2017 Pisces Full Moon

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FULL MOON over ocean


2017 Pisces Full Moon

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

3:03 am EDT, 12:03am PDT, 8:23 am GT

13 Pisces 53


Integration of Totality

Life is an exercise in becoming. ¬†Moving from one thought, belief, feeling, connection, form, into another. ¬†Becoming can seem relentless in its never-ending nature. ¬†Once we land, catch our breath and become…off we go again. ¬†Yet this is the very rhythm of the Universe. ¬†It is limitless in its own expansion, its own becoming…so, by virtue of Oneness, limitless are we.

Leaning into this grander understanding of Universal rhythm, we tap into the knowing that there are never really finite endings and beginnings nor is there a finite state of being. ¬†Everything is but a continuum into something more. ¬†¬†Reaching too fondly for a projected ending, holding too tightly to the promise of new beginning or attaching to any comfortably defined ‚Äėbeing‚Äô space in-between, keeps us from the limitless possibilities of experience that are forever unfolding before us. ¬†

The flow of becoming happens ONLY in our realization, as we are already One. ¬†We are already Whole. This very ‚Äėpicture‚Äô of One-ess that we interact with daily, is the reflection/proof of All-that-is within. ¬†It is in our acceptance or rejection of All-that-is which allows for our wholing or keeps keeps it at bay. ¬†Our awareness is what is becoming. ¬†Our awareness/consciousness is also the initial point of all manifestation. ¬†Rejection of the awareness…that we could possibly be something we are afraid of…limits our experience, limits our manifestation. ¬†It ultimately makes less likely the realization of our becoming…Limit-LESS. ¬†Acceptance of this, facilitates the collection of our fragmented pieces, finds their purpose, transmutes them into Love by virtue of our open heart, thereby activating our infinite potential.

Today’s powerful Pisces Full Moon helps our integration of Totality to blossom, to become realized, and this process will continue for months to come.  The ancient, deep parts of ourSelves that have been waiting to be witnessed with fresh eyes, experienced with an elevated awareness, and loved with an open heart, are now welcome to the surface of Self through our newly transmuted capacity.  

Pisces, in Cosmic Consciousness, is the place where we open to enlightenment, where we embody the Divine Mastery of ourSelves through the realization of our limitlessness. ¬†Our limitlessness is our endless nature, in all directions, dark or light. ¬†When we choose to seek out that unlimited potential in every moment, everything, everyone, self included, it brings us to see the Light with-EN all things. ¬†IN-Light-IN-ment….Seeing the Light-In all things. ¬†This moment delivers us there.

On August 21st, the New Moon Eclipse in Leo delivered us to the tangible template of our One-ness, our Christed-Selves, our Whole Awareness. Letting go of old karmic contracts and long-held limiting beliefs presented us with the eternal emptiness/space in which to gather, fill and experience more of who we truly are.  From that moment on, the integration of our 5D Divine Blueprint of never-ending Light, Potential and Knowing, had begun.   

By the next New Moon on September 19th, all of the lower body rulers will have passed this Eclipse point of 28 Leo 53, fully engaging our potential within each of those levels of our being, offering us a new way in which to experience our world and our wounds. ¬†Even though Chiron is not one of our lower four body rulers, he is considered The Rainbow Bridge, which is the very piece that connects the 3D Self/realm with the 5D Self/realm, playing an important role in our 3D existence. ¬†Let‚Äôs see how this all plays out….

Our Pisces Full Moon is conjunct Neptune, reflecting the Virgo Sun. ¬†Virgo in Cosmic Consciousness is the Divine Mother, a calling forth of all fragmented/wounded/separated pieces offering up wholing, healing of Self through self-love, nurturing, grace, acceptance. ¬†Virgo is grounded in earth and loves so purely, beyond measure, as she is the progenitor of the Christ Consciousness, the Christed-Self. ¬†At this moment, her role is to generate that Divine purity of Light through our consciousness, so limitlessness can brilliantly shine, surely to be discovered, infused within…grounding deeply into our earth plane, by way of our new capacity of Emotional Wisdom. ¬†

Emotional Wisdom begins with the realization that all is in Divine Order.  It is in the allowing of our own emotions or circumstances and in the allowing of the emotions or circumstances of others.  As we look at our wounds/disconnects from our limitless nature, with the grace of the Divine Mother, they are allowed to arise, to be felt, seen with new eyes, a loving heart and ultimately a new understanding.  This welcoming, births the Wisdom and allows for the continued connection to our limitless Self.  

Two days ago, Mars reactivated the Eclipse point of 28 Leo 53 bringing our newly balanced physicality, inner-light and Conscious Discipline on board for this next step toward the integration of the 3D-Self with the 5D-Light Body.  Today, Mercury is standing still at this very point, in full attention to the calling of its own expansion into greater Conscious Wisdom.  We will now become more aware both physically and mentally, of what this Awakening process means to us within the context of our lives, launching our sharing of this newly transmuted frequency by way of Right Action and Being.

On September 19th, the day before the Virgo New Moon and the close of this life-altering wormhole, Venus will cross the Eclipse point and announce our heart’s participation in our personal integration process. Hearing our heart always and in all ways, allowing it to BE our guiding Light, is the way of the New World.  The heart is the balanced/midpoint within us, the heart is THE Feminine voice.  Through our choices of love and listening to our heart, we connect directly to our InfiniteSelf, our limitless potential, and the Feminine parts within that have been hidden for far too long.  Hearing her call in every step, will serve to strengthen the newly birthed Feminine within and bring our Divine Feminine to the forefront, insuring her place in The New World.  It ALL starts from within.

