2016 Aquarius Full Moon

Anne HarrisMoon Report

FULL MOON over ocean


2016 Aquarius Full Moon

Thursday, August 18, 2016

5:26am EDT, 2:26amPDT, 10:26am GT

25 Aquarius 51

MOON REPORT: Reflections from the Heart of Spirit


For this Full Moon event, the Moon is in Aquarius.  The Moon in Aquarius is awake within the dream, aware of what is not working in harmony and balance within Self and its reflection in the world it experiences.  She is reflecting where we are in our journey towards unconditional Self-Love, providing a yardstick with which to reflect upon and measure our progress.  At 26 Aquarius, the Moon is trying to show us where we have gotten caught in the drama of our individual and collective karma, the places where we are riveted by what is wrong, and the subsequent lessons obtained from experiencing the contrast between light and dark.
The Sun, opposite the Moon at 26 Leo, continues to radiate Leo consciousness to the Moon.  Leo consciousness speaks of the honoring and cherishing of who each of us truly is when we are being our unique, authentic, highly aware Self as reflected through our Heart’s creative joys and passions.  At 26 Leo, the Sun is holding us steady to this deep knowledge within us, despite any worldly experiences that present to distract us from this awareness via fear-based, self-sabotaging illusion. This is what will bring us the everlasting, soul-level happiness for which each of us is so fervently searching.
This Aquarius Full Moon is an atypical event.  An almost, but not quite lunar eclipse that delivers us to the entrance to an evolutionary wormhole..  We have been approaching the entrance to this sideways elevator with daily increases in internal and external pressure to shed the illusionary garments and accessories of our lower selves fear-based persona and identity so that we can each stand fully revealed as the Light of Self-Love.
This Full Moon event is filled with new cycles, new beginnings, new relationships, and opportunities to step up into higher perspectives of awareness.  It also features an atypical Star of David created by two Grand Manifestations, and a significant Finger of God.  In addition, all three of our known Sources (the Galactic Center, the Super Galactic Center, and the Great Attractor) are all powerfully involved, influencing the Libra and Sagittarius energy fields of consciousness within the physical body.  They are helping us step up into full conscious awareness of Self, urging us to choose and embrace the Unified Self’s “we inter-are” perspective as reflected through peace, Truth, kindness, Love-based action and integrity, over the ego, which separates our physical experience and expressions into “me vs. you”. Many of our Cosmic brothers and sisters have shown up for this event to lend their influence, creating new, more conscious relationships with our Soular brothers and sisters,  Therefore, they are creating new, more conscious relationships within each of us, as well.  
The Fixed Star Sador aligns with the Moon today to bring us a greater awareness of the nature of the physical body, with its natural sense of grace and ease when mobilizing through the world it experiences. It is the essential nourishing characteristic of the feminine principle that seeks expression so it can know itself and experience the beauty inherent in any form of it’s expression.  This is the quality of Being rather than doing, and of receiving joy, delight, and happiness from watching the cosmic display of intertwining and coordinated influences springing to life before our eyes as our physical“world” manifests into form from choices made within.  This is the quality of resting at peace within the Observer’s perch no matter what is displayed before us. 
The Moon is in a new relationship today with Pallas Athena, the inner wise one who comes up with higher consciousness based,workable solutions to any perceived conflicts.  The Moon is working in conjunction with Pallas  to come up with an upgraded reflection of who we are now.  Pallas, in turn, is in a new relationship with the Fixed Star Gienah, bringing her a heightened awareness of karmic misperceptions from present and past-life experiences so that the true nature of the Love between all participants in a relationship becomes conscious. 
The Sun is sending not only Leo consciousness to this Moon that is intertwined with influences from Pallas, Sador, and Gienah, but also an energetic influence from the Fixed Star Alphard.  Alphard enhances the conscious awareness of emotions, especially anger, so that we can understand why we have destroyed our environment and each other in our attempts to be stronger and move faster.  Its supporting the awareness of this Martian thought form and of its influence over us and our physical experience so we can understand where Love has been applied inappropriately.  It assists with the transformation of fear into Love and pain into healing, allowing Christ energy to emerge from within. 
The Moon is also receiving resources from Uranus (the ruler of this Full Moon event), Eris, and Quaoar.  She is being awakened to the new brief system of unity, wholeness, and inter-relatedness and is stepping up into reflecting our essence’s (Sun’s) manifesting awareness of this higher consciousness belief system.
Uranus and Eris are in a bridge with both Black Moon Lilith (in a new relationship with the Fixed Star Muphrid) and Haumea.   Muphrid is helping Lilith’s true divine feminine reflection and Haumea’s understanding of unified Wholeness to encompass a deeper perceptual awareness and acceptance of one’s own and others’ creations, awakening us to our nourishing feminine nature. This is the source and fueler of our physical creations as we awaken to the Christ energy of unity consciousness.
Mars is in a new relationship and fast approaching an exact alignment with Saturn and the Fixed Star Antares that will occur next week.  We are in the throws of transforming our physical world and selves in order to be congruent reflectors of our higher Self. This true Self has been developing and emerging from within us for quite some time via awe-inspiring, history making planetary alignments.  This transformation process is being influenced by the Great Attractor, the Source of our Source of our Source, who is also energetically connected along with the Fixed Star Rastaban, to the updated, higher consciousness, Love-based belief system that we have been mandated to use individually and collectively to manifest our physical world.now   Rastaban’s influence is to help us deal with inner conflict by intensifying the contrasts in the interplay between dark and light in order to come up with an approach that is unifying. This process of transforming our physical world is incomprehensibly larger and more profound on a cosmic scale than our feeble attempts to define, control, and contain it through karmic misperceptions.
