2017 Scorpio Full Moon

Anne HarrisMoon Report

FULL MOON over ocean

2017 Scorpio Full Moon

Wednesday May 10, 2017

5:44pm EDT, 2:44pm PDT, 10:44pm GT

20 Scorpio 25

 This Scorpio Full Moon offers us a huge moment for transformation of our collective consciousness from one of separation to one of unity both within ourselves and in our relationships with others.  It is offering us the opportunity to transform and manifest a new way of relating to All That Is on all levels.  The old, 3D foundations for establishing and maintaining relationships are seeking a new foundation based in unity consciousness.  

The Moon at 21 Scorpio no longer seeks to reflect through the lens of separation and elitism.  The divine feminine Heart is seeking to know and experience her full Self through the lens of Love. This allows all to be just as it is.  This desire in the Heart is being bridged by the Sun at 21 Taurus who is seeking a way to balance this emerging inner foundation of Love within with the demands and challenges of the outer world where parts of Self appear for conscious recognition, understanding, and appreciation of the gifts of Self that they bring.  We are seeking to learn how to relate to ourself consciously so that our life experience serves our highest and and greatest good, reflecting the highest and best within us. We are seeking to learn how to stand in our own inner authority within the zero-point offered by Love, and begin to assume conscious creatorship of our incarnational experience as it unfolds through our relationships with all parts of our Self on every levels of our Being.
Pluto is the dispositor of this Scorpio Full Moon event.  Pluto is in a seeding relationship with Juno.  Juno represents unity consciousness found through a higher level of relating with ourselves and others that is based in Love, the Great Unifier.  Pluto conjunct Juno are are resourcing the Moon today with this transformative unity consciousness while simultaneously working together to help the Sun manifest and bring to full light the re-membrance of the ageless, Divine Feminine wisdom of the invisible 5D realm.  This ageless Divine wisdom is found through experiencing the power of the Heart that is not diminished or separated in any way from the full feeling of what IS, without judgement.
Pluto is at a crossroad today with the 5D Light Bridge between Uranus/Eris and Haumea.  Through alignment with unity consciousness, we are being presented with an opportunity to make conscious choices that will transform our conscious experience of ourselves and our world.
We have the help today of a Grand Fire Manifestation (Fire Grand Trine) involving the Soul Star Chakra (North Node), Mercury/Uranus/Part of Fortune/Eris, and Saturn/Ixion/Quaoar.  The Divine is seeking manifestation in our world by waking us up to new thoughts, new beliefs, new perceptions, and new ways of expressing and experiencing ourselves in our relationships.  We do this when we awaken our higher Mind as it has been doing over the last two weeks, connect it with the original thoughts that are currently coming straight from the Divine via Saturn, Ixion, and Quasar aligned with the Galactic Center, and then connect those with the Soul Star Chakra, our evolutionary path.
Our evolutionary path has just changed to a new emphasis due to the Nodes moving from the Virgo/Pisces axis to the new Leo/Aquarius axis.  The dharmic Soul Star Chakra (North Node) is sitting today at the Master degree of Leo opposite the karmic Earth Star Chakra (South Node) at 29 Aquarius.  Leo and Aquarius are fixed Love signs in the Cosmic Consciousness system whose relationship represenst the unconditional Self Love that can be realized when we see the blessings in everything encountered in our daily relationships with all things, including ourselves.  We are able to do this by turning away from the defensive posturing that we assume when we separate and condition everything with judgment, turning our focus instead to learning how to love ourselves unconditionally. This can be challenging in the 3D world, especially in our current wold.  Our current world is the perfect tool for forging a new vision of ourself.  The heightened interplay of Dark and Light that has been offered to us by the recent Mars/Antares bridge  is presenting us with clearer choices and a greater awareness of our true Self.  The ruler of everything physical, Mars, is in a bridge today with the true divine feminine, Black Moon Lilith, whose higher, 5D, unified consciousness understands and honors the integrated interplay of Dark and Light. This interplay is reflected in all that is manifested and seeking to know itself.  It is asking us to be present and unconditionally loving to all that comes into our awareness.
