2017 Cancer Full Moon

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FULL MOON over ocean


2017 Cancer Full Moon

Thursday, January 12, 2017

6:33am EST, 3:33am PST, 11:33am GT

22 Cancer 27

This first Full Moon of 2017 is a Grand Event!  It is the exclamation point on the directive laid down at the New Moon on 12/19/16 leading us to our Christed Creatorship during this next 9-year cycle.  What we have today is a Power Intersection (Cardinal Grand Cross) in full bloom.  This is the activated, lit up Power Cross in 5D Cosmic Consciousness language that is our incarnational story, if you will.  It is at 22-23 degrees Capricorn/Cancer/Aries/Libra, involving the SUN-Pluto/MOON-Vesta-Varuna/ERIS-Uranus-Ceres/JUPITER-Haumea.  We have some big awakening of consciousness occuring on the vertical axis where Heaven and Earth meet within us that is being translated into the horizontal axis of social consciousness through each and every one of our collective input. The power for the full realization of Self provided by the unified lower 4-body system is being unveiled today, providing each of us with an unparalleled opportunity of conscious choice to become a Son/Sun of God.

The Moon, in her exalted position, is disposing this Cancer Full Moon event today.¬† She sits in the 3rd decan of her field of consciousness that helps us realize “wholeness”.¬† At 22 degrees of Capricorn, she is reflecting the number of the Spiritual Master Builder on the material plane.¬† This speaks to the manifestation of Source-Self energy as our physical world of form and experience.¬† The symbol of the Cross, this 22 degree placement of the Moon and the other archetypes on today’s Power Intersection is beyond profound, emphasizing this intersection’s Divine origin and destiny for our physical experience.¬† Through the vibration of this number, we see the larger picture, the vision of the form or experience being desired to manifest, as well as the knowledge of the abilities needed and the energy to see it through to fruition.¬† Thus, we are able to co-create and co-operate with the Divine or Cosmic Plan on Earth.¬† What that takes is the unified Heart and higher Mind.¬† At 22 degrees, conscious control of our thoughts and focus (higher Mind) allows us to align with and manifest the desires of our Heart so that we can realize our Source-Self through them.¬† 22 is also the number for the Spiritual Master Teacher who has chosen to come back to Earth to serve the HUman race by helping to establish the foundation for a new consciousness.¬† This is our collective soul purpose at this time that we have actively been engaged in creating during the last 9-year cycle, and that we are now being shown, by the full Light of Spirit, that we will be realizing during this next year 9-year cycle.¬† For the number 22 vibrates to the call to permanently transform the world into greater alignment with and the expression of Love.

This Power Intersection is a wondrous moment, indeed.¬† The nature of “Power” is that of the pure, co-creative energy of Source.¬† The Cancer Moon conjunct Vesta and Varuna, reflecting the power of the Heart that is consciously aware of what it is feeling, is in a bridge with the Capricorn Sun conjunct Pluto, reflecting the power of our Spirit connected to Source that we are in the process of making more conscious.¬† This bridge represents the vertical axis of the Power Cross (axis mundi) in the Cosmic Consciousness system that is the connection between Heaven and Earth.¬† In this system, the Capricorn consciousness enters into an incarnational new cycle of Self experience through the Spiritual Portal of Truth (Midheaven).¬† The Cancer consciousness is entered through the Emotional Portal of Truth (Nadir).

Intersecting this vertical axis today at its midpoint (where the Self rests at “zero point”), is the bridge between the Libra consciousness expressing Jupiter conjunct Haumea, reflecting the power of the Physical Body/physical plane/physical experience that has realized that there is no “other”, only expressions of Self, and the Aries expressing Eris conjunct Uranus and Ceres, reflecting the power of the higher Mind that is awakened and aware of itSelf as Self-Love creating and experiencing our physical world. This bridge of these Libra and Aries fields of consciousness creates the horizontal, social consciousness/relationship axis of the Power Cross (axis mundi).¬† In the Cosmic Consciousness system, we enter the Libra field of consciousness through the Physical Portal of Truth (Ascendant), the balancing point for the divine feminine that is the passageway between the emotional and physical bodies.¬† The Aries field of consciousness is entered through the Mental Portal of Truth (Descendant), the balancing point of the divine Masculine that is the passageway between the spiritual and mental bodies.

