2016 Scorpio New Moon

Anne HarrisMoon Report







Sunday, October 30, 2016

1:39pm EDT, 10:39am PDT, 6:39pm GT

7 Scorpio 44

Today’s Scorpio New Moon event is directing us inward to the depths of our transformation and transmutation process that was illuminated by the Aries Full Moon two weeks ago.¬† We have been undergoing this process all year long, and in earnest over the last two week period, shedding our old identities that were based in and reflecting 3D beliefs and perceptions.¬† Today we stand in the depth of our transformative experience at the time of each year when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest.¬† The invisible is being made visible through the Heart.

The Sun in Scorpio speaks to the critical need for us to arouse ourselves from the unconscious slumbering state that we have been existing in within our 3D world and to awaken to a new world where all timelines, realities, dimensions, facets, and experiences are amalgamated into one wholed, contiguous experience of Self-Source as Love.¬† The Moon in Scorpio speaks to the need to dive down and dig deep within the subconscious, consciously meeting all that is found there with Love in order to experience the wholed Self.¬† ¬†At 8 Scorpio, there is the need to consciously engage in this process of birthing the Self with a devotion and commitment to the process that will imbue us with the deep strength, endurance, courage, and compassion required to sustain us on this journey that delivers the desired outcome in “right time”.¬† As this New Moon event occurs in the first decan within the Scorpio field of consciousness, this is the new path that will yield the ultimate freedom of Self expression that we all are seeking.

With this New Moon event occurring in the Scorpio field of consciousness, the process of physical manifestation as an expression of Love is being illuminated for reflection.  Today, Mercury, in Scorpio, is in a new relationship cycle with the two great Lights and of Spirit, the co-rulers of the spiritual body.  The Higher Mind, ruled by Mercury, has been undergoing deep transformation and has recently been Awakened.  The ruler of both the Divine Masculine and the mental body stands together today with the two great Lights of Spirit, the rulers of the spiritual body, in his awakened state.  They all stand united within the depths of our subconscious that has been excavated and laid bare in its most fertile, receptive state.  With the conjunct Sun, Moon, and Mercury in a manifesting trine with the Earth Star Chakra (South Node) and Neptune in Pisces, the enlightening and awakening that has been occurring within each of us as a result of our transformation of the old 3D belief system is being lit up and reflected back to us for conscious recognition.

Mars, the ruler of our physical body and co-ruler of the divine feminine, is back from his months’ long out-of-bounds journey, bringing to physical consciousness what he has been Sourced with and upgraded into.¬† Mars recently met with Pluto to seal the physical recalibration, transformation, and rebirth process, readying his Self in preparation for his meeting this past week with Venus, the other co-ruler of the divine feminine and ruler of the emotional body, who is on her way to her personal meeting with Source.¬† Venus just entered Sagittarius, the field of consciousness that expands our horizons about what beauty is and how our senses are opening up to new information about what feeds our spirit.¬† The goddess of creativity and beauty processes and synthesizes outside and inside information from the senses in the chakra and psycho-spiritual centers, as opposed to Mercury, who helps us synthesize information of a mental level.¬† Venus helps us to do this by giving us the subtle resonance with this information.¬† The more refined our senses and sensory perceptions are, the more refined our sense of beauty, and the more we are able to open up to things like the beauty of Love.¬† We are being asked to expand these sensory perceptions in the sign of abundance (Venus in Sagittarius) while the Heart is opened today to its deepest level during this Scorpio New Moon event.¬† ¬†“If we can see it we can make it” speaks to the unified and synchronized Heart and Mind that is seeking physical expression.

Venus is conjoined with Saturn right now on the Great Attractor degree, beginning a new relationship with Saturn as the consciously awakened source of our Inner Guru that guides us in creating a belief system from Love with boundaries that create a place in the Heart for us to always reside in and call Home.  A Heart-sourced Saturn teaches us through unconditional love and compassionate kindness. Simultaneously, Venus is flying out of bounds under the pull Home of the Great Attractor, who is the Source of our Source of our Source in our known section of consciousness.  The Great Attractor is the mitochondria, the generator, storehouse, and radiator of our Light (information) consciousness.  It is where Love and the Light of Love (Love-sourced information) generate and regenerate from and then are out-sourced to us in sacred geometrically-encoded frequency patterns.  These are received in the Heart and transformed into feelings, longings, and imaginings in sensory form that are then decoded and transformed in the Mind into conscious understanding so that action can be intimated.  This then creates a relationship (via Saturn) that can be physically experienced.  We use the higher Mind to make  the subconscious fully conscious.

The subconscious Heart operates at sensory level in terms of imaginings and feelings rather than words. We need  the higher Mind (Mercury) to decode this encoded information from the feeling level into words that can be thought or spoken in order to create a relationship experience with it in the physical.  The sensory information and feelings create a sacred geometrical pattern that is stored within the higher Mind as algorithm patterns that await conscious decoding into experiential form.  These algorithms are what are stored in our DNA, lying within the deepest parts of our physical form, informing our subconscious and forming our subconscious into conscious experience.  The algorithm pattern emits a frequency that, through resonance, creates form out of matter by vibrating slowly enough to allow the physical amalgamation of the pattern to occur. 

