2016 Gemini Full (Super) Moon

Anne HarrisMoon Report

FULL MOON over ocean


2016 Gemini Full SUPER Moon

Tuesday December 14, 2016

7:06pm EST, 4:06pm PST, 12:06am (12/15) GT

22 Gemini 26

Today, the divine feminine aspect of Spirit (Moon) is reflecting the Heart's perspective, informing us of our ability for true mastery (22 degrees, 25 minutes) of the wisdom of the Gemini field of consciousness which is found when the Mind is united with the Heart.   It experiences this unconsciously until the Mind of the higher Self is awakened to its Truth and learns to think and then act from the perspective of Love.  The divine masculine aspect of Spirit (Sun) is meeting the Moon today on a bridge of unity and harmony, reflecting it's ability to master the awakened Self who stands fully exposed for true experience of Self when the ego's fears are released and end the game of duality.  The "duality game" is one of separating, dividing, controlling, and conquering.  There is no frame of reference for that in the 5D awakened higher Mind that is consciously aware of its Self.

The "duality game" is driven by the ego, who loves to take Fear and its first cousin, self-doubt, out for a joyride so that they can fully experience themselves and play havoc with our lives.  When you give your power away, which is what the ego asks, you play the game of "small" and assume the role of the victim who has to prove one's worth.  The ego is "me first, and you vs. me".  The Self is "we inter-are".  It is:  I AM not separate from what I AM experiencing.  Your "Power" is the Truth of your Heart.  This is what defines you and gives your consciousness individual expression and evolutionary co-creative power.  For Love that resides in the Heart is what we incarnated to evolve, form, and bloom into expression.  We define it and give it meaning and expression through our individual and collective walk in our every-day life experiences that each of us has created for our experience of Self as Love, our Self reflecting Source.

This Gemini Super Full Moon today is a wonderous event.  There are lots of Great Eliminations, bridges, and opportunities to step up, upgrade, and manifest our newly awakening 5D consciousness, and they are all occurring simultaneously in this moment.  We have the opportunity to be purged, upgraded, and to manifest this new consciousness, an awakened, conscious awareness of Self, into physical experience if we so choose.

Gemini is the field of consciousness where we learn to Love with the mind.  When we master this, we then effortlessly move through the passageway to the Cancer field of consciousness where we access the power of the heart and learn to think with Love. Together, these two fields of consciousness mirror the unified Mind (divine masculine's Self's mental body) and Heart (divine feminine Self's emotional body.  These two aspects of Self operate un(sub)consciously in the physical 3D experience.  When they awaken and meet, this mid-point of balance in the subconscious experience becomes the opportunity for Ascension, which occurs due to the conscious blending and uniting of the Heart and Mind.  This act lights up the entire subconscious and enlightens it into full consciousness so that Spirit (Heaven) and Matter (Earth) KNOW all parts of their deepest Self and can experience it with full conscious awareness of Oneness, once again.  This mastery of the conscious awareness of our Self as Love is what we are being charged to manifest today, for it is our highest Truth.  For each one who masters this individually sends this into the collective experience of the whole.  The multidimensional collective then has access to this frequency, impregnating it with an awareness that will urge it to find resonance.  Self-mastery of Self as Love is an irresistible force against the resistance of even the most unconscious.  The more this frequency is individually impregnated into the collective conscience, the stronger its force becomes in the 3D experience until the "Hundredth Monkey" can be reached.

Your world is literally being created by what you say and do, and that is being informed by the thoughts you choose to think.  You have control over it all.  This is your right use of higher Will in action.  Let your Heart direct your will, for this is how you command life to configure in your image as the reflection of the Love that you are.  How do you have to think, act, and be if you are living your Life as Love?  What does your Heart tell your?  If you are truly in tune with your Heart, you will reflect what it does.....unity consciousness that is in tune and in sync with the Earth.  The higher Heart is the female aspect of Spirit which resides in the heart chakra.  It is the feeling level.  These feelings are informed by the senses, and create our intuition that sources our higher Mind.  When our Hearts and higher Minds are balanced, aligned, and working together to create and reflect 5D unity consciousness from within us, the Heart and her consort, the higher Mind that is fully aware of its Self, are the meeting point of Heaven and Earth that we experience physically.

With the Moon residing at 23 Gemini, it is in the third decan of its quality of consciousness that speaks directly to intuition and how you use it to physically express what is in your Heart.  This is how you put Love in action.  23 Gemini is about following your inner guidance and allowing it to reveal the magnificence of your inner Truth.....your Self Truth.  It will be your personal, unique expression of Love; what that feels, looks like, and is experienced as through you.  It will be the unique gift that you bring to the collective, to Unity; to Source to expand its conscious experience of its Self as Love.  Love is working through you to expand consciously throughout the entire cosmos.  That should give one pause about the choice and consequences of the quality of their thoughts and actions.  How perfect is that for ending the Moon's last full cycle in the 9th year of a 9-year cycle of completion?!

We expand Love by clearing away our fear-based habits and CHOOSING to live consciously from our higher Self's perspective of Love rather than our lower self's perspective of fear.  This is the choice and perspective that we are charged to consciously manifest in these last two weeks of the Moon's current cycle that is on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of consciousness.  If you do not know a Love-based choice in the moment, then you have momentarily forgotten your Self.  Self can only Be what it is, which is Love.  Each of us must learn to harness and direct the raw energy of our thoughts and feelings by gaining command over our Mind.  This  will deliver us to the vertical axis of consciousness that helps create the Truth of our physical existence.  This Truth is created by the unified the Heart and Mind that when joined with the physical experience of Spirit/Source through relationships, allows each of us, as we so choose, to live as embodied Source in the physical, 3D realm.

