March 2020 Cosmic Consciousness

Shelly Leal Monthly Aspects

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As the 3rd month in this ‘4’ year of 2020 new vision, March holds the space of expansion, abundance, self-expression, inspiration, joy, mastery, and creativity. All these elements are needed to build a solid foundation for the new world. The ‘3’ represents the energies of the triad, the Trinity, a sacred triangle (formerly trine) where all parts work together harmoniously, creating a portal that brings forth manifestation of desires through allowing the descent of Spirit into the mental plane. There Source-based faith in action (Pisces) becomes consciously directed intention (Aries). The active initiating force from the “1” combines with the receptive, germinating energies of the “2,” resulting in the “3” vibration of physical manifestation. The triangle is the ancient symbol for the element of FIRE. We talk about the creative fire within, that when expressed outwards, spreads warmth, light, and inspiration. Aries, the Divine Spark of Creation, is a Fire sign.
In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries represents the 3 o’clock hour, where we enter the mental etheric body and experience its power. It is the sign of Conscious Discipline, the place in our energy field where we bring in Love purposefully and diligently to activate the higher mind, which is Christ Consciousness. This activation requires focusing golden Light on the heart chakra, elevating its vibration into the higher mind, aligning it with Love, and opening a gateway for the divine spark of something new to manifest. By disciplining our mental process and choosing only loving thoughts and words, the mind-heart balance begins to activate, paving the way to Self-realization. The more we realize the true nature of the Self, the greater our capacity for right action, a manifestation of the mind-heart balance. This is a month to let go of expectations, trusting our intuition to allow what has already been birthed on some level to come through.

Chiron, Salacia and Eris are situated in Aries, with Venus moving out of that field on 3/4 and the Sun moving in on 3/20. The New Moon occurs here, and the Black Moon dances between Aries and Pisces for the last time. Pay attention to this part of our energy field; this is where Mars, the activator and dispositor of Aries, goes retrograde in 6 months.

March Manifesting Energies

With Ixion in Capricorn, there are now 9 planets in the sign of Spiritual Power. Astraea is stationing direct in Cancer, bridging Pluto, as part of the Power Crossroad (formerly cardinal cross), especially the last 6-7 degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra. This alignment of planetary archetypes reflects the growth processes we are collectively undergoing. After Eris’ disruptive realizations, Pluto, Chariklo and Saturn eliminate what no longer serves, stabilizing and restructuring our lives, providing a path that includes the sovereignty of the divine feminine, an essential part of wholeness and unity consciousness. Venus in Aries has briefly joined the crossroad, injecting Love into this growth process.
On the 1st day of the month the Sun creates a Lightbridge to Orcus, illuminating a path to the awareness of our immortal Self. The Moon’s nodes form an intersection (or T-square) with MakeMake, indicating the importance of the higher universal laws in the evolutionary process of moving from the pull of the past to the push of the future. No one can escape karma; only by clearing karma can we align with the rising frequencies and elevate to our highest potential. Quaoar is a part of this intersection; new thought arising from mind-heart balance is provided.
Mars returns to the ecliptic on 3/2, and we may feel the change in our bodies. Some are having physical issues; others are becoming more sensitive to the electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones, wifi, and so on. This is a good time to check in with our bodies and listen to what they have to say. The Earth is also talking….

