2017 Aquarius New Moon

Anne HarrisMoon Report







Friday January 27, 2017

8 Aquarius 15

7:07pm ET, 4:06pm PT,  12:07am (1/28) GT

¬†Today we arrive at the next signpost on our evolutionary journey towards Self-“real-ization”. ¬†This signpost is at 8 Aquarius 15, where the Sun and Moon both meet to join forces in a new seeding of consciousness. ¬†“8” is the number for infinity and abundance, which speaks to all that we have available to us for our evolutionary growth, despite appearances from our 3D world. It is also the card of Balance in the Voyager tarot deck.¬†15 speaks to the balance found when we rest in that knowing.

We receive the Light information of pure consciousness from the subtle energy field that we are both enfolded within and unfold simultaneously as a projected manifestation of Divine Mind. Each of us is a facet of the Limitless Field of All potential that is having a conscious experience of that facet in the form of “me”, “you”, “all of us”. ¬†Our “creative spark” (Co-Creatorship) is our free-will unified with Divine Will, which then becomes a reflection of Pure Consciousness/Source. ¬†When we are enlightened, we are filled with this subtle energy in the Limitless Field wherein we reside. ¬†We know it, understand it, and use it freely by our command. ¬†With this energy, we create the world that we experience, transmuting subtle energy into matter; what “matters” to each of us individually and collectively. ¬†This Light flows through each and every one of us, seeking the joy of “real-ization”. ¬†This is Love-in-action, the merger of the Divine Feminine’s Heart wisdom with the Divine Masculine higher Mind’s Love-in-action (manifestation) achieved through consistent focus (perspective) on Love.
The Heart (emotional body)¬†receives this energy, this higher Source consciousness from Spirit (spiritual body). ¬†Based on information from the senses, the Heart translates preferences for experience from the limitless options via feelings that send these encoded Light messages to the brain via chemical (all-chemical) reactions within the body. ¬†The brain then decodes this information into pictures, thoughts, and words. ¬†As we focus on them, we speak them forth into manifestation. ¬†Our thoughts and words in the higher Mind (mental body) fueled by the desires of our heart allow us to take action and bring them to life in our every-day life and interactions (physical body). ¬†This then informs our gut-mind so that it can inform our higher Mind via intuition about the effectiveness and/or modifications needed to make our experiences clear reflections of Love. ¬†Thus we know our Self consciously as Source, as Love, once again. ¬†This creates a figure “8” flow of energy, a lemniscate within the Self that intersects in the heart of Self, the “zero-point” of intersection that connects and unifies the conscious experience of Self with the unconscious (inner) experience of Self. ¬†It creates and recreates the cycle of the infinite lying within each of us that never ends because it expresses the Creator of All, from individual to cosmic worlds. ¬†It expresses consciousness becoming subconscious in order to play hide-and-seek with itSelf so that it can expand It’s conscious awareness of Self. ¬†Thus, as above, so below throughout infinite expression. ¬†Interestingly, the heart-mind and gut-mind connect with the brain via the Vagus nerve that runs from the head to the anus, from the crown to the root, connecting Heaven with Earth, Spirt/Source with incarnated Self.
You tell your life how you want it to be by your emotions, thoughts, words, and actions.  Your words activate your DNA to execute what you feel, think, and say based on the vibrations that each of these emits.  This is why we need to learn how to manage our energy wisely, and consciously.  This is Divine Feminine energy, the Divine Feminine that is being awakened now within each and every one of us, answering the call from the  recently upgraded mental body that is transforming into the awakened higher Mind of Source-Self as Love in two days.
The Divine Feminine heard this call from the Divine Masculine through the stirrings in our collective hearts that culminated in the world-wide Women’s Marches intended and manifested to make Heart wisdom Self-evident for all to see. ¬†In an amazing synchronistic connection, the Song of Solomon was read at our new President’s inauguration the day prior to the marches. ¬†It seems that the Song of Solomon invokes the Divine Feminine Wisdom that knows and lives by the higher cosmic laws, by the Law of Love, bringing forth the very best within each of us to be our Self-evident Presence of our Christed Self, the highest consciousness perspective that we can reflect in all facets of our world of experience. ¬†How amazing is that! ¬†Men, women, and children all heard the call and responded. ¬†The Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster arrivestomorrow to make sure that the call continues to resound and awaken us during the entire next year. ¬†
