2016 Capricorn Full Moon

Anne HarrisMoon Report

FULL MOON over ocean


2016 Capricorn Full Moon

Tuesday July 19, 2016

6:57pm EDT, 3:57pm PDT, 11:57pm GT

27 Capricorn 40

MOON REPORT: Reflections from the Heart of Spirit

Today we bear witness to yet another epic Moon event in the continued unfolding of our evolutionary path.  For the Full Moon event today, the Moon is positioned at 28 Capricorn.  From this placement, the Moon is in the position to receive the perfect information from the Sun and the Moon’s other planetary brothers and sisters in order to provide us with our next step toward the awakening of our Self-Realization.

During the last two weeks since the Cancer New Moon, the Cancer stellium of that Moon event has been strategically moving into today’s placement.  Venus has moved from the sign of Cancer into the sign of Leo where the essence of our higher Heart resides as Love.  She was followed last Wednesday by Mercury.  He moved into the sign of Leo with her where these Beloveds united in the Heart to begin a new cycle.  Our Earth story was changed forever. 

The divine masculine higher Mind FOLLOWED the divine feminine higher Heart’s lead, enabling them to merge “as One” into Love’s reflection when it is Heart-based.  This is a new cycle where the paradigm mandates that all thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs that create our worlds be sourced from the Heart.  The Heart has awakened to take her appropriate place in our lives.  Since this momentous occurrence, these 2 Beloveds have been traveling “as One” through all of the 4 lower-body systems, seeding them with this new paradigm in preparation for this Full Moon event.

At the same time this has been occurring, the Sun and Varuna have been traveling along the same path.  The Sun has undergone an equally transformative experience during the last two weeks.  Just 3 days ago, our essence of Spirit connected with Uranus and Eris, stepping up into a higher awareness of its Self as the reflection of the essence and perspective of our multidimensional Source.  We were awakened to the higher truth of who we really are from the depths of our being within the lower body experience.  

The Sun is conjoined with Varuna this week in the sign of Cancer.  The Sun, who has just stepped up into a higher awareness of its Self after squaring Eris and Uranus, starts a new cycle today radiating information from the highest perspective available, the Eye of God.  It is beyond profound that this pairing is traveling “as One” in an energetic pairing with the Heart and Mind in their new cycle of unification.  The highest perspective, God’s perspective from Source itSelf, is found in the perfect balance and unification of the Heart and Mind working “as One”, with the Heart leading the way.

Additionally, today the Sun is also conjunct the Fixed Star Procyon who resides at 26 Cancer.  There is a significant connection between Procyon and the Sun, a bonding energy that transcends time and space.  Together they create a loving, supportive energy on a higher level that enables the Sun to communicate “I love you, I care for you, I share with you your Light and your life” in a way that we can integrate within our Being. 

This understanding enables us, in turn, to feel and know both the life lessons of “others” and how to relate to “others” in order to increase our capacity to be the Loving Kindness in Action that evolves Loves for All.  This pairing and joining of the Sun and Procyon into a new cycle is occurring at the right time in the evolution of our consciousness for us to grasp and embody what the significance of their combined energies brings to our life experience.  This third of 3 (manifestation) pairings and new cycles of higher consciousness experience opening up within our essence today speaks to the Wholing that is occurring within each and every one of us.  The physical realm is in the process of revealing this truth to us as we watch our previously known “reality” dissolve and crumble before us.  

All of this Awakened information is being projected today by the Sun to the Moon so that the Moon, in turn, can reflect the full information to us through the power of the Heart without anything hidden.  To help the Moon ensure that nothing is hidden, Pluto is residing with her in the sign of Capricorn.  He is wielding his transformational magic to help us release all that does not resonate with the Heart so that the full potential of this Full Moon placement can be realized. 

With the Moon at 28 Capricorn, we are required now to stand in our inner authority.  We have been given the right to choose what is our Truth.  We are being asked to do so with discipline, focus, discernment, and devotion in order to align our individual and collective wills (choices) with the higher Will of Source for us.  We are being mandated by this Moon placement to be unwavering and single-eyed (intuitive) in our purpose of allowing our Hearts to lead us Home to Source.  The Moon in Capricorn is about coming out of the egg of the dream world and breaking free into mastery of Self without negating or violating all that we have experienced to achieve that mastery.  Every step has been invaluable on our journey towards Self-Realization.  We are the manifested governing Cosmic Law of Love, and as such are charged, literally and figuratively, to radiate the Truth of our Being in everything we create and experience.  