The Personal Planets

The personal planets help us navigate the larger energies when they connect with the social, outer, and 5D planets. As such, it’s important to note what connections they are making. And they are plenty busy this month.
The Sun is the generator of our consciousness, whose focus brings light and awareness to everything it touches. While the Sun travels through Pisces he makes positive, resourceful connections with the Capricorn planets. The 3/8 Sun Pallas resource sheds Light on our inner divine feminine wisdom. Also on 3/8 the Sun meets Neptune for a new cycle of lifting veils and adding clarity to whatever situation we’re in. Our capacity for wisdom expands, especially in the social realm, on 3/11 with the Sun Jupiter resource. As the Sun makes his way towards Aries he resources Pluto (3/15), Chariklo (3/16) and Saturn (3/19). The Sun’s resource with the Saturn Pluto cycle connects it with the Equinox and the unlimited potential available as we begin to assume responsibility for the power that was always ours to command.
Sun enters Aries: Vernal Equinox
On 3/19 the Sun enters Aries and his first connection is a stepping stone (square) with Ixion, both on the World Axis Point– everyone on the planet will feel the change of the seasons to the Spring/Fall Equinox; but those with eyes to see can get a leg up on what we are all here for in this incarnation. We are starting to pay attention to shifts in our collective purpose. This may have something to do with climate change, as Uranus in Taurus is trying to get our attention. Venus, at 15 Taurus, is also on a world axis degree, bringing Love into the equation.
In addition to the ongoing crossroad in Power (formerly cardinal) signs, another crossroad forms in early degree Power signs with Quaoar and the Earth Star Chakra in Capricorn, Chiron and Salacia in Aries, the Soul Star Chakra in Cancer, and MakeMake in Libra. New ways of thinking can bring about karmic clearing, alignment and healing, and that, along with greater awareness of the higher laws, has the capacity to effect evolutionary change. What a beautiful way to begin a season.
The Aries New Moon occurs in this crossroads, and the Sun makes new cycles with Salacia (3/24, right after the New Moon) and Chiron (3/25). A new beginning of creativity and Self-realization is available, along with aligning of mind, heart, body and spirit to those who can access it. Inner wounds are coming up for healing and mastery. Also on 3/25 the Sun MakeMake bridge occurs, focusing our attention on the natural and higher laws that govern all of us. With the Sun in Aries, what we focus upon is what we attract; it’s a good time to remember how we are all connected.
As Mercury travels backward towards Source this month, exploring and recalibrating our mental capacities through the lens of unlimited possibility, he backs into Aquarius on 3/4, and stations direct on 3/9, the same day as the Virgo Full Moon. With this shift in Mercury’s direction, all the solar system planets are once again in direct motion, and the pace will pick up, until Pluto’s retrograde next month. Much patience and centering will be required all month.
The Great Messenger enters Pisces again on 3/16, completing and finalizing those transits he originally made with the Capricorn stellium. Mercury connects resourcefully with Ixion (3/16), the Earth Star Chakra (3/21) and Quaoar (3/22), clearing old ideas and upgrading our thinking and communication systems with new ideas and new purpose. On 3/29 he leaves his shadow and we all get a fresh perspective.
As Venus travels out of Aries, she makes a bridge with Haumea (3/2) and a stepping stone with Saturn (3/3). Holding Love for all parts of our Selves, and for all parts of the collective, allows us access to a new social structure where every One is valued for their contribution.
Venus enters Taurus on 3/4, the sign she has domain over and is very comfortable in. Our hearts are grounded, our intuition is strong, and we trust it to direct us unfettered by the doubts of the mind. Venus manifests with most of the Capricorn planets this month: Ixion on 3/5, Quaoar (3/8), Earth Star on 3/9 (resourcing the Soul Star), Pallas (3/27), and Jupiter and Pluto on 3/28. The heart connects with the most expansive energies in the solar system, injecting Love into the social arena as it gets overhauled.
In the middle of these manifestations, the Venus Uranus new cycle occurs on 3/8, ensuring the awakening of the heart, with validation for trusting the insights coming through. Venus ends the month with a 3/31 new cycle with Sedna. The 3D and 5D dispositors of Libra meet in Venus’ sign, uniting the energies of the personal divine feminine in the present moment with those of the impersonal Divine Feminine vibrations of the ages. It is a new calibration of the heart.
Mars, who entered Capricorn on 2/16, is very active this month. He has been out of bounds since 2/9, and he returns to the ecliptic on 3/2 with news about our physical experiences involving the body, our homes, communities, even the planet. The Coronavirus comes to mind. As Mars travels through the sign of Spiritual Power he makes new cycles with each planet he meets, activating their energies in a new way.
The Mars Pallas new cycle on 3/17 brings empowerment to our feminine wisdom. Mars conjoins Jupiter (3/20) and Pluto (3/23) in new cycles, which gives a taste of the energies involved in April’s Jupiter Pluto conjunction. Our actions matter, and it is so important to come from a place of love and compassion, especially regarding those with whom we disagree. Our actions and bodies have the opportunity to stabilize and hold steady with the Mars Chariklo new cycle on 3/29. Finally, Mars enters Aquarius on 3/30, where he joins Saturn in a new cycle (3/31) at the same degree as the Jupiter Saturn conjunction of 12/21. This is highly significant. As it reactivates the January Saturn Pluto new cycle, this Mars Saturn new cycle moves us from the old, divisive, patriarchal energies of the past into the Aquarian frequencies of humanitarian Self-Love, setting the tone for the new social order to come.

Other Important Events

Saturn enters Aquarius on 3/22, for a taste of learning to give our Selves unconditional Love. Aquarius is the sign of humanity; Loving the Self, and seeing Self in others as an extension of Self, removes the barriers that prevent us from working together to solve the problems before us. Saturn in Aquarius marks the beginning of taking responsibility for loving our Selves, for taking down the walls that prevent us from seeing each other for who we truly are. This is underscored when Mars enters Aquarius 3/30 and begins a new cycle with Saturn on 3/31, bringing integrity to our actions. This is a good time to be attentive to our bodies as Saturn’s energies can affect the bones and body structure. Social structures are changing as well as we seek solutions to issues that affect us all.
It is fitting that the Earth Star Quaoar new cycle occurs on 3/15, known as the Ides of March and considered bad luck. This new cycle brings new paradigms of thought and clears the karma associated with old beliefs and ideas–something sorely needed now.
There are other sign changes and new cycles as well. Vesta and Pallas, asteroids representing aspects of the divine feminine, are active this month. Vesta relates to what we are devoted to, and devotion to grounding the Divine Feminine into our lives comes to the fore with the Vesta Sedna new cycle (3/12). Vesta enters Gemini on 3/21, where for 8 weeks we can devote our Selves to becoming aware of what is motivating our thoughts, and consciously speak our Truth. Pallas holds the wisdom and detachment of the divine feminine. As she moves through Capricorn, her new cycles with Jupiter (3/28) and Pluto (3/31) serve as a precursor (along with Mars) to the Jupiter Pluto conjunctions that will occur throughout the year.

