2016 Gemini New Moon

Emily SametMoon Report


Saturday June 4, 2016

10:59pm EDT, 7:59pmPDT, 4:29am (6/5)BST

14 Gemini 53


The New Moon in Gemini is a major part of a wisdom crossroad that promises to help everything fall into place. Think of the sound of the wind rustling the leaves on the trees on a warm summer night. There is a teasing apart taking place that can open up space for new insights, a new perspective, or possibility to emerge. Remember that you have a deep inner knowing, and unseen support at all times, to help you find your true path and walk your most truthful talk.

The reliably shifting faces of the Moon teach that even when she seems to disappear, she is there and will return into view soon enough. This is a really beautiful teaching. The face of the New Moon is invisible. Ideally we don't fall apart when our beloved is out of view. We trust they will return and we are ok without them. This Moon takes it a step further and asks us to have faith in the ultimate unseen. Indeed sometimes those we love don't return, but a loving presence is still there. The New Moon says, "Today I am invisible, what else in your world is unseen?" and "How can you feel into it with the same faith that it exists, as you have that I will return to a shining ball of light?". What love the Moon has for us that she returns again and again. She takes this New Moon time to refresh herself. We can take her example and do the same.

New Moon energy is very inwardly oriented, which serves well during this time. It's a chance to recalibrate and to rest the mind and the body, especially if there has been a lot of mental activity lately. It takes time to distill wisdom and put knowledge to use. This New Moon brings peace and harmony. We are guided to draw awareness down into the heart, to know ourselves as a love that holds all opinions and possibilities without conflict, and that doesn't need to 'know' or be right, because it is living what is known and what it is right in each moment.

There is deep wisdom to be found in the living of our lives. What questions are most pertinent to you in your life right now? Can you rest in the beauty, complexity and power of your questions without needing to know the answer? Becoming a living embodiment of a question, over time, like magic, we may find ourselves living the answer. Questions connect with the leading edge of evolution. Feel into the most juicy question for you right now and then connect with the source of all answers. Focus on the source of the mind itself.

The New Moon reaches out with understanding to planets in signs all connected, on some level, with the nature of truth and reality. There is a focus on seeing things as they are and on listening to intuition, versus confusing it with the many messages the mind may present. Ultimate security is not found in the mind, but in the generator of it.

The New Moon in Gemini brings heart-centered communication into focus and relationships benefit greatly. What is reality like for another person? What do their words mean coming from them? Where there is a superficial focus on words, the potential for deep connection is limited. The New Moon presents opportunities for deep heart connection, for us to show up with compassion, to hear another's story, and to share our own.

When we lose touch with our source, we lose touch with ourselves. We are pulled, by the force of the New Moon into the void, where all inspiration is born. Are you bold enough to let go into the unknown?

You're not loved for what you know, you're loved for the essence of who you are.


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