2016 Virgo New Moon – Solar Eclipse

Anne HarrisMoon Report

Total Solar Eclipse

2016 Virgo New Moon


Thursday September 1, 2016

5:03am EDT, 2:03am PDT, 10:03am GT

9 Virgo 21

Thursday's New Moon Soular Eclipse takes place at 9 degrees Virgo 21 minutes (10 Virgo).  Virgo is where we get in touch with our Progenitor energy, becoming the Source of our Self and the caretaker of the world of our creation.  To do that, we must ride the Virgo/Pisces axis of the zoom-in/zoom-out lens, letting go of all that is not a true reflection of our Self......of our deepest Truth. This is so that we can be the visible reflection of the pure Light of Self that we hold within.  The Self that is unified and wholed, and that rests in this balanced state of knowing and being without distortion or compromise on any level.   No fear, no doubt; just purity of Self made Self-evident for All to see.  Then the Heart of Source, the Love that Source IS, can be made known through the Truth of thy Self.

Virgo, the Divine Mother energy, birther of the Christ Consciusness, and the emotional power of our Heart in its purest form devoid of all that separates and diminishes its power, has been preparing for this birth for the last 9 years, and the last 9 months in earnest.  She has been holding us in her gestational Womb, preparing us for this birth into a new physical expression and experience of Self.  Today we enter the wormhole birth canal that will deliver and birth us into the New World of our physical expression on the Equinox. 

We have been undergoing the magical, mystical transformation cycle in preparation for this conscious birthing---using the disciplined, sacred consciousness asked of us for this undertaking.  We are being bathed in Neptune's and the Earth Star Chakra's Piscean waters, supporting the dissolution if all that is not of Christ Consciousness, preparing us for this birth.  In addition, Mars, Saturn, and Antares are squaring this event, asking us to step up into the birth canal that will take us into our Enlightenment in physical form.  They are taking us into the new Libran physical world where there is no separation of Light and Dark (or distortion of Light into Shadow).  Where there is no "other", only the physical manifestation of Love everywhere our consciousness chooses to focus and savor the moment for its evolutionary experience.

Our job now is to consciously assume a metaphorical fetal position and surrender to the increasingly intense pressures of our current birthing contractions that will undulate and propel us through this birth canal over the next 3 week period so that we can be safely delivered to our destiny.  No resistance, only trust in this most ancient of processes that has birthed worlds and new forms of expression into being. 

The magic of this moment is that we now know that we are both the Divine Mother giving birth to our Self, and our Self experiencing our own birth.  We are consciously experiencing "both/and" simultaneously as One.  We are both the Womb and the Spark of Light unified into One conscious experience of Source, consciously Wholing the Original Separation of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.  We are being born into a world of Unification where there is only Love in its many physically manifested forms that reflect the higher Self's will for the experience.

When we arrive at the Equinox, the Sun will be passing over the Ascendant/Physical Portal of Truth in the CC system that is the passageway between the Virgo and Libra fields of consciousness.  It will be "We" who are rising on the horizon of the New physical World of our making, of our conscious choosing.  This marks the return of the Christed Ones of Unified Wholeness as the Awakened progenitors and caretakers of our Earth and physical experience; the Christed Ones who see only Love with the Singular Eye of God's Heart, without separation or division or distortion.  It is the return of the Christed Ones who see all options equally from the observer's perspective but know the path to be chosen for highest and greatest experience for All.

That this is entwined within a Soular Eclipse creates a strong portal for accelerated Awakening to this conscious re-membering, knowing, and Self-embracement.  We are being seeded during this eclipse cycle with this Christed Self-expression as our new template for physical experience; to know, speak, and be the Truth of our Self.

We have just been through some very major transitions, recalibrations, and upgrades.  Venus recently started a new cycle with Jupiter, expanding the wisdom and capabilities of the Heart exponentially.  Our Heart now encompass the Universe and now know no bounds except those that we intentionally place on it.  Left unfettered, it's natural state is inclusive, nurturing, supportive, accepting, understanding, and holds All in sacred respect and Love.

Venus and Jupiter are now passing over the Super Galactic Center that extends from Virgo 28+ to Libra 5+.  Traveling with them in a Virgo/Libra stellium that extends from the Master degree of Virgo (Virgo 29) to Libra 3 are Mercury and MakeMake.  Today, Jupiter and Mercury are in an exact new beginning at the Master degree of of Virgo that is also at the beginning of the Super Galactic Center.  This is beyond profound as it has been said that the Super Galactic Center represents the "Mind of God" that holds the perspective of Unification and Love without impartiality.  All information contained within just IS.  This is what our recently upgraded higher Mind is now accessing and expanding into with Jupiter's assistance. 

MakeMake and Venus, traveling with them at 2 Libra and 3 Libra respectively, are adding their powerful influence to the marriage of the higher Heart and the higher Mind occurring now within the Mind of God.  MakeMake is the 5D archetype for the Universal Law of Love that governs all Cosmic Law and Order.  It teaches us to respect and embrace the cosmic order of things, including the divine masculine-feminine balance.

Mercury turned retrograde, toward God/Source in the Cosmic Consciousness system, two days ago and will be retracing his path through Virgo until September 22, the day of the Fall Equinox, when he again retraces his path for a third time until October 6th.  We have three opportunities to bring into manifestation the recalibration and wholing of the higher Mind so that it resonates with the Mind of God.  In the Cosmic Consciousness system, the Virgo and Libra degrees correspond to the energies of wholing our Self and emerging into the physical with the highest realization that all is One.

In support of the conscious unification and birthing of our Awakened Self that is occurring within each of us now and through this eclipse wormhole, Varuna, the archetypal energy for the Eye of God is sitting at the Master degree of the emotional power of the Heart today and is resourcing the Virgo/Libra stellium that is being lit up today by the Virgo New Moon Soular Eclipse. She is infusing us with energetic support, reminding us that the Mind of God receives its information through the Heart.  As Above, So Below.

Both Pluto and Ceres/Juno bridge are also supporting this conscious unification and rebirth process that is occurring now within us, helping to bring it into manifestation at the level of our very essence so that we can access it as we express our Truth in our everyday physical experiences.

Today's Virgo New Moon Soular Eclipse is a Soul Star (North Node) eclipse.  How appropriate.  It is our soul, our future Self, that is being brought into the present to embrace and evolve forward consciously through our physical experiences now and forever more.  You are the One All has been waiting for.  The delivery room beckons.  Surrender...........and welcome to your New World.

So Be It.


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