2016 Cancer New Moon

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Monday July 4, 2016

7:01am EDT, 4:01am PDT, 12:01pm GT

12 Cancer 54


Reflections from the Heart of Spirit

The Cancer New Moon occurs at 13 degrees Cancer on July 4th, within the “7” vibration of the month of July where the esoteric and hidden spiritual meanings in circumstances and events  come to Light for re-membering.  There is a lot of information to re-member during this New Moon as it is filled with awe-inspiring, multi-faceted, inter-connected transformational energies.  It is the sum of its parts, directing us on our new evolutionary journey.  So let’s get started on the journey…..

In Cancer, ruled by the Moon, we dip into the depths of the subconscious, the deepest part of our human experience contained within our cells themselves.  The subconscious resides at the bottom the Cosmic Consciousness clock where the emotions rise up like waves from the invisible realms of our subconscious to fuel the newly upgraded higher Mind towards Love (Heart)-based responses.  We are being asked to shine the Light of Spirit in the very depths of our Being where our thoughts and emotions meet so that our habitual responses, and the unconscious motivations that have fueled them during our 3D experience, can be exorcised or appropriately upgraded into the 5D experience of Wholeness.

It has been postulated that the Fixed Star Sirius provided the energetic genetic coding within our cells for the experience of transformation that originates within and radiates outward as an Awakened, activated, resonate energetic signature to assist the Earth in her Ascension process as we walk upon her in our daily lives.  We are currently being mandated to transform by Sirius, himself, who sits at 14 Cancer and is presiding over this New Moon from a cosmic, ascended perspective, aligning his energies with our conscious awareness.  Sirius’ vibratory resonance with greater knowledge and wisdom infuses us with a more expanded contextual framework within which to see and understand the significance, inter-relatedness, and perfection in the multidimensional experiences, from cellular to Cosmic, that we are each having in every “now” moment.

This planetary alignment of Sirius with this New Moon is initiating a new cycle of conscious awareness for the inhabitants of Earth regarding Sirius’ impact and relevance in our Earthly experience.  This alignment has huge cosmic implications and consequences.  We are being asked to dig deep and clear all the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical cobwebs so that we become clear radiators of the fruits of our labors as Self transformers.  By constantly and consistently embodying and manifesting our lessons learned on Earth as the outward expression of our consciously emerging Self, we are providing the Cosmos, itSelf, with the conscious experience in human form of the transformational qualities inherent in the Awakened expression of Source.

This New Moon event is in the sign of Cancer who’s house of influence is located at the bottom of the Cosmic Consciousness chart where the Heart takes precedence and becomes the focal point through which to experience.  It is the place where the higher Mind and higher Heart have the opportunity to unite as One, opening the entire depths of our Being into a receptive container for Source to descend into and enlighten.  A New Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new 28-day cycle.  In the sign of the emotional power of the Heart, we are being asked to feel our feelings fully so that we can know what we are being sourced by when we are creating our beliefs, behaviors, and habits.  That it is occurring on July 4th, our Independence Day, is prophetic.  We are being asked to take responsibility for freeing ourselves from old habits, behaviors, and beliefs, replacing them with new Love-infused, progressive options.  The Sun and Moon, the two Great Lights of Spirit, are staring a new cycle together, so all possibilities are available to us.

In addition, standing in the purity of the LIbran energy of perfect balance within the Cancer hour, who’s energies and ruler are disposing this New Moon,is MakeMake, the higher octave of Saturn and the keeper of the knowledge that Love is the Law of the Cosmos.  Resting in the emotional Portal of Strength between the Cancer hour of emotional power and and the Leo hour of emotional Love are Jupiter, the Soul Star Chakra (North Node), and Orcus.  They have a combined evolutionary mandate for us pointing us towards the expansion of our Selves into the information and experiences contained within the invisible realms so that we can re-member our innate ability to travel freely between multi-dimensional worlds.

During today’s Cancer New Moon, we are experiencing a 5-planet Cancer stellium comprised of Varuna, Venus, the Moon, the Sun, and Mercury.  Varuna, the All-Seeing Eye of God, and Mercury, the ruler of the Mental Body, are bracketing this stellium of 5 planets traveling together as One.  In essence, the two Great Lights of Spirit (the Sun and Moon) and Love (Venus, the ruler of the Emotional Body and the Heart) are contained within the higher Mind and Eye of God.  The Light and Love of Source are being cradled within Source’s unified Eye that sees only with Love and the higher Mind, with all working together as One reflection of It’s Truth, which is Light and Love in its many different forms.  That this stellium rests in a Cancer container within the Libra hour of the highest realization that there is no “other” emphasizes the understanding that we, in Truth, INTER-ARE.  That in any relationship in manifested or un-manifested  form, the interaction that we perceive, observe, and participate in is simply facets of our Self interacting with each other.