When we align with our Heart and hear it's Truth and urgings (intuition; the power of the Heart where we feel our feelings), and then both speak it and follow it with Love-based actions (wisdom of the Mind), we have aligned the Heart and Mind so they work together as One.  This is what opens the doorway of Ascension, allowing us to walk through to a higher dimension of experience.  If we can learn to choose to stay in this place in every moment, we will birth a 5D+ experience in which to consciously play and evolve in as our new physical experience.

The Moon, which is in the air sign of Gemini, is in an Air Grand Manifestation (trine) today with Mars and Jupiter conjunct Haumea.  This is manifesting the brilliance of the Mind that has wholed its many facets to perceive through the Diamond Mind of unified awareness and clarity.  This is given even more stability and dynamic impact today via a Mystic Rectangle that is integrating complementary and conflicting beliefs and values into a broader vision that can be communicated and manifested into physical experience.  Within this Mystic Rectangle, the Moon (Spirit's divine feminine reflection in the Heart) is bridging the Sun (Spirit's divine masculine reflection in the Mind) while intersecting the bridge between Uranus, Ceres, and Eris (the Great Awakeners) with Jupiter and Haumea (the expansion of 5D unified consciousness that holds all of its facets/parts with Love, compassion, and sacred respect).  The Great Awakeners are resourcing the Moon with their information from their bridge with Jupiter and Haumea while Jupiter and Haumea are resourcing the Sun with their perspective.  This mystic loop of information is meeting in the heart of the Unified Self, at the mid-point of the bridge that has recently opened us up to higher conscious awareness.

Mercury is disposing this Gemini Super Full Moon event.   Mercury disposes the wise use of the higher Mind's ability to love with the Mind in the Gemini field of consciousness, and is also is the ruler of the aware Self's higher Mind.  He/She started the year retrograde in Capricorn and will end this year retrograde in Capricorn, the field of consciousness that represents our connection to Source.  He/She is currently conjunct Pluto.  Together they are working to transform and rebirth the higher Mind in order to inform our social consciousness at a higher level of awareness that reflects the Source energy within us. However, if one looks more closely at the loop of dispositors for this event, the final loop of dispositors are Mars and Uranus.  They are in mutual receptivity to each other today.  The physical experience of Self is being awakened from on high through the consciously aware higher Self's higher Mind, and every cell of our Being is being filled with the Light of Love.  Our physical experience of the Self is being awakened and redefined in alignment with higher consciousness and greater Truth of Self.  We are being awakened to the higher consciousness and wisdom of the 5D Unity consciousness of MakeMake where Love is the Law of the Cosmos, and to the ability to see this from the highest perspective, from God's perspective (Varuna) here on Earth.

Uranus is bridging Jupiter and Saturn today, waking up our consciousness to Haumea's wholing gifts that include love, respect, compassion, and allowance for expression of all of its parts, while MakeMake is powering the Heart to hold steady the Cosmic Law of Love.  With a bridge today between the highest perspective that we have access to, Varuna, and the Part of Fortune, this perspective is our gilt that gives us Self-awareness through a higher Mind informed by Spirit, the power of the Love in the Heart that feels itself unconditionally.  With Venus (Heart) in Aquarius for this Full Moon event, unconditional Self Love without limitations or conditions is our Love-based charge that is informing our higher Mind so that it can manifest the world we experience.

Saturn has just started a new relationship with the Sun in the Sagittarius field of consciousness within the last few days.   Saturn defines our belief systems that inform, create, and teach us about our Self through the physical experience of social consciousness; through relationships to everything and everyone.  He has been upgraded to the 5D belief system of unity consciousness that is our individual experience of the collective soul purpose (Ixion) in this lifetime.   Today, the Sun (our conscious experience of Spirit) is in a seeding (conjunction) of this collective soul purpose from Ixion, who is conjoined to her companion, Quaoar (creator of new beliefs).  These planetary archetypes sit in a Sagittarius stellium that is bracketed by the true divine feminine's 5D heart-based unity consciousness that is experienced through relationships (Black Moon Lilith informing Juno).

We need a belief system that is based in Love to lift us up from the karmic trials and tribulations of 3D physical life and enlighten us to the Truth of why we have chosen to experience life on Earth.

Ground the end of duality into the physical experience by healing the distortions of Love in your Mind and Heart that hide in the shadow.  Then the full power of your Self, as a reflection of Source, can be awakened into conscious awareness. By awakening the Self within us, we help to awaken the Earth through our Self's and Earth's point of connection in the Heart.

The Power Cross on the clock, formed by the vertical axis (Spirit meeting Matter) and horizontal axis (social consciousness where we "inter-are" in relationship to everything we experience), expresses the Truth of our physical experience of Self here on Earth.  It is being lit up today by Source-as-Self's desire to expand Self consciousness and awareness.  We are expanding our consciousness to embrace a true awareness of Self, the likes of which have not been experienced on Earth on a mass level.  It is on this mass (all facets of matter) level that we truly master all parts of our multidimensional Self.  For then all in our world of experience becomes unified in direction and intent.  With this awareness, our very presence on Earth becomes the unveiled cosmic record of Love that is ground into the physical experience.

With Love for all.......

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