Transformed, unified awareness of Self as loving Presence is integrating into our collective experience, allowing us to see our Self from a higher, more conscious perspective. ¬†Mercury, the Great Messenger and ruler over the higher Mind‚Äôs mental operating system, recently turned direct while closely aligned between the Great Awakeners, Uranus and Eris. ¬†Mercury is slowly moving out of the Aries field of consciousness where it has become aware of its full power for Self-realization. ¬†Mercury is making its third of three conjunctions with Uranus today as it slowly pulls away from the Great Awakeners and Part of Fortune, all of which are bridging Haumea in Libra. ¬†We are collectively being infused with higher consciousness to allow humanity as a whole to manifest a new world experience. ¬†Healed and wholed unity consciousness (Haumea) is rising from within each of us with the newly awakened Self-awareness to perceive it, believe it, and make it our primary focus for manifestation and experience by choice. ¬†The gift of the Golden Apple of awareness of Self as Love is being presented to everyone to pick. ¬†Whether or not one chooses to experience it in this moment, our awakened higher Mind understands this now. ¬†Haumea‚Äôs energetic influence is one of tribal culture where every part matters, as well as the environment within which each part finds itself. ¬†With this new conscious understanding, we can see how far we have gone afield from a unified existence as a valued, honored, contributing part of a whole into separation through the technology, communication, and living styles that have emerged from a self-centered, self-serving perspective of a mind lost in lower frequencies. ¬†We are awakening to the remembered, higher perspective that we are the sum of our parts on all levels of our being, from microscopic to cosmic, from physical to etheric. ¬†This allows the knowingness that there has never been an ‚Äúother‚ÄĚ, which has been an optical illusion of perspective that was habituated out of the fear that we would not be able to re-member our Self in order to be consciously responsible and respectful of our Self. ¬†We are respectful when we stand in the knowingness that the Divine will be revealed form within all experience.
All we simply need to do is go deep within, into the dark, rich, fertile soil found within our emotions that is filled with both cosmic and earthly material.  Our emotions, that source and fuel our thoughts.  They reside like fertile seeds of potential awareness waiting for full attention and focus to bring them to the Light so that they can be acted upon, if chosen, to bloom into knowledge and wisdom.  As we shine the Light of conscious awareness in the darkness of our subconscious within, we form an interactive relationship with ourSelf, with our purest wisdom, the wisdom of our subconscious that lives in the field of e-motion.  It is this energy in motion that is attracted from the energy field that we are immersed in, a repository of Spirit within which we live like babies in the womb.  We are tied to this field by an etheric silver umbilicus through which we ingest animating Life from the larger field of consciousness.  We turn Spirit-filled information from the larger field within which we live into e-motion, which is what the heart fuels itself with.  Wherever our awareness is focused animates that consciousness.  By forming a conscious relationship with our subconscious, we become Self-evident, learning to see ourSelf so clearly that we become transparently crystalline.  From here, we see from the vantage point where all energy is One big sea of consciousness with various waves that bubble up and coalesce into form, only to sink back into the sea when the forces that create these forms subside with no energy to maintain them.  We step into our higher Self when we learn to manage the energy of Creation according to our specific intention for purposeful experience.  We become the Scorpio Magician who commands the very Heavens to to our bidding.
It is difficult to believe that things could get more intense than they already are.  These last two weeks between the Taurus New Moon and today’s Scorpio Full Moon have been profoundly consciousness-altering in ways that will take us lifetimes to unfold.  We Are New.  The perspective from which we create our world from is new, and so therefore we are new.  Original Thought, the very origin of Creation, has come to call on Earth so that a New Earth can be created from the ashes of the old like the Phoenix ascending from within herself.  Original Thought-infused new thoughts that are pure Creativity in their inceptive potential, allow us to think and perceive in ways we never have before.  New perceptions open us up to an influx of new information that vibrates at the level resonant with how and what we are perceiving.  This new information allows us the opportunity for new choices, new actions, new ways to explore relationships and experiences.  The trick is to ALLOW it to all unfold.  When you do this, you become the Creator who rides the wave of potential to see what new world it will lead to for exploration of consciousness.
Source seeks form through thought.  We now have a lower vibrating, divided mind that has been awakened and unified with the higher vibrating, unity-consciousness-aligned Mind into One Mind which resonates with Original Thought/s   These new, divine thoughts are transforming and rebirthing our old subconscious patterns of separation today with the help of the Moon’s Scorpio consciousness, while the Taurus Sun is simultaneously planting the seeds of these new, divine thoughts in the fertile field of our consciousness so that they can be realized as the full expression of Self made evident.  It may take lifetimes to unfold the full splendor of this unified Mind within our Earthly consciousness capabilities, for this is the New World in the making.
