2016 Aries Full Moon

Anne HarrisMoon Report

FULL MOON over ocean


2016 Aries Full Moon

Sunday, October 16, 2016

12:23am EDT, 9:23pm (10/15)PDT, 5:23am GT

23 Aries 14

This Full Moon event has been gifted to us as the end and the beginning, the Omega/Alpha moment of transformation from one way of being to another.  This is where the old skin of lower self identity is shed and drops away so that we can be receptive to the new world of our higher Self identity with its heightened senses and awareness.  The end is being reflected to us through the Moon and her carefully selected friends (Uranus, Eris, Ceres, and Acamar).  The new is found by crossing over to the opposite shore with Awakened consciousness in order to receive the gifts that the Sun promises with his carefully selected friends (Haumea, Spica, and Arcturus).  It starts with the conscious intention to step forward in this moment and embrace an unfamiliar or unremembered journey with the courage of the Heart that knows only Love and a Mind that trusts in that Love whole-heartedly to lead it to its true Home where it can create a new world to experience based in new beliefs.
For this  event today, the Moon, one of the two Lights of Spirit/Source/Self, and the two Great Awakeners (Uranus and Eris) are beginning a new relationship cycle of influence.  They have come together so that the Moon, the Divine Feminine aspect of Spirit that is receptive, gestational, nurturing, and sustaining, can reflect to humanity the full force of the Awakening process that has been occurring deep within our psyches, our bodies, our individual experiences, and our collective experiences.  The Awakening process from deep within is no longer a backdrop event in our lives, it is the Main Event in this now moment.
If nothing is making sense to you as you look around and perceive from your newly upgraded and recalibrated higher Mind under the force and support of this Full Moon, this is cause for celebration.  The emotional and mental soup of outright lies and varying degrees of misperceptions of Truth/Love that we have been living an illusion within is being up-ended.  The contents of our minds and hearts, and the consequences of our past lower-self choices are spilling out before our eyes.  They are being spotlighted clearly for all to see our past identity, who we have chosen to be and replicate ad nauseam in our aeons-long past experience as Sleeping Beauties on Earth.  This is so that we can consciously recognize and embrace our newly understood and recognized higher Self identity that immediately responds with a loving course-correction to anything that does not reflect, express, or experience as Love.
The Great Awakeners have  been working in tandem to bring to Light the deepest recesses of our inner world of feelings, beliefs, and memories that have been encased and stored within our very cells as lower-self perpetuating legacies of misperceptions.  These are what have provided the constant energetic distortion and disruption of our ability to perceive the Truth of our individual and collective experience  with clarity and higher awareness.  It is from the fullness of this inner clarity provided today that we are being asked to consciously embrace, integrate and take action towards the 5D expression of our higher Self of Love and Unity as our new identity from this moment forward.
This Full Moon is saying that if you don’t like what you see before you in your world of experience, then follow the urgings of your Heart CONSCIOUSLY, letting them lead and drive you to “the promised land” of Love and Unified physical expression of Self through the choices of focus of your higher Mind. ¬†With the Moon’s trine aspect today with Ixion, we are manifesting our soul’s purpose in doing so.

The Full Moon  occurs within the Aries field of consciousness and is  disposed by Mars, the ruler of our physical body/ physical experience and the newly re-membered male component/co-ruler of the divine feminine.  Mars initiates the spark and drive within the power of the higher Mind to seek expression in/through physical experience.  It is Mars, the physical expression and experience of the Self identified consciously,  that is the linchpin in the the unified physical expression and experience of the divine masculine and divine feminine. Today, Mars disposes the power of the divine masculine higher Mind while the Moon disposes the power of the divine feminine higher Heart.

That the Full Moon occurs in the Aries field of consciousness with its Mars influence speaks to the powerful roles of the Mind and Heart in the creation of physical life and experience of Self here on Earth.  These energies, entwined and sourced by the dance of the Sun and Moon with their various posturings (aspects) within our consciousness, the two great Lights of Spirit find expression through the Heart and Mind in the physical realm (Mars).  To add emphasis to the transformation, resurrection, and rebirth of the self into Self made manifest physically that is encased in this Full Moon event, Mars has joined Pluto today in a meeting that will initiate a new cycle of physical Self expression and experience on October 19th.  We are indeed in a profound and sacred Moment.

The Sun in Libra conjunct Haumea reflects the new identity that we are being Awakened to at this time through our conscious allowing of the full expression of this Full Moon event.  Haumea is the higher consciousness of Wholeness and Unity that experiences in Awakened awareness of Self as the sum of its individual parts, each of which it embraces within and tends with sacred respect and Loving attention.  The unified divine Feminine and divine Masculine are inherent in the passive and active energetic influence of Haumea that allows and rests in Wholeness and Unity while also taking action to tend its parts.

The Fixed Stars, Spica and Arcturus, are also adding their dynamic influence to the beginning of this new identity. ¬†Arcturus enhances the transformation of subtle energy, influencing the connection of subtle bodies to the physical body by harmonizing and bonding their energies into a singular resonance (wholing). Spica promotes the transference of “Invisible Ream” awareness into conscious awareness. ¬†It enhances the understanding and awareness that the 3D-focused experience of the separated parts of Self is a sub-set to the more aware 5D experience where there is no separation between the parts. ¬†As everything is energy, what we see as “separate” is focused attention on a specific frequency of energy within the entire energetic spectrum that contains all frequencies simultaneously in a resting state (Zero point).

Another Fixed Star, Acamar, is conjunct the Moon today. ¬†Acamar’s gift to our subconscious realm during this Full Moon Awakening event is the energetic influence of remembrance that we are blessed with a direct line to Source; that it is an inherent part of who we are because we are Source, which is Self in all its myriad of expressions of frequency.

This 5D “promised land” that we are being consciously gifted with today is what we have been “dreaming” of and envisioning in our imagination while slumbering unconsciously within the 3D dream state. ¬†A dream within a dream, so to speak. Our dreamed of “promised land” within the 3D dream-state has been the spark of the Light of the re-membered Self that we have been tending within, awaiting “right time” for ignition in order to inflame and engulf us with conscious awareness of Self, and our new physical identity as such.

Our Awakened Self says to us:

I GIVE BIRTH TO ALL in my Heart and Mind.  If what I experience does not feel and look like Love, then I am not in my Awakened higher Heart and higher Mind.  
This is who I AM.

With Love for all…..


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