2016 Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Emily SametMoon Report

Total Lunar Eclipse

2015 Libra Full Moon/ LUNAR ECLIPSE

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

8:01am EDT, 5:01am PDT, 1:01pm GT

3 Libra 17

The Libra full Moon features a lunar eclipse and a realignment of relationships; the one you have with yourself, with other people, and with the divine. With Venus in Pisces, you can find yourself floating in the sea of unconditional Love. Have your favorite book of poetry, or musical instrument, close by.


Astrology gifts us with a clear view of the cycles within cycles that unfold throughout life. This eclipse is a sendoff into 6 months of development. There will be another set of eclipses in August and September 2016. To help you catch up with where you are now, think back to what was taking place during the last set of eclipses in September 2015. Notice if themes are resurfacing. What have you been apprenticing yourself to over the last 6 months? How have your desires been unfolding?


With the north node in Libra through most of 2014 and 2015 there was an intensive focus on relationships. They continue to unfold and some may shift form completely. This eclipse supports taking a realistic look at what you need, what you have to give, and the expectations you place on others. Your perspective is always expanding. What is it like to see everyone from a place of love? This is a good time to set the intention to see everything as clearly as possible, beginning with yourself. You are empowered in relationships and meeting others as a true equal. You’re able to find a better balance in life, having learned the importance of tending to your own wellbeing.


In the northern hemisphere, the eclipse takes place just days after the spring equinox. Energy is stirring, rising, and ready to push up through thawed earth. The vital force is rising within and heightening your senses. Open with courage to each new experience.


Mercury and the Sun form a superior conjunction in Aries the day after the eclipse. Thoughts quickly transform into actions and into physical creations. You may not realize what you are thinking until you hear yourself say it. Embrace the manifestations that come, they’re here to facilitate your evolution.


Do you have faith that all is coming? That the universe meets your needs? If you don’t, see it as an invitation to explore this further. Practice trusting in divine timing. Listening to a recording the other morning I heard the astute comment that when we exhale we don’t worry about where the next breath is coming from. A few hours later, I heard my yoga teacher reinforce the point saying, the inhale is given, don’t force it. And it is – you don’t have to force, you don’t have to worry. Yet you do have to make space. If you didn’t exhale you couldn’t take in a fresh breath. It becomes much more difficult to grow when you resist a natural flow.


Change is a given in this world and nothing is meant to be grasped. That doesn’t mean nothing stays, plenty does, but with a continually renewing contract, that has freedom built into it. Open the windows and let fresh air into any situation in your life that feels stagnant. What’s meant to stay, will stay, and what’s meant to be transformed will shift into a new way of being.


Mars in Sagittarius in aspect to the eclipse, helps you burst into fuller self-expression. If there was no fear, what would you do with your life and why? Is there a risk you are ready to take that would support a part of you wanting to break above ground? Mars is on a mission to take something further; to exceed your expectations. When you are living in alignment with your nature and the natural forces around you, growth becomes much easier.


This eclipse emphasizes the north node of the Moon in Virgo, the symbol of your destiny. The last eclipse on March 8th fell on the south node side of this axis. In Pisces, that eclipse focused on surrendering to the powerful oceanic currents of the soul, on facing what wanted to rise to the surface to be released, and on seeing what is ready to be manifested. The north node in Virgo speaks to the path forward emerging when you put one foot in front of the other. You’re walking out of the ocean onto the shore. It will feel good to take these Virgo steps towards your goals, towards greater health and towards fulfillment and spiritual connection through service. Every step forward from here on out is taken with devotion, following your inner guidance. Jupiter continues to reside on the north node, helping to remove blocks on the path. It can be as easy as exhaling and opening to the next breath.


Libra is the sign of balance and the lunar eclipse brings you in touch with an inner balance that is independent of ever-changing outer conditions. This inner relationship to the ultimate other, to all others, is a point of equilibrium we all contain. It becomes easier to stretch outside of a comfort zone when you realize you can never truly lose your center.


The Aries Sun and Libra Moon speak to connecting the head and the heart. A busy mind can’t hear the messages of the soul. Not listening can cause situations to escalate, or symptoms to increase, in order to get our attention. Find a way to quiet the mind and listen intently. Deep wisdom speaks through you.


Full Heart, Full Moon Blessings


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