We begin to actively engage with Original Thought and see the Creative when we look for something new that we haven’t thought of, known, or experienced before about the people, things, or places presenting themselves before us.  New thoughts yield new perspectives.  The goal is to learn how to see that which is before you with equanimity from as many different perspectives as you can.  Once you can see what is true for you from each of the different perspectives simultaneously, the trick is to know which one is the one of highest and greatest good for you to experience in that moment.  This only your heart knows.  Thus, the heart and mind must be balanced and joined as One to ascend to the level of conscious creatorship of one’s world.
We create a world that is known and experienced as ‚Äúreal‚ÄĚ by dreaming it from our imagination as it resonates with the heart of All. ¬†The dream we are currently dreaming collectively is a Creation Love story to the Universe, our interpretive story of the Ninth Wave of consciousness according the the Mayan calendar. ¬†By report, we are turning the page in two weeks on May 24th to begin the chapter called 64th DAY: ‚ÄúThe Beginning of the Creation of Resonance On a Collective Scale With The Wave That Generates Unity Consciousness.” Our collective soul intention for being in incarnated form at this ‚Äútime”/space is to catch and ride this Wave. All have been called to the Sea of Consciousness for the Big Event, for the wave will allow us to consciously ride the very sea HerSelf, as she is formed for our ride by her divine mate’s focus, and then sustained by the very Love that brought them into creative union in the first place. ¬†We are the Dreamer who has preordained that we will be conscious dreamers from this moment forward, cast in a new collective “reality show” that has taken the Universe by storm and riveted Its attention on the Earth channel of its lens. The Eye of Love’s divine perspective is singularly focused on this unfolding “event” of this Universal season. ¬†It is replacing last season’s “How To Get Away With Separation From Self,” the intriguingly creative dream about recognizing, understanding, and knowing all parts of Self. ¬†The tide is turning to gather All together for this collective ride, for this collective event. ¬†No one knows how this ride will unfold. ¬†There is no way to foretell this, as the dream of its unfolding will be created collectively moment to moment to make it a riveting thriller to help all remain conscious. ¬†Love is generated and felt through the heart. ¬†The effects on our heart depend on what bandwidth of frequencies (wave) with which we have resonance in any given moment. ¬†The Ninth Wave is offering us a new world through collective, sustained intent and focus on unity consciousness. ¬†This is the high art of Presence that holds the vision of the dream while allowing its unfolding without interference. ¬†This allows the energies that are resonant with the dream to appear via attraction and take their appropriate places within the dream as forms to be experienced. ¬†How prophetic that ALWAYS DREAMING just won the Kentucky Derby, providing rich dividends by living its dream.
The divine feminine‚Äôs unified Heart consciousness and the divine masculine‚Äôs unifying higher Mind have been awakening to their role in conscious dreaming of Self into physical creation for quite some time. ¬†They will continue to do so for the next two years. ¬†The divine feminine will continue to awaken to her full power forevermore, for the heart will no longer be shackled by distortion and is rising in her full glory of Self radiance once again. ¬†The Heart‚Äôs Love is a beacon to the Cosmos to be accessed by All, that All may be bathed and bask in its Divine, knowing, wholing nurturance. ¬†This is what Lightworkers have been tending on Earth for so long‚Ķ‚Ķ..the Light of Love unbridled. ¬†This is what we were sent to re-member, even in our darkest days and nights. ¬†Each has been charged to tend the Light in their own unique way. ¬†Light was physically discovered on Earth to re-mind humans to ‚Äútend the Light”, to re-member the ¬†Love and the Light of Divine higher awareness that seeds creation and its unfoldment. ¬†‚ÄúTending the Light‚ÄĚ is taking care consciously of the Light. ¬†We are caretakers on Earth of the Light of higher awareness of both Divine Love and Knowledge. ¬†This Light is what warms the deepest part of our Self, our Soul, which is a part of the One Soul of All that is given many names. ¬†This is our origin, our original heartbeat and that which enlivens it to activate and animate it. ¬†We were given the mandate to tend the Divine Principle of the Sacredness of All Life in the world of our own creating as it intersects with larger and larger worlds. ¬†This requires a greater and greater capacity for holding the Light steady and bright within, for All must eventually reside in unity within with full knowledge and radiance of Its Love.
With Love for All……. 

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