Mercury resources MakeMake twice (7/4 and 7/11), conjuncts Varuna for the 2nd time (7/15), makes an inferior conjunction with the Sun in Cancer 7/21, and conjoins Venus 7/24 that will manifest in a new cycle in September. Mind (Mercury) and heart (Venus) come together intersecting the Eris Haumea Light Bridge, creating a perfect balance of masculine/feminine energies with which to access that observer’s perch. From the center we can see all sides, and choose the one that best fits the situation.
Mercury concludes his retrograde on the same day that the wormhole deactivates with a Leo New Moon. Plenty of information will be accessed this month, and also much Self-realization, before the wormhole closes. New ideas, connections and communications are becoming available. Our diligence and awareness will bring us to a higher perspective of what we are currently living through.

Changes in Direction

This month, Mercury’s entire retrograde cycle takes place. The Black Moon’s oscillations often result in retrograde and direct movement in the same month. But this July 5 other planets change direction, and 4 of them are 5D planets. When 5D archetypes shift direction we don’t feel it on a personal level, we feel it on an etheric level, and as we more spend more time in 5D we are becoming more sensitive to the alterations in planetary movement. In Cosmic Consciousness, a retrograde planet moves towards Source, and when it goes direct it is focused on the physical realm.
Salacia and Chiron are traveling together through Aries and this month both go retrograde (Salacia on 7/5 and Chiron on 7/8). From now until December we have the opportunity to go within and realign our Selves, review how far we’ve come, and see what we have left to master. Recognizing the play of dark and Light is part of the process.
On 7/9 Haumea goes direct, bringing unity consciousness to the physical realm. She is as close to a bridge with Eris as she is going to get, and now begins to pull away. The unity side of the Eris Haumea Light Bridge begins to express itself in the world. This is significant as the Sun Soul Star new cycle occurs on this day as well, a new evolution in consciousness. Haumea’s partner in polarity, Eris, stations retrograde on 7/20. We would do well to take this time to go within and review how we feel about the triggers that have caused any inner disruption we have already experienced. How have we changed? What will the new revelations show us? We have 5 1/2 months to figure it out.
Ceres goes direct at 0 Sagittarius 30 on 7/17, in a bridge with Alcyone, the main star of the Pleiades. In April the Inner Midwife went retrograde right on the Great Attractor (see CC Corner for more information about Ceres and the Great Attractor). For 3 months our energies went inward to reexamine what needed nurturing and shoring up, and what needed to be cleared. It is time for the divine feminine to express herself in a new form.

Sign Changes

Every month to 6 weeks, the lower 4-body planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars) change signs, or fields of consciousness. When the lower body planets move into a new energy field we feel it on a personal level.  Mars moves from Cancer’s master path into Leo on 7/1; gratitude for the physical vehicle that is our body is highlighted, as well as blessing our homes and local environments. Venus changes signs twice, entering Cancer on 7/3 and Leo on 7/27, connecting with the signs disposed by the Moon and Sun. Emotional balance and nurturing are on tap, followed by the blessing of a nurtured, open heart. Mercury moves back into Cancer on 7/19, and the Sun enters his own sign on 7/22, reminding us to shine our own Light and identify the positive in any situation. At month’s end, the dispositors of the spiritual body (Sun and Moon) and the emotional (Venus) and physical (Mars) bodies are all in Leo, with Mercury following suit in August. It is rare to have all the personal planets together in the same sign. They all follow each other into Virgo for a massive recalibration of the etheric 4-body system next month; stay tuned.

