2017 Libra Full Moon

Anne HarrisMoon Report

FULL MOON over ocean


2017 Libra Full Moon

Tuesday April 11, 2027

2:09am EDT, 11:09pm (4/10)PDT, 7:09am GT

21 Libra 33


The Great Lights of Spirit, who are the rulers of the spiritual body, are standing within the unity Light Bridge (Uranus/Eris-Jupiter/Haumea) today, shedding their full light in our consciousness for mastery of this 5D frequency level of experience that is available within each of us by choice.  They are telling us we are already standing within this 5D frequency bridge in the highest parts of ourSelf.  If we awaken to and embrace this opportunity, rich worlds within worlds with untold delights will burst into being.  The “parts” of Self within will take on new life as wise gifts of Love from Source.  All of the 4 lower body rulers are relating to this Light Bridge today and calibrating with this unity consciousness to help reveal our Self that lives and experiences in the 5D world.

This Libra Full Moon takes place at 22 Libra, with the Sun bridging it at 22 Aries.  Our deep, inner consciousness at 22 Libra speaks to our soul memory of the ability to go within, tuning into the inner 5D reality of the many rich worlds nurtured and sustained there, and how to faithfully bring forth these opportunities for experience into the 3D world with accuracy and emotional neutrality.  It speaks of having no problem with imagining and bringing anything found within to life.  It is the ability to move through and work with these inner realities with integrity and commitment.

Bridging our inner consciousness is our outer consciousness who sits at 22 Aries.  This placement speaks of developing and having the motivation to seek within for what to make real, because the inner life becomes the place where everything is happening.  It is about getting what you ask for and seeing it take form as if magically, even if it is fear-based.  We begin to understand that it is the inside that is coming out to be seen and experienced.  This is where we begin to real-ize that it is the inner life that must be nurtured and developed using what is resonant and consistent with the highest frequencies within, so that they can be the basis for what is allowed and chosen to come forth for experience in one’s outer world.

In essence, this is a moment for the wholing of consciousness; an opportunity wrapped in a moment of choice that seeks to be savored with awe and reverence as it is unwrapped over the next 2 weeks and beyond, revealing the gift that was there all along.  For once imprinted, opportunities become like dormant seeds within our consciousness until focused tending (attention) brings them to life.

The dispositor of this Libran Pink Full Moon is Sedna.  Sedna is the re-member-ance of the wholed wisdom of the divine feminine heart who empowers us physically through creations from within that are congruent with her nurturing, unity frequency.   This is the wisdom of the  Goddess culture of the honored divine feminine who knows full experience of existence is found in flowing effortlessly with the natural cycles of Life as it presents itSelf in each moment.  This wisdom of unity long held within the heart is being activated so that we can access it as we navigate our relationship with our world of choice.  Relationships are about connection to people, places, things, and information.  In our evolving world, there are more and more people, opportunities for experience, and information available to us.  They present increasingly more challenges to unity consciousness that must be overcome with greater awareness of unity consciousness.  We are at a moment when we are taking unity from the local to the global consciousness level.  Our creations and the internet have opened this door.  Every time we choose to reach out with Love with the help of Sedna’s inner wisdom of unity, we expand unity consciousness and bring it to life to empower our physical experience.  Sedna helps us remember our allowance and nurturing of all Creation to support its individual and collective growth and expansion of consciousness, as she KNOWS that the whole is the experience of the expression of all of its parts and the spaces in-between.

Sedna is the higher octave of Mars, who is the ruler of the physical body and depositor of the Sun’s energy at 22 Ariies that is bridging today’s Libra Full Moon as they both sit within the Light Bridge.  It is no mistake that the depositors of today’s Sun and Moon consciousness are in starting a new relationship, along with the help of midwife, Ceres, to ground this Light Bridge into physical, Earth experience as they birth the divine feminine within us into expression.

Mercury, who recently connected to the Light Bridge in a major calibration to fully awaken our mental operating system, has now moved on but is maintaining a vigintile (18 +/- 1 degree orb) relationship with the Sun and Eris portion of the Light Bridge today.  This is presenting our mental operating system with an opportunity for higher conscious awareness of our unified 5D Self, opening its door to Higher Worlds.  Mercury went retrograde toward alignment with Source two days ago on 4/9/17, and will turn direct again on 5/3/17, moving from Taurus into Aries consciousness. Mercury retrograde allows us to commune with the higher aspect of our Self in order to gain a wider perspective of our life experience.  He/She is sitting at 4 Taurus today, in resonance with Pallas Athena who is sitting at 4 Aries.  Pallas is the part of the divine feminine who scans all options, coming up with the most appropriate Love-based solution for any experience.  She, in turn, is in a seeding relationship today with Venus, who went retrograde on 3/4/17.  Venus, the ruler of the emotional body and co-ruler of the divine feminine heart’s expression and experience, is currently at 27 Pisces in conjunction with Chiron at 26 Pisces.  Venus will almost, but not quite, make it to Chiron on 4/15/17, the day that she turns direct.  Pallas Athena, Venus, and Chiron are in a Light Bridge today with MakeMake, who sits on the Super Galactic Center at 2 Libra.  The divine feminine is being infused with the Laws of the Cosmos and natural world that are aligned with and reflect the higher frequencies of Source. It is the frequency of Love and Unified Wholeness of All That Is, both manifested and unmanifested.  With both the divine feminine’s  Heart and the divine masculine’s higher Mind retrograde, we are being asked to look towards Source as Self and at how we perceive and communicate with our highest Self that rests within our Hearts.  We are being asked to look deeply today at the quality of our relationship with our Self because it is being revealed to be our Primary Relationship from which all is sourced and created.

