2017 Virgo New Moon – End of the Worm Hole

Jeannine KimMoon Report





Wednesday, September 20, 2017

1:31am EDT, 10:31pm PDT (9/19), 6:31am GT

27 Virgo 27

Feminine Presence.
Who is the Moon? ¬†She is the Feminine Presence of Self. ¬†She does not actively give off rays, only quiet, reflective wisdom. ¬†Within her still core, her steady, reliable presence invites us to her, to bask in her environment and rhythm…be it dark or light, full or empty. ¬†¬†Always calling, always waiting. ¬†Ever creating with Light Consciousness, in a connection which allows the deepest parts of our emotional Selves to come alive and be seen through her grace.

The Emotional Body is now rising with the Feminine, they are one. ¬†¬†The Emotional Body carries with it our emotions. The force by which our Emotional Body/Feminine Presence has been disallowed, is now matching the force of its arrival. ¬†As we embrace and allow this emotional rising, realizing its purpose, seeing its Divinity, we heal the Feminine. ¬†The more we engage Feminine Presence, know her, allow her, the more she will just be…settling, leveling out, becoming more rhythmic.
As Spiritual Beings within Divine Human form, we reflect emotional passages much like the Moon. ¬†The Moon appears black, dark, until she is viewed with Light and Conscious Wisdom, she then turns to reflect that Wisdom with her own emotional beauty…just as our darkness shifts as we welcome in the Light. ¬†The Moon also reflects phases of Light, yet she is not the Light she reflects…and similarly, as a Soul, we are not the emotions that we reflect, only the experiencer of them. ¬†This Emotional Wisdom offers grounded understanding that grants us the freedom and the ability to let everything move through us, around us. ¬†¬†Accessing our emotions, is accessing our Feminine Presence, as she is vessel in which they flow through, reflect upon. ¬†Whatever is delivery us to our emotions, is delivering us to the Feminine.
A constant, diligent, and devoted commitment to our Moon‚Äôs emotional tides, her rhythms…our rhythms…acts as a temperance of sorts, bringing in practiced grace and softening our connection with ourSelves, our world, and all that plays out before us. ¬†Emotion brings us fully into the Now, deeper into the realized Self. ¬†No longer resisting or judging one emotion over the other…our essence becomes fluid, remembering all is in Divine Order. ¬†When we are in relationship with the Moon, our Feminine Presence/Emotional Body, we come to KNOW her light and her dark, her full and her empty, realizing her importance, leaving fear and suppression behind. ¬†In this Feminine Presence, emotions are welcome, they are alive to come and go freely, in harmony. ¬†This depth within…our emotional well…is where we become ever more attuned to her intuitive ways, her subtle movement, her softness, patience, and her creative potential. ¬†Wisdom rises, coming from this experience and we create a place in our hearts where we live in balance, in truth, as Emotional Wisdom…living from the Purity of the High Heart. ¬†
The much anticipated summer eclipse season is now complete, though we will be feeling its effects for months, even years, and the life-altering wormhole has closed. Today‚Äôs Virgo New Moon is at 27 degrees, 27 minutes of Virgo, in perfect numerical alignment, itself activating the number ‚Äė9‚Äô within a ‚Äė9‚Äô month, signifying a definitive completion and new beginning. ¬†A Birth! ¬†The birth of Oneness with the return and embodiment of Feminine Presence. ¬†
This New Moon event has so many planets taking part in it, either by direct aspect or energetic resonance, it is as if they are all wanting to join in the celebration and add their essence to this brand new chapter we are now entering. ¬†This Virgo New Moon, with 5D Vesta and MakeMake in tow, reveals the new beginning of our full participation into the highest realization of our Whole Selves, Masculine AND Feminine, our Oneness…by way of our Higher Mind, Emotional Wisdom, and our inherent devotion to this journey.
Venus, having just crossed the eclipse point, at 0 Virgo, is joining the rest of our lower body rulers all within a powerful Virgo stellium, activating a whole body focus towards heart-driven expansion, RE-unification, a new foundational Self in which to Be. ¬†Orcus, Master of the Ethereal Realm, is also part of this energetic Virgo stellium, infusing our most tangible Selves with the RE-membrance of the eternal, complete fluidity that is the truth of who we are. ¬†We are not separate Masculine/Feminine, Human/God, You/Me…it is all just essential Universal Energy in focused form. ¬†We are One. ¬†
To add to the energetic influence of this New Virgo Moon, we have a Libra stellium spanning the other side of the Sun and Moon, with devoted Vesta, MakeMake, Haumea, Spica and Jupiter. ¬†We are dedicating our grandest creative potential towards expanding and wholing the fractured Feminine aspect within. ¬†What we witness ‚Äėout there‚Äô is but a mirror of the many fragments of Self that we are calling to us. ¬†We are coming back home. ¬†Our newly calibrated system is now active and capable of fully experiencing this evolutionary push into heart-centered Christ Consciousness with arms and hearts wide open. ¬†Our hearts are ever expanding to make room for the Feminine, allowing her an equal role in our existence. ¬†Emotional Wisdom is being grounded into every layer of our being and manifesting through the Purity of our High Heart, The Awakened Divine Mother within.
Chiron, The Master Healer/Teacher is offering us a Light Bridge with our New Virgo Moon and the resonant stelliums. ¬†He is also forming an Intersection (formerly T-Square) with Quaoar, Ixion, and Saturn. ¬†Chiron in Pisces, speaks to our wound of separation and the Light Bridge is invitation to wholing every aspect of our being with the limitless potential of Chiron‚Äôs Healing Mastery. ¬†The intersected point delivers us to an inner foundation based on new thought, new ideas, the unknown. ¬†Our collective purpose is to bring this new way of being online, healing ourSelves and our world as we go…with each new step taken. ¬†Chiron‚Äôs presence is offering up healing of the old fractured self by way of new thought, when we allow ourSelves to choose it. ¬†
