Jeannine KimMoon Report

Total Solar Eclipse within a Worm Hole (Image by Lauren Fox)

2017 Leo New Moon

Monday, August 21, 2017

2:31pm EDT, 11:31am PDT, 7:31pm GT

28 Leo 53

Please welcome Jeannine Kim to The Cosmic Path. She is one of my brilliant students and a wondrous healer in her on right. Your comments are welcome.. 

The Birth of One-ness

‚ÄúTotality. Wholeness. The physical Unity of the Cosmos, showing itself spectacularly back to us. ¬†Reflecting us to us. It is time to take this in – to KNOW THIS – to see that Cosmic Vision of alignment as our own. It is time to see it very specifically as THE clarion call which births our ONE-ness‚ĶThe soul has never been more ripe, more ready to experience with open-heart, the Awakened One that you already are. ¬†The momentum of your soul aligns with the transmuted nature of your physicality. ¬†The choice for ONE-ness that you are consciously making now, together, with every step you have ever taken in the name of Higher Love, has led you to this very moment. Those who do not Know this will, by default, be invited to this Liberation of Self by virtue of our Universal Oneness. Faith moves us forward into realization and expansion. ¬†Committing to this Unification thoroughly, without an inkling of indifference or judgement requires Faith. And it is the very Faith that has delivered us here.‚ÄĚ
~ Channel from The Beloved.


Today’s powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse is at 12:29pm MDT/2:29pm EDT at 28 Leo 52.  A New Moon Solar Eclipse is a reboot of consciousness, one that follows a previous lunar eclipse, which produced an emptying of emotion.  A new Moon always represents a planting of seeds, a blank canvas offering its creative potential.  The New Moon Eclipse forms a Grand Fire Manifestation with Uranus, The Great Awakener and Quaoar, our newly upgraded capacity to perceive new thought.  All of this happening within a worm hole, delivering us swiftly to a previously inaccessible expanded version of Self.  Simply put, our old mental and emotional operating systems have been recalibrated to align with the High Heart of Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, Oneness and is now being fully reflected in our whole being.

