2017 Taurus Full SUPER Moon

Jeannine Kim Moon Report

FULL MOON over ocean


2017 Taurus Full Moon

Saturday, November 4, 2017

1:24am EDT, 10:24pm (11/3)PDT, 6:24am GT

11 Taurus 59

The Awakened Heart and The Axis of Love.

An Awakened Heart is open and alive, fully present, willing and able to Love, experiencing joy and embracing abundance. The Awakened Heart allows the Light of Love to shine continuously from within. The Awakened Heart stands with Love and in Love, in the face of all that arises. Devotion to the heart’s greatest potential and limitless Light is the way of the New World.  

What does it mean when the heart fully awakens? An Awakened Heart is a heart that is open and alive, feeling fully, ever present and willing to Love, ready for joy, revealing a space within that allows the Light of Love to shine through continuously. It also means to Love Love so much that we never make ourSelves or others small, which in turn makes our Light and the possibility of Light for All-that-is, small. within or without. Devoting ourSelves to our heart’s grandest potential and the limitless Light that it carries, is the walk of the New World and the path we are consciously leaving behind.  
This lunar journey began with the Libra New Moon on October 19th, and it culminates today with a Full Super Moon in Taurus. In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is the second initiation of the Mental Body, known as Conscious Obedience. The sign is disposed by Venus, ruler of Emotional Body and co-ruler of the Divine Feminine. Taurus is a Love sign, revealing the mechanism that delivers us to the Higher Mind. This is where we learn to think with our hearts and Love with our minds.
The conscious symbol for Taurus is the Tree of Life. With Conscious Obedience, we can firmly plant the Love that we allow to come through us deep into the Earth plane, rooting us in the present moment. Growing steady and strong, this stable, mindful Love eventually reaches great heights, elevating our awareness, purifying our thoughts, adding strength, solidity and presence to the higher Self.
In order for this Mindful Love to blossom and grow we must nurture it with great focus and discipline. Conscious Obedience requires faith in our own inner guidance, which constantly reminds us that the only pure and never-ending nourishment is Love itSelf. When we devote our hearts and minds to Self Love, we activate our connection to the Light, to our creative force, and to BEcoming. Relying on Love to support and nurture us, and learning to call upon Love as our sole purpose for being or doing anything, continually fuels our journey towards Self-Realization and Unity Consciousness.
This Full Moon in Taurus reflects the Scorpio Sun, currently in a New Cycle with Jupiter. This bridge invites us to experience all that we encounter through the heart by remaining wide open and available, no longer contracted or hidden, willing to shine our Light in the most magnificent way. The Taurus – Scorpio Axis is THE Love Axis that manifests our world. Here we get to work with Love to bring to fruition all that our consciousness is ready to manifest. Whatever we hold in our mind manifests as our physicality. Feeling the power that Love offers, and bringing that into the mind transforms our beliefs. Compassion takes hold and we begin to Love with the mind. This Taurus Full Moon delivers us to our ability to recognize our wholeness with every step we take, breathing Love into all that we fear or resist by way of Conscious Obedience…ultimately planting our Selves in newer, higher ground.
Today’s Full Moon is closest to Gaia, creating a Super Moon, amplifying the mental body as it is infused with the elevated frequency of Love. An Awakened Heart always stimulates the awakening of the Mind. Our magnified Moon is doing just that, as she is in Resource with both Neptune and Sirius. She forms a Finger of God with Sirius, pointing to Black Moon Lillith, our deep dark feminine shadow.  We can make use of our limitless access to Enlightened Wisdom from the 5th dimension and beyond, (Sirius is the home of the Ascended Masters), and bring it down to Gaia through our Awakening Mind/Heart. Our ability to tap into this Wisdom is available when our  thoughts are bathed in Love. This energy elevates our communication and perception bringing our highest aspect of Being and into the frequency of Love. Our Light is brilliant and vibrant, always expanding. As we allow our Selves to move past fear we awaken to our Light.
The Sun Moon Bridge forms an Intersection (formerly T-Square) with Ceres, the Midwife. We are in the process of birthing Unity Consciousness, where the Awakening Heart meets the Awakening Mind. Moving into Oneness is an ongoing process.  Allow the process to be, move with it, even when it is most uncomfortable, using gratitude to lift you…for these moments are the golden opportunities to free the ancient subconscious Self and Unify.  
Venus, the dispositor of the Full Taurus Moon, is in a New Cycle with Haumea, Spica, Arcturus  and Vesta.  All are in Libra and they are taking part in the Light Bridge that connects us with the Great Awakeners, Uranus and Eris. The heart is waking up, the Divine Feminine is rising, undeniably. We are wholing from the inside out and the outside in. Devotion and vigilance will deliver us to the New World.  
We are being delivered to some of the most deeply rooted aspects of Self, and the Feminine realm which holds it. As we allow the Feminine to emerge, we must pay attention to all that is being awakened, and embrace it all with Love. As we experience all that arises, let us sit with curiosity and an open compassionate heart.
The final piece of today’s lunar event is the backdrop of the Grand Earth Manifestation that is forming between the Taurus Moon, Orcus in Virgo and Juno/Pluto in Capricorn. We are reminded of our mortality, which ALSO reminds us of our immortality, giving us the opportunity to connect with what matters most. Orcus represents our pure immortal grand nature of endless becoming. Juno reflects the Unity Awareness that is the heart of the 5D realm. This Grand Earth Manifestation is grounding our physical being, our structure, as we calibrate more and more into 5D. An entirely new foundation is taking root within.
The Moon represents our Feminine Self, the emotional Self. Today she fully bridges with the Sun, representing our conscious Self-awareness,  on the Taurus – Scorpio Axis that manifests the world through Love. As our hearts awaken and the Feminine rises, let’s Mindfully Be with our own resurrecting Feminine and fully experience what is emerging with a present, Awakened Heart. The Moon is the keeper of our subconscious realm and the many mystical gifts that await on the deep, empty side of all that she holds. When we allow our emotions to arise as we sit in stillness, there is never any fear, just more Love.
Sit in Love while you face your fear and do not budge…let it all bubble up and Love some more. Keep your heart and your mind on what will nourish you, the Source of All-that-is, the frequency that elevates all…Love. Focus on the Love that fills your heart space, feel it opening, soothing, and expanding your entire being, as Love softens everything. Look for Love, breathe it, move with it, let yourSelf embody your eternal Light form, from right here in this form. And, with your greatest Conscious Obedience…refuse to take your Mind off of Love.  
“Walk into the madness, to find your Light.
Drop into the sadness, to find your height.
Let Love take you to the dark corners of your domain,
Losing yourSelf…
Finding your Heart once again.”

~ Channel from The Beloved

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