Wednesday June 13, 2018

3:44pm ET, 12:44pm PT, 8:44pm GT

22 Gemini 45

Welcome to the Summer of 2018 worm hole! The Sagittarius Full Moon two weeks ago provided a space where we could confront things that we felt were blocking us. Some of these we could recognize easily at the time, and some have come forth during the passage between the Full Moon and now. The Sagittarius quality of consciousness activated a  wellspring of courage to help us face what needed to be faced and celebrate the act of having done so. The Full Moon illuminated the karmic circumstances we felt we could triumph over and clear the decks, so to speak. We are in a perfect position to enter the worm hole, where we do not know how or where we will travel, or what we will discover along the way. The New Moon at 22 Gemini 44 serves as that quick pause as the wormhole is initiated.
Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto, Japan

The symbol for Gemini is the diamond, and this quality of consciousness embodies the capacity to perceive multiple facets of ourselves, others, AND what is going on in our world at the same time. The “diamond mind” reflects the higher consciousness aspects of the mental body, and takes focus and discipline to reach it. Buddhism teaches that the mind is the source of all suffering, and only through close observation, using tools such as meditation, can we discover that wisdom, peace, compassion, sympathy, clarity, joy, and right action are the inherent qualities of an awakened mind. It is through Gemini that we gain the discernment needed to remove any confusion about the vital purpose of the mental function, which is to process the information we take in through our physical senses. As we become aware of what motivates our thoughts—love or fear—we see how easily the mind seems to be the master of who we are. It is the mechanism ever ready for our use to bring love into all our thoughts.
The mind is an eager learner and it can be re-patterned any time we chose to do so. Mental repatterning actually takes place all the time, as soon as we perceive anything—the light of the new day, the smell of food, the sensation of thirst, how we move our bodies, hearing the sound of someone else passing by, the to-do list for the day, and so on. Whether we are aware of it or not, we decide how we feel about this information through the love/fear filter.

Double Dorje.
Mercury disposes Gemini, and therefore also this New Moon, providing the opportunity to experience how feelings move into emotions and generate movement and energy, e.g. energy in  motion. Mercury is at 2 Cancer, and is still reverberating with the zero world access point—It is out of bounds (outside of its usual ecliptic path). This placement of Mercury provides a multi-dimensional perspective on its own process, where the mind is able to see as many layers as possible at once. Mercury is part of a stellium (a close grouping of planets), which includes Pallas Athena at 13 Cancer 41, the fixed Star Sirius at 14 Cancer 19, Venus at 29 Cancer 53 and Varuna at 0 Leo 12.
This stellium with Mercury activates the wisdom (Pallas Athena) of divine intuition (Sirius) moving through the heart (Venus) with the widest vision imaginable (Varuna) through the connection of Mercury to the Gemini New Moon. This is an opportunity to feel the wind at our backs, and it provides the momentum needed to move into the worm hole. Gemini governs right action and with this combination of planets influencing the Moon, it can feel like we cannot put a foot wrong. This is a splendid way to start a wormhole, as long as we remember that we have no idea of the direction we will move in. The New Moon provides the new beginning that also foreshadows the Summer Solstice on 21 June.
Dorje Sempa or the Diamond Mind Boddhisattva. Dorje means “indestructible diamond” and Sempa  means “a heroic being,” in Tibetan, refering to someone who is exclusively working for the benefit and welfare of others).
Thanks to the disposition, the Moon is also interacting with the power cross road (intersection) comprised of the Mercury 2 Cancer  and Quaoar 1 Capricorn  (our capacity to change paradigms) Light Bridge with the Chiron 2 Aries (our ability to whole ourselves) and MakeMake 3 Libra (where we access Divine Law). The Moon’s interaction with this power cross road is a chance to make some sense of the massive changes going on in the world. It is an opportunity to get a glimpse of what we perceive as the “big picture,” if just for a moment.  Whatever this glimpse may provide, we are entering the wormhole and the way forward to what we think we saw is anything but clear.
The New Moon forms a Light Bridge (opposition) with Ixion (where we tap into our soul’s purpose) at 26 Sagittarius.  Ixion is close to Vesta (where we find what we are devoted to) at 29 Sagittarius 56. This offers a reflection point where we can review whether what we are doing and thinking is leading us to where we desire to go next.
The Moon at 22 Gemini 44 is also interacting with the ongoing Eris (24 Aries) and Haumea (24 Libra) Light Bridge. This interaction provides the opportunity to re purpose any inner disruption or unsettledness (Eris) into creative energy (Haumea) and start something that feels new or to refresh something.

Also occurring during the New Moon is a manifestation (trine) between Uranus (how we awaken to what we do) at 1 Taurus and Quaoar at 1 Capricorn. This free flow of energy between these two planetary archetypes points to an external change we see in our lives that seems to happen effortlessly, like a flash of light that suddenly shows us a new landscape. Something that seemed intractable to us can change so rapidly that we may not even see it happen. But everything we experience collectively is different once this happens.
Venus at 30 Cancer is coming into a new cycle (conjunction) with Varuna at 0 Leo. This provides the heart with expansive vision—like taking a royal, elevated view of all we love. The New Moon provides an access point to make this expansion as big as we can make it, and this vision will last, because Varuna will be in Leo for a while.  Uranus is in a stepping stone (square) with the Venus/Varuna new cycle, which provides revolutionary energy to this vision. The more we see what we Love and embrace it for what it is, the more we feel we can change anything what does not serve this Love. We can change the world we live in, in an instant, through Love.
Diamonds are formed from carbon (think a lump of coal) through tremendous compression. Carbon is what comprises all life forms on earth. Diamonds are dug out of our earth mostly in deep open pit mines, that cannot easily be replenished or rehabilitated.  It is astonishing that something so mesmerizing as a diamond comes from such processes (compression and digging deep). It is a big idea to hold that we create holes like this on our Earth to extract something of great beauty.  This is part of the duality of this planet, and the Gemini quality of consciousness is at home with experiencing and observing duality at the simultaneously.

Mir Diamond Mine, Russia. The pit is so huge it creates a vortex potentially strong enough to suck helicopters into its depths. Note that the word ‘mir” in Russian can be translated to mean “peace” or “the world,” depending on the context.
Most importantly, this New Moon opens the worm hole that will last for three full months. If possible, it would behoove us to take a moment during the Moon event to imagine for ourselves in whatever we imagine a clear, diamond mind looks and feels like. Let the mind have that die-mind moment. We take a deep breath and know that we are fully equipped to handle whatever the worm hole offers up for us. And then we take the ride!

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