2017 Capricorn Full Moon

Anne HarrisMoon Report

FULL MOON over ocean


2017 Capricorn Full Moon

Sunday, July 9, 2017

12:07am EDT, 9:07pm (7/8)PDT, 5:07am GT

17 Capricorn 09

There are many layers to today’s Capricorn Full Moon event that is occurring under the continuing energetic umbrella of a sacred geometrical Star of David.¬† This geometrical aspect-pattern of inter-relating cosmic planetary frequencies is currently gracing our lives as a gift from Source that will last until the end of July.¬† Each layer in today’s event has its own influencing and contributing pattern in our current Wholing experience that is leading us towards a particle convergence in August during the upcoming eclipse cycle.¬† This particle convergence is like a “Big Bang” wholing event to jump-start us anew into closer alignment with our Source, the highest and most loving part of ourSelf’s consciousness.¬† This¬† is our gift back to Source as we consciously and fully engage in the Self/Source sustaining cycle of giving and receiving.
Each layer in today’s Moon event is working in a coordinated effort to get all within each of us into a state of least resistance and greatest resonance.¬† This will allow our light within to be turned up in both frequency and intensity of radiance as we are wholed.¬† Today’s layers include: 1) the Star of David, 2) a Power Intersection impacting us collectively, 3) a¬† Grand Fire Manifestation where Source is seeking to make ItSelf known in our physical world, and 4) 5D Light bridges.¬† ¬†These Light bridges represent aspects of our higher Self connecting in order to light a way for us back to the most loving within us as we walk through the density and illusion of the 3D, physical experience.
All that is physical is being transformed and rebirthed with heightened emotional and visceral perception.  New thought is taking precedence over old, as old thought no longer feels quite right from the view of the heart.  Our consciousness is being aligned with cosmic thought that is so encompassing that our world as we have known it is being shattered with a new burst of life-enhancing energy where all relate in a unified way as coordinated participants in a cosmic story.
The Moon, at 17 Capricorn 10, calls for higher consciousness-resonating discernment as one walks through the illusions of the 3D world.¬† This discernment is based in an inner knowing that is sure, true, and widely encompassing in its perspective; a guiding light through all that is encountered on our journey.¬† It provides the foundational ability that allows us to authentically envision and manifest our deepest truth from our most loving and inclusive perspective – “the Observer’s Perch”.¬† ¬†From this perspective, the truth that resonates with our higher consciousness can be easily seen.
Saturn is the dispositor of today’s Capricorn Full Moon event.¬† His highlighted presence today is emphasizing the influential importance of his new blueprint for the formation of our physical experience.¬† His new blueprint is aligned with the higher, unity consciousness of our Source/Self’s higher mind in such a way as to change the “game” by helping us evolve past our 3D limitations into wholeness so that we can experience ourSelf, individually and collectively, as Source made manifest.¬† It is from his foundational blueprint that we form our relationship with everything that our consciousness encounters and experiences in the physical world during our incarnation.
The next step in the evolution of our consciousness here on Earth is being revealed today.¬† We are being shown in full light what we must harvest within ourselves at this time.¬† ¬†The merging of all parts of our Self encompassed within the wholing of the Divine Masculine’s higher Mind with the Divine Feminine’s higher Heart into one physical experience of Self as Source is the biggest picture provided by the Star of David.¬† Within that big picture, we have the unifying influence of a Power Intersection (Cardinal Cross) formed by the Moon joined to Pluto and Juno in Capricorn bridging the Sun joined to Mars in Cancer, with this bridge intersecting another bridge¬† formed by Jupiter joined with Haumea in Libra and Uranus/Eris joined in Aries.¬† The initiating and activating creative power contained in of each of the 4 lower-body systems is intersecting today to be experienced as One system.¬† The key is to become centered within our Self/Source, from which all of these lower-body systems originate.¬† The Moon/Pluto, in a stepping stone (square) relationship with Jupiter/Haumea, and the Sun/Mars, in a stepping stone relationship with Eris/Uranus, are helping to awaken us to this inner awareness for the expansion of our physical experience of¬† our consciousness.¬† These are powerful Creator energies for us to access from this Power Intersection where the Sun/Mars and the Moon/Pluto, in a tight bridge, are connected to these stepping stones.¬† Creator energy is erupting from deep within each of us, seeking expression in masterful response to the many intense opportunities for growth that we are each being presented with at this time in our lives.¬† Energy in the form of events is changing so rapidly now that there is no long time to “think”, only to “be”.¬† The Creator is saying, “Step up and know yourSelf as Me, the Light of Love made manifest.”
A Grand Fire Manifestation (Grand Trine) is also present today between Saturn/Black Moon Lilith/Ixion/Quaoar in Sagittarius, Uranus/Eris in Aries, and the Soul Star Chakra (North Node)/Vesta in Leo.¬† The true Divine Feminine’s heartfelt reflection found within original, highest-consciousness resonating thought from our Source is seeking manifestation in our world to light the way for the evolution of our consciousness.
Pluto, in a close relationship with the Moon today, is in a decile relationship of practical service with the Earth Star Chakra (South Node) to help transform and rebirth our heart’s emotional body past its old 3D distortions.¬† ¬†Simultaneously, Mars, in a close relationship today with the Sun, is in a decile relationship of practical service with Vesta conjunct the Soul Star Chakra (North Node).¬† Mars provides us with our divine feminine gut instinct that is seeking recognition as a “wayshower” in the physical world in order to help light the path for our consciousness on its evolutionary journey.¬† A vigintile relationship between the Moon conjunct Pluto and Quaoar is providing an “open door” opportunity for higher awareness of the gifts from pure heartfelt emotion.
Venus, who rules the emotional body and co-rules the divine feminine with Mars, just moved into the Gemini field of consciousness that disposes the wisdom of the divine masculine’s higher Mind found through love-in-action.¬† Today, Venus is in a game-changing relationship with Pluto conjunct the Moon.¬† Venus is also seeking to manifest MakeMake’s higher-consciousness Law of Love while in a resourceful relationship with Mercury, the ruler of the divine masculine-higher Mind’s mental operating system.¬† Love is seeking Self-evidence in our physical world through our actions.
There are two 5D Light bridges of higher consciousness influencing the Capricorn Full Moon event today.¬† One is between Haumea and Uranus/Eris.¬† The other is between Ceres and Quaoar/Ixion.¬† These Light bridges are full of elevated consciousness, acting as tuning forks for our consciousness to resonate with and reflect.¬† ¬†They are awakening us to our wholeness through Source-aligned thoughts of Love.¬† When these original thoughts are consciously chosen into action, we see our Self as Source’s unity consciousness made manifest.
Ceres in Gemini, Quaoar in Sagittarius, Chiron in Pisces, and Varuna in Cancer are all reflecting an opportunity for us to master the field of consciousness that they are each reflecting through their particular lens.¬† Ceres, Quaoar, Chiron, and MakeMake are in a Wisdom Intersection.¬† Mastering Source’s Love-based perspective of our emotions and the higher truth of All as a unified Self allows us to obtain the wisdom of our physical experience and the reason for our Being.¬† From this vantage point, we can then birth a new unified world experience.¬† All it takes is to be Love-in-Action in thought, word, and deed.
With Love for All……..


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