2016 Pisces Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse

Anne HarrisMoon Report

Total Lunar Eclipse


Friday, September 16, 2016

3:06pm EDT, 12:06pm PDT, 8:06pm GT

24 Pisces 20


Today’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse event occurs at 24 Pisces 19 (25 Pisces).¬† It is the last eclipse of 2016.¬† It is also at mid-point in the current Virgo Wormhole that we are navigating our way through, and within which we are birthing our Selves into physical manifestation and experience.¬† This current Virgo wormhole is a journey through the VIRGO (New Moon Solar Eclipse – September 1st) – PISCES (Full Moon Lunar Eclispe –September 16th) – LIBRA (New Moon – September 30th) fields of energy.

I don’t know about any one else, but this has not been the blissful, rapturous experience that I have long-held in my now-realized cache of misguided, misunderstood beliefs and perceptions.¬† I have been privileged to bear witness to the births of both of my children, two of my three grandchildren, and a few other children.¬† I am here to attest to the fact that birth, of any kind, is not without the pain that comes from resistance to the needs or truth of the experience.¬† Existing tissues have to relax, stretch, and become more flexible as the mother and what is being born learn to work together consciously and effortlessly in tandem as a coordinated unit.¬† There is a lot of internal pushing, and sometimes some pretty powerful external pulling that takes place to provide the successful outcome intended by All.¬† The contractions (waves, triggers) have to be learned to be utilized for the forward, evolutionary movement that they provide.¬† This enables that which is being birthed to emerge into physical expression.

It emerges from a journey that starts in the Piscean limitless field of consciousness, where all opportunities for expression and experience exist, and travels through the Heart-sourced higher Mind to the Virgo gestational womb where, with the wisdom of the Heart, it is restructured into the form to be birthed that represents the original Piscean vision.¬† In “right time” the birth occurs.¬† At that exact moment, as the being ascends from the Virgo womb into the Libra physical body energy field of experienced relationship, the Truth of Piscean wisdom that all that is manifested into physical expression is Spirit/Self is infused via the horizontal world axis of Ascension/Descension¬† into physical form at the moment of birth.¬† Birth after birth, on any level of any kind, we are given this “Birth Gift” at the moment of birth into the physical if so chosen for remembrance.

What is being birthed at this time is the Truth of who each of us Is.  It is the Self that has lain dormant in our subconscious below this horizontal axis of physical consciousness, buried for all intents and purposes by misguided and misinformed perceptions and beliefs that we have heaped and re-heaped upon it in a habitual litany to Fear. They are what have kept us weighed down in subconscious unconsciousness pretending, while knowing deep down inside that we are living a lie on so many levels.  But thanks this week to the Great Awakeners (Uranus and Eris),  all of our 4-body rulers and the ruler of this Virgo Wormhole, Chiron, are being shaken awake yet again from their lower self-imposed slumber.  The deepest, oldest foundations within each and every one of us is being shaken apart and opened up while the lightening bolts are descending from Spirit to enLighten us with information about the Truth of our Selves.  These deep rumblings and lightening bolts are the contractual waves, literally and figuratively, that are attendant with a birth of any kind.  They are the very sacred contract that we made with our Selves to move through with Love in order to emerge in a new form on Earth, fully cognizant that our bodies (or physical form of any kind) and Earth are the Sacred Temples that house the Divine.  They are to be treated as such.

There is a lunar eclipse today that is impacting this full moon event infused in its intimate relationship with the Great Awakeners’ energies.¬† Our deepest Truth, that we are Love made manifest in the physical through our actions when we choose to be Self-evident, is being rebooted.¬† ¬†The Gods have called for the “Crash Cart” to come and restart each of our Hearts, rebooting them to their original, divine blueprint as the House of God Self held within each of us.¬† This is the temple that we pray to, talk with, and listen to; that we light candles to in recognition of the Light that we hold within our Heart.¬† It is no mistake that the physical heart pumps all that it receives and generates to every cell in the body.¬† We are continually bathed with Life, with Light and Love, when we open our Hearts.¬† Remember, we have chosen to incarnate on Earth to learn about Love in all of its infinite forms and expressions.¬† As inhabitants of Earth, we also find ourselves within one of the four cosmic clusters in our portion of the Cosmos that resemble a 4 chambered cosmic Heart.¬† The Heart seems to rule in this part of the Cosmos as the progenitor of experience.

Today, the retrograde¬†Mercury¬†is in the second of three conjunctions with Sun¬†that is creating a new cycle for the conscious infusion of the higher Mind into our being.¬† ¬†The Moon’s Light is manifesting Vesta’s (pure devotion to the Light of Source/Self) and Varuna’s (seeing from the perspective of the Eye of God) energies.¬† Varuna has just moved into Leo for this event today helping us to see our individual, unique Self identity that resides in each one of our hearts. The Moon is also in a Great Eliminator with both Venus (ruler of the emotional body) and Haumea, asking us to release all that is not of the Heart and the Cosmic Law of Love where unity, wholeness, sacred respect for every facet of physical and cosmic expression, and love reign.¬† Together, both the Sun and Moon, the rulers of the spiritual body, are in a wisdom intersection with Mars, Ixion, and Ouaoar who are on the Super Galactic Center.¬† Phillip Sedgwick recently wrote about how the Super Galactic Center is a bonding point or place for the wholing of Self.¬† If we are and experience what we think and believe, then this is a profound moment of choice for bonding with the new 5D belief system of heart-based wholeness and unity as the foundation for the creation of our new 5D world of Self’s expression.

Today, the Moon is also shining her light directly on a Virgo/Libra stellium that represents our new 5D wholed and integrated Self.¬† Within it, the Heart and Divine Feminine are blazing the path for the Mind and Divine Masculine to expand into as our integrated essence and expression of Self/Spirit as Love.¬† The Heart is the Lighthouse, beckoning all weary and ravaged travelers safe harbor from the storms of the life experience.¬† She is the one who with wide open arms says “Come unto me all who are weary and heavy laden.”¬† She is the Mother, the Womb of all Creation, weaving her magic spell within and around All That Is.¬† It is She who gives a kiss from Spirit before sending creations out into the world to be experienced.

In our new-found honor of the Heart, giving away our power to an outer authority is being replaced by a newly actualized inner authority of Self’s Truth in each moment.¬† It is the truth of what feels like right action from the perspective of one’s Heart.¬† No more Self-posturing or Self-annihilation or Self-sabotage out of misplaced fear.¬† Self-responsibility, Self-actualization, Self-Truth is a choice, plain and simple.¬† It is a moment of decision that when chosen consciously, moment after moment, becomes the new way of “Being”.¬† ¬†Self is waiting patiently for each of us to grow up (ascend) from our planetary childhood of playing small (victimhood) into the full realization of our Self as Spirit made matter for conscious experience.

It is waiting for us to embrace with Love and honor each facet of the beauty of our unique being as we fall in Love with and authentically express the Truth of our Self.

With Love for All…..

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