2017 Aquarius Full Moon – LUNAR ECLIPSE

Anne HarrisMoon Report

Monday, August  7, 2017

2:11pm ET, 11:11am PT, 7:11pm GT

 15 Aquarius 25

Uranus, in retrograde mode, is presiding over this purging of the heart today, awakening and evolving us to the deeper Truth of our Self as the embodiment of Source’s Love that we are.  Occurring within the wormhole, it is is taking our consciousness (Sun) to a place not previously known; to a world not previously known on Earth at this level of awareness. Our hearts are being purged of misperceptions of feelings based on lower-frequency thought-forms that no longer inform our reality.  We are waking up to the shift that we have already made within.  It has lain in the fertile field within the Heart of our higher Self, waiting for higher-frequency waves from the Cosmos to work their resonant magic on our vehicles.  Uranus provided the gentle shake awake at first that has become more insistent and glaring as the moment to Awaken has drawn near.  This Wormhole is The Moment.  It will not come from without.  It will come from within as we lay down the weapons and mental manipulations we have used to keep our Self at bay, and allow the Heart to radiate forth as the Son (Child)/Sun of God that She is. It is She who holds the frequency that gives birth to the thought-forms that inform our perspective and perceptions of reality.  It is She that we have been waiting for to show up in our lives and radiate forth in her full glory; to shine her Light on All, without exception (separation).

