July 2020 Cosmic Consciousness

Shelly LealMonthly Aspects

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Welcome to July! As the 7th month, July holds the energy of the ‘7,’ which represents everything esoteric, holy, and spiritual, and what is hidden from view. According to John Mitchell, the 7 is “the number of the World Soul, which existed before creation and the formation of sacred geometry.” It symbolizes perfection and completeness, both spiritual and physical.
In Cosmic Consciousness the 7 o’clock hour is represented by Leo, the middle sign of the Emotional Body, where the mechanism of Love requires the practice of looking for the blessing in everything, regardless of how it appears. Leo is disposed by the Sun, which gives life force and warmth as well as Light, shining on all equally without discrimination. “Good” and “bad” are judgments of the lower mind, which weigh us down and prevent us from seeing the bigger picture. The wider view from any observer’s perch allows us to see the unity behind every polarity, the Truth behind all deception, Light shining behind the darkness. When we choose to focus on the similarities that unite us rather than the differences, we build bridges that allow us to reach each other where we couldn’t before. We forge new roads.
We are here to hold the space of Love, not to change minds. Our gratitude– for every person who crosses our path (even those who frustrate us), every lesson learned, every talent or skill we possess and challenge we face, every experience that brings us to this point– is the greatest service we can provide. Seeing everything and everyone as an expression of Source reminds us of the unity behind it all. It activates Love in others’ hearts and gives them permission to access their own abundance. Since we are not privy to the divine plan, trusting that it’s all perfect frees us to find the positive in every situation– essential in these unprecedented times.

Energies of July

July continues the intense changes of the last few months. This month the final lunar eclipse of this cycle occurs, and the 2nd Cancer New Moon closes the wormhole that has taken us on such a wild ride since 5/22. Mercury ends his retrograde and he and Venus leave their retrograde shadows (the degrees where their retrogrades began); Mars enters his shadow this month, preparing for his own retrograde in September. Neptune, Chiron and Eris are barely moving all month and 5 planets change direction, 2 going direct and 3 beginning their retrogrades. The personal planets are all making important connections, and the intersection (formerly T-square) and crossroads (aka grand cross) of planets in power signs (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra) are especially active.
July opens with retrograde Saturn moving back into Capricorn. From there we recalibrate and integrate the final lessons that involve acting with integrity and taking responsibility for our part in the misqualified collective energies that are now being uncovered, revealing the weaknesses in the structures that are falling apart now. We are being given another opportunity to see where we need to stand up for ourSelves, and connect with the inner voice of Source. Now is the time; this chance won’t come again for 29 years.

