2016 Sagittarius Blue Moon

Anne HarrisMoon Report


Monday, June 20, 2016

7:02am EDT, 4:02am PDT, 12:02pm GT

29 Sagittarius 32


Reflections from the Heart of Spirit

How perfect to be having this rare re-do of the Sagittarius Full Moon to fully reflect back to us for total integration all that the last month’s Moon cycle has excavated and forged in our lives.
Do you even remember who you were a month ago? ¬†I don’t. ¬†Somehow it seems very important that we do so that we can see how far we have come.
This Sagittarius Full Moon, a Blue Moon, is the exit door from the 3D world and the entrance into the new 5D world from a month-long event during which we have undergone a series of major, previously unexperienced planetary alignments for the purpose of providing us with a more awakened and enlightened understanding of what the higher Self is and what it asks of us. ¬†The Mars retrograde, the Grand Earth Manifestation (trine), the Wisdom Crossroad (mutable), the Sun Venus Superior conjunction, and the coming ¬†together of the great Awakeners, Uranus and Eris, to begin a new cycle of unity for the newly upgraded divine masculine’s higher Mind and the divine feminine’s Heart have been among the almost daily upgrades and recalibrations during this last month.
This month-long container for accelerated Awakening has been provided by the bracketing Sagittarius Full Moons of May and June. ¬†We have been in a caldron of transcendence with the charge and opportunity to finally make the commitment to the Truth of who we are and to choose our higher Self over our lower self. ¬†In the middle of the caldron, the Gemini New Moon in the polarity sign to Sagittarius, asked us to BE Love in Action, by making the conscious choice to be that expression of Self. ¬†We were asked to be the unified Heart and Mind, the unified Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, with Heart leading the way and reflecting through her bright Light the deepest urgings of Self’s essence to source and fuel all actions that we take in our lives both big and small, evident and subtle. ¬†Right Action is Love-based action, always. It is the point of deepest integrity within that Knows the right thing to do or say, to think or express in all areas of our life experience, and in every moment.
Jupiter, the benefic archetype that expansively reflects some of our most conscious and wisdom-containing energies, is disposing this Sagittarius Moon.  Jupiter is beginning a new cycle of relationship today with the Soul Star Chakra (North Node) which points us in our evolutionary direction.  Bridging this new Jupiter/Soul Star Chakra relationship is the new cycle of relationship that is still in the process of forming between Neptune and the Earth Star Chakra (South Node). Neptune is bringing to Light all our misguided, misinformed past creations that have kept us in a slumbering state of separation so that we can evolve into a new world based in ever-expanding, awakened consciousness and wisdom
During this current Sagittarius Full Moon (blue Moon) event today, the Moon is also beginning a new relationship with Quaoar, the place where the new world of Love and Light finds its origin in thought sourced from Love.  This new relationship is taking place on the Galactic Center, our Source in this soular system, which magnifies the attraction for this new relationship in our lives so that we can be more like Source, a truer reflection of Source.
The Full Moon is also on the World Axis, where the personal meets the collective, making the effect of this event a global one, both consciously and subconsciously.  This World Axis point is the Summer Solstice, the day of greatest Light on Earth each year from the Sun, the reflection of our essence, our Spirit.  The two great Lights of the spiritual body are meeting and merging as one, the marriage of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in the fullness of their glory.  Is there anything more beautiful than that?
Mercury, still resonating his upgraded relationship with our cosmic record-keeper, Sedna, and in a continuing bridge with Mars to upgrade and merge the Body and Mind as one reflection, is in an exact bridge with Saturn today.  We are being given the opportunity to discriminate and define for ourselves a new perspective of Being, individually and collectively, to better support the manifestation of the 5D Self as the new Light/Love-embodying caretaker of the Earth.
Ceres, the cosmic midwife, is joining the Uranus/Eris conjunction today to help birth this new Awakening of Self.  She will be providing continued support in earnest for the next couple of weeks, though energetically she will continue to provide her birthing awareness from this point forward.
We now have the opportunity to meet our full Selves in the Light of this Sagittarius Full Moon. ¬†The planetary configurations for this event are providing us with the “Hallalujah Chorus” so we can make the choice to stand up to the Truth of who we are individually and collectively.
If you are another.me, then if I make the conscious choice to Be this reflection of Heart and Mind in perfect balance so that my Mind can make manifest this perfect balance in everything I experience in my physical world, then I become like the “hundredth monkey” for you, paving a clearer way Home for “you” and all to Self. ¬†This is true service to All in its highest form. ¬†For service to Self is service to All at the level of conscious awareness. ¬†If each of us makes this commitment, this conscious dedication to Self in manifested form, then we all rise like the Phoenix from our self-imposed, unconscious slumbering state, and Awaken into the Light of the New Day that awaits each and every one of us to experience consciously.
We have been so busy protecting ourselves from real or imagined harm rather than turning the kaleidoscope slightly and committing ourselves with the same fervor to protecting All, equally, from inner or outer separation and/or annihilation on any level. This turn of the kaleidoscope is the higher Self’s perspective of “I am you and you are me” as opposed to our aeons of lower consciousness conditioning of the “I verses You” perspective that has kept us in increasing separation from “others” as well as our higher Self. ¬†Is it any wonder that we have all felt so deeply “lost” at our core? ¬†It is this separation that has sourced our depression, anxiety, addictions, self-sabotaging behavior, and withdrawal into numbing resignation by handing our power over to anyone who pretends better than we can in not showing how lost they truly feel. ¬†No reflection of authentic Self in any form needs or seeks power over “others”. ¬†Ghandi would be good example of this perspective. ¬†It was the sheer force or who he was at his core, both shadow and Light expressing in an atmosphere of increasing outer demand for separation from Self, ¬†that became the example for All of the higher way of ultimately choosing to Be. ¬†This altered life on Earth in a very profound and lasting way. ¬†He was the mustard seed for global change by simply being who he had to be in order to live at peace and in balance within himself, and to fulfill his purpose here on Earth of being his Self made manifest.
Who are you when you are resting in your Heart and reflecting your heart-felt Light, at peace and in balance both within your Self and when in relationship with all “other” reflections of your Self? What is your unique gift of Self that you bring to grace and enlighten this Earth with as your contribution to the conscious awakening of All? ¬†There is no “other” that has your unique combination of facets, making your unique expression of Self one of a kind and God-sent for All’s growth and evolution. ¬†Your time is now……
So BE It.
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There’s never been a more important time to bring your highest consciousness into your thinking. That is, tune into the Light that you love so much and allow it to be unconditionally downloaded into your higher mind, so that your thoughts are consistently infused with the Love that is so essential to the ascension that is taking hold in the hearts of every human being. Your capacity for higher understanding is unprecedented, and this is that moment you’ve been waiting for. Find the freedom to share your awareness with the world, and you’ll be the one to provide new ground for the new reality that is taking shape. It’s what you’ve always dreamed of, isn’t it? Once the download begins, you’ll find you have access to concepts and ideas that are unique and profoundly original.

You’ve always known you’re destined to share your wisdom.

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