This New Moon seeding will deliver us to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on February 10th that will open up an eclipse cycle that will evoke a great wave of higher frequency propulsion to catapult us into an even higher perspective and experience of our Self, if we so choose. ¬†That is why the Divine Feminine is awakening and making herSelf evident in our lives now. ¬†We need her calm, embracing, inclusive, sustaining and nurturing receptivity and womb as the container for this birth of a new, higher frequency version of our Self. ¬†For these higher frequencies will move the molecules within our bodies at even faster rates, creating more “space” between the cells. ¬†More “space” = more room for consciousness to enter into our physical vehicles, rendering us more conscious in our experience of Self as an expression of Divine or Higher Consciousness. As more Light enters to reside consciously within at the invitation of the awakened Divine Feminine’s emotional (heart) and physical bodies (form), it enlightens the shadow within, creating the experiences of chaos and dis-belief that ensue for realignment in accordance with the new higher higher frequencies and their perspective. ¬†More consciousness within activates more latent DNA for greater alignment of physical body capabilities in experiencing the full capacities of the awakened higher Self sourcing our every inter-action and experience on the physical plane.
Many codes are now being awakened in your DNA that will allow you greater access and knowledge of higher vibrational dimensions. ¬†It is all about frequency alignment and being able to surf the frequencies and “tune in” (attune) at will. ¬†This is the ultimate responsibility and privilege of free-will……….to consistently search for and tune into the highest frequency available to your recognition (re-cognition= re-membering of consciousness) in any given moment. ¬†Once this is complete at the level of Self, you are merged in totality, without any trace of awareness of separation. ¬†It is each of our response-ability to become receptive to the full spectrum of Light that honors all perspectives (the wisdom of All), as these are the ways/names within which God-Source reveals itSelf. ¬†The new frequencies require and demand a level of impeccable integrity, discernment, dedication, and discipline that make previous standards primitive by comparison. ¬†These are BIG energies that require conscious, awakened response-ability in order to navigate through successfully. ¬†Do not resist these energies in any way. ¬†Instead, work to get more and more clear so that’s this massive influx of Light can pass through you without harming your physical vehicle. ¬†Allow the energies free flow within, and simultaneously let go to keep the flow of Life moving through you.
So let us turn to today’s chart to see what is being seeded now for conscious awakening of Self on all levels of our BEing. ¬†The healing, wholing, enlightening Divine Masculine united with the wholing and awakening Light-filled Divine Feminine is in the process of descending into the higher Mind to source it and help the Self become aware of ifSelf. ¬†We are currently in the phase of a simultaneous, clearing of deep karmic debris still held on any level of our being and an awakening of the consciousness that was barred from access and free-flow due to that karmic debris. The previously invisible 5D realm that the Self always lives in is rising on the horizon into the physical at the time of this Aquarius New Moon. ¬†The Soul Star Chakra (North Node) that connects us to the 5D realm and Orcus, who greets us there, are making themselves visible in the physical realm today. ¬†They are pointing us towards and revealing our Christed, Wholed consciousness of Self that is coming out of the Limitless Field to greet us. ¬†The Moon conjunct the Sun in Aquarius is a new seeding in the higher Mind of unconditional Love of Self without limitation. ¬†The “future” Self that we have regarded as our higher, more conscious Self is now making its Presence known to us. ¬†Presence is the revealed Heart of Self through which our higher Mind that is aligned with Divine Will takes action to create the worlds of our choices.
