2016 Leo New Moon

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Tuesday August 2, 2016

4:44pm EDT, 1:44pm PDT, 9:44pm GT

10 Leo 58

During today’s New Moon event, the Sun and Moon are conjunct at 11 Leo.  The dispositor of this Moon event is the Sun, who sits in dignity in the sign of his rulership. The Leo Sun is “working as one” with the Leo Moon, infusing the Moon with inner Light in order to bring about a new cycle of increased awareness of Self through the reflection of their combined information transfer. 

The Sun in Leo speaks to the honoring and cherishing of the gift of who we truly are.  It is where we learn to embrace and reflect our authentic uniqueness; where we become comfortable shining our Light from the Heart for All to see without reservation.  It is where we learn to love our Self and radiate that through creative expression that captures our joys and passions.

The Moon in Leo is where we sense who we are in our heart.  It is where we know what it feels like to be our authentic Self and work towards experiencing that when in manifested form by allowing it to unfold before us in our thoughts, words and deeds.  This is where we light the flame of Spirit within the depths of our Heart so that it becomes our Wayshower.

At the 11th degree of Leo, the Sun and Moon are reflecting that we are at a moment of choice.  Do we continue with lower consciousness Self-negation, Self-diminishment and Self-separation, or do we set our feet firmly on the 5D higher consciousness path of Self-embracement?  Do we continue to distract our selves with illusions that keep us numb and immobilized with fear or do we finally choose to embrace both the shadow and the Light within us as energy to be cherished equally for the gifts of Self that they bring to our conscious awareness  and Whole Self-Realization?

Thus, the Sun and Moon conjoined at 11 Leo is where we learn to “walk our talk” of authentic Self-expression that reflects both the divine masculine and the divine feminine aspects of our Spirit, our essence. 

The astroid Shiva (Siva), at 11 Leo 42 (12 Leo), is conjunct both the Sun and Moon during this New Moon event.  “Shiva is said to express the essence of the sacred masculine.”  It expresses as the “breakdown/breakthrough” process of turning density and habitual, misinformed or misguided perceptions into updated insight.  Shiva reflects the process of change, of the destruction and rebirth, inherent within the integration of the darker aspects of the Self by erasing darkness with the force of the divine masculine’s Love-sourced intentions in action. 

Shiva is often symbolized as having a third-eye (Eye of God) on his forehead and a snake (transformation) around his neck.  As the Eye of God sees only through Love, one is reminded through Shiva that when one’s thoughts and intentions are sourced from Love, these transform the throat chakra into its divine blueprint as the vehicle for making our Love-based worlds manifest through our spoken words (commandments).  As the servant of the higher Heart and higher Mind, the throat chakra is where we speak and communicate our truth into being.  That Shiva is so present for this New Moon event adds its intensified catabolic energy in today’s mandate to have the courage of the Heart to engage in the divine process of internal congruence that yields each of our unique expressions of wholeness of Self.  

Saturn is a major contributor to this Leo New Moon event today.   Saturn is sitting at 9 Sagittarius 22 (10 Sagittarius).  10 Sagittarius is where we come to Peace with who we are.  It is about allowing Spirit to move through you in order to birth your Self as you define and create your physical experience of Self.  At 10 Sagittarius, Saturn is conjunct the Fixed Star Antares.  Antares is known as the Heart of the Scorpion or the Bethlehem Star.  Its influence is that of understanding the powerful energy of light and dark, and the awareness of the shadow self where what you see in another is a mirrored aspect of your Self mirrored to you through your world, past lives, and through your personality.  It speaks to the Taoist concept of “unity through diversity”.  “The greater lesson from Antares is that through the experiences of life itself and in the experience of one’s own personal revelation comes also the ability to communicate, to trust the intuition (Heart), and look squarely in the face at those aspects of oneself that one is not always able to accept.  In Accepting these and seeing them for what they are, progress can be made, changes can be allowed, and ultimately this awareness can be shared with others.” 

Saturn is also being influenced energetically at this time (and for the third of three times in the past year), by the Great Attractor at 14 Sagittarius.  As the Source (Great Attractor) of the Source (Super Galactic Center) of our Source (Galactic Center), its influence is both subtle and profound, and therefore far-reaching in its influence.  Its influence is that of tolerant acceptance of all perspectives and expressions of its Self.  It holds the intention that All in Universal Consciousness honor this as well.  There is a deep awareness of SELF, on all levels of Self, from the Great Attractor that embraces a level of Truthfulness that defies separation on any level.    

