2016 Sagittarius New Moon

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Tuesday November 29, 2016

7:19am ET, 4:19am PT, 12:19pm GT

7 Sagittarius 43

Today’s Sagittarius New Moon is the beginning of the last complete Moon cycle of this 9 year of completion in a 9-year cycle of completion.  A New Moon is where the Sun and Moon start a new relationship with each other in which the conscious (Sun) and subconscious (Moon) experiences of Self are merged and working as one to fulfill an intent that is expressed by the chart for that day.  With both the Sun and Moon expressing Sagittarius energy, the focus is on the unveiling of Self Truth through the final clearing of the karmic debris of misguided and misqualified information and perceptions.  This is where each one of us has the opportunity to make the conscious choice to embody and express Self Truth rather than ego-based, fear-based reactions.  We are being asked to make our choice now, before the rare 1:1:1 Stargate on January 1, 2017 that will start a whole new cycle of physical experience for each and every one of us.  This is the final dusting off of our foundation of support and definition before this new world of experience is created from the quality of our foundation.

The Moon in Sagittarius loves to spontaneously follow the flow of feeling (information from the senses).  She craves the freedom to fully express both the light and dark within her, because she knows that their dance is what makes her truth authentic, and what leads her to Self-mastery.  Denying Self Truth is not part of her world when she is unveiled.

The unveiled Sun in Sagittarius understands the truth of the physical experience as being the playground for the Self to experience itSelf consciously.  It understands that the ego veils that truth so that we can each play the game of hide-and-seek with our Selves in order to ultimately find and know our Self Truth consciously.  At that point, the ego loses its unconscious control over the physical experience where it’s programmed gift is to habitually recreate “The Game”.  The unveiled Sun in Sagittarius can then revel in the physical experience of Self mastery with joyful curiosity and celebration, knowing that what it experiences will lead to even greater Self awareness.  To even greater definition of light within the dark.

Jupiter is the disposer of this Sagittarius New Moon today.  Jupiter is currently reflecting in the LIbra field of consciousness in which there is no “other”, only Self mirrored back for conscious recognition, awareness, and appreciation.

This New Moon event is occurring at 8 Sagittarius, in the first decan of the Sagittarius field of consciousness that seeks illumination.  At this degree of Sagittarius, the focus is on freeing ourSelves from the polarizing effects of duality, where everything and everyone must be judged and evaluated for worth of inclusion.  This is where we are asked to dive deep into the chaos and hopelessness that we see reflected all around us.  This is where we are asked to dig deep and find the compassion and forgiveness within our Selves for all aspects of our Self, both light and dark.  This will release the light to fully express within the dark, and know to it’s Self as Love.

Duality is the interplay of Light and Dark within each of us that has been separated out for conscious awareness.  The Dark gives definition (birth in form and conscious awareness) to the Light.  Light is brighter when contrasted by the Dark.  We can see it better, see its form in the Dark.  We know the Light and its significance through its relationship with the Dark, and against the Dark backdrop.  Light is what is birthed out of creative Darkness.  And Light shines so that the Dark can be seen more clearly for its creative potential to birth more Light into awareness.  Both need each other, are interdependent on each other to fuel the evolutionary spiral that leads us back to total Self as Love awareness and integration.  In any relationship of any kind, it all boils down to variations in frequency that are attempting to find homeostasis, integration, and congruity.

The chart today is magnificent in its direction to integrate the light and dark within Self in order to step up onto the wide open bridge presented to us by Neptune/Earth Star Chakra (South Node with its karmic debris) opposite Orcus/Soul Star Chakra (North Node with its evolutionary dharmic path), and cross it into the 5D world of experience of the illumined, Light-filled Self as the creator of physical experience.  Today’s chart contains a large Sagittarius energetic stellium, within which the Sun and Moon are in an exact conjunction with Juno, and also conjunct both the fixed star Antares and Saturn.  Saturn is conjunct Ixion, Mercury, and Quaoar, all of which are also in Sagittarius.  Saturn is also being resourced (sextile) both Mars and Jupiter, stepping up (square) to the healing and wholing energies of Chiron in order to reflect Christ Consciousness, and manifesting (trine) the birthing and awakening energies of the conjunct Uranus/Ceres/Eris that are awakening us from within as a reflection of the “inside job” of awakening that we are being mandated to manifest into physical expression.  What Jupiter, the dispositor of today’s New Moon event, is bringing to Saturn as a resource is what he is gleaning in his consciousness from stepping up (square) to Pluto in Capricorn; the true nature of inner authority that is an expression of Self Truth.

Each conjunction is a seeding energy, so there is a big, collective seed regarding Self Truth that is being planted today within the unified receptivity of both our subconscious and conscious experience of Self.  A new, visionary definition for the thoughts and beliefs held in the higher Mind as the filter for the creation of the physical experience of the Self (Saturn) is being seeded into our subconscious and conscious awareness (Moon and Sun), as they are in resonance today and attracting information that is consistent with what unifies the experience of light and dark within (Antares), and what allows that unity to be expressed and experienced through relationships (Juno) in the physical world. 5D consciousness is being seeded within as our divining-rod for our unveiled and awakened Self Truth, for our awakened foundation of Self.

The Sun and Moon are both squaring Neptune conjunct the karmic Earth Star Chakra during this New Moon event.  They are also squaring Orcus conjunct the evolutionary Soul Star Chakra.  Thus, they are in a T-square with the wide open bridge to 5D consciousness.  The two Great Lights of Spirit, our conscious and subconscious experience of Self, are at a crossroad today.  We are being given an opportunity to make a choice today; one that will unify the Dark and Light, the dance of polarity, within us and elevate us into a 5D experience of consciousness as our foundation and filter for physical expression of Self.

The Sun and Moon are also in a game changing (sesquisquare) relationship with the Uranus/Ceres/Eris conjunction.  This is the moment when we have the opportunity to “get real” about the game of duality that we have been playing and begin to see it as a unified dance of energies at play with each other for Self awareness and enlightenment.  How perfect that no matter where we are in the world today, the one constant in the chart is that the Part of Fortune lies within the Physical Portal of Truth, the Ascendant.  This seeding of the Unified Self is the gift that is emerging into physical awareness and experience for each and every one of us if we so choose to embrace and embody it.  Vesta is manifesting (trine) with the Sun and Moon today.  Her Light-tending devotion to Spirit is being manifested within us and being brought into physical expression.

This is the moment where we consciously seed our intentions for physical expression.  Do you choose your ego and its games or your Heart and Self-Love?  Currently, we are at a moment where we are most polarized, most microscopically defined.  Do we turn the filter to increase the definition of the polarity, or allow it to expand out of its current focus in order to allow possibility and the previously unimaginable to come into view and configure in the lens that we are looking through?

Two weeks ago we were asked to get rooted, stable, and grounded in the truth of who we are.  Now we are being asked to grab the filter that has given meaning to our reality and turn it to reveal the whole Truth of our Self as Love, configuring this Truth before our eyes in the present so that we can experience it in all of our relationships.  Do you have the courage of the Heart, the strength in the face of pain and grief, to turn the filter on your life; to allow the view of your wholed and unified Self to manifest before your eyes in ways that you may not have imagined to date?  It will be a vision of the dance of dark and light weaving a rich tapestry of “you”, of Self.  Are you brave enough to feast your eyes on your authentic Self and to choose to focus on it long enough in order to bring it into physical manifestation?  If you so choose this mission, the 3D game will be over, and the Self will be triumphant as it enters the new cycle of life on Earth on 1:1:1.

With Love for all……..

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