2017 Sagittarius Full Moon

Anne HarrisMoon Report

FULL MOON over ocean


2017 Sagittarius Full Moon

Friday, June 9, 2017

9:09am EDT, 6:09amPDT, 2:09pm GT

18 Sagittarius 53

 This Full Moon in Sagittarius is asking us to come alive and spontaneously follow the flow of the energies in each moment with our entire being while remaining centered in our highest truth and expression of Self.  At 19 Sagittarius, the Moon is giving us the opportunity to fully know and understand the truth of our feelings and thoughts that have formed the world we experience so that we may make a conscious choice as to whether we will continue to mis-create from the lower frequency of fear, or from the perspective that resonates with the highest and best within us and is aligned with love. 

With the Moon bridging the Sun today, our subconscious is seeking to fully integrate with the Sun’s more conscious experience of Self.  The Sun, at 19 Gemini, is offering us rapid evolution through the vehicle of barely believable events in our world.  With more and more of our familiar world slipping away into unfamiliarity, the essential urge is to stretch into the unknown of the higher Self, using the highest and best within as one’s navigational compass.  Peace is what we are seeking in the 2nd decan of Sagittarius where this Full Moon event occurs.  It is the peace found in the steady, stable, zero-point of the Self.  This is the hub of the wheel of Self around which our world rotates with evolutionary energetic motion taking us on journeys into unknown worlds if we dare to trust and follow the path of the energy before us.  The Heart is the hub of Self from which all emanates in our physical world.  It is within the Heart that Heaven and Earth meet and merge as One, as Source.

Our wholing process is receiving lots of energy from Jupiter, the dispositor of this Sagittarius Full Moon event.  Jupiter turns direct today after a four-month soujourn,  expanding our consciousness toward greater alignment with Source’s unity consciousness.  Now, this upgraded consciousness is filling our being, seeking expression through us.  We are positioned for one wonderful ride on its wave.  With Venus’s recent alignment with Quaoar, the infrastructure of the heart has been upgraded to accommodate this expansive, higher frequency information with the grace and ease that only an open heart can achieve.

The Moon joined today with Saturn, Ixion, and Black Moon Lilith, is seeding us with a new paradigm for creating our life experiences that more accurately reflect the deepest truth of the divine feminine’s heart.  She is in a bridge with the Sun, who sits opposite her joined to Ceres.  Ceres is providing her higher frequency midwifery services to help birth this new consciousness within us.  With her help in this planetary configuration today, we are awakening to the new world of the Heart; a new, more balanced divine feminine that incorporates both the light and darker, shadowy aspects of her true nature so that she expresses her wholeness as she sources our world with her inner authenticity.  We have been upgrading our minds, hearts, and physical bodies in preparation for the heart’s wholing that is now underway so that as she awakens to the truth of her Self, the higher mind and physical world will be able to clearly reflect her Truth.

The Moon is in a game-changing relationship today with Venus, the ruler of the heart’s emotional body and the dispositor of the love that the higher Mind resonates with.  Venus has just moved into her home sign, Taurus, whose consciousness she disposes.  Her sacred counterpart, Mercury, the ruler of the Mind’s mental body system and disposer of the Gemini field of consciousness within that mental body, has also just moved into his home sign.  Both of them feel most comfortable expressing their true consciousness when they are situated comfortably within their homes.  It is from this position of comfort that the Moon’s subconscious is allowed clearer access to the information stored within the Heart (Venus).  The Moon is also stepping up to Neptune’s enlightening, higher frequencies to dispel any heart-held lower frequency illusions about love.  She is manifesting Vesta’s devotion to the sacred light of love within us that provides us sustenance and safe harbor from the chaotic, evolutionary energies that swirl around us in our everyday lives. Joined to Saturn today, she is an integral part of the ongoing Grand Fire Manifestation between Saturn in Sagittarius, the Soul Star Chakra (North Node) in Leo, and Eris in Aries that is bringing to life and form the divine that has always resided deep within us to evolve us toward reunification with our whole Self.  The Moon is being resourced towards this end by Haumea, whose wholing influence is based in the honoring of all individual parts expressed, even the spaces in between those parts.  To Haumea, there is nothing that is not part of the whole.

While in its bridge with the Moon, the Sun is making a subtle adjustment in its connection with Venus today that represents a turning point where new understanding can turn into important behaviors, skills, and talents.  The Sun, like the Moon, is in a stepping up relationship with Neptune.  Our unified consciousness is at a crossroad, presenting an opportunity to make a choice that will lead us towards the enlightened Christed Self of wholeness and unity found within.  The Sun is being supported in making this choice by its current relationship with Pluto who is being seeded with Juno’s consciousness despite her refraination from a new cycle with Pluto until later this Fall. The inter-relationship between these three planets is helping to transform and rebirth our consciousness into resonance with unity, no matter who or what we are relating to.   The Moon and Sun are also an integral part of another Grand Manifestation today.  It is an Grand Air Manifestation between the Sun joined to Ceres in Gemini, the Earth Star Chakra (South Node) in Aquarius, and Haumea in Libra.  This is awakening ancient memories of unity consciousness long-held within until “right time”.  That time is now.

This Moon event is being brought directly under the influence of the Light Bridge that Stephanie Azaria has called “the High Way to awakened Unity consciousness” formed from the opposition/polarity between the Great Awakeners (Uranus and Eris) and Haumea.  With Venus’ recent infusion with these higher Light energies, the entire four lower-body system for experiencing Self during incarnation has been upgraded with these unifying frequencies.  The Moon and Sun are also being upgraded by a second Light Bridge formed by the Sun’s current polarity with Saturn and the 5D planet, Ixion, that speaks to our collective soul purpose. Mars, who also has recently moved into his home sign, has already been recalibrated and upgraded by this higher frequency Light.  As with the previous Light Bridge, the remaining lower four-body rulers (Mercury and Venus) will follow suit, resetting our template for physical creation and experience into resonance with unity consciousness.  Our physical world and all parts of our Self that create it are being changed by these higher frequencies into a new world that is currently taking us by storm.  The Light is unearthing all in its path that cannot be sustained in resonance with these higher unifying frequencies.

