2017 Aries Full Moon

Jeannine KimMoon Report

FULL MOON over ocean


2017 Aries Full Moon

Wednesday, October 5, 2017

2:40pm EDT, 11:40am PDT, 7:40pm GT

12 Aries 43

A Lightness of Being

Our Light is brilliantly shining! ¬†And the Light of Spirit is now fully dwelling from the depths of our darkness…our subconscious, our Feminine Presence. ¬†We have let the Light in just enough to begin the process of permeating our every nook and corner, hidden agenda and undiscovered Self. ¬†This Light is taking hold, implanting itself within as the unending Eternal Light Source, to be shared with all that we encounter…and accessible to ourSelves forever more.

This Eternal Light of Spirit guides all that it shines upon and reveals the wholeness of what it beholds. It is the Spirit spark that gives life, it is fire, warmth, and a continued and sustaining source of creative inspiration, illuminating the way and endowing us with the power to transform all that is before us. ¬†The Light is also the Ultimate Witness, both Masculine in its active beaming and Feminine in its stillness, inviting us to connect. ¬†It‚Äôs awareness, alertness, presence, frees and transforms. ¬†Engaging the Light source within and observing all that it is revealed about Self through this Light, acknowledges those crucial aspects that have laid dormant in our subconscious‚Ķ well below our desired awareness of them…initiating metamorphosis. ¬†¬†This Earth plane of polarity/duality, this stage of the Mirrored Self, offers us this very opportunity for such thorough exploration and soul revolution, as the subconscious is the very well upon which the Mirrored Self is drawn.
The practice of going to the edge of this darkness, claiming our Feminine Presence, was deeply initiated with the Virgo New Moon and is allowing us a complete shift of our foundational Self. ¬†Our foundation is our subconscious and informs our form, our structure. ¬†Most of our communication, about 95% of it, is from our subconscious well. ¬†Taking inventory of our dark edge, what-is below awareness, invites the Light of Consciousness into that depth, forever altering the base from which we move from, create from, love from, Be from, emanate from, lighting up our ENTIRE Essence…and we BEcome the Light.
Many of our previous incarnations, along with the fragments from this life, all unacknowledged in their suffering, are sharing this interior collective space we call subconscious. ¬†Actively inviting these aspects to rise, be seen, heard…their validation begins and their hold on us lessens as they no longer live below. ¬†These ‚ÄėunseenSelves‚Äô only hold until they are recognized, met with the Light, purely acknowledged, then they are free, released, and their hold is no more. ¬†They no longer serve the immediate moment, though they will have forever served us on our path towards brilliance. ¬†What was once broken, discarded and buried within, is integrated, useful, alive and whole. ¬†What emanates from THIS space is familiar and clear‚Ķ. A Lightness of Being.
This Full Moon in Aries is about the courage to let go of the lock that is on our depth and receive the Light in.  Having the courage to let the Light into any area within that has been dormant, dark, forbidden, is claiming your power and becoming more full with that Light of elevated Consciousness, moving us beyond old, weighted, stale boundaries of experience into new territory of evolved Self.  
With the Moon in Aries reflecting the Libra Sun we are with the space that is supporting our Realized Wholeness through connection with other. ¬†Aries is the Light, and is disposed by Mars, the new co-ruler of the Divine Feminine. ¬†He/She is the Power sign of the mental realm that brings focus through our Conscious Discipline by way of the spark of Spirit, the Masculine/Feminine Eternal Light. ¬†Libra is the Mirrored Self, and Sedna, the Universal Librarian, is her dispositor. ¬†In Cosmic Consciousness, Libra is the beginning of the physical quadrant where our Highest Realizations are made manifest. ¬†It is where we begin to see our internal Selves through our physicality, as the seed of our entire external being is formed from the previous three quadrants…Spiritual, Mental, Emotional.
Today, this Full Aries Moon is standing in a bridge with the Libra Sun who is in a new beginning with Mercury and Vesta. ¬†This speaks to the fresh devotion we have to seeing the Light within all of our connections…both with Self and Other…and by letting the higher, newly calibrated heart/mind become more attuned to this practice it is now fully capable of. ¬†Mars, Aries‚Äô dispositor, is also walking hand in hand in a new beginning with Venus, fortifying this message of connection and Oneness. ¬†Unity Consciousness is our way. ¬†We are One.
Sedna, the feminine record keeper, is infusing the Sun with the Wisdom of all that our individuated Selves have been and all that we can be, as we forge our path towards Realized Wholeness. ¬†Those records, meticulously kept, are within the imprinted Library of our subconscious. ¬†She continuously deposits past and future Selves into present moments through the Mirrored Self of ‚ÄėOther‚Äô, for us to witness, play with, and claim. ¬†Each and every vision we glimpse ‚Äėout there‚Äô, is but a version of us, past, present, future, ‚Äėin here‚Äô. ¬†As within, so without…this is the vow of the Aries-Libra axis and of this Full Moon. ¬†
This type of awareness is a ritualistic practice that ultimately walks us to our Oneness. ¬†Through our Conscious Discipline we lean into In-Light-in-ment…by finding the Light with-En, by shining the Light upon everything, every moment, everyone. ¬†‚ÄėThey..out there‚Äô are alive to meet us through the infusion of Sedna‚Äôs expanded Consciousness and guidance, but ‚Äėthey‚Äô are our own. ¬†The Mirrored Self is the Gift of Other…and the Other is but a mirror.
Devote yourSelf to connection, to communication of your Truth, to allowing your heart, and to this practice of giving the Light to ALL you see. ¬†You will become grander, more expanded, more radiant and beyond brilliant…your inherent state of BEing. ¬†As your Light amplifies, you will only see more, more Divinity, more Love, more Self, more Wisdom, more Truth, more Wholeness, more of you to call home. ¬†Your resonance then becomes more attuned with your GodSelf and your physicality responds tenfold, moving beyond Realized Wholeness into Realized Wholeness Conscious Creator and the mindful Master Witness to All-that-is. ¬†