The Personal Planets

The lower four-body system is how we process life on Earth in a separate body. The personal planets travel more quickly than all the others, and the connections they make affect us deeply. Being aware of their movements allows us to prepare for the potentials inherent in the energies being expressed.
The Sun
As the Sun moves through Cancer this month, our consciousness is turned towards observing our emotions and feeling them, allowing them their inward expression and letting them pass. In this way we nurture ourSelves.  As the month opens, the Sun makes a resourceful (sextile) aspect to Uranus and a stepping stone (square) to Chiron, indicating that an awakened consciousness is necessary to step up to new levels of wholeness.
On 7/5 the last Full Moon penumbral lunar eclipse occurs. This Full Moon at 13 Capricorn completes the current eclipse season that will reverberate for the next 6 months. This lunation is the high point of the recalibration and balancing of the Mother-Father energies in each of us. While it is more emotionally charged, it allows us to connect with Source. This eclipse is part of the Grand Power Crossroad of Mercury, the Sun, Vesta, and Sirius in Cancer bridging the Moon and Quaoar in Capricorn, which intersects the bridge formed by Chiron, Salacia and Mars in Aries and MakeMake and Juno in Libra. The Sun connects with Vesta and Sirius in new cycles. Our consciousness is greatly expanded and wholing; heart-based actions are available along with a new emotional response to all we encounter. We stand at the crossroads with all avenues open, arms wide, ready to access any and all roads dictated by the heart’s calling. There is no telling where the sideways elevators will take us, but we will go far if we say yes to the experience.
There is an intimate (semisextile) connection between Mercury and Venus, deepening the mind/heart balance that has been the theme of this wormhole. Saturn has dominion over the eclipse, and he is back in his home sign of Capricorn, in a great eliminator (inconjunct) with the Soul Star Chakra (N. Node). The way to the future is clear: we must build a new structure based on integrity, transparency and responsible authority. It begins with us.
The Sun Neptune manifestation occurs on 7/12, and it can clear up confusion and make dreams a reality. Whatever happens, we must put our hearts into it. The Sun enters the later-degree Power Crossroad and bridges Pallas (7/12), Jupiter (7/14), and Pluto (7/15), makes stepping stones with Eris (7/16), Arcturus (7/16), and Haumea (7/17), and bridges Chariklo (7/19) and Saturn (7/20) right after the New Moon. All this activity brings our attention to the expansive transformation we are going through, creating numerous personal observers’ perches where we can center and hold the space of peace.
The 7/20 Cancer New Moon is significant for many reasons. This New Moon is the 2nd that occurs in Cancer; with the faster moving personal planets in different places, they make different aspects to the way we process and express our emotions. Collectively we are bringing up more deeply repressed emotions buried in centuries of shame, guilt and fear. This New Moon presents another layer of healing to what presented itself in the 6/21 Cancer solar eclipse. It is a chance to reflect on our responses to the sideways elevators that came through, revising and upgrading those responses with a new cycle of nurturing Mother energy. This New Moon closes the extraordinary wormhole that has produced so many changes.
The Sun Moon new cycle makes a fruitful (sextile) connection with Sedna, and both make great eliminators to Ixion and the Earth Star Chakra (S. Node), producing a Finger of God pointing to the Earth Star, which boomerangs to the Soul Star Chakra. Choices must be made in the way our karma is to be addressed. We must choose to take the high road, the path with heart, making conscious choices and leaving questions and fears behind. By tuning deeply to our own consciousness and embracing it without judgment we come to see and accept our part of the collective karma and activate our collective dharma, which is to transcend the extreme duality we are living through. We also have the benefit of Sedna’s ancient divine knowledge and Varuna’s universal perspective for assistance. The New Moon’s bridge to Saturn affords us the authority to stand up for our choices.
The Sun enters Leo on 7/22, beginning a month of focusing our consciousness on the blessings that are always present in our lives. Leo is the Sun’s domain, representing the heart and the life force, where we learn to shine our Light and give our hearts in service to others. The Sun Varuna new cycle on 7/26 brings awareness to a very high perspective; the Sun Chiron manifestation (7/31) shines our consciousness on the wholing that is possible by keeping our thoughts on Love and gratitude.
Retrograde Mercury is part of the intersection in early degrees of Power signs. The Great Messenger squares Chiron (7/1), Juno (7/2), Salacia (7/8) and Mars (7/8). The higher mind has a say in how we process emotions that can result in actions that promote healing in all our relationships.
Mercury’s retrograde ends on 7/12, and, moving again in direct motion, Mercury forms stepping stones with Salacia (7/15) and Chiron (7/21) before making a new cycle with Sirius (7/26) for some more multidimensional downloads before leaving his shadow. This marks a new beginning of higher thought, communication and connection that will last into the fall. The mind/body connection is activated again with a Mercury Mars stepping stone on 7/27.
As part of the grand Power crossroad, Mercury forms bridges with the Capricorn stellium (grouping); he spends the next week making connections with Pallas (7/28) and Jupiter (7/30) as well as manifesting with Neptune (7/30). Wisdom, expanded consciousness and clarity, especially regarding the social arena, are available.
Venus represents the heart center and our capacity to love. She spends the entire month retracing the degrees she covered during her retrograde. Among other transits, on 7/10 Venus forms a helpful resource aspect with Chiron, who is stationing to go retrograde and very powerful. Mastering the emotions is a necessary prerequisite for healing and wholing at the heart level.
From 7/14-7/18 Venus forms a Wisdom intersection with Ceres in Pisces and Astraea and Orcus in Virgo. The sovereignty of the eternal Divine Feminine is undergoing a rebirth and Love is a major part of it. The 7/18 Venus Great Attractor Light Bridge lifts the heart to new levels; as we hold the space of Love, new energetic shifts begin to unfold. Venus forms great eliminators with Jupiter (7/27) and Pluto (7/30), enabling us to choose Love when faced with social upheaval and misuse of power. On 7/29 Venus leaves her shadow to complete her journey through Gemini.
As we know, physical life on Earth has been upended with the advent of Covid-19, which attacks various parts of the body in unusual ways. It has affected all facets of health, nutrition, how we live and how we regard others. It points out where right action is missing and sorely needed.
Mars enters the early-degree grand Power crossroad with a stepping stone to Quaoar (7/3) and a bridge to MakeMake (7/6) as he makes his way through Aries. On 7/8 the Mars Salacia new cycle takes place as well as a stepping stone to Mercury. Our physical experience is connected to the thoughts we have about it. Negative thoughts can hide in our bodies. When we recognize how our dark thoughts can actually facilitate more positive thoughts, how we sometimes have to go through despair before we see the Light, it feels liberating, like an unclogged pipe that lets the water flow.
Mars and Chiron have a special relationship. Mars presides over the physical experience. Chiron’s function is to align mind, heart, body and spirit, which becomes complete at the physical level since that is where we live in 3D and where true healing takes place. The Mars Chiron new cycle on 7/14 will go a long way to aiding our efforts to whole ourSelves physically. It raises our capacity for acting from the heart, which is sorely needed now. Mars makes a bridge with Juno (7/19) and a stepping stone with Sirius (7/23), bringing unity consciousness and higher frequencies to our physicality.
On 7/25 Mars enters his retrograde shadow at 15 Aries. Any connections made from now on will be repeated as he moves towards his retrograde in September. All things physical–our bodies, health, home, neighborhood, the environment, and even our spiritual Light Body– are up for review. Many are becoming aware of how their actions help or hinder the spread of the Covid virus. The 1st of 3 Mars Pallas squares (7/29) underscores the need to let things be as they are to discern the proper course of action.

