2020 Gemini New Moon

Vivian SmallMoon Report


22 May 2020

New Moon 2 Gemini

01:38 pm EDT

We dove deep and soared high using the Scorpio Full Moon energies. During the lunar passage we had some realizations, and perhaps even revelations about our Selves and how we behave as a group. Our shared consciousness is complex and full of competing emotions that can be intense or light as air. We either explored this within ourselves, or we saw it being played out in public. The Scorpio portion of our Consciousness makes this deep exploration possible, and it is always good for us, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem. We need the focused research capacities of Scorpio so we can see what we have created and then chart a course forward.
Image by Free-Photos used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/photos/scuba-diver-diver-diving-underwater-569333/
Gemini New Moon is disposed by Mercury (how we communicate) at 21 Gemini. This is a highly dignified New Moon, and it also opens up a wormhole. In Cosmic Consciousness, a wormhole bookmarks a set of eclipses, and this one will close in July. Wormholes take us to places we never conceived of before. There are few better guides for a wormhole than Gemini, as this is the part of our Consciousness where we recognize how duality works and its function in our lives. This New Moon can provide a much needed and refreshing reset. Like waking up at dawn and seeing the dew glistening on plants.
Image by InspiredImages used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/photos/dandelion-seeds-flower-nature-843358/
Each part of our lives is interconnected through our shared Collective Consciousness and through our individual experience of this Consciousness. The level of connectiveness may have seemed a bit theoretical in the past; the global experience with COVID-19 has made us aware that we are fully in this together. We humans need each other to be born, grow, and live. We rediscover our inter-connectedness through adversity or through a shared vision. Another somewhat recent experience was when the Earthrise photograph taken by Apollo 8 Astronaut Bill Anders was published around the world, starting on December 29, 1968. This photograph allowed us to see our home from the perspective of the Moon, and instantly realize that we are all travelling together on this beautiful blue planet.
“Earthrise” Apollo 8 Hasselblad image from film magazine 14/B – Lunar Orbit, Trans-Earth Coast, Taken by NASA/Astronaut Bill Anders. This photo is in the public domain. https://www.flickr.com/photos/projectapolloarchive/21713574299
When all is said and done
We are as we are –
pure spirit to the core
If we do not stake out our boundaries –
we are beyond war
~Poem by Judith Whitman-Small


The New Moon is part of Gemini stellium (grouping) which along with Mercury includes the Fixed Star Alcyone (providing a positive break in the midst of adversity) at 0; the Sun (our identity) at 2; Venus (how we love) at 20; Vesta (where we find devotion) at 25; and the Soul Star (North Node of the Moon, where we work with our destiny) at 29. Our dearest and most lofty aspirations can be renewed by using the energy of these archetypes during the New Moon. We can use our Gemini Consciousness to see the facets of light and dark in the connections we have with others in our lives.
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The New Moon is in resource (semi-sextile) with the 5D planet Varuna (where we find our highest vision) at 2 Leo. We are able to raise the quality of our thoughts to those that serve the greater good by making this connection.
The Moon is part of a Grand Air Manifestation (grand trine) formed with MakeMake (where we encounter Universal Law) at 5 Libra traveling with Juno (where we work with Unity Consciousness) at 6 Libra, and manifesting with Saturn (where we find inner our inner teacher) at 2 Aquarius with Pallas Athena (where we tap intuitive wisdom) at 1 Aquarius. Grand Air manifestations provide the free-flow of energy we need to free up any mental blocks preventing us from coming up with ways to change our collective future together. If we give ourselves permission to do so, there are new potential futures for us to create, together, regarding our social interactions that are wise, solid, and aligned with Love.
Image by Free-Photos used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/photos/sky-clouds-sunlight-dark-690293/
The New Moon forms two sets of stepping stones. The first is with the Fixed Star Regulus (which dignifies everything) at 0 Virgo and with Orcus (where we encounter the immortal) at 10 Virgo. If we are challenged to see the higher good, we can do so by re-connecting with that which endures, that feels eternal, such as Love. The second stepping stone is with Mars (how we move our energy) at 6 Pisces, travelling with Ceres (where we midwife the new) at 8 Pisces. We are all actively assisting with the birth of the new world we need to learn to live in, together. Our intentions toward the COVID-19 virus will help shape the direction of this shared future. We do not yet know the purpose of the virus, and the important thing is to not see it as good or bad, but rather as something that just IS. We may or may not have properly greeted this virus with humility. The virus is fully capable of overwhelming all the external social and economic systems we have created to live together on Earth. The virus has its own program and our attention thus far has been on avoiding it, annihilating it, or fixing it somehow so that we do not have to encounter it.
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The Moon along with the Gemini stellium are in polarity (opposition) with the Earth Star (the South Node of the Moon, where we work with our karma) and Ixion (where we find our soul’s purpose), both at 29 Sagittarius. We are revisiting our purpose as spiritual beings having a human incarnation, and what karma this entails. We create karma each time we take a breath until we are ready to leave this planet. It is how we conduct ourselves that allows us to raise our Consciousness or stay where we are. The combined energies of Alcyone, Mercury, Venus, Vesta, and the Soul Star give us the tools we need to think with our hearts and love with our minds. Any fear-based thoughts that arise can be faced by remembering that we can change our mind by simply standing in the center of the polarity bridge and looking at a problem or a fear from a different perspective.
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During the New Moon are two intersections (T-squares). An intersection gives us a means — like an on-off ramp — to go one direction or another. Both directions are equally plausible and can be explored anew or revisited when needed. The first is between Eris (our inner disruption mechanism) at 24 Aries in polarity with Haumea (where we generate Unity consciousness) at 26 Libra and the Fixed Star Arcturus (innovation, science, and technology) at 25 Libra. The intersection is formed by a stepping stone with Pluto (where we transform) at 25 Capricorn. Pluto is travelling with Jupiter (where we expand) at 27 Capricorn, and Chariklo (where we stabilize) at 29 Capricorn. If we go one direction we are looking to transform, expand, and stabilize how we generate Unity consciousness, and if we go the way, we disrupt ourselves so we transform patterns that no longer serve us.
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The second intersection is with Salacia (where we play with light and shadow) at 6 Aries, travelling with Chiron (where we whole ourselves) at 8 Aries in polarity with MakeMake at 5 Libra and Juno at 6 Libra. Forming the intersection is the stepping stone with Quaoar (where we think new thoughts) at 4 Capricorn Moving in one direction we can consider the idea that both light and shadow are essential to our individual and collective healing and wholling process. The other way puts us on the path of re-thinking how universal laws actually function with human life. If we allow ourselves to do so, these thought explorations can help us gain a more holistic, less human-centered view of existence.
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Because the Gemini New Moon involves all four of the personal planets (the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars), it can feel very personal. It is important to keep in mind that whether a situation feels light or dark that the opposite side is there, equally strong, and “holding space” for all possibilities to occur. When we activate our Gemini consciousness, we are asked to “walk the talk,” through right action. This starts, as so well put by Stephanie Azaria and Shelly Leal: “when we allow Love and only Love to motivate everything we do, thereby achieving transcendence of duality.”
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