2017 Aries New Moon

Anne HarrisMoon Report







Monday, 3/27/17

10:57pm EDT, 7:57 pm PDT, 3:57am GT

7 Aries 37

 Today’s New Moon event takes place at 8 Aries (7 Aries 37) with the Sun and Moon conjunct each other and to Venus retrograde.  As we step into the beginning of the zodiacal year, the seed for the whole year seems to be one of unifying our consciousness with Love.  The ruler of the emotional body (Venus) is joined with the co-rulers of the spiritual body (Sun and Moon), forming an integrated conduit in order to reflect our full consciousness from the heart.  Venus synthesizes the Sun’s and Moon’s expression of Source into emotional responses in the Heart.  The power of synthesizing the emotional with the physical and spiritual gives us the understanding to prioritize our responses for creating foundational stability.

In the Cosmic Consciousness system, the Moon knows the emotional power that comes from feeling your feelings fully, without censure or distortion, as they are all emanations of Love from Spirit.  The Sun, exalted by sign today, radiates the continual blessing of Love as the sustained expression of the Heart of both Source and Self through their macro/micro unified relationship.  Venus, the ruler of the emotional body and co-ruler of the divine feminine, also disposes the mental body’s ability to sustain its focus on Love, enabling Love to be manifested in the physical world.
At 8 Aries, this event is occurring in the first decan of Aries where we seek perfection in the mental imaging of Spirit’s Will in order to express all aspects of our Self as Love.  It speaks of being aware enough of divine will for Self to allow the original spark from Spirit to be pictured and framed in the mental body with consciously disciplined focus so that it can be manifested as the Love that it is.  Source is constantly evolving ItSelf as Love through All That Is as it’s creation and reflection of Self.

