June 2020 Cosmic Consciousness

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Together we arrive at June, the 6th month and midpoint of 2020. In Cosmic Consciousness, the 6 o’clock hour represents emotional power. It is the place where the masculine mental quadrant comes together with the feminine emotional quadrant at the core of our being along the vertical axis (at the 5 and 6 o’clock hours), at the opposite end of the physical and spiritual realms (the 11 and 12 o’clock hours). Balancing mind and heart at the Cancer Portal of Truth allows us to ascend to a new level of unified Source consciousness. It is here that we add depth of emotion arising from the heart center to our mental operating system; when we allow these emotional energies the freedom to rise up and mingle with our higher Mind, we create space for an authentic, conscious response. We think with the heart and love with the mind, making the unconscious conscious and bringing it into awareness. We see with Love’s eyes.
The key words for the ‘6’ vibration are reflection, balance, harmony and integration. It is a very feminine frequency. The geometrical form generated by the 6 is the hexagon, and its internal form is the 6-pointed Star of David: two perfectly balanced, interlocking equilateral triangles. They represent the uniting of heaven and earth, spirit and matter: the stars in the sky reflect the atoms that comprise physicality, symbolizing the axiom as above, so below, as below, so above.
Astrologically, the Star of David is comprised of 2 Grand Manifestations (trines) that form a ring of 6 sextiles, resourcing all the energies in a balanced way. Such a planetary picture represents various energies working together in harmony, manifesting something powerful into the world.

Energies of June

This is a busy month with its own kind of balance. Pallas, Vesta, Mars, and, of course, the Sun change signs, but Mercury and Venus, retrograding towards Source, do not. The Sun’s ingress into Cancer marks the Summer/Winter Solstice, and Mars enters his own sign of Aries, where he will retrograde later this year. The archetypes of mind and heart change direction: Mercury goes retrograde and Venus goes direct, and they are actually retrograding at the same time for a week. Both planets are the only ones in the solar system that make inferior conjunctions with the Sun, which marks the midpoint of their retrograde cycles–and both reach that point this month. Talk about balance! The conjunctions between Jupiter and Pluto, Ixion and the Earth Star Chakra (S. Node), and Pallas and Chariklo are the 2nd for each in a series of 3 such conjoinings—the point in each cycle where we go inward and revisit the themes and experiences we’ve already encountered. And, of course, we are deep in the wormhole for the entire month, with 2 powerful eclipses that will deliver us to new places within our consciousness.