Today, Heaven and Earth are meeting the balanced divine feminine (Heart) and divine masculine (higher Mind) in the heart of our Self that resides as the center of the wheel or clock of our world of experience of Self during our incarnation.¬† Our consciousness is being upgraded and transformed to align more closely with Self-Source and cosmic/natural law as the full power of our Heart is being awakened from within each of us.¬† ¬† Simultaneously,¬† the Self, that lies in the center of our Being, is becoming aware of itSelf as both the creator and expereincer of its myriad of Self images that make up the physical world of relationship.¬† This whole powerful experience is being underscored by the final loop of dispositors for today’s Full Moon event, Uranus and Mars.¬† We are Self awakening to the truth of our physical experience.

The Cancer Full Moon is joined with Vesta and Varuna, both of which are at the Master degree ((29) of Cancer consciousness.¬† ¬†This speaks to me of the Heart that knows it’s full power and its mastery of the highest perspective available to align with and to nurture with devotion.¬† This is a powerful awareness for our Heart to take as it crosses the bridge today to infuse with our transforming and rebirthing consciousness that is being rebirthed into the awareness and image of our Self.

Resourcing today’s Moon (Heart) and stepping up the Sun’s (our consciousness) transformation and rebirthing process is Jupiter who is approaching his conjunction with Haumea.¬† Both Jupiter and Haumea are currently reflecting the Libra field of consciousness where all parts of Self that we experience are unified through the realization that there is no “other”.¬† A perfect resting spot for Haumea who infuses us with the 5D octave of wholeness and integration where all individual parts, and anything in between, are unified as One.¬† Jupiter is lending his weight and wisdom to help us expand into this consciousness.¬† Jupiter joined with Haumea are also in a bridge today with the Awakeners (Uranus, Eris, Ceres), who are doing their part to help us step up (square) into this higher 5D consciousness (Sun and Moon) that is being birthed from within.

Saturn conjunct Juno at 22 Sagittarius is vibrating with this Power Intersection.¬† The definer and creator of our physical experience through its belief system and choice of perspective, Saturn, is being seeded with the 5D unity consciousness that is reflected through relationships (Juno).¬† We need a physical experience in order to have an conscious awareness and understanding of a relationship and of Self.¬† Saturn is also conjunct Ixion (collective soul purpose).¬† Though Mercury is also traveling in this Sagittarius stellium, he/she has separated from the creation of his/her new cycle with Saturn. Mercury just went direct (1/8) and joined with Quaoar (on the Galactic Center point) yesterday for the third time at 29-30 degrees Sagittarius in the Portal of Truth on the Midheaven of the vertical axis.¬† Through the interactive relationships between these 5 planets that have been traveling together in the Sagittarius field of consciousness, our mental operating system has been upgraded with a new 5D belief system of unity that originates and resides in the Heart.¬† Black Moon, who represents the true divine feminine (the Heart that KNOWS herSelf) is also traveling with them in Sagittarius, the consciousness of physical wisdom gained by letting go of the karmic debris of the ego so that the Self can reign triumphant within us.¬† This is the day that Mercury, who rules the mental body, travels from Sagittarius across the Midheaven’s Spiritual Portal of Truth into the Capricorn field of consciousness and is initiated into a new cycle of incarnational experience that reflects these new 5D beliefs and perspective.¬† HeShe is bringing the newly upgraded mental operating system into today’s Power Intersectionon while traveling to a meeting with Pluto on January 29th that will transform and rebirth our world anew in the 5D image of the unified Self.¬† ¬†All that is being asked of us is to consciously choose to embrace and embody this experience.