New Cycles and Conjunctions

There are 13 conjunctions this month, 7 of which are new cycles. Two big cycles get reenergized with the conjunctions occurring at their midpoint. It is no coincidence that Saturn conjoins the Earth Star for the 2nd time on 7/4, America’s birthday. The planet signifying integrity, authority and defining principles of knowing where one stands comes together with the karmic point of every past life each of us has ever lived. This cycle was first set in motion on 4/25, and now it is time for the collective to take stock in holding our leaders, and our Selves, accountable for places where we knowingly or unknowingly act out of alignment with what we know to be True. The old reactions have to be cleared.
Then there’s the 2nd Mercury Mars conjunction. This meeting takes place on 7/8 at 4 Leo, while Mercury is stationing retrograde, barely moving and very focused, and it manifests with Chiron. That puts the alignment of mind and body front and center, and in Leo, that alignment deserves our acceptance and gratitude. No matter what the physical situation is, a positive attitude will serve us and everyone else and make it easier to work with.
Varuna requires a higher consciousness to access his breadth of vision. Each new Varuna cycle stretches us beyond what we are accustomed to. This month Varuna’s 5D energies will be profoundly felt on some level as every personal planet conjoins with him. The Mars Varuna new cycle occurs on 7/4, bringing a new perspective to our idea of physicality. Mercury moves back towards Varuna for a 2nd meeting, reintegrating his cosmic vision into our higher minds. The Sun (7/25) and Venus (7/29) Varuna new cycles open us to higher consciousness and new perspectives of emotional Truth.
Last month Mars and Mercury made new cycles with the 7D star Sirius and the Soul Star Chakra, presaging a new mind/body connection. This July the Sun and Venus have their turn. The Sun Sirius (7/6) and Venus Sirius (7/15) new cycles reflect the multidimensional downloads we are capable of receiving; the new cycles between the Soul Star and the Sun (7/9) and Venus (7/15) point to new beginnings in the evolution of our spiritual and emotional consciousness. We are becoming superconscious.
The Sun Mercury inferior conjunction on 7/21 occurs at the midpoint of Mercury’s retrograde journey. It represents a new chapter in the ways in which we connect with our Selves inwardly. Pluto and centaur planet Chariklo have been traveling together since the beginning of the year, and conjoined 2/15. They meet again on 7/22. Pluto has been busy dismantling all antiquated and broken systems; Chariklo brings a stabilizing and calming influence to this transmutation. And finally, the archetypes of mind and heart, Mercury and Venus, come together at 26 Cancer on 7/24 for realignment and calibration. It’s time to move into the heart center and be loving in our thoughts.

The Wormhole Closes: Leo New Moon-7/31

On the last day of the month, as Mercury stations direct, the co-dispositors of the spiritual body come together for a new cycle at 8 Leo. Because it is the 2nd New Moon of the month this lunation is called a Black Moon, and it occurs once every 29 months. And of course, it marks the deactivation of the 2-month wormhole. It’s a new beginning in striving to remain positive in the face of these quick moving energies, and being of service to others.
The New Moon conjoins Venus, who connects with Chiron and Ceres in a Grand Manifestation, bringing Love into alignment and birthing it anew. The stepping stone with Uranus promises more shake-ups and revelations to end an already explosive month. Mercury’s bridge with Pluto and Chariklo suggests a rebirthing of all forms of communication and connection, very much needed now. This bridge is part of the ongoing Power Crossroad (cardinal cross) with the Eris-Haumea Lightbridge. What an amazing way to end such a powerful month.


The image for July is that of fireworks: fast, explosive movement. They can be quick, colorful and exciting, and also loud and overwhelming. Energies are moving so quickly this month; with the sideways elevators and planets changing directions there is much shifting that will occur at a moment’s notice. It will be important to check in with our intuition, but then move into action. Things move so fast that mistakes will be made, so it’s vital to be forgiving with our Selves and others. And just keep going. It helps to celebrate small accomplishments and not sweat the larger stuff. And to  have fun with and enjoy others.
This is the month to treat every situation like a spiritual endeavor. We are Spirit, surrounded by Spirit; everything else is a projection of the mind. We are fully capable of making our thoughts positive and looking for the blessing in every situation as we take action in the world. Every positive thought, intention and action creates an energy field that raises the vibration for everyone. That is our challenge and gift to the planet.


“Truth is not fully explosive, but purely electric. You don’t blow the world up with the truth; you shock it into motion.” 
― Criss Jami, Healology