In any moment, we can change our frequency to be calmer, more peaceful, and more joyful.  This will change what we create.  In this state, we are more allowing and more mindful simultaneously.  Our cortisol levels are decreased, so we are less reactive and, therefore, more creative.  When we are at peace, we are not striving or seeking to be anything.  We just ARE and honor our Self as the Love that we ARE.
We wear masks or go incognito until we raise our frequency to a level to be able to sustain and tolerate the full Light within each of us that is our Cosmic Consciousness and divinity.  It is Love that raises frequency to the level of Light so that we can BE and manifest this God Particle within.
We need the full power of the Sun to repair ourselves from our past misdeeds.  We need our full consciousness, and that is the reboot that we are headed for on the Leo New Moon Full Solar Eclipse on August 21st that is being heralded as the Great Particle Convergence.  The Aquarius Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse today is providing a deep internal purging; a deep internal shift of our whole inner being in order to provide the new, fertile field for rebooted, higher-frequency-resonating cosmic consciousness to enter and find compatible resonance and residence.  This wormhole is the Second Coming.  It is the Son/Sun of God coming home to repair and heal our world.
Today’s Aquarius Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse is occurring within the Lion’s Gate.  The Lion’s Gate is the time each year when we are
connected to the Star Sirius and the Galactic Center.  According to Meg Benedict, the Sirians thought that the multi-dimensional mind connects the physical world to the metaphysical world of Spirit.  Apparently, Jesus and Mary Magdalene were Avatars from Sirius who brought the Gold Frequency of Christ Consciousness to Earth.  They embodied the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine frequencies of higher Unity Consciousness.
The annual ‚ÄúLion‚Äôs Gate‚ÄĚ peaks on August 8th each year, creating an 8:8 Star Gate that aligns the physical with the Divine; matter with anti-matter. ¬†It brings downloads that facilitate access to the higher realms of Ascended Consciousness within our brains and bodies that are being streamed to us via Sirius and the Galactic Center. ¬†With 8 being the symbol of infinity, the Lion‚Äôs Gate expands us beyond our previous limitations, both mentally and physically. ¬†On the physical level, it helps to transform our carbon-based DNA into Crystalline (Christed) Light receptors, enlightening us from within so that we can resonate with the Cosmic Laws of Love, Harmony, and Order. ¬†This allows our world to rearrange itself into a perfect mirror of what we are becoming within at this higher-frequency level.
Sirius’ energy infuses us with higher consciousness that helps to inform our world and its unfolding into awareness of the Truth of our Awakened Self. ¬†The Lion‚Äôs Gate occurs in the Leo field of consciousness. ¬†Leo is the Lion who has the regal bearing of Kings. Leo consciousness is ruled by the Sun, who is disposing this entire current wormhole event that we are experiencing until the middle of September at the Virgo Full Moon. ¬†The Sun represents our God Consciousness, the King of Kings. ¬†The Bible speaks of the Lion, the King of Kings, laying down with the Lamb, signifying a New Life. ¬†We are the Lambs of God when God‚Äôs consciousness resides within all of us as One in Peace. ¬†The whole world, the whole Cosmos, will be able to take a deep breath after this passageway that will bring new Life to All.
This Aquarius Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse today and the previous Leo New Moon, as well as the following Leo New Moon Full Solar (Soular) Eclipse on August 21st, activate the Aquarius/Leo axis of consciousness.  This axis speaks to knowing the Self as Love in the deepest recesses of our Heart and radiating that outward as the Sun/Son of God.
The Moon at 16 Aquarius speaks of being caught so well in the game of illusion that we are good at it mentally, yet know on a deep feeling level that something is missing.  We are being given the opportunity today to throw out the old perceptions and beliefs that have eclipsed the full radiance of the Heart so that our hearts can open wide, emitting their full power.  Sitting opposite the Moon in a bridge of consciousness is the Sun at 16 Leo, beckoning us from the Observer’s Perch to return to our Heart-based values, the calm center in the life crises that we have all been enduring on our journey of Awakening.  The Observer within each of us can, once again, see from a Cosmic perspective that the roles that we play are part of our journey towards the unveiling of our higher Truth as Love.
The Sun, at 15 Leo 25, is conjunct Mars, the ruler of all things physical, and the Soul Star Chakra (North Node), who represents what we are evolving towards.  They are bridging the Moon at 15 Aquarius 25, who is connected today (conjunct) the Earth Star Chakra (South Node), who represents our collective past.   With today’s Moon connected to the Earth Star Chakra, it makes this Moon event an Earth Star Chakra Eclipse, purging our past.  This bridge is urging us to move past a more mental, detached, ego-centric perspective as the creator of our life experiences into the rich, fertile, feeling-informed field of the Heart so that the Divine can impregnate all that we experience.  This allows us to live from Love with courage, integrity, and honesty.
Today’s Moon event is manifesting the Jupiter conjunct Haumea portion of the Light Bridge that has been taking us to Unity Consciousness.by helping to eliminate all that would impede or prevent this evolutionary expansion into a physical experience of Divine Consciousness.  The Moon, conjunct the Earth Star Chakra today, is sitting equidistant between Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in his home sign of Neptune.  Pluto and Neptune are both in Great Eliminating relationships with the Sun today, creating a Finger of God that is pointing to the Sun.  This Moon event today is allowing our consciousness (Sun) to be transformed and enLightened from on High.  The Moon is being resourced (sextile) Black Moon Lilith so that the true Divine Feminine Heart can be manifested through our consciousness as a result of today’s purging.