To support this, the vision that Source is holding for us today through the various planetary configurations is informing us that the Unity Consciousness of the Cosmos dictates that we all be in alignment with each other in our relationship to everything we experience.  It is telling us that we cannot ascend unless we all go together, unified on all levels.  The whole health of the Cosmos depends on All staying in integrity to its Self as a reflection of the Whole.  With Eris, Uranus, and Ceres traveling together, we are being shaken at the very depths of our Being with the decree that the time is NOW to Awaken to this understanding.  

Saturn, the dispositor of this Capricorn Full Moon, has placed himself in the sign of Sagittarius for this event.  Saturn helps us to consciously realize our physical experience through relationship.  With this transit, he is informing us that it is time to choose the embodied perspective and reflection of our higher Self, the unified Heart and Mind, over our lower self as the foundation from which we create our new 5D social consciousness framework. 

This 5D, multidimensional perspective is based in the higher truth of Love that knows there is no “other” than the Whole Self.  It is from the Truth that we, as Awakened beings, are being asked to manifest our new world.  This is what our Inner Teacher has been trying to lead us towards through our 3D experience.

Neptune, conjunct both the Earth Star Chakra and Pallas Athena, is sitting in opposition with the Earth Star Chakra (South Node) to the North Node.  The Soul Star Chakra (North Node) is conjunct both Jupiter and Orcus. Neptune is in a new cycle with the Earth Star Chakra (South Node), dissolving the old karmic and cosmic debris of our illusions, delusions, and misperceptions.  At the same time, Neptune is in a new cycle with Pallas Athena.  He is  opening up to the wisdom of the Ages in order to come up with a new strategy for living from a higher perspective, replacing what is dissolving with wisdom that is enlightening.  Neptune and the Earth Star Chakra are bridging the North Node. Through their new unified relationship, Neptune and the Earth Star Chakra are attempting to integrate their current journey together with the Soul Star Chakra’s current evolutionary path for us as described by her new cycles with Jupiter and Orcus. 

We are being asked to expand into our Whole Self, our Christed Self that resides in Unity Consciousness through the Love and honoring of the Whole Self. We are awakening to the understanding that this is the higher purpose for our incarnations here on Earth at this time.  This purpose holds us accountable for personal thought, word and deed.  Chiron is infusing his Wholing influence into this process via an energetic connection today with the South Node conjunct Neptune.      

Chiron is also providing a resource of this Wholing energy to Mars.  Mars, now direct but moving very slowly, is in a Great Eliminator with Uranus.  He is continuing to release on all levels what does not resonate with physical expression of the highest Self.  Mars is also in opposition to Sedna, urging us to integrate the highest cosmic records and understanding of the Self into our physical expression and experience as we release what does not resonate.  Mars and Chiron are in a Grand Water Manifestation with the Sun during this New Moon event.   The Whole Self, our essence, has the opportunity to be manifested into the physical from the depths of the healed, wholed Heart. 

In addition, the Part of Fortune for this event lies within the 3 o’clock portal of Truth, on the horizontal axis of social consciousness.  It says that our newly awakened 5D consciousness, sourced from within the Heart, is the blessing and gift that we give to our individual and collective Selves, as well as to our Cosmic brothers and sisters.  

Science has proven that our hearts and minds are meant to work congruently together.  Our hearts are also attuned via Schumann waves to the Earth.  As caretakers of the Earth with the responsibility for facilitating her Ascension through ours, it is our Hearts that will tell us the path of highest and greatest good for our Selves, the Earth, and the Cosmos.  For the Whole in every “now” moment.

Through Juno’s recent arrival at Jupiter’s doorstep, we now have visible proof of expansion past old 3D limited consciousness in our physical world.  We have been taken into the Great Unknown.  All is influencing the ALL as if it is One individual event.  Both Pluto and Jupiter are influencing everything during this Full Moon event through their expanding, transforming, and evolving energies.  To highlight this, last week a new planet was discovered in the far reaches of our consciousness that is sourced multidimensionally by 3 Suns simultaneously!  This is just the beginning.

To paraphrase Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz”, “Toto, we are not bound by 3D anymore!”

Strap securely into your Hearts because, as One, we are each being taken on the consciously Awakened ride of our multidimensional Soul’s lives.  Ladies and Gentlemen, we have lift off!  Prepare to be amazed!

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