2017 Taurus New Moon

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Wednesday , April 26, 2017

8:16am ET, 5:16am PT, 1:16pm GT

6 Taurus 27

The Taurus New Moon event today is highlighting the divine feminine.  With Venus as the dispositor of this New Moon event, all things feminine, related to the heart or dealing with the emotional body are seeking Self-evidence.  Venus is deep into her journey of healing and wholing.  She is aligned with Chiron, manifesting the energies of Vesta, Varuna, and Black Moon Lilith, stepping up her energy to resonate with the Galactic Center, Saturn, Ixion, and Quaoar, is receiving resources from Ceres, is in a Great Eliminator with the Soul Star Chakra, and is in a Light bridge with MakeMake.  These are some big energies vibrating at a high level that she is currently working with in order to bring forth the highest perspective and self-evidence of her true divine feminine 5D unified and unifying Self into realized form.  She has entered into a dance with Mercury, the ruler of the divine masculine that will bring about the opportunity for real balance between the divine feminine and divine masculine in early March of 2018, just short of one year from now.  However, Venus and Mercury have already begun this process and are moving through aspects together and with other archetypes that are constantly upgrading their individual operating systems, as well as their ability to interact with each other in compatible resonance so that the portal for ascendance is always open where they meet and merge.

If one just looks at today‚Äôs chart from a higher perspective, it seems as if there is a giant stellium encompassing the entire physical quadrant. ¬†This giant ‚Äústellium” contains Pisces through Gemini energies. ¬†Through these energies, we learn to triumph over fear and Light up our higher Mind with Self-awareness as Love in order to begin to make Love-based choices that when acted upon will manifest this awareness of our true Self in our physical world. This enables us to see our Self in action and to know our Self more fully/wholly.
All of the 4 lower body rulers are residing in the physical quadrant/body today from the perspective of EDT.  With Venus at 29 Pisces, Mercury at 26 Aries, the Sun and Moon at 6 Taurus 27, and Mars at 4 Gemini, all are reflecting the divine masculine consciousness.  Through the limitless expressions of undistorted Love that signify mastery of the Piscean energy, we are being given the opportunity of real-izing our Whole Self in our higher Mind and manifesting it into our physical world over the next 28-day cycle.  The mental and physical body axis of manifestation (Mercury/Mars) is coming into being though action fueled by Love and based in the new thought instilling itself within us now through Saturn’s alignment with Quaoar and Ixion on the Galactic Center.  We are being sourced with original thought based on Cosmic Love, the single-eyed perceptual lens of Source that is empowered and sustained within through devotion to the Love held and nurtured within the Heart.  Love is the Master Healer and Teacher who wholes us into the physical manifestation of Self.
When we see through our Source/Self lens, we see only Love, the Love that is felt in our hearts, focused on in our minds, and manifested into our world. ¬†It is the devotion to the mastery of this perspective that empowers and motivates us to sustain our focus on the expression of Love-in-action. ¬†When we put Love-in-action in our daily lives, the doorway to the 5D higher realm where Love reigns indivisibly supreme opens. ¬†This is how our ‚Äúfuture‚ÄĚ Self (Soul Star Chakra) is experienced in the NOW. ¬†This is where our past (Earth Star Chakra) and ‚Äúfuture‚ÄĚ Self merge to become our present experience of Self.
We are becoming aware of the wisdom contained in Love-based solutions and actions as these more clearly reflect who we are in the deepest part of our Self. It is within this deepest, most congruent Self that our mental operating system is aligned with our in-sightful, single-eyed, Love-focused perspective/lens of our higher Self’s Mind, stepping up with devotion to source our physical experiences from this vantage point.
The Moon in Taurus speaks to breaking free from habitual sensory-based feelings and responses in order to experience with unconditioned wonder and curiosity in a world that is alive and offering a new beginning in every moment. It speaks of freeing ourselves from fixed emotional patterns, long entrenched in an illusion of ‚Äúsafety‚ÄĚ through familiarity. ¬†The Sun in Taurus speaks of creating a more conscious way of being where we are aware of the abundance of Love and opportunities for Self evolution that lie before us and around us in every moment despite any obstacles or challenges that present themselves. ¬†The New Moon event in Taurus, where the Sun and Moon are aligned together as one, speaks to our unified consciousness as being seeded with an evolutionary, higher level of awareness that constitutes a new ensouling of our Self on Earth. ¬†At Taurus 7, our long-held dream of a new world, of an authentic experience of Self, is beginning to be felt and experienced in our daily lives for those with the ‚Äúsingle-eye‚ÄĚ to see, and who can unconditionally and whole-heartedly dedicate themselves to this perspective.
The dispositor for this Taurus New Moon is Venus, who sits at the Master degree of Pisces (29).  She recently began a new relationship with Chiron as she turned direct from her retrograde journey on 4/15/17.  She continues to be conjoined in that healing relationship today.  We are being divested of all in our hearts that separates us from Love’s pure experience and expression at its cosmic level where Love is the Law over all cosmic and natural worlds.  The divine feminine holds this Love within our hearts so that it may find expression in our physical world.  As she dissolves herself of all discordant, fear-based frequencies, she is then available to step up in resonance with the cosmic-level original thoughts that are available to us now to use to form pure Love into physical expression. The final dispositor of this event is Neptune, who sits exalted in his home sign of Pisces.  He is eliminating all from our consciousness (Jupiter) that would separate out parts on any level from the unified Whole (Haumea) in order to support the elimination of all fear from all levels of our experience of Self on Earth.
Haumea is aligned today in a nearly exact Light bridge with Eris conjunct Uranus and Mercury.  We are being awakened from within to our Whole Self who is the sum of our parts and all of the spaces in-between.  We are being awakened to all of the parts of our Self that reflect all of the planetary influences of the Heavens above us.  These planetary influences affect our daily lives as they unfold in our world through our choices and subsequent actions as we communicate and commune with others.  How we feel about these nudgings from the Cosmos that we experience within influences our choices.  These choices become the basis for our physical experience of Self as we move through our world.  Everything we feel, think, believe, and experience is our choice as Self-contained sun/sons of Source’s Love.  The Light that we emanate is via the quality of our consciousness that we shine forth from the level of  the purity of the Love in our hearts, the level of the thoughts we think, and the actions that we choose to take in any situation or relationship.
Pluto is transforming the old structures and forms that we used to create and sustain our 3D world, while Venus has been divesting us of our wound-filled, fear-based feelings that have provided the sensory perceptions for the creation of these misguided structural forms.  Simultaneously, Saturn has been filling his field with direct, Cosmic-level original thought forms of pristine Light-encoded information for Mercury to access in order to inform his newly upgraded mental operating system with this pristine, crystalline, perceptual in-sight.