All of this is what is arising on the Ascendant of this New Moon experience.  It is what is coming into physical view for us to understand, integrate, and express in our daily lives.  Pluto, the transformer and rebirther, is sitting exactly opposite from this Cancer stellium in the Libra hour, opposite the two Great Lights of Spirit and their higher vehicle for expression.  Pluto is sitting in the Aries hour of the power of the higher Mind that is ruled by Mars, the ruler of the Physical Body and the generator of Right Action, or Love-based action.  Pluto is helping to transform and rebirth a new awareness and perception of the Whole Self into the physical so that it gets embedded into our cellular structure, uniting the upgraded Heart and Mind of Source into the depths of our being.  He is also seeking to be seen in higher Light as the archetypal reflection of the transformational, creative Universal Force of Change working his magic wherever he finds himself expressed in our lives.  Pluto has been given great responsibility to awaken Sirius’ encoded influence in our cells. For Pluto is the representative and messenger of Sirius’ encodings who leads and escorts us on our journey towards the previously invisible, now more apparent realm of the Whole Self.

The Sun, the part of our Selves reflecting the facet of Spirt that we have chosen to experience in our current incarnation, is staring a new cycle with both the Moon and Mercury.  The Sun’s new relationship with the Moon is being reflected in our homes on any level, close relationships, and our expression and experience of the Divine Feminine.  The Sun’s new relationship with Mercury is with the newly upgraded Mercury that embodies Love-based action as the new reflection of the Divine Masculine’s higher Mind.  Our essence, our reflection of Spirit, is starting a new relationship on a higher level with both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine so that their reflection and expression is Spirit-sourced.

The Moon, the disposer of this New Moon of the Heart of Divine Feminine power, is also starting a new cycle with Mercury.  The higher Heart and the higher Mind, the rulers of the Emotional Body and the Mental Body, and the reflectors of the true Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are seeking to work together as One.  Their alignment is presenting each and every one of us with this opportunity and choice to embody within.

Saturn, the definer of our social consciousness and therefore our physical experience here on Earth, is squaring Neptune during this New Moon. Neptune is the archetype that illuminates our illusions, delusions, and confusions to enlighten us through our conscious awareness of them and their evolutionary service to us.  We are being asked by Saturn and Neptune to step up and embrace a new, higher vibratory definition of social consciousness embodying a level of personal integrity which honors as sacred the expression of the higher Truth of who we are.  This is an intuitive knowing in each of our Hearts that can no longer be denied if we are being honest with our Selves.  It is this sacred Self-respect that seeks to be reflected.

To help support the emergence of this new social consciousness, the Sun is in a Great Eliminator with Neptune.  Spirit is asking us to release all perspectives, beliefs, behaviors, and actions that do not support sacred respect for Self as Love, and all reflections of Self.  In addition, the newly upgraded Mercury is manifesting a relationship with Neptune that is enlightening the higher Mind with conscious awareness of this new paradigm for social consciousness so that Self-respect and Self-Love can be manifested into Love-based action in our physical experience.

This brings us back to Sirius, currently the most “over-lighting influence here on Earth” and an ascended portion of our Cosmic Self who is said to have seeded our DNA with powerful energies of multi-dimensional awareness at the unconscious level.   In essence, this “seeding” into the receptive, fertile field of our DNA was that individualization would lead to transformation by increasing and improving our ability to Love.  It was the intention of Sirius at the time of the seeding that transformation would be promoted by compassionate awareness and conscious, responsible action.  This “seeding” contains the awareness of our inherent ability to consciously understand the world of our own making through the interactions of our subtle bodies, our 4-Body (Spirit, Mind, Heart, Physical) human vehicle for experiencing life and death/transformation in manifested form here on Earth.  Sirius seeded and encoded the energies of transformation as a collective, co-creative experience at both the individual and global levels using Love as its transformative energy to dissolve all feelings and experiences of separation, thus freeing us to be true reflections of our Whole Self.

We are being asked to reflect upon the answers to these questions during this new 28-day Moon cycle: Does what you see and are experiencing in your relationship with all parts of your Self feel like a reflection of Love?  If not, why? What will it take to feel more like Love?

The answers will yield the full blessings and gifts of Spirit available to each and every one of us through today’s New Moon event.   Let the higher, more Awakened evolutionary journey towards reunion with Source begin!

So Be It.

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