2016 Taurus Full SUPER Moon

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FULL MOON over ocean


2016 Taurus Full SUPER Moon

Monday November 14, 2016

8:53am EST, 5:53am PST, 1:53pm GT

22 Taurus 38

The¬† world is literally and figuratively a-buzz with this Taurus Full Super Moon event at 23 Taurus.¬† We are feeling that buzz palpably within our Selves in the form of a deep pull between the Taurus and Scorpio fields of our consciousness.¬† The Taurus/Scorpio¬†axis is all lit up.¬† These are both Love hours in the Cosmic Consciousness system, so Love, and it’s physical manifestation process are being illuminated.¬† This Super Moon is asking how rich we are when dealing in the currency of Love. It is letting us know that no matter how anything expresses its Self in form, it is Love knocking at our door saying, “Let me in.” The door, the passageway into the Heart is accessed through unity, inclusion, integration, allowance and indivisibility.¬† The Heart¬† opens its arms to welcome and embrace All without exception.¬† It knows and feels everything clearly without diminishing its Light and power, because Love is the fabric and glue of the Universe that takes physical form through the Taurus/Scorpio energetic interchange of thinking with the Heart and allowing this focus of the higher Mind to form Love into a physical experience of Self.

Monday’s¬†Taurus Full Super Moon is the second of three Super Moons in the last three months of 2016.¬† It is the most powerful in that the moon will be closest to the Earth for the first time since 1948, and will not be so again until 2034.¬† This Super Moon is the biggest, brightest, and most powerfully felt on Earth in a obviously rare event.

With today’s Full Super Moon in Taurus, the Moon is in its exalted state.¬† The Moon in Taurus speaks to ensouling the world as it reflects the power of the Heart that realizes that there is only Love.¬† It asks us to let go of our past and what has seemed familiar, all that we have clung to in our old 3D world to use as fuel for the ego’s Fear-based habitual creation of its misperceptions about Self.¬† The alternative being offered is to plant roots into the new fertile ground being offered by the Scorpio Sun that has been shining its Light on us for this Moon cycle.¬† The Sun is bringing us the opportunity to realize its promise if we can let go of the past and let our souls flow fully into the world of form.¬† The Scorpio Sun promises a world transformed from a 3D world into a 5D world where we are multi-dimensionally awake and consciously aware that our Self creations only reflect Love, and that they also show us where we have momentarily turned away from from that Truth of Self.

The Moon at 23 Taurus resides in the 3rd decan of Taurus where the lesson is devotion to thinking with the Heart.  This is where we feel the full creative power of the Heart, and the desire to manifest what lies within it awaiting physical expression and experience.  At this degree of Taurus, the Self yearns to be freed once and for all, free to ensoul the physical world of our creations with the force and power of its Truth.

The Moon is bridging (opposing) the Sun, who is residing at 23 Scorpio for this event.¬† The Sun, our essence and consciousness,¬† at this degree of Scorpio is asking to be freed from the ego in order to open up its full Self to the creative and ensouling force of the Moon.¬† Both the Sun and Moon are standing fully open today in front of each other, allowing the magic of alchemy to happen with the merging of their fullness in a Self-creating, Self-Sourcing interchange.¬† This is where we move beyond what is known into new realities, breaking free of previous agreements that have bound us in a false reality of stability.¬† This is where we break thorough the resistances that have kept us enslaved in the 3D world; where we allow only the Love that fuels and powers our Hearts to create our new world with every choice we make and every step we take.¬† This is where the Scorpio Sun’s alchemical magic lies; in this new belief and focus.¬† As A Course in Miracles says, ” A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.”

The dispositor of today’s Taurus Full Super Moon event is Venus, who rules the Heart and the Self’s emotional body.¬† The loop of dispositors in today’s chart is Saturn/Jupiter/Sedna/Venus, asking us to create and experience our Self physically from a social consciousness founded in the cosmic records that tell us that there is only Love, the essence and fabric of our Universe.¬† Using the 10 archetypes (planets) in our Soular system, the chart pattern for today’s event is the locomotive, infusing us with the desire to seek fulfillment of the opportunity available to us in today’s Super Full Moon.