Our Inner Guru consciousness is awakening to its true Self-reflection as the in-former in the manifestation of our Garden of Love, with the highest responsibility of forming and tending the blueprint for the expression of Love, based not on structure that limits love in a perceived structural container, but on vibrational resonance with the Original signature tone of Universal Love.  Our in(ward)sight capabilities are being bestowed with higher, Cosmic-level information so that we can create an in(ward)formed, higher vibrationally resonating reality to experience and animate with Love-based action.  Our new structures must both feel and look vibrationally resonant with the higher consciousness of Love in order to be sustainable in our newly unifying world.

All of the archetypes residing in the divine masculine half of today’s chart are retrograde, taking us back to Source, to our roots.  The only planets in the divine feminine half of the chart that are retrograde are Mercury and the Earth Star Chakra.  Our old karmic debris based in distorted, misguided beliefs about who we are is being re-sourced with new, original thoughts that eliminate all possibility of resonance with any beliefs that do not reflect the higher cosmic and natural Law of Love.  As the old, habituated, fear-based karmic debris is restructuring itself, it is simultaneously stepping up into resonance with the newly re-membering divine feminine’s encompassing, embracing, and heart-felt love within us.   By sign today, the divine masculine is manifesting our Self into physical expression and experience as Love-in-action.  Our higher Mind/mental body is making us more aware of our Self as we take action in our daily lives that is loving.

Mercury, in Aries, sits in mutual receptivity today with Mars, in Gemini, amplifying the active, mind-body physical manifestation process that occurs when the energy flows freely and unconditionally between the mental and physical bodies via the Mind’s single-eyed focus on Love.  This is then experienced in our physical world through what we manifest from Love-based choices and actions.

Mars, the ruler of the physical body and co-ruler of the divine feminine with Venus, and Sedna, the remembered divine feminine, are disposing the 5D Light Bridge that remains open with dominating presence in today‚Äôs chart. ¬†They recently jointed together to begin a new cycle for the remembrance and experience of the divine feminine in our daily lives with greater loving Presence. ¬†The Divine Feminine has been awakened from her previously particulate, slumbering state and will no longer be denied her rightful expression as generator, activator and caretaker of the Earth and our physical experience of our Spirit‚Äôs Love. ¬†With Sedna reflecting Taurus consciousness, the divine feminine that wants to find expression now is to be found through a simple value system that is connected to nature and the Earth, and that is fully experienced through all of our senses. ¬†Our traditional past is meeting the creative Spirit within us, pointing us towards our ‚Äúfuture‚ÄĚ Self that is available to us NOW, by choice, via the Light Bridge that is fully revealed with arms wide open for those who can see.