The Heart‚Äôs divine feminine co-ruler, Mars, is disposing this Aries New Moon event from a dignified position, calling for Spirit‚Äôs Love to be manifested through the actions we choose to initiate via the power of our mental focus and choices. Mars is also disposing Venus‚Äô current retrograde journey in which she is upgrading her consciousness with Source in order to be a true and authentic reflector of Source’s higher consciousness of Love. ¬†Venus periodically has to go back to Source to be upgraded with Source‚Äôs ever-evolving higher frequencies of Love. ¬†Venus knows that she reflects the Creative substance/essence of Source that is formed into physical manifestation through the mental body. ¬†Her gift is the purest reflection of Love that seeks to be made known through physical experience. ¬†To be true to her Self, she much be pure of Heart in reflecting the consciousness of Spirit. ¬†That means that she must be unified and wholed in her reflection of Source‚Äôs Love. ¬†Her current journey to and from alignment with the wisdom of Source‚Äôs Love in the spiritual body will be culminated in a profound meeting with Chiron, the Master Healer/Wholer/Teacher who disposes the Heart‚Äôs wisdom, just after Venus goes direct on April 15th.
To assist with this healing, wholing, and remembering of the Heart and divine feminine, Mars is joined today with Ceres and forming a Light bridge with Black Moon Lilith, the true divine feminine consciousness who embraces all aspects of her Self into one unapologetic, uncompromising whole.  It is Black Moon Lilith who is rising today with the Part of Fortune from the balance point of the divine feminine Self.  She promises the gift of her full blossoming and birth into manifestation as the Heart’s divine feminine wisdom is remembered through our higher Mind and and reflected into our social/relational experiences of consciousness.  Mars is also being resourced by Neptune’s enlightening perspective where fear is transformed by Love: the Love that lives in the Heart waiting to be brought to life by choice so it can work its magic.
The generic social consciousness axis (Aries/Libra) of the World Axis’ story of our physical experience is lit up today.  It is being seeded by this New Moon event that is in a Light bridge with MakeMake (2 Libra 47) as it sits on the Super Galactic Center (2 Libra). Venus conjunct the Sun and Moon is bridging (opposing) MakeMake.  We are being seeded today with the Love-based higher Laws of the Cosmos and Nature that KNOW and inform us that all is One and One is All.  These are the enduring Laws of the Heart that cannot be distorted, only forgotten.  Sedna is placed today in the balance point of the divine masculine between the spiritual and mental bodies to help us re-member and ground into the earthly experience these wise Laws of the Heart.
This Aries New Moon event is also receiving affable support from Orcus and the Soul Star Chakra (North Node) who are in a bridge with the Earth Star Chakra (South Node).  Orcas and the Soul Star Chakra are reflecting Virgo’s wholing and healing Christ-consciousness from on high today via the direct axis of consciousness from Source that informs our physical experiences on Earth.  The invisible realm of 5D consciousness is opening up before our very eyes today if we look from on high and from the perspective of Source’s original through of Love that the mental body was recently upgraded with.
Of course, there is also the ongoing, open Light bridge between Uranus/Eris and Jupiter/Haumea that will peak in September when Jupiter finally reaches Haumea in an exact conjunction.  This is the defining event of 2017, infusing every event that occurs this year with its influence and potential for expression.  All parts of our Self are being transformed into unity consciousness as we awaken to the Truth of our Self that we are the sum of all of the parts of our Self and all of the spaces in-between those parts.  There is nothing that is not our Self, no matter what appears separate from us because we have separated it out in order to see that part more clearly to understand and know it.
There are so many bridges opening up for us today to seed and support this year-long event of wholing our Self into its true reflection of unity consciousness that is being offered to us by the the Uranus/Eris/Jupiter/Haumea Light bridge.  This bridge is linked closely to the New Moon event because the Uranus/Eris portion of the Light bridge is residing in Aries and seeding Mercury with more awakening energy as Mercury sits in conjunction with them.  This stellium of three archetypal energies of consciousness are in the late degrees of Aries, with the New Moon’s stellium of 3 archetypal energies of consciousness (Sun/Moon/Venus) located in the early degrees of Aries.  Both of these Aries stelliums are working to increase our awakening awareness of Self.  The seed of Self as Love is being ignited into conscious awareness and realization as the fear-based veils over this truth are dropping at a simultaneously rapid rate.  Self as Love is the seed seeking blossoming as we nurture and sustain this perspective within.  As the high Mind is awakening more consciously, it is also manifesting the 5D unity consciousness belief system that is our collective soul purpose as caretakers of the Earth in this moment.
In this unifying event today, we cannot forget the influence of our transforming and rebirthing consciousness, Pluto, that is intersecting this great Light Bridge between Uranus/Eris/Jupiter/Haumea. ¬†Residing in the Capricorn field of consciousness that is our link with Source, he is aligned with Juno today who reflects the 5D concept of the mirrored Self, the consciousness of ‚ÄúI am you and you are me‚ÄĚ. ¬†Pluto is in a Light bridge today with Vesta conjunct Varuna. This is opening up the opportunity for us to transform our consciousness so that through our relationships with others, we only see unity, which is the devoted reflection of Source‚Äôs perspective via the full power of the Heart.
The mental body is being impacted today by the Light bridge’s (Uranus/Eris/Jupiter/Haumea) intersection with Pluto, who is slowing down to go retrograde, following suit with Jupiter. ¬†Planets that are retrograde take us back toward Source, who IS unity consciousness. ¬†So as we are undergoing this ongoing transformation of our collective and individual consciousness, we are aligning our newly upgraded mental operating system with these higher frequencies. ¬†This allows the Heart‚Äôs current upgrading to find a place of resonance within the Mind, keeping them apace and in sync for merger in right time. ¬†We are in a process of synchronization and alignment of the 4 lower bodies of Self, aligning their 3D expression and experience with the 5D version in order to become fluid co-creators within the frequency range of possibilities that are opening before us once we become proficient in keeping the portals open between dimensions, worlds, and universes. ¬†All that is required to to ALLOW POSSIBILITIES to emerge from the Heart, where everything is possible. ¬†This is the vehicle through which Source communicates with each and every one of us.
¬†If we try to manifest these possibilities through a 3D mental operating system, we are limited by a fixed set of manifestation options designed to separate out aspects for knowledge. ¬†Separation is not the only avenue to knowledge and wisdom. ¬†Higher dimensional frequency bandwidths offer options for gaining wisdom and knowledge of Self, furthering unification of the ever-increasing subtle spaces ‚Äúin-between‚ÄĚ that Haumea opens the portal into for access within our conscious experience. ¬†Our 4 lower body system is aligning into a unified system that we are learning to have Loving command over from a more unified perspective so that it can travel wherever we choose to take it throughout All That Is in order to experience the cornucopia of delights that limitless realms of options offer us. ¬†We need a fluid, flexible Mind that can manifest any possibility easily without the need to put it into a previously known framework. ¬†This is what the Mind is currently keeping apace with as the Heart is expanding her ability to become a fluid vehicle through which Love can flow as needed for Life to manifested and sustained.
Today, we have the Heart gifting our consciousness (Sun and Moon) with the perspective of Source that she is currently aligning with.  This is providing an opportunity to find the healing and wholing options or solutions to our current life experiences that will drop the veil on our 3D belief system of separation, eliminating this from our consciousness so that we can easily access the previously invisible world of unity consciousness.  We are sourced from this invisible world and have always resided within it despite shutting the door on this awareness through our old 3D mental operating system.  The 5D mental operating system is here to stay, aligned with the energy of the Great Awakeners and the Unity Consciousness Light Bridge where separation can no longer occur on any level (Haumea).  Mercury is awakening to his blueprint as the vehicle for the manifestation of the new 5D belief system of unity.  This 5D system reflects the original thought of Source, manifesting the portal for us to recognize and walk through into a conscious existence in the higher frequency realms of experience, as this is our next evolutionary step towards reunification with Source.  Simultaneously, Sedna is helping  us to collectively remember our divine feminine self as the intregal part of this 5D unifying belief system that she is, and to ground it into our collective experience.  The upgraded divine masculine and wholed divine feminine are aligning and unifying in our mental operating system through the manifesting of this 5D unity belief system.  Venus, who shows us the quality of our Heart’s Power, Love, and Wisdom in Being the ultimate Wholer of All, is aligned with our spiritual body and our Aries quality of consciousness today.  Together, they are working on seeding a new relationship that is a new beginning for us as reflectors of Love consciousness no matter where or how we experience our Self.  We are the level of consciousness that we embody within Рin our heart, our mind, and our body.  We are unified and whole when we allow Spirit’s Love entrance and residence as Prime Director on all levels of our being.
With Love for All……

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