2016 Capricorn New Moon

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

1:55am ET, 10:55pm (12/28) PT, 6:55am GT

7 Capricorn 59

And so it begins.....

We are in a moment of stillness today waiting for the curtain to open on the next act of our evolutionary play.  The Light is dimmed and we sit in anticipatory silence, stilling our Self and riveting our focus with curiosity born of wonder at what delights our new cycle will behold.  We can be sure that it will titilate all of our senses, beckoning full engagement in a new, more collaborative, interactive way.  Gone are the days when we were allowed to be passive participants or to sleep through what was unfolding.  What awaits us is full-on, awakened engagement in this play that has been billed to require full participation from everyone in the theater.  Everyone has been instructed to bring their most unique, authentic vision/version of their Self as their contribution to this play-in-action; a work-in-progress defined and shaped by all participants.

There are clues that have been given as to what lies ahead.  We know that the Sun has been resurrected once again.  The Light is slowly beginning to grow now on the theater's stage for this first scene of this new act. This particular scene will take a whole year to complete.  Sufficient time to learn our roles and get comfortable with what is being asked of us in this new type of full-on, Self-revealed play-in-action. Getting comfortable from where each of us is sitting, from our highest perspective, will ensure that each of our gifts to the whole experience will be given right on cue from our Hearts.

What we know so far about this scene that is about to unfold is that the divine feminine is being wholed so that our Hearts can give clear prompts once again right on cue and in right time for our necessary part in the play.  We also know that the lens over the higher Mind's single-eyed perspective is being wiped clean of all debris so that we can better attend to the higher demands of what appears before us, and see more clearly how our Heart wants us to respond to the cues from this interactive play.  No more playing small in this new Broadway hit that is taking the Earth (and the Universe, for that matter) by storm.  Every particle of Creation is abuzz and talking about this new play in town.  And each of us has a coveted, participatory seat.  Are you feeling the excitement?

Now, mind you, don't you go getting your hopes up that this will be one of those totally feel-good-all-the-time, romanticized fantasy plays.  This one will engage all the senses full on, as being here on Earth is want to do, in order to extract your very best effort so that the play is a hit for all.

This play has foreign dignitaries, corporate head honchos, the neighbors next door, family members, and people from all walks if life that we haven't known or heard of before.  Even President-elect Trump will be there with his entourage of selected elites to add their spice to this evolutionary, interactive play.  This should be quite the experience because the fun part is that know one really knows anyone else's lines until the moment they are spoken or actions are demonstrated.  That's what make it so hang-onto-your-seats exciting.  I have the feeling that we are going to each need to bring a box of tissues to wipe the tears of joy and sadness that will be extracted from this totally engrossing play.

Today's Capricorn New Moon event chart tells us what the first few seconds of the opening scene will be asking of us.  How nice that we have a little clue before the curtain opens on January 1st's triple 1 (1:1:1) stargate when all that lovely "1", new-beginning energy of Christed Creatorship will rain down on us like mana from Heaven to infuse each one of our bodies.  This is where we step into the true inner authority of our higher Self to source the desires of our Heart into physical manifestations.  This is where habitual, fear-based, or copying of another's responses are left in the trash bins provided in the foyer.

What we know so far from the Winter Solstice chart (12/21/16) about this soon to be opening play is that the divine feminine's Heart is being wholed, the shadow over the divine masculine higher Mind's perception is being revealed and unveiled, and social consciousness is realigning with unity consciousness and the divine laws that are Love- based, and that inclusively whole all separate parts of our experience of Self.  Now how this is going to be accomplished is anyone's guess.  And we don't want to guess because pre-determination is an old concession item.  Source-aligned and higher Self-directed free will is what is being offered now to munch on, digest, and express during this new play, as that is what will transform the Capricorn cardinal (fixed) experience into the mutable extravaganza of limitless delights that we are in physical attendance to experience.

Allowing what is to BE while actively working to bring more Light and Love-based expression and action into this experience is our charge for the 5D glasses that are being given out at the door to anyone who is interested.  That is what will balance the feminine and masculine, the Heart and higher Mind, Spirit and Matter, the Alpha and Omega, the zero point of every portal into the eternal now of unity consciousness that we all are being asked to embody and reflect in our daily participation in this play.

