November 2022 Monthly Aspects

Shelly LealMonthly Aspects

November Overview

We are feeling the intense via combusta energies as Venus leads the personal planets through Scorpio. The Moon’s nodes have been holding at 13 Taurus/Scorpio for two months, and the Earth Star Chakra, (S. Node) in Scorpio is there to greet Venus on 11/2. The Sun (11/5) and Mercury (11/6) follow suit, and these new cycles help us go deep to bring up karmic wounds for clearing. It will feel uncomfortable, but each clearing opens up new energies.  After that, one by one, Venus (11/4), the Sun, and Mercury (11/7) exit the via combusta, just in time for the Sun-Mercury superior conjunction and the Full Moon in Taurus on 11/8.


Last month’s New Moon eclipse occurred in Scorpio, and this Full Moon is a culmination of that lunation; a Total Lunar Eclipse, due to the proximity of the nodes to the Sun and Moon. Venus, Mercury and the karmic S. Node (Earth Star) surround the Sun, while the evolutionary N. Node (Soul Star) and Uranus join the Moon. Our emotional responses are upgraded; when we change the old ways of reacting to events and people, we may be surprised by the responses we receive. It all begins with us. The Sun-Mercury communion indicates a re-visioning of divine masculine energies, and consciously directing communication in positive ways. Saturn forms an intersection (T-square) to the Full Moon and nodal bridge. We can reopen old wounds and create more of the same, or we can choose a different response, stay open to hour inner guidance, and embrace the unknown. This eclipse takes place on Election Day in the United States, and anything goes. But there most certainly will be a shift.


Because of their long orbital patterns, when a 5D planet shifts into a new sign it signifies a major change in that energy field. These planets require a higher consciousness, but those of us who are so attuned will feel the shift, which will last for years. Haumea has stayed in the Libra quality of consciousness since 1992, and on 11/13 she adds her creativity and the awareness of all parts of the whole working together to Scorpio’s alchemical energies. This is yet another sign (pardon the pun) of the transformation we are manifesting.  We get a taste of these Scorpionic energies until Haumea retrogrades back into Libra for most of next year. This heralds the beginning of a major metamorphosis and recalibration that will have lasting effects throughout 2023 and beyond.


We are feeling the shift from the deep Scorpio energies to a lighter Sagittarius energy, leaving Pluto’s domain and entering Jupiter’s. Traveling together, Venus and Mercury enter Sagittarius, the former on 11/16 and the latter the day after.  They commune again on 11/21, bringing mind and heart together to overcome obstacles to the expression of our higher Self.  On 11/22, the Sun shines his light onto the sign of Highest Victory.


When the New Moon in Sagittarius occurs on 11/23, all the personal planets are conjoined in this energy field, except for Mars, retrograding in Gemini. This lunation is special for many reasons. For one, it closes the wormhole that began in September. The sideways elevators and eclipses that took us to new places within ourselves during the last few weeks are done, and now we can process our experiences and gain wisdom. Jupiter has domain over this New Moon, and today he stations direct, just as the Sun and Moon conjoin! It’s no coincidence that this lunation takes place right before Thanksgiving in the US, the start of the holiday season, with the planet of expansive social consciousness powerfully beginning his outward expression. This bodes well for the rest of the year. Ceres and Neptune form a bridge (opposition) with Mars intercepting in a T-square, and Vesta, newly entered into Pisces, manifests with (trines) Haumea, signifying a growing commitment to understanding the interconnectedness of everything and a readiness to create something new from that perspective. Our mental capacities expand into uncharted territory as Mercury goes out of bounds on 11/23 as well, for a month.


The Great Attractor, at 14° Sagittarius, is a huge, extremely magnetic black hole in the middle of our supercluster Laniakea. It pulls everything towards it, and emits extremely high frequencies. Any planet in Sagittarius will meet with it, but it’s not often that both Mercury (11/26) and Venus (11/27) commune with it together, creating a beautiful mind-heart, masculine-feminine balance of multidimensional energies. Mercury finishes the month with a bridge to Mars on 11/29, giving the mind-body connection a boost. We get to think before we act, always a wise thing to do.


Happy Thanksgiving!! I am grateful for you all!


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