So walk that 5D Bridge to freedom, go to your wounds, it is all just grist for the mill…as our wound is our medicine. ¬†New thought will take you there with new a perspective, for good measure, and let the emotions flow. ¬†The Bridge is open to carry us over to the 5D aspect of Self, this is Chiron‚Äôs mission, his purpose, his promise,. ¬†Commit to an action that was in the past feared, or an emotional journey that was never allowed. ¬†Consciously reclaim your Emotional Body, activating your Feminine Self. ¬†As we go for the new thought, give over to it, our world transforms, inside and out, and our destiny brilliantly shifts.
The New Moon, Sun, Vesta, MakeMake, Ceres, Varuna and the Nodes are all in a Boomerang pointing to the relevance for revisiting our karma…our collective karma, as the Boomerang is pointing to the South Node in Aquarius. ¬†In order to know where we are going, we must know where we have been…this comes as the purpose, the devotion for the revisit, once again, to so many old wounds. ¬†However, we get to revisit those karmic wounds and contracts now with a renewed strength, a more vast, open heart and a limitless awareness, capable of rising above our old patterns of unconscious reaction. ¬†Ceres, the Universal Midwife ensures the birth of new perspective of the old wounds and the choice from fear to Love.
Our beings are newly wired for this reconciliation with karma and our evolutionary leap forward.  The potential is ripe for letting the old go, once and for all.  The old ways of interacting with our wounds of separation consciousness, and the ways in which we have chosen to let that define us, are over.  We are undeniably different, we have irrevocably changed.  So, as we venture off freely into the heart of our depth, the outcomes will undoubtedly be different.  Trust.  Trust in who you are now, trust in all that you have become.  Be still with your fears and sorrow, befriend them and your pain.  Observe and ignite your Feminine freedom through the motion of your always temporary, yet very ancient emotional waves.  They need release, witness, Love.
Sedna, our Universal Librarian, is Manifesting with our New Moon, downloading deep into our hearts, every RE-membrance of our Divine Feminine Selves, engraving within us the vast, endless collection of our Feminine states of being.  She IS Femininity, and she is harmoniously, joyously adding to our becoming.  The New Moon is also in a quincunx with Uranus the Great Awakener and Eris our Internal Awakener, lending us just enough inner and outer disruption to keep our Emotional Bodies bubbling for the clearing. Self-Love and Love of what-is, is always the answer to anything that may arise.
As the Feminine awakens, the Feminine voice of mass consciousness is being heard through collective cries of emotion. ¬†If we remove our labeled physical bodies and look at the energetics of it, the lower mind/Masculine is what suppresses the Emotional Body/Feminine. ¬†When we say, ‚ÄėLet the Feminine Rise!‚Äô…then we are saying‚Ķ‚ÄôLet the Emotion Rise!‚Äô ¬†¬†When we stop, delay, dismiss, ignore, place conditions upon, or exploit, even the whisper of an emotion call or pain, we are doing the same to our Feminine Selves…by way our OWN Masculine Selves, an equally ancient fear-driven agenda. ¬†We are moving from extremes of expression/suppression to a more balanced organic flow of our heart-centered truth. ¬†Check in…where is our lower mind/Masculine deciding our emotional/Feminine journey, or lack thereof. ¬†Check in…pause, be still and let the Feminine rise, let the Masculine Love, transforming them INTERNALLY to their true state of freedom and Divinity.
Though we are not our emotions, our emotions do serve us towards our realization of ALL-THAT-WE-ARE, ALL-THAT-IS. ¬†Our emotion also serves as the path into the depth, the darkness, the space where the rest of who we are is awaiting our arrival. ¬†Our Feminine Presence is longing to be discovered, RE-discovered. ¬†Her fractured state, RE-MEMBERED. ¬†When we forgo our emotions, our truths, our hearts…we forgo the Feminine, we forgo this FULL RE-discovery and the mystical gifts that live at the edge of that darkness. ¬†Go to her, come to know her rhythm, become one with it. ¬†Claim your Presence.
It takes a certain amount of pause, Feminine stillness, an unflinching, grounded center, to harness and experience emotion fully…lovingly and completely, letting it be. ¬†We are ready. ¬†Swiftly moving past an emotional opportunity, is passing up on a sacred moment to engage with our wholeness, with our Feminine Selves. ¬†Emotional Adventure is the ticket to the deep, Divine Feminine Realm within. ¬†By allowing our emotion and the emotion of others, our Wisdom liberates us. ¬†Rhythmically call to the Emotional/Feminine within and let her rise. ¬†Be true to your heart always and in all-ways. ¬†Make THIS your Spiritual Priority. ¬†With this devoted calling, she Awakens, she strengthens…and the more valued, more alive, her Feminine Presence becomes.
As within, so without.

~ Blackbird ~
“Blackbird singing in the dead of night,
Take these broken wings and learn to fly.
All your life…
You were only waiting for this moment to arise.
Blackbird singing in the dead of night,
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see.
All your life…
You were only waiting for this moment to be free.
Blackbird fly,
Blackbird fly…
Into the light of a dark black night.
You were only waiting for this moment to arise.‚ÄĚ
~ The Beatles, 1968, Lennon-McCartney.


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