Today‚Äôs Grand Fire Manifestation will ignite this entire picture of the the Full Pisces Moon, adding an extra breath of Spirit and motivation, bringing our higher capacity for limitless awareness online. As Mercury turns to go direct, along with Uranus…the Great Awakener, and Quaoar…our capacity for newer, expanded levels of thinking, also becomes more direct, more apparent in our lives, particularly around our integration. We are awakening to our ability to realize All-That-Is within/without, delivering us to the Awakened State of Christ Consciousness, our Infinite Self, our limitlessness…as we remain here within this plane of duality.

The Sun, Pluto, and Pallas Athena, in a Grand Earth Manifestation, are supporting our actualization by transforming, resurrecting and bringing to light our Divinely Balanced mind/heart, in a deeply grounded way. ¬†Our new Masculine/Feminine One-ness rises with an empowered fairness towards all living things, our Selves included…laying the foundation, steeping Earth‚Äôs environment in a frequency finally capable of cradling Christ Consciousness.

Chiron, The Master Healer Teacher, is the depositor of Virgo. ¬†Chiron began his journey through Pisces in February of 2011, kicking off our collective healing of the wound of separation. ¬†This separation consciousness speaks to the limited way in which we perceive our world, ourSelves, our abilities, our connection to Source and our capacity to Love. ¬†It also speaks to the separation of the Masculine Self from the Feminine Self. ¬†Jesus is the Avatar/Ascended Master for this hour and is a perfect reflection, with the example of his life…how our abilities are infinite, our capacity to love limitless, and our living/becoming is truly never-ending. ¬†

When Jesus and his Mother Mary were alive, Earth was not yet ripe for the FULL blossoming/becoming of His Consciousness. They were the seed. ¬†The shift is upon us now. ¬†As reflected in Totality and the culmination of this Full Moon in Pisces with Neptune in tow, NOW is the time that we, and our environment, are ripe and fully activated enough for that seed of Higher Consciousness‚Ķrealizing our limitlessness, our non-separation…to be birthed, to be set free into existence. ¬†Though the illusion of separation is over, our realization of this has just begun. ¬†The illusion of our limitedness is shifting into the tangible awareness that nothing ever ends, WE ARE the continuum, NOT the circumstances…and the continuum is LOVE.

Chiron played a quiet but certain role in the Eclipse.  He was in a 150 degree (quincunx) position to the 28 Leo 53 point….a connection that wants to be seen, counted in, though not quite sure of its cohesiveness.  We were approaching the understanding of this wound cautiously but with great curiosity.  Having our Pisces Full Moon in a new beginning with Neptune, who is currently at his home sign Pisces, reveals a new step taken towards our deeper realization of the emotional underpinnings of every aspect of separation consciousness.  

Chiron, in the final degrees of Pisces, is very actively supporting our wholing, our becoming, our integration, walking us over the Rainbow Bridge to our Highest Self. He is the Master Healer/Teacher and being in Pisces, he understands our deepest sorrow and our desire for the freedom from it.  As our lower body integration completes with Venus touching the Eclipse degree by the September 20 New Moon, Chiron will then journey with us as we meet our ancient stories with our fully engaged 5D Beings, delivering us to the limitless possibilities of freedom from those wounds once and for all.  

Our freshly upgraded Selves are now equipped with an awareness that transcends this 3D world…the old ways we have always experienced ourSelves, our loves, and our lives. ¬†Old fears have no place here. ¬†When they arise…wonderful, greet them, never resist. ¬†In your embracing of them you will find they serve a place in your new becoming. ¬†On March 17, 2018 Chiron will be in a new beginning with the New Moon in Pisces, just before he leaves Pisces, and our belief of separation/limited-ness for good. It will be the space between now and then through a collective journey, that our recently calibrated selves, committed to embodying wholeness, will grow into our Christed Self.

Our Virgo Sun is also in a new beginning with Orcus, Master of the Ethereal Realm and in a resource (sextile) with Sirius, which is the home of the Ascended Masters and all things 5D and beyond. These two connections are infusing our consciousness and reflecting in our emotion the very remembrance of who we are and who we have always been beyond this earthly existence. ALL-that-is. We are awakening to the promise our soul made for expansion and our infinite capacity to carry out that promise.  This connection serves to reinforce our new-ness,  bolstering each and every step in our never-ending becoming.

The Pisces Full Moon is a completion of all that we have gathered thus far, so many parts of our outdated Selves have risen and returned home for love and release.  Let us continue to meet them with grace.  This time is also the completion of the anchoring of our new capacity of One-ness Consciousness.  Claiming ALL pieces as our own, as Self, as One, is THE mechanism of wholeing and the path to realizing our limitlessness.

We are becoming whole. ¬†Though, this is not a destination, there is more. ¬†There is always more. ¬†Embracing the rhythm of the Universe, is to allow the limitless experience, beyond even this becoming. ¬†So let go, move freely, be swept up by all things, witness what has been Self. ¬†¬†The current of Love is the never-ending pulse that is forever aligning us with our eternal expansion. ¬†Feel it, trust it. ¬†We will never end…so let it all in. Connect. Choose. Seek out and find the Light withEN all things. ¬†Play…with INLightINment. ¬†KNOW your nature, our nature…as endless beings. ¬†The flow, the continuum, never ceases, and the continuum‚Ķis Love. ¬†

‚ÄúWhat is it that‚Äôs looking out through your eyes right now?‚ÄĚ ~ Adyashanti

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