Lunar Matters

On 3/9, while Mercury is stationing direct, the Full Moon in Virgo occurs.  The Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo provide a zoom lens of our consciousness, with the Sun giving a wider perspective of limitlessness and even ungroundedness, and the Moon providing discernment through the avenue of emotions. While our consciousness may touch upon fear, if we hone in on any mental, emotional or physical imbalances creating that fear, we can bring our Selves into alignment and come up with a better, loving response.
Neptune disposes the Pisces Sun, and also conjoins him, removing veils and bringing clarity to our awareness. The Virgo Moon is disposed by Chiron; where opportunities are provided for each of us to heal and align our wounded parts. As we do so, we gain the emotional wisdom to create a more loving, balanced response to what does not fit in our universal vision, and we develop compassion for the wounded parts of our Selves and others as well. Pallas and Juno make connections to this Sun Moon bridge, bringing inner wisdom and unity consciousness into our greater awareness.
Having aligned our emotional responses with our higher consciousness, we are ready for a new cycle of Conscious Discipline with the New Moon in Aries that occurs on 3/24 at 4 Aries. This lunation, the first of the spring season, is a good time to create a new vision board for the rest of the year. This New Moon is conjunct Salacia, Chiron and the Black Moon. Salacia shows us how to play with dark and light aspects of our being and allow them to work together, and Chiron reveals how to interrelate and integrate those aspects to align and heal them, creating wholeness and mastery over our Selves. Black Moon is there to uncover what is hidden to aid this process. Uranus and Varuna also make connections, bringing awakening and a wider perspective into view.
All these planets form a Lightbridge with MakeMake, a wonderful perch on which to observe the chaos arising from the clash of dark and light energies. The bridge created by the Earth Star Chakra and Quaoar at one end and the Soul Star at the other crosses this Lightbridge, producing one of the Grand Crossroads in Power signs. We truly are at a crossroads between healing our past and connecting with our future, and all roads are open. Pick the one that calls to your heart. Mars disposes this New Moon, and he is part of the other Grand Power Crossroad, conjoined with Pluto and Jupiter, bridging Astraea and making stepping stones (squares) to Eris, Arcturus and Haumea. This is a powerhouse lunation, where choosing Love over fear in every thought, word and action is essential.

Black Moon

This month, the Black Moon’s dance through the energy fields of Pisces and Aries comes to an end (with a dash of Piscean mastery next month). According to Cosmic Consciousness, every time the Black Moon travels between those signs she crosses the Portal of Truth, which connects the spiritual and mental etheric bodies, a masculine energetic. She has made that trip at least 15 times, bringing up all sorts of misqualified masculine energies for healing. Now we are preparing to move on.
On the 1st day of March the Black Moon goes retrograde at 14 Aries, making her way back to Chiron (3/6) and Salacia (3/7) before heading into Pisces again on 3/8. There she conjoins with the Sun on 3/12, bringing Truths that are obscured by fear to our attention. On 3/14 Black Moon conjoins Neptune at 18 Pisces, and she goes direct 2 days later, moving forward on 3/16. On 3/18, the Black Moon conjoins Neptune for the last time at their 21st meeting, creating a new cycle of enlightenment, where the veils blocking the Truth are lifted and clear vision results.
Lilith returns to Aries on 3/22 where she repeats her conjunctions with the Sun, Salacia and Chiron, all on 3/23. The Light of our consciousness gets focused on our core wounds for healing and integration, preparing us for Black Moon’s first conjunction and new dance with Eris in Aries. With new clarity available, what Black Moon uncovers will certainly shake and wake us from within, and she’s just getting started. The conscious discipline of choosing Love when we find our Selves getting fearful is essential now.
Past thoughts, words and actions are now manifesting, yet we have the power to change them right here and now. Perhaps it’s possible that the coronavirus that is sweeping the world is a manifestation of our desire to overcome the polarity that divides us on some level. Other terms for ‘corona’ are circle, crown, ring, rosary, light (the light that surrounds the Sun when the center is hidden). The virus’ spread around the world is another indication of how interrelated we are on all levels, physical as well as energetic. As we come to see this, solutions will present themselves.
As we can see, there is much chaos in the world, and seemingly much to fear. And yet we have the free will to choose what we will manifest in our lives and in the world. The practice for this month is to observe our thoughts diligently and redirect them towards Love as much and as often as possible. We start by seeing what motivates us and choosing the loving thought, communication and action. Each loving choice reduces the yoke of fear that seems to have everyone in its grasp. The tiniest thought or action borne of compassion is like a shining gem that reflects Light on us all. More light dispels the darkness. Let each of us, in our own way, serve to be the Light.
You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings. ~Elizabeth Gilbert
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