The Personal Planets

The four lower body planets are very active and we will feel it on a very personal level, each in our own way.
The Sun
On 6/3 the Gemini Sun meets up with retrograding Venus in an inferior conjunction, where Venus is situated between the Sun and the Earth. It represents a new chapter of the inner workings of the heart and how we love. When Love motivates every thought, communication and action it spreads like wildfire, gaining energy and speed. Love transcends duality.
Both Ixion and the Earth Star Chakra have been together on the master degree of Sagittarius since early May. On 6/19 they meet for their 2nd conjunction, taking us more deeply into the clearing of old karma related to our souls’ purpose. The Sun Soul Star Chakra (N. Node) new cycle, at the other end of the nodal bridge, lights up the evolution of the higher Mind. The old ways are done, and it’s time to review how our collective purpose is changing and how we can upgrade it to align with our evolving consciousness.
On 6/20 the Sun enters Cancer, kicking off the Summer/Winter Solstice.  With the dharmic Soul Star conjoining the Sun and the world axis New Moon eclipse, this season promises to be a landmark in many ways.  For one thing, Mercury just went retrograde and is about to conjoin Sirius for the 2nd time. That means we have access to very high frequency downloads, not only for Mercury’s retrograde cycle but also for the entire season. The Sun Saturn great eliminator highlights the choice regarding where we place our conscious attention–Love or fear—in the social realm. The Sun begins to resonate with the Grand Crossroad in early Power signs, including Quaoar, Black Moon and Salacia, Vesta, and MakeMake and Juno. Over the next few days the Sun will connect with all of them, giving us access to all they have to offer. And Astraea, at the master degree of Leo, resources the Soul Star and manifests with the Earth Star. The Divine Feminine has been resurrected and is making her sovereignty known this season.
The Moon Eclipse Season
 A penumbral lunar eclipse results when the Moon moves through the faint, outer part of Earth’s shadowIt looks like a Full Moon, only a little darker. The first penumbral eclipse of 2020 occurred on 1/10, in Cancer, where this month’s New Moon occurs. A lunar eclipse is an internalized shift, a reboot of emotional consciousness that calls for a new kind of response to whatever happens. The last lunar eclipse was a precursor to the Saturn Pluto new cycle, preparing us for the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis.
On 6/5 another Full Moon penumbral eclipse occurs at 15 Sagittarius. As governments prepare to allow for more social interactions, we are once again called to come up a new emotional response to what is going on in our conscious awareness. The old reactions will simply no longer suffice when so many things are changing and there are still so many unknowns. Sideways elevators can appear at any time and offer us a ride to a part of our Selves we’ve never had access to before.
This Full Moon eclipse is the culmination of last month’s Gemini New Moon, a new beginning of mind/heart balance and letting Love motivate our actions. This month Mars forms an off-ramp (intersection) to the Sun Moon bridge. When we apply wisdom to our thinking and communication, any action taken has the potential to bring us to higher ground. Venus conjoins the Sun, signifying that letting the heart lead is the way to calm anxieties and overwhelm arising from fear of the unknown. We must relinquish any emotional attachments to what we’ve experienced in the last few months and form new responses. Mercury and Jupiter dispose this eclipse; Mercury squares Chiron and resources Uranus, and Jupiter conjuncts Pluto. Mercury is in his shadow and will make these same aspects again. Awakening and Self-mastery will be on tap, as well as another taste of expansive social transformation. This is our cue to remain present and calm through the incessant changes.
Just 8 hours into the Solstice, the Cancer New Moon annular solar eclipse occurs on 6/21 at 0 Cancer 21, and though only parts of the world will see it, it will be felt all over the planet. This is an annular eclipse, when the Moon is farthest away from the Earth, so when it moves in front of the Sun we see the Sun’s visible outer edges form a “ring of fire” around the Moon. A solar eclipse is a reboot of consciousness, and rebooted energy is always slightly different than it was before the eclipse affected it.
Cancer is the sign of the Mother, the One who nurtures and supports. We all have the Mother within us. Cancer is symbolized by the River, which moves ceaselessly onward. To be in flow with our emotions is to achieve inner harmony. With this New Moon we eclipse the old ways of accessing Emotional Power from the root chakra and shift it into the 5D heart chakra at the core of our being. It is easier to process our emotions when we come from the heart. Humankind’s evolution involves a new emotional maturity, the ability to sit with emotions and find the issue underneath. Healing these issues deep in the core releases stuck energy, allowing it to flow through our physical being, raising the frequencies for all.
On 5/28 Mercury entered Cancer, the very feminine sign of emotional nurturance. On 6/2 the Great Messenger enters his shadow, and every connection he makes from this point on to his retrograde on 6/18 will be repeated 3 times. As he first aspects a planet, new themes are created around that interaction. Mercury conjuncts the 7D fixed star Sirius on 6/14, bringing in multidimensional downloads of very high consciousness. He goes retrograde on 6/18, and conjoins Sirius again on 6/21, taking us even deeper if we are open to it.
On 5/26 the 1st Mercury Vesta conjunction in Gemini promised a new devotion to thinking from the heart and expressing the wisdom of the higher mind. Their 2nd conjunction in Cancer brings it even deeper, creating a mind/heart balance by sparking the devotion to feeling our thoughts. On the last day of June the Sun Mercury inferior conjunction occurs, finding resource with Uranus and a stepping stone with Chiron, the 2nd for each, reviewing the themes of awakening and wholing the new frequencies of the mental operating system. After all, we are in a Mercury wormhole.
Venus retrogrades through only 5 signs in her travels, and she retrogrades in the same sign every 8 years. The last time she had a Gemini retrograde was in 2012. We are so much more awake and aware now. Her dance with Earth creates a beautiful 5-star orbital pattern. Venus has been visible in the evening sky, but as she gets closer to the Sun she disappears.
The Sun Venus inferior conjunction occurs on 6/3, bringing a new cycle of heart-centered awareness to our mental operating system. The heart must be involved if we are to transcend duality. Right now many are faced with the issue of social distancing for the good of all verses wanting to connect physically. When we stay centered in our open hearts the answer becomes clear. Venus ends her retrograde on 6/25, right around the time she emerges as a morning star. Venus’ resurrection signals our hearts’ rebirth as a powerful transmitter of Light and Love.
While Mars travels through Pisces we have the opportunity to face any self-imposed limitations and go beyond them, with the realization that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. This knowing informs our actions, since spirit knows there is no separation beyond our physical boundaries. Now is the time to put our spiritual wisdom to the test.
The Mars Neptune new cycle on 6/13 can bring about fear and confusion regarding how to handle relaxing the standards for social distancing, or it can bring clarity to our actions. Anything is possible, and anything that transforms fear into Love will move the energies where they will do the most good. Mars forms an on/off ramp when he intersects with the Moon’s nodes on 6/26. Our actions will dictate whether more karma is created or whether we move forward towards unity. Self-mastery is the key.
On 6/27 Mars enters his home sign of Aries, where he will remain for the rest of the year as he undergoes his own retrograde journey of Self-realization. The first connection he makes is a resourceful one to Saturn (6/28), bringing structure, integrity and accountability to our actions. It is time to make good use of Saturn.