The Mind is a supercomputer that stores and relays information as requested from encoded, encrypted form into words that are consciously understood and meaningful in the creation of experience.¬† This is alchemy at its finest and most powerful……..making the unknown consciously known.¬† The great Awakening is this unveiling; the making of the invisible, the unknown, visible and consciously understood so that a relationship can be physically created and experienced in and through it. And this is the Scorpio realm of alchemy where the information requested is via the Heart that resonates only with Love, and therefore requests information to be decoded and transformed into consciously experienced form that is compatible with that Love frequency.¬† In the Scorpio world of consciousness, the imagination is a critical component of the field from which to manifest and harvest our dreams and visions.¬† ¬†As a result of the deep, internal and subconscious excavation work that we have been doing in our psyches, the 3D frequency distortions that have veiled this higher Mind from functioning according to divine intent have been dissolved.¬† Today the invisible world opens up her arms to us in a new, conscious embrace from the wholed, Christed Self.

This meeting of Venus and Saturn today says that the need for learning from the wounds of separation is a thing of the past.  Chiron can be elevated in status to the Master Healer that helps us maintain the balance of our zero-point within through the loving wholing of all disenfranchised fragments of Self. Today, Chiron is in a manifesting relationship with Black Moon Lilith, as is Pluto, the dispositor of this Scorpio New Moon.  In 3D consciousness, our wounds helped to birth our awareness of the true divine feminine that only speaks the language of the Heart, no matter how what is communicated is perceived or distorted.  Today, the true divine feminine stands firm in the truth of her being  in a new cycle of relationship with both the Sun and Moon..  She is taking back control as the creating force of our world. No more playing small anymore because she is the fully awakened consciousness of the Heart.  With this newly awakened and realized resonance with elevated consciousness, all in our world, including the planets, must be elevated, as well.  For All in the Cosmos is a reflection of our Self as Source, containing a wide range of available frequencies with which to find resonant compatibility for information exchange.

Both Venus and Saturn are also in a decile spiritual aspect today with the Mercury/Sun/Moon triple conjunction.  Venus is in service to Mercury, and Saturn is in service to Mercury, the Sun and the Moon.  Said another way, the divine feminine emotional body is in service today to the divine masculine mental body that is in a new relationship cycle with the rulers of the spiritual body that also dispose the power and love of the emotional body.  In addition, the co-creator of our social-consciousness that creates physical form and relationship experiences out of its selected/chosen beliefs (thought forms) is now in service to an awakened Mind that is beginning a new cycle as the reflection of our unified conscious and subconscious experience.  The spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies are all united in a Self-sourcing system. 


This is a moment of total disclosure, the unveiling of our newly awakening identity.¬† And the icing on the cake is that Orcus is resourcing this New Moon event by welcoming us today to the world beyond the Veil.¬† All options are available to us today to create whatever identity we so choose as our new way of Being in this newly unveiled world.¬† They are available to us from the depths of our Being.¬† The curtain on the play called Physical Life on Earth has been opened to reveal a bare stage.¬† It has been left this way for each of us, from the Oberver’s Perch, to fill in with our most loving and creative imaginings.¬† This is a¬†Scorpio¬†alchemical moment where we step into the Wizard’s seat, armed only with our Heart and its urgings, and our awakened higher Mind and its ability to decode and transform information into physical experience.¬† As wizards, our power is in the depths of all that we have felt and experienced.¬† The darkness defines the Light so that we can recharge and reignite ourSelves in a Self-perpetuating, power-generating cycle through Love-based imaginings and choices.

This Scorpio New Moon event is so very powerful and profound.  It almost defies description with words because the patterns set up for our experience in the New World that is being gifted to us in this new beginning- New Moon speak directly to the Heart at the sensory-invoking feeling level, the language of the Heart.  It is taking us so deep within that all physical barriers on any level are being dissolved due to lack of familiar sign-posts and assemble-points for reality as we have known it.  With Juno, Black Moon Lilith, Mercury, the Sun, and the Moon all in Scorpio for this New Moon event today, this point is being driven Home into our subconscious. When we talk of going deep, it usually has a bottom to it.  However, with Juno (awakened unity consciousness), Black Moon Lilith (the true divine feminine that stands in the truth of her Heart without compromise or apology), and Mercury (the newly installed true divine masculine) in Scorpio along with the Sun and the Moon, we go to an even deeper level in between the cracks and crevices so that every nuance of disunity can be washed clean.  The true divine feminine is in a new energetic relationship today with the new ruler of the divine masculine.  Juno gives that relationship a new meaning.  Lilith, with all her angels and demons, brings her wholed Self to this joining with Mercury at the time when the veil is the thinnest.  With Mercury standing unified with the Sun and Moon, it speaks to this merger of the wholed Heart and Mind as our new identity, both within and without, in which our subconscious and conscious worlds are unified and wholed into one Self-sourcing reflection.

Let this inform your Wizard within.  Let the magic begin as you create and enact your unified Self in every aspect of your daily life from this moment forward.

With Love for All…..


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