Today’s Full Moon event is taking place within the Light Bridge on the Aries/Libra horizontal relationship axis where the Descendant and Ascendant reside in the Cosmic Consciousness system.  This is bringing the collective awakening of our consciousness to full light for awareness.  Pluto has just stepped up to interact with the Light Bridge in a big way, replacing Mercury’s recently vacated influential position.  Pluto is sitting on the Ascendant today at 19 Capricorn, conjunct Juno at 16 Capricorn, and in an Intersection ( 5D T-square) with the Light Bridge and Full Moon event.  Pluto is bringing to the Light all of the shadows and aspects of Self that need to be healed by inner transformation, especially those that do not align with the 5D understanding of unity in relationships of any kind.  Within the Portal that is the birthing canal of the divine feminine, all of our shadows are coming forth to be released and purified in the womb of the Heart.  The Heart knows that you power and wisdom come from where you put your love and attention.  Pluto is here to help our consciousness with this deep transformation from 3D to 5D consciousness.  We are being charged to bring our transformed consciousness into Self-evidence in the physical world.  With Pluto conjunct Juno also bridging the Part of Fortune today, this is a collective moment of destiny seeking evidence in our relationships.

Saturn, our Inner Guru and co-creator of our social/relational experience of consciousness with Jupiter (who is currently retrograde in Libra and is one of the 4 creators of the Light Bridge within which today’s Full Moon event is taking place), is in a manifesting relationship with the Sun/Uranus/Eris and in a resourceful relationship with the Moon/Jupiter/Haumea.  Saturn conjunct Ixion and Quasar, is also stepping up today (square) to its higher octave, MakeMake, as it sits on the Super Galactic Center.  We are realigning our Inner Guru’s belief system for shaping our world with original thought, design, and intent that reflect MakeMake’s higher, Love-based Cosmic and Natural Laws.  All Cosmic and Natural Laws reflect the Unity inherent in All and so are unifying in their effect.  Saturn went retrograde on 4/5/17 to realign more closely with Source/Self.  He will turn direct on 8/25/17, giving us a long period of experience in which to embody these these higher Laws.

We have another Light Bridge of influence today created by a bridge (opposition) between Neptune and Orcus that is linked to the Earth Star Chakra (South Node) and Soul Start Chakra (North Node)  by Orcus’ conjunction with the Soul Star Chakra.  Our enlightened awareness of our Immortal Self is our evolutionary path that will expand our consciousness as intended in this moment.  To help support this, the Sun, our experience of our consciousness, is in a game changing (sesquisquare) relationship with Orcus today, that with patience, attention, and consistent effort will allow us to real-ize the immortality of our consciousness.  We are All realms, All dimensions, All worlds, All frequencies co-exisiting and experiencing simultaneously as Self, as Source, in every “now” moment.  We choose what we feel and how we perceive (based on our beliefs/thoughts).  Through our choice of attention, we then bring this collection of choices into a manifested, interactive play before our eyes.  This is how we play within the Limitless Field of consciousness.

Last, but not least, we have Varuna conjunct Vesta in their continued close relationship, stepping up the frequency of today’s open Light Bridge that contains the Libra Full Moon event.  They are infusing us with a devotion to the Light within that sees All through Source as Self’s single-eyed lens of Love.  Our consciousness is being awakened and blessed from on High in so many ways today.  The fruit of Self is ripe for our picking.  We simply have to make the choice and take the action.  The apple of Self-awareness in our Garden of Eden is not forbidden.  That has been the greatest misperception of all.  The Tree of Love, the Tree of Life, only exists to support and sustain us with its fruits so that we may take seed, grow, and take root in Earth as the Pillar’s of God’s Light that We Are.

This Libra Full Moon is bringing all of our consciousness and limited beliefs to the surface, so that they may be seen in the full Light. We have to be fully grounded in the Earth and connected to the higher realms (via the higher Mind and Heart), in order to maintain our balance (Libra).  Any challenges that come our way are here to assist us in finding and learning how to modulate and regulate our emotional responses and subsequent choices, so that they reflect the Lights of Spirit that they are.  They appear so that we can come to know and experience the peace found in balance.  With the Cosmic Law of Free Will, we have full choice of response and action to any challenge, to any situation or experience that presents itSelf.  This allows Self to unfold its expression and experience one choice at a time, expanding us into its limitless 5D field of Love. This is the New World that we embody as we ground Love into every aspect of our daily lives, no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential.  For this is the world of the 5D Self revealed.

With Love for All………

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