Saturn, the Inner Guru and co-definer of social consciousness, and Mars, the ruler of the physical body and co-ruler of the divine feminine, both speak to our physical experience here on Earth.  They are both reflecting the Sagittarius field of consciousness where we have our highest victory when choosing the higher Self over the ego as the driving force for our physical experience.  Saturn is linked with the Sun and the Moon to manifest (trine) a new paradigm for definition of the experience of Self on Earth.  Saturn is simultaneously being asked by Neptune to step up from the old 3D fear-based, ego-driven paradigm for experiencing life on Earth to the new 5D paradigm of Love-based thought and action. 

Concurrently, the Sun and Moon are in a Great Eliminator today with Neptune conjunct the Earth Star Chakra (South Node), dissolving and releasing any and all old illusions about Self that have diminished and misrepresented the fullness of Self within the old, 3D limited container.  The Moon will be in a Great Eliminator with Pluto tomorrow,  The Sun will follow suit and create a Great Eliminator with Pluto on Sunday.  These two Great Eliminators between the Sun/Moon/Neptune and the Moon/Sun/Pluto create an energetic Finger of God with the focus on today’s New Moon event. Fingers of God point us towards needed areas of awareness and integration within our Selves that, once obtained, will provide us with significant growth on our journey towards unification of Self.   

Our evolutionary journey, as blueprinted for us today, is the expression of this Whole Self consciousness in our physical experience of life on Earth. This is indicated by the stepping stone up from Neptune conjunct the Earth Star Chakra into this new perspective that the North Node conjunct Orcus and Mercury is providing.  That Chiron is energetically linked to and supporting the Neptune/Earth Star Chakra conjunction, and is opposed to Jupiter who is energetically linked in a Virgo stellium to the Soul Star Chakra/Orcus/Mercury triple conjunction is like the underline and exclamation point of this evolutionary mandate.  We are being helped to step up into greater clarity, consciousness, and creativity in the experience and expression of Self.  

MakeMake, the higher octave of Saturn and the archetype for the higher 5D consciousness that knows that Love is THE LAW of the Cosmos, is preparing to infuse his energies with Jupiter’s at this time in a new upgrade to this evolutionary mandate of the Whole Self revealed and expressed authentically in the physical here on Earth.  At 1 Libra 16 (2 Libra), MakeMake is sitting  directly alignment with the Super Galactic Center today.  The Super Galactic Center is the Source of our super cluster, Laniakea.  It is the Source of our Source, which is the Galactic Center of our Milky Way galaxy.  MakeMake is being supported in its offerings to us today through the embrace of the the Source of our Source, deepening its balancing and Wholing influence through and influx of profound Love.

Ixion and Quaoar are also adding their continued combined influence to this New Moon event..  They are getting some powerful support today in directing us towards a new perspective of the Unified Self as the creator of our experiences from the Galactic Center, which sources the Milky Way.

The Great Awakening that is occurring via the new cycle between Eris and Uranus has them both working together “as one” in a conjoined effort to lead us back to Source continues to influence all facets of our lives each day, including today’s Leo New Moon event.   They are sounding the Call from Heaven that the time is NOW to become conscious of who and what we choose to be sourced by, who we choose to be based on that information, and how we choose to express that in our daily lives. It is the call to Awakened Integrity, and the conscious responsibility for our every thought, word, and action inherent in that.  This energy field is providing the driving and inspiring force as the backdrop for the events that are unfolding in each of our worlds, individually and collectively, on a daily basis at this time.  There can be no rest until we are at peace and in harmony within the Whole of who we are as progenitors and caretakers of our individual Self, our collective Self, our planet, and our Cosmic Self.  This is the ancient, awakened role of the sacred masculine that was activated in the 5D version of the Mercury Mars stepping stone that occurred a few days ago.  He is the one who can hear the call of the Heart.  

We start a new 28-day cycle of growth from the Heart with this Leo New Moon.  This cycle asks for a greater commitment to the unfolding of the deepest Truths of your Self.  The next 2-week window requires more impeccable excavation of Self so that any remnants of the shadow Self can be uprooted and embraced consciously with Love and acceptance.  In two weeks we will arrive at the next eclipse cycle.  Our committed attention to the task at hand of the conscious realization of Self will yield results beyond our wildest dreams as we, once again, step into the sideways elevator that will carry us to worlds within our Selves as yet unknown.

Rest in the embrace of the Love that loves you so much that it created a way for you to shine the wisdom of the Heart of your Self for All to see and experience for its growth and evolvement.  The only “courage” that you need to live and experience this path is found in the root of the word “courage”, which is COR, the Latin word for “of the Heart.”  Even our many Sources are telling us today that this is so in the seeding and lending of their Cosmic support to our endeavors.

So Be It. 

Reflections from the Heart of Spirit


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