To take this understanding a step further, the North Node or Soul Star Chakra which represents any connection we have ever had with Source along with our evolutionary potential, is conjunct the eclipse with Mars, the new co-ruler of the Divine Feminine.  The Soul Star Chakra is stationing, therefore its potency is heightened.  It is as if it is pausing to hold the door to the Higher Self open,  offering us the ability to access more readily, all that it has to offer.  
That opening, with its considerable lack of momentum, is quite Feminine in its own right.  Our reboot with Source is delivering us to the connection with our Divine Feminine selves, which has been in the dark void for many aeons.  We are now ready, Unifying, Wholing, capable of bringing forth with courage, this initial spark of Feminine passion, to create balance and of knowing, I AM.
Mercury has just turned retrograde on August 12th and is set to tap this very New Moon Solar Eclipse degree of 29 Leo on September 5th, just as he turns around to reclaim his shadow. The space between now and then will nurture these brand new seeds of expanded Conscious Wisdom and understanding, we will try out our new Mind/Heart operating systems if you will, getting used to BEING this new frequency of Wholeness.  When Mercury engages this eclipse point once again on September 5th, our ability to put this Conscious Wisdom into Right Action, to really put a Loving Higher Mind into practice, will be the steadying force that brings the Christed Self online, not only for ourselves but the collective.
In Numerology, we are in a 10 year. ¬†Looking at that from the perspective of the Cosmic Clock, 10 represents the 10 o‚Äôclock hour, the hour of Highest Manifestation…Scorpio‚Äôs representative Pluto, is the Gatekeeper to the Higher Realms. ¬†The energies of this hour transform us through a journey that only comes from allowing the physical its moment on the edge of darkness. ¬†We must meet the edge, feel it, taste it, sense it, on every level of our being. Thinking it is not enough. ¬†This physical experience to the edge of darkness, will serve as a death, as it delivers us to the old decaying karmic aspects of ourselves, face-to-face. ¬†The Resurrection…when we realize what is no longer needed.
Meeting these ancient karmic moments without judgement or indifference but with Love, seeing their Absolute Higher Purpose, embracing their inherent beauty, is putting our Highest Mind, our Unity Consciousness into play, purifying our world, and ultimately resurrecting it from the weight of hate that has been.
This fated eclipse will cover the United States from coast to coast. ¬†There has not been an eclipse of this magnitude, covering this much ground, in 99 years. ¬†The cyclical nature of ‚Äútime‚ÄĚ is affording us both collectively and individually, the opportunity to revisit age old themes with an evolution-of-being that has come to its fruition. Our current passage is activating the forces of potential that are delivering us to true Leo Liberation.
However this may play out, the sideways elevator requires our complete surrender to what is. ¬†Opening and yielding to all that is upon us, in the most feminine way, is what will allow our Oneness to birth without resistance. With the newly aligned mind/heart…acceptance, allowance of all that is…will become the foundation of our New World, one with the Divine Feminine intact, wholing with her Divine Masculine/Right Action counterpart. The freedom felt of our feminine emergence in Divine Balance, will echo both energetically and spiritually, fundamentally shifting our world. ¬†
The patriarchy has been imbalanced for ages, though particularly over the past 99 years, it has been building up speed, coming to a head.  It is clear that President Trump, whose Ascendant is the exact degree of the eclipse, has chosen, from the Highest Perspective, to play out the karmic role of the sacrificial lamb who has offered itself up as the symbol of all that the patriarchy has to offer. The dark balance to the Light equation.  Through many lifetimes, we all have had a hand in this patriarchal offering/becoming, as this is a collective wound. He has to be there, as the physical symbol, the impetus for the Rising, the Highest Manifestation of the beginning of the end.  
We remember, however, it is all smoke and mirrors, everything is but a reflection….he is not ‚Äúout-there‚ÄĚ, really. ¬†He is though, in the biggest way, sparking the passion for what has been waiting to come alive within. ¬†‚ÄúThe Passion‚ÄĚ has always symbolically lead to The Awakening, The Resurrection. ¬†We are now, truly calling out loudly for the Feminine to resurrect, to respond and most importantly, respond in a most different way. ¬†Finally, we are open enough to hear.
This is the gift Trump is to us, his karmic gift of being.  A gift to us individually, as a country and as a mass consciousness.  If and when fear arises, dare to meet it differently.  Meet the fear and its deliverer without judgment or indifference, for without it the Light would not have its meaning.  Anything that he Awakens within, find gratitude in the Awakening alone, and perhaps gratitude for a man, who’s reflection has brought the darkest parts to the surface, for acknowledgment and light.  This is the work of the New World.
The 7 o’clock Leo hour on the Cosmic Clock calls on Gratitude, to keeps its Light alive. Use the potent energies of this Leo Eclipse and infuse all with Gratitude. Hold yourself, this moment, and him with LOVE. Making a different choice will manifest a different world.  Allowing the worm hole to deliver you to a part of you so remote, that you could never quite imagine, that it could be a part of you. Surrender to the familiar ways of being.  The Cosmos is shining with the reflection of our readiness.  Our collective vibration within the U.S. is the land of the free.  This Totality, with its path over our homeland, is initiating our newly elevated ability towards choosing Love all-ways and in all-things, delivering us to our karmic freedom.
To quote Albert Einstein, ‚ÄúWe cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.‚ÄĚ ¬†No doubt about it, we are clearing ancient karmic debris head on, as the Moon signifies the past. ¬†Now, the past is being reset. ¬†Our consciousness, as seen through the Sun, is infusing that clearing with heightened frequencies for this pinnacle moment, so a new Awareness can take its place. ¬†Let us use this Wisdom to make clear choices of the Highest Order, in every moment.
Even if we don‚Äôt like what we meet, we can Love it. ¬†Loving it happens easiest when we see its Divine Purpose, the inherent beauty it holds, the thread of Love in all that is. ¬†We are equipped now, we are leading the way. ¬†Seek out, find, and connect with the God-Self within and within everything. ¬†Let us Love so passionately, so completely, in ways that we have never experienced or imagined before, that our worlds ‚Äúout-there‚ÄĚ will forever be changed.
Our Highest Internal Manifestation of Love, will ultimately deliver us, to our Highest Victory.  


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