Where the Moon is placed in the chart is where there is the potential to allow your Heart its fullest expression because you know how vital Love is. ¬† As Aquarius is an Air sign, we are being asked today to focus on our mental body. ¬†At 8 degrees Aquarius 15 minutes, the Moon conjunct the Sun are in the 1st decan of Aquarius, asking us to reflect on how the consciousness of diplomacy is experienced in our lives on both the sub-conscious and conscious levels. ¬†The Sun is a foreigner in Aquarius. ¬†Our consciousness does not feel comfortable with things that are unknown, which is what the future represents. ¬†We have to learn to engage, trust, and communicate (higher Mind) with the consciousness of our Self kindly, lovingly, and respectfully. ¬†The dispositor of this Aquarius New Moon is Uranus, the Great Awakener. ¬†The final dispositor is Neptune, who is currently residing in Pisces, the sign of his rulership that he disposes. ¬†This exalted Neptune feels very much at home now with what he is doing – dissolving the karmic debis that Uranus is awakening us to, and lighting the way to the unveiling 5D realm. ¬†“Enlightenment” is the name for this chart’s purpose. ¬†Its up front and center. ¬†Illusions are dissolving, the veil is dropping and, simultaneously, our new 5D world is beginning to come into view in our higher Mind, transforming us from within and rooting its seeds into the physical plane in order to allow our Christed Self to become embodied and Self-evident in all of our relationships. What we are being asked to witness, reflect on, and embody from this moment forward is the transformation from human consciousness to divine consciousness; ¬†the transformation of fear-based reactions into Love-based choices. ¬†St. Germaine carries the Mastered higher consciousness of all experiences of Aquarian consciousness within our higher Self. Today, and because we are entering the Age of Aquarius, we have access to this Mastered consciousness within us when we utilize the Violet Flame to consciously transmute fear in any expression and on any level into Love that acknowledges, forgives, accepts, embraces, and transmutes through higher vibrational resonance. ¬† ¬†To invoke the Violet Flame is to invoke Love to enter and work its magic within. ¬†We need all the tools and techniques available to us at this time in order release the dense karmic debris that prevents us from being able to carry the higher and higher frequencies that we are receiving now in waves from the Limitless Field of energies.
Today, the Sun and Moon are in Great Eliminators with Orcus, who is in a new seeding with the Soul Star Chakra and the Part of Fortune. ¬†The Sun and Moon are simultaneously manifesting the consciousness of MakeMake, which imbues our human consciousness with the laws of nature, the cosmic laws of cycles, and the 5D Law of Love where unity reigns supreme. ¬†This is the Divine Law of Creation where we create and lead our creations based on service to the whole, with Love for each part. ¬†Venus conjunct Chiron in Pisces started a new cycle of their relationship yesterday. ¬†They are in a subtle adjustment connection (semi-square) today with the Sun and Moon, helping to whole and reveal to us a new understanding of Love that will turn into important behaviors, skills, and talents. ¬†Saturn conjunct Ixion in Sagittarius are also in a subtle adujustment connection (semi-square) with the Sun and Moon, infusing our collective consciousness with the 5D belief system and perspective founded in Love that is our collective soul purpose for incarnation on Earth at this time. ¬†In addition, Mars is in a septile relationship with the Sun and Moon, making a subtle yet profound commitment to “go for it” on the physical plane and trust the results to the Divine. ¬†As Mars is in a subtle vigintile aspect to Neptune, the physical plane and physical body have an open door to higher awareness and higher worlds. ¬†At the same time, Juno is in a subtle novice aspect with the Sun and Moon, releasing our consciousness from a past 3D experience of relationships that held us in servitude or karmic bondage, and uplifting it into a unity consciousness where there is no separation from Love in all of our relationships. ¬†With Venus in an exact square to Saturn, and also square to Ixion, Juno, and Quaoar who are traveling with Saturn in a multi-dimensional stellium of late Sagittarius and the first, purest degree of Capricorn, and where the Galactic Center/Source itSelf resides, our emotional body is being stepped up to reflect the perspective of the Love of Source, and seeking resonance with the new 5D belief system in order to source this in our physical world.