Important Events

Pallas Athena has been traveling with Saturn of late, but on 6/2 she retrogrades back into Capricorn, resonating with Chariklo, Jupiter and Pluto. On 6/11 Pallas makes her 2nd conjunction with Chariklo, manifesting with Sedna; the Divine Feminine is grounded, strengthened and stabilized. There is something of the protector/caretaker in both Pallas and Chariklo that bodes well for all of us.
Vesta has been dancing with Venus ever since they each entered Gemini. On 6/3, the same day as the Sun Venus new cycle, she enters Cancer, where devotion to emotional harmony is possible with intention and commitment.
In addition to the personal planets, two other planets change direction this month. MakeMake, representing cosmic order, the divine laws of nature and the balance of power, has been traveling towards Source since 1/5, before the world turned upside down. On some level the extreme polarization and utter disregard for the ecology of the planet has resulted in the physical manifestation of the virus that keeps us separate from one another. On 6/18 MakeMake goes direct, and it’s quite possible that we can finally come together to correct the imbalances that go against the higher immutable laws.
Neptune has the capacity to lift veils and enlighten, allowing us to clearly see through the fog of illusion, distortion and deception currently surrounding us. Collectively we are all dreaming the same dream. On 6/23 Neptune goes retrograde until November, giving us the opportunity to go within and access the deep unconscious places where we cling to our illusions. When we are ready they will surface to be faced and cleared.
Every time Jupiter and Pluto come together the effects are pervasive and far-reaching. Their 1st conjunction on 4/4 introduced the theme of total transmutation of social interaction due to Covid-19. The 2nd Jupiter Pluto conjunction on 6/30 reviews those interactions and how they will change once quarantine restrictions are relaxed. Jupiter expands whatever he touches, and Pluto destroys what impedes the evolution of every soul on the planet. It is easy to see what is no longer working. Pluto deals with power and how it is used. Both Jupiter and Pluto are retrograde, taking us deeper into the theme of social empowerment, the power of social media, and the importance of collective social action as we bear witness to the abuse of power on so many levels.

Black Moon

Black Moon Lilith dances between Taurus and Aries this month. Those 2 signs contain the masculine and feminine Great Awakeners, Uranus and Eris, and each time she communes with them another deeper facet of awakening is available. Black Moon starts the month retrograding through Taurus to her 2nd conjunction with Uranus on 6/1. This can unveil shocking new Truths that we need to hear, but it’s possible to have a more objective take on it, having gone through it before. Black Moon makes her way back into Aries on 6/7, communing with Eris (#6) for more unveiling on 6/9. Lilith travels back to meet Chiron (#16) on 6/18 before going direct 2 days later and almost conjoining Salacia on 6/20. For the rest of June Black Moon makes the same connections, meeting with Chiron (6/22) and Eris (6/26), before reentering Taurus on 6/28. Even as the disruptions continue, we are learning to master our Selves, see the larger picture, and begin to align heart and mind, body and spirit. As we awaken, the Truths that are unveiled will hopefully spur us into right action.


As I write this, many places are getting ready to ‘reopen’ and reenter a semblance of ‘normal’ life. With the warmer weather we are chafing at the restrictions of being unable to connect, and yet in the interest of health and safety for all there is caution –and fear- about how to accomplish this. A balance must be maintained, and that’s what this month is about: balance. It is the culmination of what we’ve experienced since the Winter Solstice (or the Summer Solstice; balance at all times). It is the midpoint of the year, like the heart is the midpoint of the chakra system. Stephanie Azaria talks about the “zero point, the place where the high road and the low road meet and we begin to make our way into the unified consciousness.” June is the turning point, and no one knows how it will go. With the push and pull of expansion and contraction energies, we are called to find the place of neutrality, the observers perch in the center of any Light Bridge, the place of pure potential.
The practice for June is to balance the opposites within by honoring both and remaining in neutrality. This requires mindfulness, being aware of your thoughts and emotions and working to keep them in balance. Too much emotion without thought makes one untethered; closing the heart drops one into the lower mind and into ego and fear. When in the grip of negative thoughts or emotions, step back, breathe deeply, and counter it with those that are positive. When feeling calm and balanced, send some out of that to others, that’s balance too. A helpful meditation is to sit in a quiet place and take a few centering breaths. Imagine a wounded bird that can’t fly. You pick it up and hold it in your hands, sending it healing energy and Love. You care for it and it trusts you. Then imagine your Higher Self (or one of your guides, angels or Masters) holding you in their hands, sending you Love and deep compassion, caring for you as you care for the bird. See if you can move your perspective back and forth from holding the bird to being held. When you can hold both perspectives at the same time you will Know that you are both giver and receiver of Love.
by Lynn Ungar

What if you thought of it
as the Jews consider the Sabbath—
the most sacred of times?
Cease from travel.
Cease from buying and selling.
Give up, just for now,
on trying to make the world
different than it is.
Sing. Pray. Touch only those
to whom you commit your life.
Center down.
And when your body has become still,
reach out with your heart.
Know that we are connected
in ways that are terrifying and beautiful.
(You could hardly deny it now.)
Know that our lives
are in one another’s hands.
(Surely, that has come clear.)
Do not reach out your hands.
Reach out your heart.
Reach out your words.
Reach out all the tendrils
of compassion that move, invisibly,
where we cannot touch.
Promise this world your love–
for better or for worse,
in sickness and in health,
so long as we all shall live.

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