This natural Full Moon bridge is also anchored by a boomerang which includes Neptune in Pisces and Pallas Athena in Taurus. ¬†The beauty here is that, when we carry Light and Love to each encounter…internal and external…we will continually birth new relations, platforms, launching-off points that are built upon the limitlessness of compassion, fairness, clarity of the Higher Mind. ¬†Rely on Conscious Discipline to remind you that ‚ÄėYou‚ÄĚ are ALL-that-is, that this Mirrored Self longs to be purely seen, held, Loved, and that all suffering has served to build the compassion, fairness and clarity of your Awakened Heart/Mind within.
Pluto in Capricorn is forming an intersection (formally t-square) with the Full Moon and the Sun, speaking to the transformation of our internal structure by way of acknowledgement of the Light of Spirit within all things.  Capricorn in Cosmic Consciousness is the Internal Authority.  We interact with these authority figures outside of us, yet, as we know, it is how we interact (or not) with our own inner being that truly dictates how authority shows up in our outer lives.  
This connection with Pluto is a changing of the guards of your Inner Author(ity) and its accompanying storyline…but it comes with a bit of examination and choice. ¬†What does your Inner Author look like? ¬†Who has he/she/it been? ¬†What stories have been written that shape yourSelf and your world? ¬†Does your Inner Author(ity) allow all emotions or suppress them? ¬†Is
your heart to lead the way or quietly choose alternate paths? ¬†Do you have creative, free expression or do you hide, making yourSelf small? ¬†Is grace included in your growth and effort noticed? ¬†Do you call Love and Light to shine through you, to you, and onto all things or do you reject the belief and relief of that which you long for the most? ¬†YOU are the author…your author will always show you what you allow…as the Mirrored Self…the Gift of Other. ¬†
Our core structure, the beliefs we have built ourSelves upon, has been magnificently transformed, on every level. ¬†The archaic, imposing, interior guards are now being relieved of their old post as the new, true is arriving, resurrecting…all by the power of our choice for Light and Love. ¬†So, courageously choose. ¬†In every moment, emotion, thought, action…look for the Light. ¬†Look for how this very space in front of you serves, as the Light is Spirit and Spirit is in everything…it IS everything.
We all know that when an author changes, the story changes…inevitably the landscape and the story have a different flavor and color to it. ¬†A new expression, creative spark, emerges. ¬†Pluto, after a long inner adjustment, has recently stationed direct and is now taking this transmuted vision/version of our new Inner Author(ity) to physicality. ¬†The journey toward Realized Wholeness is actively online. ¬†Our internal alignments and calibrations are physically being made manifest, and more and more each day we will be witnessing the fruits of our inner labor. The way in which we Love Self and Other has been refined, expanded, revolutionized. ¬†
So…A lighthouse serves best when well kept, meticulously tended to, devoted to its own intensity of light. ¬†Its light and the foundation which it stands upon remains clear and constant, stable and reliable, a true life-giving force. The lighthouse is the Ultimate Witness, it stands through all storms, the darkest of nights. It guides all through their momentary passages, their initiations into becoming realized, shining continuously, because it knows…it believes that making it through IS the way and the arduous journey ultimately serves to strengthen and purify. ¬†
In the night, in the midst of horrendous storms, the lighthouse remains both active with light and still with certainty, illuminated brilliantly from within, for all to see. ¬†If it were to, lets say…jump off its foundation and head into the waters to save incoming ships…it risks losing the light for itself and all the rest. ¬†It also risks creating the belief that those on the tumultuous waters need to be saved, crippling them from seeing their own potential and removing (albeit only temporarily) the paradigm shifting opportunity of seeing what they are truly capable of. ¬†To witness is to acknowledge, to transform, through presence of Light…Love.
We are becoming the Ultimate Witness, the Eternal Light…first to Self and then to ‚ÄėOther‚Äô. ¬†Our Light will continue to grow in its brightness as we continue to discover, meet and Love each speck of darkness, without exception. ¬†Every pain has served you, every sorrow has served you, every betrayal has served you, every act of abandonment has served you and every one of those acts that you have imparted upon another has served you both. ¬†Every bit of suffering we witness serves, as each moment is an exercise that is designed to crack wide open those deep, dark, lonely, endless spaces within, so the Light could infuse, saturate, take hold and BEcome ALL that you are. ¬†Love.
Suffering cultivates deep awareness and presence. ¬†It delivers us to the realization of the unacknowledged, fragmented parts of Self that have been making room for the Light…starving for the Light. ¬†Suffering is about stepping into our wholeness through experience and through the free awakened choice to Love the experience for what it has given. ¬†
Love REmembers, fear fragments. ¬†Love wholes, fear separates. ¬†Every bit of life is relevant, its joys and sorrows, twists and turns. ¬†There are no mis-steps, as each step continuously informs the whole. ¬†Every bit of Us is relevant, our joys and sorrows, our twists and turns. ¬†Every bit of Other is relevant, their joys and sorrows, twists and turns. This internal knowing ignites the Eternal Light within…we then begin to live with a transcended Lightness of Being and every move we make from this foundation of crystal clarity, illuminates All.


“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light

but by making the darkness conscious.‚ÄĚ ¬†¬†~ Carl Jung

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