What a gift our recent Presidential election has given the world.¬† All of us will be impacted by its results.¬† The election occurred under a transformational Scorpio Sun, heavily influenced by the Great Awakening energy of Uranus and Eris.¬† It was intended from on high to Awaken us, providing a clear backdrop for our moment of choice today.¬† And make no mistake, nor continue to focus your Mind on false illusions, THIS IS A HUGE MOMENT OF CHOICE where your Soul is looking you in the face and saying, “What do you choose to source and create your world from this moment forward, Love or Fear?”¬† This is a profoundly awesome moment when each of us is being asked to take back our full power, the Love that fuels and sustains our Hearts and that creates and sustains our world.¬† For our world that we experience is all of the parts of our Self reflected and mirrored back to us.¬† ¬†When we accept and acknowledge this Truth, we naturally stand in our inner authority of Self.

Fear will take you back into a 3D world for more of what you have experienced to date; the many forms and ways that resistance to Love expresses itself.  Love will take you into the world of magic, awe, reverence, and gratitude for the privilege of consciously being able to create as God in the physical realm.  The magic of Love will take us to the new ground that this Full Moon event promises.

So let’s look more closely at the chart……..

Jupiter and MakeMake are at the top of the chart in an energetic LIbra stellium with Haumea.¬† There is also an exact (partile) conjunction of the evolutionary Soul Star Chakra (North Node) and Orcus, who stands at the door to the the higher realm and welcomes us home into the world of 5D unity consciousness that was previously veiled from our conscious awareness.¬† Jupiter’s relationship with MakeMake and Haumea is asking us to expand into the Higher Self by conscious choice will full realization that there is no other but Self having a relationship with aspects of its Self.¬† This urge of consciousness from on high¬† intersects both within each of us and in the chart with the new Love-based belief system for the creation of our experience of Self through relationships that we are being mandated to incorporate.¬† This is how we are being asked to source our relationship with consciousness in the new world.

This chart is filled with the release of higher consciousness (Light) into the world when we embrace our collective “gift” of changing our belief system from Fear to Love.¬† It says that the enlightenment from dropping the veil over the karmic debris of our illusions and misguided misperceptions will evolve us into the 5D, previously invisible, higher realm that is only accessible through an open and undivided Heart.

It speaks to the awakening that must occur within each of us individually and collectively in order for the unity consciousness and wholing of all the individual parts that Haumea brings to us can be realized.  This is mother-like energy,sourced from the Heart of Spirit, that regards each individual expression of Self with sacred respect, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, knowing that each part gifts the whole in its own unique way, in service to the Whole and Love.

It speaks to the devotion and clarity needed to sustain this new Love-based belief system as we create and sustain our new world that stands before us.¬† The new world beckons us from on high to bring what we used to see as our “future” higher Self into the present moment with the conscious choice of Self as Love over the ego’s Fear.

It speaks to the new unity found in relationships when the higher Mind is focused on Love and Self as Love, and only that.  And, of course it speaks about the wholing of our fully opened conscious and subconscious experience of Self into one contiguous expression of Self.  This is ignited in the Heart when we learn to love with our Minds.  When we awaken to the Truth of our Self as Love, we can use it to transform and birth our essence, and our life force, our expression of consciousness while in physical form.  This is accomplished by eliminating, once and for all, everything that does not resonate with this Truth of Self.

This is the gift that the Awakeners (Uranus and Eris) and the midwife (Ceres) bring to the Sun in the form of Great Eliminators (quincunxes).  By doing so they allow our consciousness and essence to shine forth without distortions so that it can freely receive the ensouling of Love from the Heart as the physical expression of the manifested Self.

