2016 Virgo Full Moon

Emily SametMoon Report





201 VirgoĀ Full Moon

Monday, February 22, 2016

1:20pm EST, 10:20amĀ PST, 6:20pmĀ GT

3Ā Virgo 34


The full Moon is in Virgo, sign of fullness unto oneself. Self-development reaches a peak so that we bring our best to close relationships and the world at large. The full Moon asks us to see ourselves as clearly as possible, to address what’s been avoided, and to deepen our apprenticeship to unconditional love and compassion.


In the process of eliminating false perceptions, our egos can swing in large arcs, over long periods of time, from self-aggrandizement to self-effacement. Both can be seen as expressions of the small self. The full Moon holds the promise of self-honesty and personal growth, balanced with compassion and freedom from excessive, non-constructive criticism.


Personal growth is fostered by relationships, which often ask us to look more deeply at ourselves. The full Moon can bring insights through reflection, as well as the gift of discernment about what is ours and what belongs to another. With Mercury ruling the full Moon from Aquarius, we can step back and see patterns that keep showing up in our lives – the common denominator in various relationships and other circumstances.


When we’re wanting to liberate from an old pattern, it’s important to remember just that – we’re wanting to shift the pattern from it’s root; from the inside out. We don’t want to leave a relationship, a job, or a town, and think that we’ve left the pattern behind. We will recreate the same patterns in new relationships, new jobs, etc. We need to go deeper to transform from within. That in itself will result in outward shifts.


The full Moon is pregnant with potential. In opposition to Neptune and Ceres in Pisces, we’re nurturing a dream into earthly form. We are earthy vessels; of spirit, for spirit. Our unique bodies are the perfect vessels for each of us at this time. The full Moon reminds us that everything is sacred, even what seems insignificant or imperfect.


There is much tenderness with this full Moon. Are you attending to your needs with compassion? Does your daily routine nourish and revitalize? What are you feeding your body, mind, and spirit? Choose your physical, mental, and spiritual food wisely. Be selective. You are worth it.


The full Moon in aspect to Ceres draws attention to attachments and nourishment. Are the bonds we’ve formed nurturing the wellbeing of all involved? In Pisces, Ceres embodies the universal mother; loving and caring for all. Even in the absence of our beloved, our mother, our child, the Goddess is present within and around us. Ceres can speak to separations and grief, or to recovering what has been lost. Often through loss we come to deeper knowing of the nourishment that is always flowing to us from source. The love of the goddess shines down with the full Moon; the silvery light is a balm for the heart.


In opposition to Neptune, the full Moon presents the opportunity to see through illusions and expand our vision of reality to embrace a larger truth. Seeing through the illusion of separateness may be the ultimate gift. The full Moon in Virgo with so much energy in Pisces also speaks to healing, powerful dreams and finding our way into the flow.


Though our potential may be unlimited, we only have so much time in this life. The full Moon in Virgo helps us discern which desires to pursue now. Mars, planet of desire, is in Scorpio forming very supportive aspects to the karmic nodal axis, currently in Virgo/Pisces. This is a time to get very clear about what we actually desire to manifest. It’s a time to eliminate the struggle between ego and higher will; to align our will with the will of the heart, becoming stronger and softer in the process. It feels good when we go with our own flow. What does the path of least resistance look like for you? Aligning ourselves now is a great way to prepare for the energy surge coming with the eclipses, just ahead on March 8th and March 23rd.


It takes energy and focus to make positive change. A healthy lifestyle and clean living/working space supports our efforts. Energy is dissipated through fear, avoidance and resistance. We may put our lives on hold out of fear. The longer we avoid facing a fear, often the more power we give it. To reclaim lost energy, turn around and face what scares you. Sometimes it completely disappears just by acknowledging it. It takes courage to face what we would rather not see. A strong will is very helpful here when used constructively. When we are strong enough to stand in the truth we are in a position to move forward with authenticity. Why not choose love? It’s already chosen you.


“Blessed we are to dance on this ground

With the rhythm of saints to carry the sound

We hold a prayer for the Earth

For the ones yet to come

May you walk in beauty and remember your song

Remember why you came here

Remember your life is sacred.”

-Peia ‘Blessed We Are’


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