This New Moon is manifesting the North Node, Orcus, and Quaoar bringing new, higher-consciousness form to Soul energy.  With this New Moon event occurring in Taurus, we are being asked to find a more conscious awareness and approach as we connect with all that is alive.

Venus continues to be jjoined with Chiron in Pisces.  Both are stepping up to Saturn in Sagittarius which has been sitting on the Galactic Center since early April.  Chiron connects our lower self that experiences in an incarnated, divided state with our higher, unified spiritual Self so that through our earthly experiences we may be merged and wholed as One reflection of our Self’s consciousness.  Our sensory body is being upgraded into a purer reflection of Love that can find resonance now with new, more responsible thought- forms based in the unified Original  Thought of Source as Spirit.

Mercury retrograde at 29 Aries is joined to Uranus today, connecting and seeding our lower, analytical, divided mind with our higher-consciousness resonating, inspirational Mind that receives unity-basedvinformation directly from Source.  We are being asked to move beyond our traditional 5 senses and expand into our 6th sense of inspiration.  It is the inspirational, higher Mind that works in easy resonance with sensation to bring loving order to chaos.  This relationship between Mercury and Uranus will be exact in two days.  Mercury will join again with Uranus on May 10th after it has gone direct, so while we are being seeded with this opportunity today through Friday, we may not experience the full expression of it in our lives until after May 10th.  Saturn is manifesting with Uranus today, bringing a stable way to translate these higher inspirations into experiential form.

Love is the key to accessing the abundance of the Universe. ¬†Establishing your intents for experience from a Love-focused, Heart-felt perspective and then gounding yourself into the moment so that you are always in a state of receptivity to experience a new beginning is the evolutionary path we are being given to choose to take. ¬†Being attuned to and resonate with the vibration of Love in each moment creates a field filled with gratitude, bliss, and awareness of the Universal currency of Love‚Äôs abundance everywhere the eye rests and the heart experiences. ¬†To reach this state, one must be discriminating and ever-vigilant in ferreting out all discordant energy that is not a frequency match with Love. ¬†It takes diligent mindfulness in each moment to reach and sustain this vibrational match until it becomes engrained as the new base-line for forming experience. ¬†No moment is inconsequential in the 5D realm, as all are perceived as One, containing and reflective of the All. ¬†Once we become totally focused on and in Love, all else becomes a ‚Äúno brainer‚ÄĚ, and the lower mind relinquishes its outward-focused hold on us, acquiescing to the supremacy of the higher Self‚Äôs in(ward)sightful Mind.
The process of grounding Taurus energy is very interesting to me. ¬†We are like ripened fruit of seeds planted in the Earth that have been germinating in the soil (Earth elements infused with planetary influences), implanting our vibrations in it‚Äôs matrix. ¬†This has ripened and matured us as it has interred us, ensuring that we die to an old form so that resurrection into a lighter, Light-infused and Light-based form can erupt from within the shell of the old form. ¬†A catalytic process creates the eventual ‚Äúbig bang‚ÄĚ event that provides the evolutionary thrust with which to break forth from one way of being into the next. ¬†We are inside such an event. ¬†The Light bridge and all of the planetary aspects that are occurring now with the masterful precision of the finest Swiss watch are providing us with ‚Äúright time‚ÄĚ. ¬†3D time is providing us with 5D space in the form of an open doorway of Light to walk through into the new 5D world. ¬†This new 5D world is grounded in and experienced through the higher consciousness of Love and Unity. ¬†This is the consciousness where the Mother is revered for her receptive, creative power and the Father stands watch and guard over her to ensure that she can safely nurture her creations. ¬†As we right our relationships with ourselves, each other, and to the Earth (our Mother) from within the Earth‚Äôs matrix, we give permission to the Cosmos to assume its rightful, protective Father role from above; to watch over us and keep us safe from Cosmic harm. ¬†When we honor the Mother that we experience within and without as Earth, we allow the Cosmos its rightful place in our uni-verse, in our verse-ion of the One Song of the Cosmos.
With Love for All…….


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