May 2020 Cosmic Consciousness

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Welcome to the 5th month of 2020! May holds the energies of the ‘5’, the number of life, creation, and growth. It is related to humanity and it speaks of bringing forth life and living things into human reality. The number 5 offers the gift of Life Force. It is the inexhaustible flow of vitality and abundance that is available to us any time we need it. In these times we would do well to connect with it.
The energy of the 5 is very powerful and creative; it has everything to do with the Golden Ratio and the spiral of life that produces our DNA. It represents human consciousness. The pentangle is the primary symbol of Life and the living spirit. The geometry of the 5 reveals how we can be an individual and yet part of the greater Whole. Throughout nature one can find the ‘5’ signature everywhere: in 5-petaled flowers, apple and pear seeds, even the human body. In astrology, 360° divided by 5 equals 72°, which in Cosmic Consciousness is considered a spiritual and karmic aspect, indicating an inborn gift or talent that manifests as a result of work done on the spiral of past lives.
In Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini represents the 5 o’clock hour of wisdom of the higher Mind. The Gemini energy field is the part of us that makes connections, communicates, collects information and integrates it all so we can expand our knowledge. It lifts us up beyond duality, transcending it. Gemini consciousness never rests; like a crystal ball it’s always turning, reflecting all facets of light, while the center remains still. Here is where we integrate mind and heart, resulting in right heart-based action. We will need Gemini consciousness as we create and expand every area of our lives this month.

Energies of May

The month opens with the Moon’s nodes, Ixion, and Pallas aligned with the fixed stars Alcyone of the Pleiades and the Royal Star Regulus, all at 00° of their signs. Mercury and Uranus begin a new cycle in Taurus, grounding our thoughts and communication with new awareness, and Saturn forms a Light Bridge with Varuna. When we speak from the heart, with presence and love, we have the power to awaken others to their own inner authority and perhaps a larger view of the world. With the Chiron Juno bridge connecting with Astraea, there is a wholing of our capacity to find unity consciousness within our relationships that involves the divine feminine in some way.
The Grand Crossroad in early (0-5°) Power signs is more significant now, as the Light Bridge created by Ixion, the karmic Earth Star Chakra, Quaoar and the dharmic Soul Star Chakra crosses the Salacia Chiron/MakeMake Juno Light Bridge. We are truly at a crossroad now, between past and future, between aligning our Selves with the opportunities presented to us and attempting to cling to what is passing right before our eyes. Our relationships– to our Selves, each other, the higher laws and what’s important to us—are changing, as they are meant to. Any and all roads are available now. Let your heart show you the way.
This month Gemini gains prominence as the Moon’s nodes move from Capricorn and Cancer to Sagittarius and Gemini for the next 18 months. Mercury enters his own sign on 5/11, and Venus goes retrograde in Gemini for 6 weeks. The New Moon in Gemini opens a new wormhole that will last into July. This is also the month when both planets of social experience, Jupiter and Saturn, go retrograde – within 3 days of each other; 4 other planets change direction as well. There is so much shifting going on.

Important Events

Ixion: Ixion went retrograde on 3/30, and on 5/4 he backs into Sagittarius again to review and see what else from our collective purpose needs karmic clearing. Sagittarius is where we find the courage to clear old fear-based habits and thoughts that hold us back, and experience the victory of the higher Self over the ego. It is where we share and speak our Truth. Before we can go forward and see our new purpose, we have to tie up loose ends from the last cycle. Ixion will spend the rest of the year in Sagittarius preparing us for the new world that is already being created.
The Moon’s Nodes: The north and south nodes are points that are computed by the orbits of the Sun, Earth and Moon. The south node, called the Earth Star Chakra in Cosmic Consciousness, represents the karmic doorway into this incarnation. It is where we are comfortable, what we are familiar with, and what we need to let go of. The north node, called the Soul Star Chakra, is where we are meant to go in this life, it’s our dharma, our evolution. The nodes move clockwise through the signs, rather than counterclockwise as the planets do. On 5/5, the 5:5 stargate, the Soul Star moves from Cancer into Gemini, and the Earth Star travels from Capricorn into Sagittarius. And the first planet that the Earth Star meets in Sagittarius–is Ixion! We are certainly clearing old karma connected to the promises our soul made for this lifetime. It is significant that the energies are conjoined at the absolute master degree of Sagittarius, which is also the world axis point for Capricorn. Our collective purpose does include going back over our past mistakes and old ways of doing things, and changing them for the better, right here, right now.
Gemini is where we learn to transcend duality by aligning the higher mind with the heart. It is where ascension begins. When we love with the mind and think with the heart we gain the capacity to speak our Truth and follow it with Right Action. This is where we are heading. In order to reach this point we must clear away the old habits of mind by turning each fear-based belief into Love. This is how we reverse the karma created in the past when we didn’t know any better. Now it’s time to end the game of separation.
Saturn: As of 4/25 Pluto is the only retrograde planet in the solar system. On 5/11 Saturn stations retrograde at 2 Aquarius in a Light Bridge with Varuna, making a very high perspective available. For 4 1/2 months we have the opportunity to reevaluate the structure of our lives and what needs tweaking to strengthen the foundation of our connections with each other, and what we want to achieve. Pallas conjoins Saturn bringing divine feminine wisdom and the discipline of allowing things to be as they are to Saturn’s inward journey.
Jupiter: Jupiter, the other social planet, begins his own retrograde on 5/14, which lasts 4 months. During that time we go within and reevaluate how we connect socially, where we could have applied wisdom but did not, and how we can expand our consciousness to see the Truth in others. It is so fortuitous that Saturn and Jupiter are retrograding together as it brings both aspects of the social realm towards Source for recalibration and reworking in preparation for their new cycle in December.

