2019 Capricorn Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse

Vivian SmallMoon Report

Capricorn Full Moon

Partial Lunar Eclipse

Tuesday July 16, 2019

5:38pm EDT; 2:38pm PDT, 10:38pm GT

24 Capricorn 04

We have been in a wormhole since June 3, which is taking us to places we have not been to before, while working through polarities that are central to our consciousness. We started with the Gemini/Sagittarius spectrum. Now, with a subsequent pair of solar and lunar eclipses, and we are completing the Cancer/Capricorn polarity. This is where we can explore how much legitimacy we give to our feelings, in relation to our own views of personal authority.
Image by Genty from Pixabay, used courtesy of the Pixabay License https://pixabay.com/photos/wormhole-time-travel-portal-vortex-2514312/;

The Cancer/Capricorn polarity is one that is central to our sense of Self and also to the structure of the human family. After all, Cancer symbolizes the Nurturing Mother, and Capricorn carries the Father energy. When we are in our Cancer quality of consciousness, we are in the ‘I AM’ energy, as Cancer is the core from which all our feelings flow. Capricorn is where we experience the certainty and solidity of ‘I AM THAT I AM’. It is an unmistakable validation of Self-Awareness.
This is a polarity that could feel like a challenge to self-esteem—where we question whether our feelings are legitimate. If this happens, we must put ourselves in the center of the Cancer/Capricorn bridge to gain perspective. The reality is that there is no source of feelings except from within our Selves. First, no one else can make us feel anything that we do not want to feel. We always have a choice, whether we are aware of this or not. Second, there is no authority outside us with greater sovereignty than our Selves, unless we choose to allow someone else to have this authority. Perhaps we recognize another’s voice as valuable, or we feel a mutual exchange with them, based on a social relationship that we communally recognize. Or we collectively accept the social contract with government, because it provides structure. These are all good and fine, and part of the human experience. 
But in the first and final analysis, there is only one wellspring for both feelings and authority, and that comes from each of us as individuals, springing from Source and connecting to each other through Source. Cancer symbolizes the River, where emotions flow from our central internal point. Capricorn is represented by the Mountain, and it is from the high country snows that rivers flow.

Image by Dale Forbes from Pixabay , used courtesy of Creative Commons license; https://pixabay.com/photos/mountain-river-sun-snow-rocks-887202/
In 3-D astrology, when the Moon is in Capricorn, the outward expression of feelings may be difficult. From a cosmic consciousness perspective, Saturn, as the dispositor of Capricorn, is no longer the keeper of the patriarchy. As an archetype, Saturn now fosters the source and sustainability of inner authority. When the Moon is in Capricorn, we find we have true sovereignty over our feelings, and we are empowered to be with our feelings as they transform into energy-in-motion –emotion.  What a difference this makes!
The Full Moon at Capricorn 24 carries a high degree of appropriateness, because it closes the cycle with the July 2nd Cancer New Moon (the Moon disposes Cancer). Saturn disposes Capricorn, and lends a sense of majesty. The Full Moon includes a Partial Lunar Eclipse, where emotional re-sets and sideways elevators are available to us. We can all experience the sense of being aligned with an emotional response in sync with the situation at hand. Through this Full Moon Passage we can experience emotional higher ground, even if it is initially unfamiliar.  We may see pathways for resolving relationships that were unsettled. Or we may be delivered to a place where the situation no longer carries a difficult emotional charge, and it is suddenly easier for us to act from a place of Love.

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The Full Moon is part of a stellium (grouping) of planets and points in Capricorn, each adding their influence to the Moon with a new cycle (conjunction). Chariklo (where we find conscious stability) and Pluto (where we transform) are at 22 Capricorn; the Earth Star (where we work with our karma) is at 18 Capricorn, and Saturn is at 17 Capricorn. As discussed above, there is the opportunity to transform persistent unresolved emotional situations in way that feels complete.
Resonating with the Moon is Neptune at 19 Pisces, which provides an unlimited scope for emotional resolution. This could translate into a sense of expansive well-being, or perhaps the unleashing of a creative block. As always with a Full Moon, there is the opportunity for things to feel over the top. Neptune loves to throw a little mystery into the mix just for the fun of the unveiling. Even if this happens it will be temporary, because this Moon is so grounded, dignified, and stable.
Some of this unveiling will be connected to the Divine Feminine in all of us, as the Moon is in manifestation with Sedna (where we access the collective memory of the Divine Feminine) at 28 Taurus, and with Vesta (what we are devoted to) at 14 Taurus. We have new opportunities to recognize how precious all ocean creatures are to humanity and to the health of the planet, and dedicate energy to honoring and protecting them.

Photo by Gregory “Slobirdr” Smith, used courtesy of Creative Commons License 2.0https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Common_Bottlenose_Dolphin_(Tursiops_truncatus)_-_Galapagos_(2225816313).jpg
The Moon is in an EXACT Power Crossroad (Cardinal Cross) with the dissipating Light Bridge starting with Haumea (where we create our Unity Consciousness connection) at 25 Libra, conjunct the Fixed Star Arcturus (scientific and technological innovation) at 24 Libra, bridging with Eris (our inner disrupter) at 24 Aries. Interestingly enough, Apollo 11 launched on July 16, 1969 at 8:32 am EDT. Four days later (July 20) the first steps on the Moon by humans were taken, harkening a “giant leap for mankind” (in the parlance of the day). The unity of purpose and creativity that led to the success of Apollo 11 was contributed to by many countries, and all shared the celebration of this achievement. This Intersection can re-activate the wonder of the Moon landing, and raise questions as to why humanity is not acting in concert to solve global issues and explore the unknown at the same time. These two things are not mutually exclusive, and the youth of today are rejecting all self-imposed limitations.
The Full Moon is an integral part of the ongoing Grand Power Crossroad (former Cardinal Cross). The Moon plus its Capricorn stellium are bridging the Sun (our core identity) at 24 Cancer. The Sun is part of a Cancer stellium that includes the Soul Star (where we encounter our destiny) at 18 Cancer; Venus (how we love) at 16 Cancer; and the Fixed Star Sirius (where we access the wisdom of the Masters) at 14 Cancer. Travelling along with the Sun, is Mercury (how we communicate) at 1 Leo, and Varuna (where we access higher vision) at 2 Leo. The Cancer leg of Crossroad adds energy to any effort we make to elevate our feelings more compassion and kindness, and, with the Moon/Capricorn stellium, gain the confidence that these efforts will stick and last.
The crossing Light Bridge of Haumea/Arcturus and Eris activates this effort, so that we can move away from the perspective where it seems like all global progress has stagnated.  It is in the interest of those invested in “power over” others to perpetuate images and ideas of conflict, regression, depression, and difference. No matter how real this may all feel (and our perception is this way because we created it as such to experience duality), it is an illusion.
We do not know what will happen when we step away from this illusion, or what the world will look like. This Full Moon/Partial Lunar eclipse can help stabilize our understanding that there are beautiful possibilities in front of us. They do not happen instantly, but they can shift swiftly, faster than we can conceive of-this is what the Age of Aquarius is all about. Look up at the Moon on July 16 and remember the idealism, confidence, cooperation, and collaboration it took to physically get humanity off planet. We did it because we believed we could.  And we can do this again, to create space for all peoples, especially children, to grow and thrive, living in harmony will all the plants, animals, beings, and elements that comprise this planet. Have a listen and remember: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjxSCAalsBE

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Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this Full Moon.  If you have any comments, you can send me an email at: viviansmall2017@gmail.com