Quaoar, who brings us the new thought that is aligned with the Unity Consciousness of our Source (the Galactic Center), is making a subtle connection (semi-square) to the Moon today.  This is producing a subtle shift in our consciousness, manifesting a new understanding that will turn into important behaviors, skills, and talents that will become physically evident when the time is right.  This, in turn, is creating a game-changing relationship (sesquisquare) between our consciousness and and this higher-frequency, Unity Consciousness thought.  At the same time, MakeMake, who represents the Cosmic Law of Love and the Divine order of the natural world is in a subtle adjustment relationship with our consciousness (Sun), producing a game-changing relationship with our Heart, so that our Heart can lead us into the New, higher-frequency-informing World that is She is opening before us.  This is helping to shift the focus of our consciousness from the concrete into the etheric world of the Immortal Soul.  The relationship between the Sun and Moon today is leading both our inner and outer experience of consciousness towards the wisdom and expression of the Divine Feminine Heart (Pallas Athena) as we consciously make Heart-based choices to step over the challenges facing us that attempt to pull us back into the past experience of separation from Self-as-Love.
The Cosmos is sending us lots of Love and inspiration today via the continuing Grand Fire (Spirit) Manifestation, whose presence will be felt throughout this month. ¬†The Cosmos is raining Love down on us from on High so that we can finally see through Love‚Äôs Lens. ¬†This is the ultimate act of Love that Oneness gives and receives through our continual expression and expansion of this Gift. ¬†It is the ‚ÄúGift That Keeps On Giving‚ÄĚ through each of us when we embody Love, the Truth of our Self.
This eclipse and rebooting of the Heart is a purging of the old programming that distorted its brilliance and clarity. ¬†It is the deep cleansing needed to stir up the dregs of resistance to allowing the Creative free, full and unfettered passageway into our Life experience. ¬†This is a release from the shackles of the drama and misperception that has enslaved the Light of higher understanding of Truth and divine Power in a dungeon while lower-self oriented will took a free spin at playing with power and control without the full knowledge and use of Love. ¬†Now, the Light of Understanding is dawning within us and enlightening us from within so that we see with the Cosmic Eye that sees only One expression of Self busy playing out its many facets in a coordinated Whole life experience. ¬†All parts inform the Whole at its current level of awareness of Its Consciousness. ¬†All serves in the Awakening process, a vital part to remembrance of Love/Life/Unity Consciousness, take your pick. ¬†They are all one in the same. ¬†That is why we are moving past words into the feeling realm. ¬†Words separate and define. ¬†Feeling guides the flow of Love and Life on its Creative Journey. ¬†Words separate and define what the heart experiences. ¬†But the Heart’s Love cannot be defined in terms of words because its experience is larger than definition. ¬†It is the vehicle through which Cosmic Consciousness, which we define as “God” finds expression. ¬†As we access our Cosmic understanding of Self, we embody “God” to become the conscious expression of Cosmic, Whole-Self Consciousness.where our life is but one cell in the Cosmic Body; a cell who has been at play in “the garden of good and evil” in a state of temporary amnesia that has rendered each of us like “phantom limbs” of the Whole. ¬†It is interesting what the Mind does when it is allowed free-reign without Love to guide its path by Lighting its way with higher Truth.
People don’t feel safe in an environment full of drama and intrigue. ¬†It is interesting and full of information for the curious, but it pulls us out of our Heart, which is the only place that provides safe harbor. ¬†For that is where Truth lies, the higher Truth that unifies all as One in Love, unified Heart to Heart.
Grace is higher understanding.  It brings peace, for it brings the knowledge that everything is but a reflection of the One, the Unified Self who experiences as consciousness that seeks to expand and evolve into greater awareness of all parts so that it can experience as the fullness of ItSelf.
Once you become aware of the Love that you are deep in your Heart, you can never go back to the way you were before you remembered.  You can dabble in the lower, more unconscious energies, dynamics, and drama/intrigue, but there is a deeper part that becomes the lodestone and divining rod, and it will not be denied recognition and expression.  It is the Creative seeking its full expression through us.
None if it matters until you make it matter by your thoughts, words and actions, literally and figuratively.  That is the beauty of the Limitless Field of options for experience.  Consciousness can take you anywhere to experience anything when you expand your Mind to encompass all options as equal and valid in the unifying Cosmic Eye of Love where Heart and Mind work as One.  Can there be anything more beautifying of experience than that?
If it is true that two inter-locking and opposite direction rotating Stars of David create the Merkabah, the divine light vehicle used to connect us with the higher realms, then the aspected activation of the Star of David during this season tells me that our Merkabah is beginning to fire up, bringing us back into Divine alignment in order to experience as Unified Consciousness once again without separation from our experience of being Source, for this is our higher Self. ¬†As it is firing up to bring all particles of Self into convergence, our mental operating system has simultaneously gone retrograde during this current, long, unprecedented eclipse season. ¬†The mental body is being eclipsed of all old separation patterning in a consciousness reset. ¬†The Lunar Eclipse occurring today is eclipsing all inner, subconscious patterning. ¬†The Heart must be pristine first so that when our consciousness finally sees the Light undistorted, there will be no ‚Äúpast” from which to create. ¬†Then the NOW, wherein the Immortal Self resides, can enLighten the path before us, taking us on a magical journey into the Unknown who waits for our loving attention to share Its mysteries.
With Love for All…….

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