Planetary Stations

Along with the end of Mercury’s retrograde 4 other planets change directions, 3 of them 5D planets. When 5D archetypes shift direction we don’t feel it on a personal level but on an etheric level, and as we spend more time in 5D we are becoming more sensitive to the alterations in planetary movement. In cosmic consciousness, a retrograde planet moves towards Source, and when it goes direct it is focused on the physical realm.
On 7/7, Ceres stations retrograde at 13 Pisces. Ceres represents the nurturing that helps us get through transitions and delivers us to a new world from the ashes of the old. The last Ceres retrograde occurred in Sagittarius, allowing us to see the Truth of how we treat the Earth, clearing old karma/habits related to how we care for ourselves, and so, each other. Now, in Pisces, the possibilities for rebirth are limitless, if we get over the fear of the unknown and act from our deep spiritual wisdom to do what we know in our hearts needs to be done.
Haumea represents the 5D concept of the unity of the whole: that each experience we are having is a part of the experience of the One, and each part belongs exactly where it is, as it connects perfectly with everything else. She reminds us that we can create something new from any part of our being: mind, heart or spirit, and it will manifest into the physical. Haumea has been retrograde since 1/26, when Covid-19 began to make its way around the world. On 7/10 Haumea goes direct, bringing her energies towards outward expression. By accessing her frequencies we can begin to honor the perfection in the divine plan and everything that plays a part within it.
The next day, 7/11, Chiron, the Master Healer/Teacher, begins his retrograde at 9 Aries, in the sign of Self-realization. Bringing ourSelves into alignment and wholeness can only take place in the physical realm. It’s time to go within and reexamine how we speak to ourSelves internally, and how that affects the way we feel about ourSelves and how we act. It’s time to heal the stories we tell ourSelves.
Last and certainly not least, Eris goes retrograde on 7/20, the same day as the New Moon. We would do well to take this time to go within and review what triggers our emotions, causing inner disruption. Are we reacting to inner stress, or have we reached the end of our tolerance? How have we changed? What will the new revelations show us? We have 5 1/2 months to figure it out. The Cancer New Moon brings new ways to respond to those emotions so we can hear the messages they deliver and stay centered.