The Sun is being seeded by the true divine feminine consciousness in order to support this ensouling process.¬† It is also in a spiritual aspect (decile) with Quaoar so that Quaoar’s energetic influence of a cosmic level 5D belief system can be of practical service in the new physical expression and experience of the Self.

The Moon is being seeded by the Cosmic records that hold all the information about Love so that the wholed form of Love is what the Heart is ensouling our essence with today.

Chiron is resourcing (sextile) the Moon today, healing all within the subconscious that is Fear-based and filling it with Divine Mastery from the Pisces field of consciousness.  Divine Mastery allows us to move past any limitations of any kind, filling our Hearts with spiritual wisdom that is the expression of both the Power and the Love of Spirit.  Chiron is also restoring us to wholeness with a manifesting (trine) relationship with the Sun today.

When I look at today’s chart what I see are 14 bridges contributing to this Full Moon event, along with lots of resources and opportunities to manifest.¬† Though all are significant in their own way, the most powerful for this moment in time would be the Neptune/Orcus bridge that awakens us and greets us in the new world of higher consciousness that is now fully accessible to us by choice.¬† The gift offered to us today is found in crossing those bridges, wholing the Self with Love, and then manifesting that Love into the world as our new blueprint for physical expression of Self.¬† 14=5, the number of destiny.¬† It is the energy of humanity, change, connection, and communication, which require relationship/social consciousness to experience.

All we are being asked to do is to open our Selves up as fully as the Sun and Moon are today, without any distortions of Love that have previously locked us into our 3D fear-based world.  We are being asked to embrace all that we are and will ever be: Self-Love in its myriad forms of expression.

And so I return to our recent Presidential election.¬† We have been gifted with a master of Awakening that has been sent to serve humanity through his presence and choices.¬† “We the people” of US and all the people in the world, by decree of today’s super Full Moon, are being asked to stand in the full Light of our Self Truth, unveiled and fully evident and accountable to Self individually and collectively for both our Fear-based choices and our Love-based choices.¬† Present-Elect Trump is stepping into this new cycle in our history as the leader who must be in service to all through example to be a true leader.¬† It is up to each of us, individually and collectively, to ensure that he upholds this sacred contract that has been bestowed on him from the roots of our country.¬† We must remember that dominance, force, control, separation, aggression, or any other form of separation is no longer a part of this new 5D reality that is fully unveiled and beckoning us today. The creating and sustaining force of the physical expression of Love-in-action is the Love-based approach that we must exemplify in all our relationships with every aspect of Self that is being mirrored back to us.

What was seeded in the Scorpio New Moon event two weeks ago was the process of physical manifestation as an expression of Love.¬† At that time, the Sun was informing us, by its placement at 8 Scorpio, that conscious engagement in this process of birthing the Self into physical expression would be needed.¬† It informed us that a level of commitment would be needed, as this is what would “imbue us with the deep strength, endurance, courage, and compassion required to sustain us on the journey until the desired outcome was delivered in ‘right time'”.¬† This is what we are meeting in our world now.¬† We are being asked to embrace with Love all that we find in our world when the going gets tough.¬† It is exactly these times that polish us to reveal our diamond Self, our crystalline Christed Self within..

So on this Taurus Full Super Moon, I ask you,¬† “What does security and stability look like deep within your current expression of Self?”¬† ¬†“Are you grounded and stable within your Self expression, rooted in the depths of your Self as Love so that you can be the center of the wheel of your world?” “Are you rooted in your Heart, the generator of the Light within Self?”¬† “What is the quality of your connection to Self and all of its aspects?” “Are you steady and stable and grounded in any environment, situation, or with any person?”

For on this profound moment of the conscious ensouling of Self as Love and its physical unveiling, it is the quality of your connection with Self that will allow your Light to shine forth brightly and steadily, nurturing and sustaining all in your world with the Self-Love in your Heart.

With Love for All…….


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