This storm-filled, chaotic physical experience that we are currently navigating is directly impacted by Mars, the ruler and energizer of all things physical.  Mars has just left a recent passage through the new Light Bridge Involving Saturn and Ixion that is currently being made available for all of the four lower-body rulers to move through in order to create a new infrastructure for our world.  Mars is moving from his home sign(Aries) into Cancer where he finds himself on the Master Path.  He is most uncomfortable in Cancer which is perfect.  This serves to jar loose all imbalanced reflections in our physical world and body so that they can be wholed under the current Cosmic gift of the Star of David as it unifies our consciousness from within.  What a gift for our consciousness to be awakened and wholed into the fullness of the Light of Love!

The influence of the Star of David will be present for the entire summer season.  This is the season in the Cosmic Consciousness system that focuses on the heart’s emotional body.  This Star of David is a Divine decree, sealed with sacred geometry within each and every one us.  It is mandating that we balance and whole the higher Heart and Mind; the divine feminine and divine masculine halves of Self held within the heart for access to and expression of Spirit in our everyday lives.  This potential for wholing the Heart and Mind was bestowed on us by a “genetic fusion” that occurred over 200,000 years ago when we began our evolution as humans here on Earth.  It is being held within Chromosome 2, which is being lit up and activated by the influence of this Star of David in conjunction with the influences of these high frequency Light Bridges and today’s Full Moon event.

Scientific research has found that the heart has about 40,000 brain-like cells within it that are concentrated in sensory neuritis.  The way that they are concentrated within the heart has led the researchers to term them “the little brain in the heart”.  The heart’s intelligence (how it thinks, learns, and remembers) is expressed through intuition.  The mind’s intelligence is expressed through logical, linear thought.  Though both think and communicate in separate and unique ways, they share a extended neural network that allows them to be harmonized and “married” into a unified system with direct, conscious access to the subconscious when we ask for it and allow the response to present itself for our awareness.  Neurites are appendages out of a neuron, or nerve cell.  They are very social and by their nature seek connection with other neurites.  It is through their seeking to connect and relate that the extended neural network for consciousness transfer between the heart and brain is created.  This is much like our collective consciousness that is created by interconnected consciousness between individuals. Neurites also disconnect when their connection is no longer needed for a special purpose.  In essence, the extended neural network grows and develops in response to something new that we are seeking to know.  This desire to know something (creative choice) provides the biological trigger for the neurites to seek the connections that will yield the needed information.  It has been found that it takes 72 hours (3 days) to manifest a specific-information-seeking neural network.  We create the commands to seek from the “feelings, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that we create and store in our hearts”.  These are sent to the brain via the extended neural network containing the nervous system, spinal cord, and Vagas nerve.  Most of the information goes from the heart to the brain because that is where greater nerve concentration best supports information processing.  Rich with a constant influx of sensory information, the heart has a lot to say to the brain.  It speaks its intuitive knowing in many forms that travel on the faster, more compressed Gamma brainwaves that are not normally accessed in our daily lives.  When we harmonize the heart and brain, we are able to intentionally achieve this brainwave state to retrieve the store information in the heart and process it very fast.  The way to do this is to 1) bring one’s attention to the heart, 2) breathe in for 5 seconds/out for 5 seconds continuously, and 3) feel a feeling of either appreciation, gratitude, care, or compassion that creates a coherence between the heart and brain.  Researchers have found that doing these 3 things simultaneously for 3 minutes several times a day will help to build and maintain this harmonized connection between the heart and brain that creates a Gamma brainwave state within us.  Research has shown that the effects of one 3-minute session will last for 6 hours.  When this heart/mind coherence is established, we have access to miraculous healing, vast amounts of information, and instantaneous processing abilities.  This is what we have been and continue to be prepared for that will occur within each of us by choice in “right time”.  Our full potential is being awakened from within via our divine interconnectedness with the Cosmos of consciousness that we call Source.

Spirit finds its expression in the Love and power of the heart. This is the essence of our Self.  This is the divine life force flowing through us that we are gifted with like a magic wand to bring life to our creations.  We sustain our creations with love and attention; balanced and integrated heart and mind expressed in our daily lives so that we can feel and know our Self.

When we are born, we soon forget that we are Love, and so seek outside love and awareness from others because they seem to know better than we do.  Our lifelong journey is to remember that we are Love and to BE it.  That is our original, divine consciousness; our pure Self.  This is the Truth of our Self that we each seek to know and bring to the Light of awareness.  This Truth is what allows us to reign triumphant over our ego, a creation of our higher Self designed to allow parts to separate off from its wholeness, preventing them from full access to the Light and Life-giving essence of their Source until they recognize and function consciously as parts of a whole. When one is awake and aware, whatever one imagines and brings to life to experience is an expression of Self-Love seeking to light-up our world with joy, passion, creativity, wonder, curiosity, and gratitude.

We ascend into a higher frequency experience of life when we access and live from the heart’s intelligence, letting it be the motivator and director for our choice of expression.  When the heart’s full capacities are accessed, the heart/mind system contained within it open us up to new capabilities to express in our world and start us on new paths to explore.  With the Moon shining fully in Sagittarius today,  we are being urged to choose the truth of our Self-as-an-expression-of-Love that is found in the heart.  This is a profound moment, indeed.

With Love for All…….

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