Other Important Events

Pallas Athena’s feminine wisdom has been such a big part of this year’s events. As she retrogrades through Capricorn, she meets up with Pluto (7/2) and Jupiter (7/3) for the 2nd time, signifying the importance of observing and surrendering to the transmutations occurring in the social realm as they work their way through the collective. The 7/4 Juno Chiron bridge highlights the healing and aligning that is available to all of us.
The 7/6 Vesta Sirius new cycle expands our capacity to receive the multidimensional downloads available and commit to allowing it into our being. On 7/13 the Astraea Orcus new cycle occurs, forming a stepping stone with Venus and manifesting with Uranus. This new beginning awakens us to the realization that the recently unified Divine Feminine is, and always was, part of our eternal nature. The 7/19 Uranus Albion new cycle reminds us that as we raise our frequencies we can hear the song of the universe.

 Black Moon

Lately the Black Moon has been dancing between Aries and Taurus, and this month is no different. She goes retrograde on 7/3 at 6 Taurus, and reenters Aries on 7/7. The Great Unveiler is making repeated contacts with Eris, and on 7/9 they commune for the 8th time. Each meeting reveals a little more Truth that disrupts the status quo. On 7/16 the 1st Black Moon Mars conjunction takes place and it is significant, as both these archetypes are triggers that activate the energies of the planets they encounter. Black Moon does her work on the emotional level while Mars works on the physical level, and both facilitate change. There will be many Black Moon Mars communions over the next few months; they serve to lift the veils related to our physicality, and are related to the Covid virus in some way.
Black Moon conjoins Chiron (7/17) and Salacia (7/18) before going direct at 1 Aries on 7/22. She retraces her steps with Salacia (7/28) and Chiron (7/29) for the 19th time, and runs to meet Mars for their 2nd communion on 7/30. Every time Lilith and Chiron/Salacia get together there is more healing and alignment at the emotional level. This is fortunate and necessary, as Black Moon dances with Eris, Mars and Uranus in the coming months.


The novel Coronavirus that produced this new Covid-19 disease is teaching us to view the body holistically and not as separate mechanisms as was previously the case. Like the usual ideas about disease, immunity, succumb-ability and resilience, it is evolving; the old concepts regarding how medicines and the body works are falling by the wayside. Beneath the separateness there is the unity that we are all susceptible to the myriad variations of this mysterious virus. We are in new uncharted territory, and many are frightened, frustrated, and fighting hard to retain a semblance of the familiar. But the familiar is gone, and with it the old structures and ways of doing things. Attachment to the old causes suffering and creates disorientation, as the ego has nothing to hold on to.
The Divine Feminine provides clues for how to proceed in these evolutionary times. Surrender is not about giving up, but about letting go of resistance, of having faith and courage to meet what is coming, and trusting that it is in the divine plan for the highest good of all. It is about facing the discordant emotions and letting them wash over us without acting on them until they’ve cleared. Once fear has calmed, it can teach us to look for next steps, solutions or assistance. Emotions are powerful messengers that must be honored, respected and listened to; they reveal what is deep in our hearts.
There is still much Cancer energy this month, and emotions are high. One meditation to try is to envision yourself floating in the softly undulating ocean waters, surrounded by your guides, angels, ancestors or others who give comfort. They are holding you up and supporting you, you can’t be pulled under or tossed about. They have immense unconditional Love for you. A wave passes and raises you up, but you are fully supported, and when it leaves you are gently lowered. No matter how wild the ocean becomes, you are fully supported and safe. In the blink of an eye you are transported to a warm grassy meadow where it is calm and peaceful. Your guides form a ring around you, sending you Love and strength, as you gratefully thank them for their presence and support. Remember, there is a calm place within each of us where we are eternally safe.


Surrender to grace.
The ocean cares for each wave until it reaches the shore.
You are given more help than you will ever know. ~~Rumi


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