2017 Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Anne HarrisMoon Report


2017 Leo Full Moon /Lunar Elipse!

Friday, February 10, 2017

7:33pm EDT, 4:33pm PDT, 112:33am (2/11) GT

22 Leo 28

Today, we are being presented with the opportunity to consciously embrace the Christed-level skill of manifesting the Spirit/higher Self out of the mystical field of Love being offered by this Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse event.  What is being presented for consideration and reflection upon within our Hearts and Minds is a Grand Fire Manifestation emerging out of a Mystical Rectangle.   A rare event who’s sacred geometrical pattern points to Saturn conjunct Ixion, Quasar, and Juno on the Galactic Center (our Source) as our avenue for experiencing its fruits.  How perfect since Saturn defines and forms our world of experience and social consciousness in order to awaken the Inner Guru within that leads us to Self Mastery.  The fact that this is a penumbral lunar eclipse that casts a shadow across the moon creating a “snow moon” and not a total eclipse makes sense in view of the quality of consciousness being revealed.  It also makes sense because Jupiter, who expands our consciousness, has just refrained from a new cycle of experience from a 5D perspective of unity and wholeness (Haumea).
The Uranian disposed wormhole passage, including today’s event,  that was initiated at the Aquarius New Moon seeding two weeks ago will spend until the next eclipse wormhole in August of this year awakening us to our Christed heritage as spiritual manifesters of the Heart (Love) that we are working towards and that will be fully revealed in “right time”.  This Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a kiss from our Divine Father and Mother as if to say, “Do not fret.  All is well and will occur in cosmic ‘right time’, despite 3D appearances to the contrary.”  It is a message of higher Truth, of cosmic perspective on this moment that we are currently experiencing on Earth.  To underscore this “cosmic kiss”, the New Year comet (Comet 45P) that seeded our consciousness with cosmic information on the first day of this new 9-year cycle that we have just entered will make its closest approach to Earth a few hours after today’s lunar event.
There is no denying the Heavenly support that we are being given.  It is as if we are resting safe in our Mother’s Womb while the “world” makes itself ready for the arrival of our manifested Christed Self by wiping clean the canvass from which to create a new world in It’s own Image.  Everything in our “world” is readying itself for the coming of the Christed Self within each of us.  It is Divinely decreed by Source through the pentagram formation created by a Grand Fire Manifestation inside and emerging from a Mystical Rectangle.
The pentagram represents 5, a prime number who’s any attempt at division only reveals the truth of its simple, yet complete Self.  Pentagrams are the symbols for the simplest star formation, and linked closely to human formation (i.e. 5 fingers on each hand), revealing our star heritage.  We are being re-awakened to our Star status, to our Cosmic status; a living, physical example of “As Above, So Below”.   Mars, the final dispositor of the loop of dispositors in today’s chart, is associated with the pentagram.  Its intricate link with the Mystic Rectangle and Grand Fire Manifestation creating today’s sacred geometrical pentagram suggests to me that harmony and balance will be gained through the physical experience of wounding and conflict, as this will yield emotional and spiritual wisdom that will root the Divine Feminine in the Heart of her Self.  With the single point of the pentagram pointing downwards in the eastern United States where I live, the emphasis of the pentagram is on not letting one’s lower nature rule  through its will.  We are being asked to turn the rule of our nature over to higher Will, to our higher nature, to Divine Will.  The pentagram is the symbol of Christed consciousness, the consciousness that will save and transmute our lower nature and consciousness into our higher nature and consciousness so that we become a clear reflection of the Divine blueprint from which we were created.
Old timelines/holograms of experience are breaking apart from the 3D matrix in order to reconfigure into a 5D timeline/hologram that will support continued evolution in the 5D realm.  5D is the realm of the heart/Love; the unified Heart/Love that feels, knows, and directs evolution in the 5D and higher realms according to cosmic laws. No lower belief system (building block) that separates and excludes is compatible nor resonant with the 5D realm.  Thus, the lower realities are dissolving (disassembling, de-manifesting) in a timeline of events that is compatible with and which honors the individual and collective ability to maintain a consistent 5D focus.. It does so in order to allow “reality” to shape itself (unfold) gracefully and concurrently out of the enfolded higher consciousness reflecting matrix that is available for recognition, focus, and manifestation on the higher vibratory level. This higher, 5D reality is now unfolding with every pulsation of Love from our Sun and the cosmos.
What we need to learn in order to step into our mastery as 5D co-creators is the art of being truly aware of our feelings in every moment, impeccable with our every thought that arises from those feelings, and equally impeccable with our choice of response.  This is what managing one’s energy looks and feels like.  And let’s face it, as we step up into 5th dimensional co-creatorship, we become the Chairman our our own “Life” Board.  We certainly have lots of reflection available to us currently as to what mis-management at the top, where the buck stops, looks like.  Co-creatorship requires careful, mindful presence and attention with informed awareness, to the best of our current level of knowledge (consciousness), of all the factors influencing whatever is presenting itself for consideration.