Personal Planet Movements

Sun: The Sun and Mercury meet in a superior conjunction on 5/4, at the midpoint between Mercury’s retrograde cycles. Now Mercury pulls ahead of the Sun, rising before dawn until their next meeting in July. This new cycle connects resourcefully with Sirius, bringing multidimensionality into our consciousness. The Sun connects with Sedna for their annual new cycle on 5/18. Once a year our consciousness gains access to the multidimensional frequencies of the planetary Record-keeper and the wisdom of the ages. This new cycle, in manifestation with Jupiter, bodes well for our social interactions. From there, the Sun enters Gemini, the sign of Mental Wisdom, conjoining Alcyone on 5/20. There is so much expansive consciousness available this month.
Mercury: Mercury starts the month in a new cycle with Uranus. This portends new realizations or flashes of intuition in our thinking and communication, and finding new ways to connect and solve problems. With the Mercury Albion new cycle on 5/2 we have access to the higher song of the cosmos if we listen for it. Since Mercury is now ahead of the Sun he makes the same aspects but earlier in the month. The Mercury Sedna new cycle occurs on 5/10, also manifesting with Jupiter. With an open mind and the wisdom of the cosmos at our disposal, our intuition is sure to yield new insights and ideas to share.
On 5/11, the day Saturn goes retrograde, Mercury enters Gemini, his home sign, and begins moving towards Venus, who goes into her own retrograde cycle on 5/13. Mind and heart resonate as they come together in a new cycle on 5/22, the same day as the New Moon in Gemini, which opens a new wormhole. Mercury has domain over this lunation and wormhole. Mercury in Gemini reminds us to love with the mind, to stop and be aware of when we find ourselves thinking fear-based thoughts and turn them towards Love instead. When mind and heart are balanced, ascension occurs.
Winding his way through Gemini, Mercury meets Vesta (5/26) and the Soul Star Chakra (5/28) in new cycles that signify a new devotion to thinking from the heart and expressing the wisdom of the higher mind. As we do so, we travel further on the evolutionary path. Mercury enters Cancer on 5/28, where he bridges Quaoar on 5/31. Our mental operating systems become infused with the capacity to come up with new out-of-the-box ideas based in Love.
Venus: Jupiter and Saturn retrograde every year for about 4 1/2 months, Venus retrogrades every 18 months or so, far less than Mercury. The dispositor of our emotional body and our heart center begins her retrograde journey on 5/13 at 22 Gemini, moving clockwise towards higher ground for the next 6 weeks. Now is the opportunity to reexamine our relationships, what we value, and how loving we are, identifying the stuck places in our hearts. As we face and clear those stuck places, we realign with who we are becoming. The lesson of the Venus retrograde is to open our hearts so wide that we can put Love in the darkest corners within our Selves and in the world, in order to love the unlovable. By consciously aligning with the heart when overwhelmed, we grow our capacity to stay centered and express our Love-based wisdom.
Retrograde Venus comes together with Vesta for their 2nd conjunction on 5/15. Vesta signifies what we are devoted to, and has to do with purity of heart. It is time to commit to letting Love be the only motivator of our thoughts and actions. This is the service we bring to the world, and it is very much needed now. Mind and heart come together with the Mercury Venus new cycle on 5/22. Loving with the mind and thinking with the heart allows the lower mind to die (or at least quiet) and opens new doors of perception. This new cycle forms a stepping stone with Neptune, bringing clarity and higher Love into the mix.
Mars: To say that our physical bodies and environments are undergoing tremendous change is an understatement. We are dealing with a new entity or energy that has disrupted life everywhere on the planet. The Mars Eris resource (5/4) and Mars Arcturus manifestation (5/5) have the potential to bring some kind of scientific healing breakthrough to the world.
The dispositor of the physical realm enters Pisces on 5/13, the same day as the Venus retrograde. Pisces is deep, unfathomable, unlimited, expansive and spiritual. While Mars travels through Pisces we have the opportunity to face any self-imposed limitations and go beyond them, with the realization that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. On 5/24 Mars and Ceres meet in a new cycle resourcing Uranus. We are due for an awakening and rebirth of our physical experience. The 5/28 Mars Orcus bridge reminds us that our physicality is temporary and we always have access to our immortal Self.