The Heavens have sent some special emissaries to help us align today with this new play that is just about to open.

The Moon is traveling joined (conjunct) to the Sun for this Capricorn New Moon event.  The Sun and Moon are also conjunct a retrograde Mercury, who recently stationed retrograde conjunct Pluto.  A Mercury retrograde New Moon reflects the power and impact that thoughts and words have in manifesting your daily experience of your Self.  With the Sun and Moon at 8 Capricorn, the Great Lights of Spirit, the male and female components of Spirit, are working together to transmute the Heart and Mind, the subconscious and conscious experiences of Self into a unified Self-sourced director of experience that has no frame of reference for a habitual, fear-based perspective.

In addition, the Sun and Moon are also conjunct Pluto today.  Though Pluto is no longer technically in a seeding relationship with Mercury, the recent conjunction between Mercury and Pluto on the day Mercury stationed to go retrograde is still reverberating energetically today with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Pluto, infusing their interactively aligned energies with a Capricorn, Source-connected perspective for the transforming and awakening of the higher Mind.

Saturn, who disposes the Capricorn perspective and experience of consciousness, and therefore who disposes today's New Moon event, is in a resourceful relationship with Jupiter, who is approaching his conjunction/new beginning with Haumea.  Saturn and Jupiter define the collective experience of consciousness.  They are in a very creative, productive relationship with each other right now to produce a new definition and perspective for the collective experience of relationship, one that is geared toward the goal of the expression and experience of 5D unity consciousness.  With Jupiter in an almost exact bridge (opposition) with Uranus, who is currently traveling through the Heavens with Ceres, and Eris, our individual and collective consciousness is being awakened and expanded to include this new 5D perspective of unity consciousness.  Uranus is awakening Jupiter to all of the 3D old definitions of social consciousness and relationship that no longer work in the 5D consciousness frame of reference.  The goal is to expand consciousness so that the wisdom of the Self can be realized and experienced on Earth.  The Awakeners are reflecting the perspective of and the call for the awareness and realization of the Self as the lens for our higher Mind's creations.

Mars disposes both the physical experience of Self and the the power portion of the Mercury disposed mental body's higher Mind experience of Self.  Currently, Mars is conjunct Neptune and the Earth Star Chakra (South Node).  Both Mars and Neptune are resourcing today's New Moon event with a lighted path connecting our physical experience of Self with the previously invisible, 5D realm that is now making itself known through Neptune's bridge to Orcus.  Neptune is the final dispositor of this New Moon event, so it's impact in lighting our way to the invisible realm of 5D consciousness and beyond to even higher vibrating levels of consciousness that lie within each of us waiting to be discovered and experienced cannot be understated.  This evolutionary experience of Self is what is in the process of being manifested within each of us at this time.     A huge moment lies before us when the curtains open on the play "Our New World" that begins on 1:1:1 (January 1, 2017).

With MakeMake (in Libra) squaring the Sun, Moon, and Mercury today, this higher octave of Saturn is asking us to step up into the 5D perspective of Cosmic Order that reflects the Universal Law of Love.  When all parts of our Self are unified and in cosmic order with our universe, we can only be and express Love.  All of Creation lies within the Heart as Love waiting to be expressed and to experience its Self through each of us.

When the cycloptic, Love-focused, third-eye perspective of our Source-Self's higher Mind is awakened and unified with the binocular vision of the HU-man experience, the visual counterpart to the Heart's emotion-based, trifold flame, is replicated and mirrored in the Mind.  This then translate to the tri-fold experience of the Heart, Mind, and Hand connected, allowing us to have the awakened, visceral, physical understanding of the unity of Spirit and Matter through our actively engaged expression of Self in our daily lives.  Skill, knowledge, and wisdom are born within us. Thus we don our Christed Creatorship that is being birthed at this time for all.

With this in Mind..........

The Light is beginning to increase now on the stage.  Turn your connection to the outside world to "vibration information only" mode, snuggle into your Heart, and strap on the higher Mind's cycloptic, Love-focused perspective to assist you.

A drumroll, please!  Places everyone! Dim the house lights and turn up the stage Light.  Let the new play begin!

With Love for all......

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