Saturn is in a Great Eliminator (inconjunct) today with both the Moon and Sedna, helping us to re-member the Truth of our Self as Source in our Heart, as this is where we source our perspective of Self.¬† Saturn is also in a manifesting relationship with Eris, who awakens us from deep within and who stationed direct on Monday (1/9), amassing great power for awakening.¬† It is time to wake up, and Eris conjunct Uranus and Ceres are our alarm clock that is currently jarring our senses as we transition from our self-imposed slumber.¬† The snooze alarm has been set, too, should we fall back asleep.¬† There is no denying a woman like Eris when she is joined to a man like Uranus!¬† Saturn is also stepping up to the healing and wholing influence of Chiron in order to manifest a clear rainbow bridge with Uranus so that we can put our worlds back together, raising our consciousness.¬† As you can see, perspective is everything, and Saturn will not be denied his place of influence in today’s event.¬† Mastery of the power of the Heart balanced with the power of the Mind leads to Mastery of the Self-as-Love over the ego.¬† For Love does not know separation or imbalance.¬† It only knows limitless expressions of itSelf that seek conscious, creative evolution in order to expand its many universes.

There is another stellium today in the Pisces field of consciousness that is influencing this Full Moon event, with Venus as the point of connection.  Venus is getting ready to go retrograde before she undergoes an upgrade of her emotional body on January 29th, the same day that the world is birthed anew when Mercury meets Pluto.   At that time, Venus will be in the late degrees of Pisces and joined with Mars who will be reflecting the purity of the awakened, aware Self in the Aries field of consciousness that he disposes.   This makes perfect sense, as the new 5D world can only be created from a unified Heart/divine feminine and Mind/divine masculine.

Venus, the ruler of the emotional body and co-ruler of the divine feminine,  is joined together today with the Earth Star Chakra (the South Node that is our connection to Earth), Mars (the ruler of the Physical body and co-ruler of the Divine Feminine), Neptune (the dissolver of illusions who serves to enLighten us), and Pallas (the part of the divine feminine that contains our divine wisdom).  This enLightening of the divine feminine portion of Self is in a bridge today with a Virgo reflecting Soul Star Chakra (the North Node that is our evolutionary path toward higher consciousness) conjunct Orcus (who greets us in the 5D realm where our Self always resides in the Unified Field of consciousness).  The Pisces field of consciousness is where we learn to release our fears that have sourced the 3D consciousness.  We leave these behind as we move toward the Virgo field of consciousness where we heal and whole the separated fragments of Self into the unified Christed field of consciousness that is ready to be birthed into physical form.

All parts of today’s chart are doing their part to provide the perfection and power of the whole Cancer Full Moon event that is manifesting within us.¬† How could it be otherwise when the physical manifestation of Self-as-Love is being revealed as the blueprint for this next 9-year cycle of evolution?¬† As we learned two weeks ago at the beginning of this first Moon cycle of the new 9-year cycle, our physical day-to-day world is our theater where each of us is to consciously enact our Self into Being its most authentic, unique expression based on our chosen perspective.

It is important to remember that as long as we are “in the world”, we are at the mercy of instantaneous, swift changes.¬† However, if we center ourSelves in the midpoint, at the hub of all of the hour/mansions/crosses that make up our lives, the zero-point that is our higher Self’s perspective and perch, we find ourselves in “no-time”, the mid-breath moment of the eternal no-time “moment”.¬† From this perch, all of the increasingly fast-moving, quick changes in our “outer world” become like a school of fish seeking their true course.¬† We are now trying on this new mental operating system/perspective of Self in an unmasking world, taking it out for a spin through our reality of choice.¬† This is a perfect scenario to take off our training wheels and learn to get real comfortable in our Self’s 5D, inner observer’s perspective that contains the big, inclusive picture of all concurrent parts in any given moment.¬† Our permanent residence in this perspective is the next step in the unveiling process of becoming our manifested Self and in experiencing life accordingly.¬† Just as with learning any new skill, it takes practice to develop the pathways and memory needed for mastery.¬† What could be a more perfect way to learn how to sit comfortably in the observer’s perch than unbridled chaos and change?¬† At some point you just have to get on the bike and ride without the training-wheel safety net.¬† The Creator in us knows this.¬† May you find your Self on the joy-ride of your life in the coming days….

With Love for All……


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