This is the “highest and greatest good of all” part of the Love-based, “right action” equation in a balanced, unified Heart and Mind.  It is both challenging and exhilarating to be the ultimate manager of one’s own energy field, and definitely not for the faint of heart!  If you are “faint of heart”, your Heart is not fully engaged and unshackled from fears and misperceptions.  Love marches in undaunted where “others” fear to tread, infusing, embracing, and resting in the peace and joy of her Self expression.  For She is the field that we manage as co-creators.  She is mystical and undefinable.  The only way that we can know her and experience her is to manifest her out of her mystical field of potential into our life experiences in whatever form we choose..
Today’s Mystic Rectangle portion of the pentagram is being created by the Sun at 22 Aquarius bridging (opposing) the Moon at 22 Leo, and Uranus conjunct Eris at 21-22 Aries bridging Jupiter retrograde refraining from its complete conjunction with Haumea retrograde (until September).  Jupiter and Haumea are at 23-24 Libra respectively.  The Aquarius Sun is being resourced (sextile) by the Uranus/Eris Aries awakening energies while simultaneously in a manifesting relationship with the Jupiter/Haumea Libra energies.  The Moon, on the other hand, is being resourced by the Jupiter/Haumea energies while in a manifesting relationship with the Great Awakeners (Uranus and Eris). The relationships between these 4 sets of archetypes and the interplay of the Leo/Aquarius Aries/Libra energies that they are experiencing through is creating 4 of the 5 points on the pentagram”s star figure.  The 5th point is being created by the Grand Fire Manifestation of Spirit that is pointing directly at Saturn in an almost exact conjunction with Ixion on the Galactic Center while simultaneously continuing to be seeded by Quasar and Juno.  Saturn and Ixion are residing at 25-26 Sagittarius.
We are asked to make the conscious choice between fear or Love, the lower self or the higher Self, lower will or Divine Will so that we can step into a new cycle of the experience of Self with the empowerment of real-ized Self As Love.  Quasar and Juno are nearby, seeding Saturn and Ixion from within the Spiritual Portal of Truth on the generic Midheaven.  The new belief system that we are being seeded with is coming directly from the Heavens.   To have this pentagram pointing towards Saturn/Ixion on the Galactic Center, the Source of our Milky Way galaxy, speaks volumes.  Our collective purpose is the alignment of the individual and collective beliefs that create our experience of Self on Earth with the Cosmic Mind and Will of Source.  This allows for the expression of Divine Mind through us and we become the living embodiment of Christed consciousness.  As this pentagram energy is being seeded during a Uranian disposed eclipse cycle AND a Uranian disposed Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, our consciousness is definitely going to be awakened, upgraded, and expanded over this next six month period until the next eclipse wormhole so that it can be ready to fully meet, resonate with, and reflect Haumea’s Christed perspective in our lives when Jupiter and Haumea finally meet to create a new cycle of relationship in September.  Until that time, Uranus will be awakening our Mind while his consort, Eris, is awakening us from deep within our Hearts, manifesting their mystical relationship in our lives for our evolution and enlightenment into Wholeness.
As if this sacred geometrical awakening of our Star status encoding is not enough, we also have Mars, the final dispositor of today’s event in a game changing (sesquisquare) relationship with both the Moon and Sedna, and in a subtle adjustment (semisquare) relationship with the Sun.  Through subtle adjustments today in the physical experience of our consciousness, the Divine Feminine is at a turning point in her understanding of the new behaviors, skills, and talents that will support the fuller-membrance of her Self.  With Sedna bridging the Moon and stepping up to the Sun, we are standing at an intersection that is providing us with the opportunity to make a choice to always choose from the Heart.  Mars is conjoined in Aries to Venus, who at 5-6 Aries is in a bridge with MakeMake (at 3-4 Libra).
The unified Divine Feminine is bridging and integrating today with MakeMake’s 5D cosmic and natural laws and order founded souly in Love along the generic horizontal axis of social consciousness.  We all know that what we believe and focus on is what we create to experience socially through all our relationships.  Venus is in a resourceful relationship with Mercury today, allowing the emotional body and mental body, the Heart and Mind, to work creatively together in informing our collective experience of Self.  Venus is also stepping up to Juno’s higher relationship consciousness founded in unity and Love.
In addition, Vesta, at 22 Cancer is in a Great Eliminating relationship with the Sun at 22 Aquarius, while Chiron at 22 Pisces is in a Great Eliminating relationship with the Moon at 22 Leo.  We are in the process of eliminating all that distracts us from our devotion to our process of Self realization, while concurrently healing and wholing all fears from deep within our sub-conscious that prevent us from reigning triumphant from the Heart’s perspective of Self.
When something mystical occurs such as today’s Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse event, there is an aura of “other worldliness” about it. Both subtle and profound, the full ramifications defy complete understanding by the logical mind.  We enter into mystical experiences through the gateway of the Heart.  Go there today.  Rest there today in peace.  Visualize yourself as the Star that you are in the process of re-membering, awakening to, and consciously embracing.  Your only task is to feel with your Heart, see only Love, and radiate that Love with every choice that you make.  Then all will fall into intended place in Divine “right time.”  So Be It.
With Love for All…….

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