2020 Capricorn Full Moon

Vivian SmallMoon Report

5 July 2020

Full Moon 13 Capricorn 37; Lunar Eclipse

0:44 am EST

The Cancer New Moon on June 21 supported us in taking a refreshed look at core feelings about our Self-identity and our lives. Capricorn, in polarity with Cancer, takes us to our connection to what we believe is Source, structure, and our personal sense of authority. This can be a bit stark unless we carry through the tender nurturing toward our Selves and others that we rediscovered during the Cancer New Moon/solar eclipse.
When the Moon is in Capricorn, we experience our feelings as if we are in a foreign country for the first time. This is really important, as the Capricorn part of our consciousness allows us to encounter emotions in a unique way. They can be experienced as fresh, and not necessarily tied to the past. In Cancer, we work with the continuity of our emotional experience and history. It is a story –our personal story – where past matters because we felt it, it informs the present and guides the future because we experienced it. This is the Cancer way. With Capricorn, we remember that our individual history is just that and that every person has a different story. Using our Capricorn quality of consciousness, each emotional response can be viewed as if it is for the first time and certainly from a different perspective.
It is enough to be part
of the fabric of life.
Flowing from the senses
in an intricate design.
Awareness watching ever new
colors and patterns.
Emerging from
The weavings of the mind.
Poem by Judith Whitman-Small from Floodtide: A Collection of Poems. Ashland Hills Press, 2012, Ashland, Oregon.
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It can feel a bit unsettling, to explore the part of our consciousness where it is possible to untether emotions from our core story. This seems counter-intuitive, as we feel our emotions from our core, but this is what is possible in the Capricorn part of our consciousness. Saturn (where we find inner authority) disposes Capricorn and is the master degree of 29 Capricorn and in manifestation (trine) with Sedna (our record-keeping capacity) at 28 Taurus. The master degree always indicates a reckoning of some sort, and because of the easy flow of manifestation energy, this stocktaking can be very positive.
This Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse, and it is the third in the series, which started with the Sagittarius New Moon lunar eclipse on June 5 and continued with the Cancer New Moon solar eclipse on June 21. This eclipse can take us to a peak of our current emotional experiences. A lunar eclipse provides a sideways elevator that involves a reset of our emotional body. This is so important because, in the Cosmic Consciousness system brought through Stephanie Azaria, the Capricorn/Cancer polarity represents the vertical access of ascension. We ascend starting from our deepest sense of self and move along the bridge to our outward expression of Self. We have the opportunity to ascend every minute, day, month, and year. When we ascend, we are communing with our Super Consciousness which is directly connected to God, or Source. The ascension process is happening all the time with each breath we take, but we are usually not aware of it. We tend to recognize the ascension experience when we have that moment of recognizing beauty, experiencing a feeling integration and wholeness, of Love, or inspiration. We then remember that there is something that lifts our spirits. Ascension is an ongoing daily process that never stops as long as we are in human form, and it describes our desire to return to Unity consciousness within the context of living in a 3D physical reality.
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Travelling with the Full Moon is a Capricorn stellium (grouping) comprised of Quaoar (where we find new ways of thinking) at 3; Pallas Athena (where we access intuitive wisdom) and Jupiter (where we expand) at both 23, Pluto (where we transform) at 24, Chariklo (where we stabilize) at 28, and Saturn (where we find inner authority) at 29 Capricorn. All planets forming this stellium are retrograde, which highlights the character of this Full Moon/lunar eclipse.
Retrograde planets provide the opportunity for inner reflection, and if you are reading this, you are aware that the most empowering way to address the global crisis is to work with ourSelves and clean up our own inner environment. If we can accept, without judgment, that everything going on around us has our full participation as co-creators at some level, then it becomes easier to focus our intentions on transformation for the highest good. Definitely all the structures we have come to rely upon are changing before our eyes. Nature abhors a vacuum, so as things no longer work, new ways of acting are coming forward. Saturn, at the master degree of Capricorn, provides a truer vision of which social structures will endure and which are crumbling before our eyes. It is time to do our best to elevate and alter our thoughts. In the words of Neem Karoli Baba, it is time to truly “Love Everyone,” because as far as we know, Love is the one thing that endures beyond time and space.
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The Moon is in resource (sextile) with Ceres (where we birth the new) at 13 Pisces, opening up endless possibilities for what will come out of our current situation. We are each midwifing the current situation, and with a birth, no one really knows what will happen until the child emerges. The big question is – are we celebrating as much as we are wringing our hands over the process. Neptune, at home in 21 Pisces, can add an element of momentary confusion but this can dissipate very quickly with conscious attention, like the Sun burning off fog.
Image by winterseitler used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/photos/landscape-fog-mood-sunrise-2090495/
The Moon is part of a Grand Manifestation (grand trine) with Uranus (where we awaken) at 10 Taurus and Orcus (where we encounter the immortal) at 10 Virgo. This manifestation supports any easy flow of sudden awakening/realizations that are timeless and solid. Uranus is travelling with the Black Moon Lilith at 5 Taurus, so the probability of some big reveals is likely, and with the eclipse sideways elevator these will likely come from unexpected sources. Orcus is also travelling with Astraea (where we tap into pure intuition) at 7 Virgo, which reminds us that intuition allows us to grasp information that otherwise may not be accessible.
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The Moon is in a stepping stone (square) with Chiron (where we whole ourselves) at 9 Aries, as he travels with Salacia (where we play with light and shadow) at 6 and Mars (how we move) at 4 Aries. We are able to move whatever emotional obstacles we perceive are holding us back, first by fully recognizing the issue and then by making a change. Mars is happily at home in Aries, so any movement in our affairs is supported as positive even if it may not seem so at the time. The Moon is also in a stepping stone with Juno (where we encounter Unity Consciousness) at 10 Libra, travelling with MakeMake (where we work with Universal Laws) at 5 Libra. Haumea (where we consciously create everything) and the Fixed Star Arcturus (supporting science and innovation) at 24 and 26 Libra respectively energize this stepping stone by reminding us that when all the “rules” do not seem to be working, that creative, innovative forces are at work and in movement. Something that seems like an obstacle today may be an asset tomorrow.
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Forming the Full Moon is the polarity with the Sun (our identity) in communion (conjunct) with Sirius (where we tap into eternal wisdom) at 14 Cancer. Travelling alongside is Mercury (how we communicate) at 7 and Vesta (where we find devotion) at 13 Cancer. These planets and points in Cancer are a reminder that any communication of our feelings can and should be tempered with the wisdom we can access by remembering that we are each a crucial individual part of the whole. We might be clinging to outworn ideas that may have suddenly become irrelevant. Our task is to allow for the new to come forward and use this Capricorn/Cancer bridge to ask questions that take us to a new understanding. Is a feeling tethered to the past or are we allowing it to be acknowledged and flow through us? Are we dwelling on something that was and has outlived its purpose? Certainly, what occurred in time is important, because it happened to us, but it does not wholly determine the future.
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The Moon/Sun bridge is part of a Grand Power Crossroads (grand cardinal cross), formed with the bridge between Chiron/Salacia/Mars and MakeMake/Juno. We can travel any direction we want at a crossroads at once or stay in the center and watch the traffic. These days when so many grand events are occurring, it might be wise to use this crossroad and watch how things unfold. There is no doubt that it is time for purposeful action which addresses and changes all things that cause suffering. This Full Moon eclipse provides the space we need to see the connection between our root feelings and our own sense of authority. With this information, we can focus our aspirations for the greatest good for all.
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