2016 Libra New Moon

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Black Moon /End of Worm Hole

Friday September 30, 2016

8:13pm EDT, 5:13pm PDT, 1:13am (10/1) GT

8 Libra 15


The Libra New Moon event today occurs on the last day of the "9" month of completion in a "9" year of completion.  In some parts of the world, this is also a very rare Black Moon, which occurs when there are two New Moons in the same month.  By report, a Black Moon is powerful and aligned with the divine feminine, providing a time of great awakening and clarity.  It is also a turning point in a cycle.

This is the graduation from the old world, the emergence from the wormhole of intensified transmutation, as we step into a preview period over the remainder of this year of the new 5D world that we are creating.  Like any newborn, this is the point from which we will begin to gradually become more aware, comfortable and successful in navigating a powerful new physical expression of Self.

We have now crossed the Physical Portal of Truth and stand in the Libra field of consciousness, newly birthed into our power in the physical realm that is realized when we embody the awareness that everything that we are and see here is Spirit.  As there is no "other" than Spirit/Source then there is no "other but Self/Source in the physical realm.  We realize that our Self has come to make its Self visible in every way imaginable so that we are constantly reminded of who we are whenever we perceive what we experience with our 5D vision, awareness, and understanding.

A New Moon offers us the opportunity to choose what we will hold in the fertile womb of our Heart, supporting and sustaining it while the Mind works to bring it into physical manifestation through actions that are congruent with what the Heart is holding within.  It is an opportunity to hit the emotional reset button in our Hearts.  To start anew in what we will source and sustain our new world with that we are stepping into.  With this particular New Moon in Libra, what is being sought by the dispositor of the power of the Heart (the Moon) and the rulers of the spiritual body (the Sun and Moon) is the balance and harmony achieved when all is experienced as equal and one in the world of our creation.  The Heart is most powerful when it is aligned and in a balanced relationship with the higher Mind that knows that it is not the director of the show but the director in service to All of the force and intentions of the Heart.

LIbra is the field of consciousness within each and every one of us that learns through relationships that there is no "other"; that all is equal and contained within.  30 years of research has shown that learning occurs in the context of the environment that one finds oneself in relationship with during daily life activities.  This has been termed "ecological intervention".  It appears that daily life is the teacher that we have all been searching for.  It is the guru that is right before our eyes saying, "Look here.  Does this look like Love coming to life in physical form in this experience?"  Active participation in life is required for this learning.  It leads to Self awareness, Self esteem, and Self respect when our participation is Love-sourced and Love-based.  We need participation and socialization to learn about our Self.  This is what higher consciousness has been trying to show us.  Being a party of one does not yield evolutionary growth.  Evolutionary growth occurs within the context of the whole of experience with the myriad of intertwining facts of expression.  It is the group experience (relationship) and support through a "buddy system" that increases the motivation for the sustained participation that is needed for successful developmental and evolutionary learning. Even our biology, our physical experience of Self, is supporting the physical manifestation of our newly awakened 5D consciousness by showing us the physical evidence of both our love-based and fear-based experiential choices.

It is interesting that we have chosen to call the physical dis-ease that has become the perceived threat to our very existence in physical form "cancer", as this is the same name that describes the field of consciousness that contains the power of the Heart, that is disposed by the Moon,and that sources our higher Mind.  Is cancer a reactionary lower-self expression that is in service to self as it re-acts out of fear-based, separating thoughts and experiences?  As the lower self has been spiraling out of control in a free-fall of reactive fear misconceived as control and power, we have seen an increase in cancer on the physical level that has been trying to separate us from our bodies, the very vehicle that we have to experience our higher Self in this world.  And now we are being gifted via the Uranus Eris awakening connection with an increasing awareness of this same cancerous lower self experience on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels being enacted in heinous crimes of terror, cultural and social biases, election rhetoric and fervor, and spiritual eliteness and exclusion that are all designed to tear us apart.  To further separate us from our true Self until this madness finally gets the attention of our Heart, and therefore our Mind, and we say "Enough! No more! This is not the Truth of my being; of who I am at the deepest level in my Heart of hearts! I am taking the power of my heart back!"

This is what September 27th brought to us earlier this week on Tuesday when the last 9-year cycle of amplified separation for awakening of Self came to an end.  This is our moment to choose the power of the Heart so that its manifestation on Earth with become a part of our daily life physical reality when Uranus and Eris come together for the last of three times on March 17, 2017.