Of course, the Great Awakeners (Uranus and Eris) and Ceres are continuing to work their magic in order to manifest the new 5D perspective, belief system, and world held steady by Saturn, Ixion, Juno, and Quaoar. Sedna is helping with this process through a Great Eliminator relationship with both Saturn and Jupiter today, helping us to re-member this 5D belief system and world into our experience of our social consciousness, into the collective experience of Self.   With Vesta conjunct Varuna in a intersection (T-square) with the Great Awakeners in Aries who are bridging Jupiter conjunct Haumea in Libra, the horizontal social axis of our incarnational experience is all lit up.  Everything is conspiring and coordinating to resurrect and transform our world from a 3D fear-based to a 5D Love-based experience.  We have a new Divine Masculine mental operating system that is going to come fully on board in 2 days and transform our 3D mind into our 5D Mind. Simultaneously, the Divine Feminine emotional body has begun to awaken to her true Self, and the physical body is upgrading to be able to hold more Light with every fear-based thought, word, and deed that we release lovingly from our awareness.
What is needed now is the calm assurance that all is well in the world despite appearances. ¬†For those “appearances” (things that appear; that come and go from appearance) will come and go more rapidly now as the Limitless Field becomes more cognizant in your everyday experience. ¬†You will begin to real-ize that experiences are like a single bubble that rises briefly from the cauldron of bubbling potential within the Limitless Field of energy. ¬†Each of these bubbles is a hologram of experience. ¬†I read somewhere that holograms reveal “the truth of the matter”, with all serving the Light. ¬†How insightful! You have total mastery through free-will as to the length of “time” that the bubble stays suspended (literally) in mid-air for you to examine, understand, and Self-realize your Truth in relation to what you see and experience. ¬†With full mastery of the Divine Feminine within, you can say to all the facets of your Mind’s projections that you encounter in the collective, “Look here from this perspective”, holding fast with confident, calm, consistent, sustained, KNOWING of its higher truth and alignment with Divine Will in your inclusive perspective. ¬†The Divine Feminine within each of us FEELS and KNOWS Divine Truth and Will in every now moment within every cell of our being. ¬†The Divine Masculine DECODES, SPEAKS, COMMUNICATES, and ACTS on that Truth. In the awakened Self, there is no separation or lag time between the two. ¬†Whatever the Heart/inner Self feels and knows, the higher Mind instantaneously and simultaneously acts upon. ¬†All occurs in one “now” moment of co-creation. Heaven and Earth meet within and without in a “Big Bang” of coordinated, collaborative creation to manifest Divine Will into physical expression so that we may experience Source in our everyday lives.
I will share with you the guidance that my higher Self gave me recently: “There is a coming time of great propulsion that will set a new, and as yet unknown trajectory for you, as there are many possibilities that are taking shape in readiness. ¬†Continue to be mindful of and diligent in setting and stating your will in alignment with your highest and greatest good, as this will ensure the arrival of the most closely aligned potential before you. ¬†Let your will be a reflection of my higher Will and all will be in perfect, divine, order.
Do not worry or focus on outcome. ¬†It is more the surrender and allowing that you must practice now so that it becomes an engrained pathway in your heart. ¬†For this is where true Intelligence lies, ever-ready to spring forth into being, into expression in ‘right time’. ¬†There must be no equivocation about this for you are divinely held in a constant state of reverence and Love to support your surrendered state of being.
It takes ‘the eyes to see and the ears to hear’ to know Self. ¬†These ‘eyes to see and ears to hear’ are gained through raising your vibration to include more and more love in your world of experiences. ¬†The principle of Love-in-Action, be it felt or through physical action and experience, raises the vibration, increasing the spin of the particles so that they can move more freely; so that they are less dense and compacted. ¬†This creates space between the particulates that allows more consciousness (God’s Mind/Intelligence/Divine Thought) to enter the spaces and envelop the particulates. ¬†Its the loop of infinity: you raise your consciousness by increasing the spin (rate of vibration) of your cells (particulates), and your consciousness increases/raises, which then allows for greater spin of your cells in resonance with this increased consciousness that allows/produces more ‘space’, which allows more consciousness, which increases the spin of the cells, and so on……It is wondrous, indeed, is it not?”
With Love for All……

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