2016 Aquarius New Moon

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2016 Aquarius New Moon

Monday, February 8,  2016

9:40am EST, 6:40am PST, 2:40pm GT

19 Aquarius 16

The new Moon takes place in liberating Aquarius. We’ve just come through the full Moon in Leo, the peak of self-development and self-expression. The new Moon in opposing sign, Aquarius, opens the door to the world beyond and to greater consciousness of the multi-dimensional nature of the self.

In the stillness between the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another, the new Moon in Aquarius draws our attention to the quality of spaciousness. Aquarius grants us objectivity and helps us take others, our past, and even ourselves a lot less personally. Viewing the past objectively, we loosen attachment to old stories that otherwise would continue to color the present moment. Uranus, ruling the new Moon, continues to travel through Aries, waking us up to our true essence and helping us garner the courage to meet each moment as truly unknown. The new Moon fuels the process of engaging with limitations in order to grow beyond them.

Vast spaciousness exists around whatever limitation we are currently experiencing. The new Moon in Aquarius helps us out of a holding pattern and can present key insights pertaining to the past and the future. Think back to a time when you felt incredibly challenged and yet somehow made it through. There is life on the other side of a fear or disappointment – often much more freedom, strength and wisdom.

In order to move forward, sometimes it is necessary to go back. The new Moon in Aquarius presents an exciting vision of the future and yet there may be a gap between where we are and where we wish to be. The invitation is to be right where we are, while holding space for transformation, which is always taking place. Even when it appears we are moving backward, encountering an old pattern, we are always working with it from a slightly different angle, as a different person, and spiraling higher in our evolution.

Aquarius speaks to the higher mind and very long-term memory. These usually unconscious memories and deeply entrenched thought patterns influence our experience of reality. Consciousness precedes form. We create from both conscious and unconscious thoughts and expectations. The key to liberation from past conditioning lies in this archetype through the unravelling of deep patterns and habits as they surface in consciousness. If we dig down to the roots of limitations and feel what wants to be felt rather than repressing our experience we can begin to act more autonomously, spontaneously, and authentically. We can open to greater possibility.

The growth that comes through Aquarius can take place in unexpected ways. A new cycle in Aquarius can propel us forward more quickly than expected. The intent is positive and yet it can be unsettling. It helps to prepare ourselves to receive the high vibrations of this archetype. Aquarius connects with electricity and the nervous system. In order to receive benefit from the insights being downloaded at this time, we are wise to ground the body and mind, so that we can integrate what’s coming through.

The new Moon in Aquarius supports the recognition that there are aspects of our being that operate more impersonally than our oh-so-intimate physical, emotional and mental bodies. This recognition helps us see how not in control we are, and empowers us to choose to let ourselves be led and healed by these deeper/higher/larger forces.

Through objectivity, we realize nothing that happens to us is per se personal, it’s actually perfect – a perfect outcome based on past events, psychological dynamics, etc. What if we save the energy we use to blame, shame, regret or to feel guilty and instead get in touch with these old patterns? What would it look like to form a relationship with limitations, fears and hurt – to hold space for them – and not be controlled by them? We can make choices from a place of power rather than victimization. As we work on this, and are aware that we’re still making choices based on old patterns, fears, and traumas, it is very helpful to have allies. We can take refuge with friends, community, healers, plant spirits, etc. who we trust to help us regain trust in ourselves.

Aquarius is the sign of friends and community. Through the principle of like attracting like, we attract those who resonate with our inner world; both the parts of ourselves we are conscious of and the parts that remain unconscious. We can learn much about ourselves through the people we attract. This may be a time when we attract others who symbolize some future aspect of our becoming. With Pluto and Venus beginning a new cycle together, it may be a time of transforming existing relationships.

Fully embracing the liberation from conditioning that Aquarius offers means that sometimes we are asked to stand as a group of one in order to remain true to ourselves. Even when we feel isolated or alone, we are never separate from Source and our vibration continues to contribute to the collective. This is a great time to tune into how we are contributing to the whole through our inner and outer lives.

Mercury and Jupiter, ruling the north and south nodes of Uranus are working in harmony, helping us to assimilate the insights we receive and put them to good use. Together they are focused on supporting healing, learning, teaching, organizing, apprenticeship, mastery of technique, and articulation of a vision. Mind, heart and soul are aligned. What a blessing to be alive.

Namaste & Blessed New Moon

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