Other Changes in Direction

Chariklo, centaur planet and Chiron’s mate, goes retrograde on 5/2 at the master degree of 29 Capricorn. Apparently there is still more stabilizing, protective energies needed in Capricorn, where so much transformation is taking place. Chariklo’s retrograde cycle lasts 5 months.
All year Pallas, the asteroid holding the energies of feminine wisdom has been active, connecting with the stellium (grouping of planets) in Capricorn. Pallas entered Aquarius on 4/30, and spends the entire month of May 1° away from Saturn, but not conjoining. Pallas is the 5th planet to go retrograde this month, on 5/17. She will reenter Capricorn in June, and spend the rest of the year going back and forth over Chariklo, Pluto and Jupiter. It seems that the wisdom and detachment unique to the divine feminine is a necessary part of the transformation we are undergoing.
After being retrograde since December, Orcus goes direct on 5/24, making the invisible realm more accessible to us in the physical realm. And Juno, retrograde since 2/9, goes direct on 5/27 conjunct MakeMake. Our capacity to perceive unity in everything ‘out there’ as our own reflection is an expression of the Law of One: we are all One, there is no ‘separation.’ This growing capacity is becoming apparent as people around the globe are having similar experiences due to Covid-19.

Lunar Matters

The 5/7 Scorpio Full Moon (17 Scorpio 20) is the culmination of last month’s Taurus New Moon, where a new beginning of trusting one’s inner guidance system and following it brings us to this point. The Sun is part of the Taurus stellium that includes Uranus, Albion, Mercury and Sedna. Sedna in Taurus unites the heart and personal divine feminine with its universal counterpart; Mercury and Uranus are the lower and higher octaves of the mental sphere, thus bringing together elements of the divine masculine and feminine. The Scorpio Moon balances the stellium, reflecting our capacity to envision and manifest new responses due to our changing situations and awakening consciousness. Venus and Pluto, in great eliminator (inconjunct) with each other, dispose this Full Moon. The heart prepares to move towards Source, and choices must be made to eliminate what stands in the way of Love.
On 5/22, right after the Mercury Venus new cycle occurs, the Sun and Moon meet for the Gemini New Moon, opening a new wormhole that will last into July. Mercury has domain over this wormhole, and the resulting sideways elevators will take our thinking and communication systems to new heights. The New Moon is part of a Grand Air Manifestation with Saturn and Pallas in Aquarius and MakeMake and Juno in Libra, and it forms a resourceful aspect with Varuna. This higher perspective provides the backdrop to the realization that the situation we are in is the result of higher laws that are inescapable and immutable, requiring us to act responsibly, with integrity and wisdom.
This lunation features 4 of the personal planets, involving spirit (Sun and Moon), mind (Mercury) and heart (Venus), not to mention the high, multidimensional energies of Alcyone. This speaks to resolving imbalances in the lower 4-body system. Mars, representing the physical realm, forms a stepping stone with the New Moon, indicating that our energies get a lift up when mind, heart and spirit are balanced.

Black Moon Activities

The month opens with retrograde Black Moon Lilith moving back towards Aries, which she reenters on 5/4. It will take her 3 days to reach Eris for their 4th communion on 5/7. Lilith and Eris began their dance together on 3/30, and they will be communing throughout the year. There is much Truth to be uncovered, and it will bring deep levels of discontentment to the surface that has been festering for months, even years. Whatever discord these Black Moon Eris conjunctions produce will invariably deliver us to a new awareness and eventually to a whole new belief system. Each meeting between them will peel away another layer of untruth.
On 5/15 Black Moon goes direct at 8 Aries 16, just 10 minutes away from an exact conjunction with Chiron. She does not conjoin Salacia, but instead goes forward, meeting Eris once again on 5/26, before she enters Taurus on the same day. On 5/28 the 1st Black Moon Uranus communion takes place. This promises to uncover things that will shock us and shake us out of our fixed ideas, taking us in the direction of the Truth. Black Moon ends the month going retrograde on 5/30.
The practice for this month is to center your Self whenever you find yourself scattered, frustrated, angry or afraid. We cannot think or reason our way out of this “viral” situation; solutions are out there, and we have to allow them to reach us through making connections between what we know and what we intuit from the heart. Only when mind and heart are balanced can we access higher frequencies that contain the information we need.
When we center through the heart, we become more present and grounded. This rootedness finds its way to those who need it. When our energy is low, it is useful to meditate on how our individuality contributes to the integrity of the whole. Our life force combines with that of everyone else; tapping into it raises our vibration, and everyone else’s as well. The Violet Flame and the mantra “I AM Love in Action” takes us back to our heart’s center where we can rest, gather our strength and act from the safety of our own I AM presence.
“Who goes to sleep and who wakes up?
Or better stated,
What goes to sleep and
What wakes up?
Every morning when you open your eyes,
The body wakes up, not you.
The wakefulness which you are is already there.
This Conscious Being is the unity that
Runs throughout the diversity called world.
This world is a mere projection of the mind and
The mind is the projecting instrument of Consciousness.”
~Wu Hsin
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