And this is what today's Libra New Moon event is bringing to us to put in the creative container of our Heart.  At 8 Libra, it is on the "widow's degree", asking us to consciously, physically, and consistently choose to "widow" ourselves from our past beliefs and concepts of our 3D self, and to step into a physical relationship with All in our world as our 5D higher Self.  It is then that our relationship with our Self will become the new world of experience that we are creating.

In looking at today's chart for this moon event, it looks like there is one big energetic stellium of planets containing the Sun (conjunct in new relationships with the Moon, Jupiter and MakeMake on the Super Galactic Center), the Moon, Mercury, Venus (the rulers of the spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies), as well as the Soul Star Chakra (North Node). They all appear to be being bracketed by Juno and Orcus.  This specific archetypal bracketing speaks to the unity consciousness that we are stepping up into, and that is aligned with and making the previously invisible realm visible to us once again.  Both Jupiter and the Super Galactic Center are adding their wise benevolence to our awakening into this expanded awareness of consciousness now that the wormhole that we are leaving has lifted the veil from our eyes.  This magnificent configuration of planets is residing in the masculine, action-driven half of the Cosmic Consciousness clock that seeks to bring something into tangible expression.  It is sitting opposite what appears to be another energetic stellium containing Awakeners, transformers, healers, a midwife, and the old, past, karmically-created 3D Self (South Node) in the feminine half of our consciousness.  Within this feminine-housed energetic stellium, Chiron, the Wounded Healer and ruler of the wormhole that we are exiting, is in spiritual aspect with Ceres, the Midwife, releasing us from the karmic bondage of having to birth our Selves from our wounds.  We are transcending and transforming our wounds and the need for woundedness.  All of these Awakeners and birthers appear to be bracketed by Neptune and the Part of Fortune, informing us that we are being granted the gift of Awakening during, and as a result of today's New Moon event.  The Awakening process is merging into one Self-sourcing event with the simultaneous emergence of the 5D unified Self.  We are Awakening to who we are.

The Sun and Jupiter are both resourcing (sextile to) Saturn, the co-creator with Jupiter of our social consciousness that is developed through relationships and that is intended to be the reflection of Christ Consciousness.   Our Sun is resourcing Saturn with the awakening 5D consciousness of the Cosmic Law of Love that is both our cosmic nature and our new identity in order to expand and upgrade Saturn's perspective as the progenitor of our social consciousness.  Jupiter, the other progenitor of social consciousness, is conjunct the Sun in a new relationship whereby social consciousness is now becoming part of our re-membered 5-D identity.  We are remembering that right relationship with All is why we are here and what we have come to experience in the physical.  The old 3D striving out of guilt and shame is being replaced with Love through Venus' manifesting influence.  This sets in motion the power of allowance and the welcoming embrace of inclusiveness that are  hallmarks of the 5D experience.  The willingness to make lots of small, daily choices from the Heart to become more inclusive and actively engaged at a higher level of conscious awareness in each area of your life and in each of your relationships on any level results in big changes in awareness and experiences without having to work so hard.  It is through action, through movement, through Love-in-action that we implement and integrate new ways of being into our lives.  And it is through group interaction with all the others in our lives that we become habituated to our new way of being.  This is what makes abstract concepts contextual, relevant, and meaningful, and what integrates awakened knowledge and understanding into the cells of our biology.  Into our vehicle for physical experience of Self.

Venus trine Neptune is also helping to manifest with Love today's gift of awakened enlightenment.  We are developing a more intimate relationship with Love that allows Love to enter effortlessly into our beingness and identity.

At the same time, Mars, the ruler of the physical body and all that is physical is standing apart from the other lower body rulers.  He is being challenged to step up to the plate and become the awakened physical container and reflector of 5D consciousness that he is divinely intended to be as co-ruler of the Divine Feminine and the physical expression of the Heart.

With Sedna as the dispositor of this Libra New Moon event, the  deep wisdom of the Heart is coming to light and is seeking physical expression.  She is the most Aware part of each and every one of us that holds all of our Love-based knowledge and wisdom.  And it is through her benevolence and guidance that we navigate out further into as yet un-remembered fields of consciousness within the Self as we learn to fully embrace with Love every relationship that we have, knowing that it is our relationships that are our gift for re-membrance of Self as Love.

Welcome to your New World.


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