Mercury and Venus, the higher Mind and higher Heart, are currently traveling together “as one” unified expression.  Mercury approaches a new relationship with both Jupiter and MakeMake that also includes the Fixed Star Cor Caroli’s influence.  Jupiter will expand Mercury’s higher Mind consciousness and beliefs to support Mercury’s joining with the higher Heart in this new cycle of working together.  Venus is in a new relationship with the Soul Star Chakra (North Node) and Orcus which also includes Fixed Star Chartan’s influence.  The unified Heart and Mind, with the Heart as the leader, is our evolutionary mandate today.  Neptune is in the process of dissolving our karmic misperceptions to help us step up onto this path.  Chiron, in a bridge with Mercury and Jupiter, is also supporting this healing and wholing process that yields the Unified Self.  Chiron is being supported by the Fixed Star Markab who is providing us with the inner power to overthrow the constraints of our physical forms so that we can see the untapped treasures within our Selves that have been waiting to be released and revealed.
Pluto and Vesta are in a bridge asking us to step up to the awareness of, courage, and devotion to the taking on of the direct experiences and lessons that are needed to fully transmute karmic debris.  It is the understanding that with dedication to God’s Will to do this, one’s strength will be more formidable than any obstacle meet.  How wonderful that the higher Heart is in a manifesting relationship with Pluto to provide us with the Self-Love needed to take on this task.
Ceres is in a bridge with Juno helping us to remember, birth, transform, and manifest our Selves into Unity Consciousness  on Earth. 
As mentioned before, what is occurring during this atypical, almost lunar eclipse Aquarius Full Moon event today is an atypical Star of David that is in the process of forming.  It will take Juno a couple of weeks to complete her part of her Grand Manifestation, but she has just moved out of a Divine Feminine Grand Manifestation with Pallas and Vesta, so she is carrying a lot of manifesting energy.  One of the Grand Manifestations in this Star of David is a Masculine/Fire/Spirit Grand Manifestation involving the Sun, Uranus-Eris, and Ixion-Quaoar.  It points towards Uranus-Eris.  The other is a Feminine/Water/Emotional (Heart) Grand Manifestation involving Neptune-South Node,Vesta, and Juno.  It points towards Juno.  Apparently, this is a rare Star of David in that they typically are either male or female, not male AND female.  We are being aligned to start into the upcoming wormhole with the Heart and Mind balanced, the Mind and Physical upgraded, and today with the Spirit and Heart (the original point of separation) joined back together and creating a lightbody manifestation that allows us to birth awakened Christ Consciousness on Earth.  
In addition, there is also a Finger of God entwined with this Full Moon, not quite lunar eclipse event.  Both the Moon and Uranus are forming Great Eliminators with Jupiter.  This Yod points towards the new Jupiter Mercury relationship, with Mercury in a Great Eliminator with Eris who is in a new relationship with Uranus.  The awakening of expanded consciousness and higher wisdom in the higher Mind is a special karmic mission that needs to be accessed and actualized now in order for your soul to evolve. This is the place within us that hears the call of the Heart and responds with Love-based actions that create unity consciousness in manifested form through physical experiences.
Everything is simply Love seeking to see and consciously know its Self.   When manifested in the physical realm, it is a tangible way for All to see and know the urgings of the Heart that are brought into form through the intentions and focus of the Mind’s Love-based directives towards action.  Love is the Ruler of the Cosmos.  It is the only constant in the ever-changing, constantly evolving Limitless Field of energy, Source’s vehicle through which to experience the many facets of Her/Him Self.  As we are made of the Earth in Source’s divine image, our body is our vehicle through which to experience Self as Source, as Love.  When you express as Love in any moment of your physical life, you are expressing and experiencing your Self before your eyes in the physical.  You are manifesting Self here on Earth.
I have been writing my reports in a way to help drive home the Truth that everything is always working as One, with each part providing its own information from an individual perspective of experience for the evolvement of the Whole.  Everything in the Cosmos reveals this Truth to us in every snapshot of any moment in time via any birth chart for a person, place, or thing, as that is the cosmological blueprint and intention for that experience.  Though some influences have a more visible or profound effect on the experience, no part is truly inconsequential or insignificant.  All parts work together to make the experience uniquely evolutionary for All.  
This is no different than what each of us experiences as a unique facet of Self during our seemingly “individual” incarnation.  Each part, each person, each experience, each moment with all of its rich, multi-sensory information serves the intention of the Whole for that experience.  Nothing presents in our awareness without its gift of information to inform our Whole Self.  The higher one’s perspective, the more one sees the perfection in the cosmic dance of every-changing aspects that bring to light new aspects of the Self to be consciously experienced if chosen with awareness.  These ever-changing aspects create the sacred geometrical mandalas of Light (Love) that, in the moment, are beautiful snapshots in and of themselves that feed the DNA in all of Life with information to sustain and evolve its journey of experience.  When fast-framed at the speed-of-Light tempo, they become like a beautiful Sacred geometry computer screen-saver show.  When moving at the higher, faster-than-Light speed that Oneness moves in, all possible mandalas seem to freeze-frame “as One”.  Perfection is always everywhere, in every experience of Oneness in Its incomprehensible myriad of forms of expression.  It is who you are at your core and essence, no matter how you have tried to delude your Self from this remembrance for aeons on Earth.  You are an intricate mandala of Love.  You and Love inter-are.
So Be It.       


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