2016 Leo Full Moon

Emily SametMoon Report





Saturday, January 23, 2016

8:45pm EST, 5:45pm PST, 1:45am (1/24)GT

3 Leo 29

The Full Moon in Leo is a bright light in an ever-changing world and always uncertain future. Full Moons carry the energies of integration and flowering. With this Moon we are integrating the qualities of the Leo/Aquarius axis, bringing our talents into the world to make it that much brighter and offering ourselves in service to humanity. Goddess asteroid, Pallas Athene, conjunct the Sun in Aquarius, speaks to the unconditioned expression of gender and to the genius potential within us all.


Leo invites us to embrace our unique gifts and follow our heart's desire through to creative fulfillment. We co-create with the source of all things through the form we have been given. Each of our lives is immensely and equally valuable. Each individual contributes to the whole, be it on a very large stage or from the privacy of the home. We all have an effect on the space around us, on the beings we come into contact with, and on the collective.


I can't help but mention David Bowie, for the beautiful example he offered of a fully actualized Leo Moon integrating strong Aquarian energy (including Pallas on his Aquarius ascendant and Uranus on the North Node). Just as he served as a beacon of confident and revolutionary self-expression we each can play this role for ourselves and others. We are stepping more fully into the unconditioned expression of our uniquely beautiful beings.


The Moon in Leo holds the potential for big heart opening. Leo leads into the next sign Virgo, the sign of service and to it's polarity, Aquarius, the sign of the collective. Heart opening guides us to greater service. If a heart-opening experience doesn't lead to greater desire and capacity to serve, perhaps it would useful to look at what is standing in the way.


Bringing our true essence into the world can be scary. At some point in our evolution we've likely faced rejection or opposition in response to self-expression. These memories live within the soul and some can be quite intense. We also may have the accurate yet unarticulated sense that to be ourselves more fully means shedding parts of lives that no longer resonate. This letting go, gives us the opportunity to grieve those parts, another real experience of being human. On the other side is a life of greater truth and creative fulfillment.


The Full Moon forms a grand trine with Saturn in Sagittarius and Goddess asteroid, Vesta, in Aries. It is our duty to tend to the sacred flame within. We are not the source of that flame, just as we are not the source of creativity or love and yet they permeate our beings. We have been given the gift of this life not to create from scratch, but to channel the creativity and purpose that are already flowing through us. Leo is the sign of royalty. We have been given sovereignty over our own lives. If anything it seems the work of individuating is in the process of clearing up the channels within and tending to the inner flame so that our unique expressions of love and creativity can flow forth. We must also value ourselves enough to develop our talents.


The ruler of the Full Moon is the Sun in Aquarius, squaring Mars in Scorpio. There's not a lot of ambivalence in this aspect. Certain limits are being encountered and we're called on to dig deep to find the courage to transform them, and to be ourselves even in the face of old fears. Use your energy constructively, knowing that sometimes destruction is the first creative step. Sometimes a period of relative seclusion provides the space for an emergent potential to flower.


It can take stepping back to notice a limitation to our full self-expression, but once we know it is there, we can free up a lot of energy by engaging with it. This can be challenging, but the effort is worth it. Is there anger coming up associated with a limitation to self-expression? See if you can't find the source of that limitation within and channel the energy of the anger or frustration into positive action. Mars is in Scorpio for some time to come, instructing us to choose our battles wisely.


Obstructed creativity can lead to a buildup of tension that may manifest as anger, frustration, depression or anxiety. Find creative channels for self-expression. More than say, simply exercising to tire the body out, channel the unexpressed energy into a form that is fully engaging and aligned with your essence. At the same time don't get hung up on the form - it's more about allowing your unique soul essence to flow through. Affirm with the light of the Full Moon that you will follow the call from within.


The Art of Poetry


I don’t speak for myself.

I don’t speak in my own name.

It’s not about me.


I am nothing but

a little life, a lot of pride.


I speak for all that is,

for what has form and no form.

I speak for what weighs heavily

and what is weightless.


I know everything around me

wants to go further, to live more fully,

to die more deeply,

if dying must be done.


So don’t think you hear within you

my words, my voice.


It is the voice of the present moving toward the future,

a voice approaching from beneath your own skin.


Eugène Guillevic (tr. from French by Paul Weinfield)



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