2020 Leo Full Moon

Vivian SmallMoon Report

9 February 2020

Full Moon 20 Leo 00

2:33 am EST

It is fitting that all the discovery we had about unconditional LOVE for our Selves and humanity in all its guises through the Aquarian New Moon on January 24 is now mirrored back to us through a Leo Full Moon. Leo and Aquarius are in one of the more profound polarities within our Consciousness. It is where we experience life as a continuous blessing because it IS, moment to moment, and through this appreciation, experience unconditional LOVE. The Sun is always shining whether we are experiencing day or night, and it shines on everything equally.
This simple realization can seem to be too much, because we are here, after all, to experience duality in all its forms and return to Unity Consciousness with that experience intact. It is the great drama, and humanity has been aware of this for centuries upon centuries. We all become entirely engrossed in the play and are dismayed when someone else leaves the theatre because we cannot act out the same scenes with them again. The Leo/Aquarius polarity is all about appreciating without being appreciated and removing isolating barriers without knowing what will happen when we do this. For this Full Moon, the Sun is at 20 Aquarius, and the Full Moon is reflecting the full light of our Sun at 20 Leo. It is bright, reflected light, cast so we can work through our emotional responses to see what has manifested since the New Moon.


Image by Noel Bauza, used courtesy of the Pixabay license, https://pixabay.com/photos/aurora-polar-lights-northen-lights-1197753/
None of us actually exist in an isolated state. We think we are born alone, and that we die alone. The reality is that we are part of a vast web of life, some of which we can see, and most of which we cannot (such as the molecules and subatomic particles that are always interacting to create form, so we can have experience). Our Sun – a star -is a sphere of hot plasma that is continuously generating energy that we experience as light and magnetism. As very young children we are taught not to look directly at the Sun to avoid blindness. When the Full Moon is in the Leo part of our consciousness, we have the opportunity to experience the wonder of the reflected light of our Sun straight on. As such, we can take the moment to jump to the bigger picture—that our individual life dramas are all meant to be just as they are- so we can have an individual experience and be part of a collective experience. It is a hard perspective to hold for more than a moment, but with practice, it is life-changing. Everyone has their role to play in the drama, and our story is not possible without theirs. Our human condition is that we need continuous reminders of this reality. We crave the spotlight, the applause, the laughter, boos and hisses, success and the failure because these are the things that keep us in the play.
Image by David Mark used courtesy of the Pixabay license, https://pixabay.com/photos/theatre-stage-crowd-people-91882/
The Full Moon is in resource to Juno (where we experience Unity consciousness) at 22 Libra; the Fixed Star Arcturus (where we find technological innovation) at 25 Libra; and to Haumea (where we access the creative force) at 28 Libra. Leo stimulates creativity, so this Full Moon passage (the Full Moon and time interval to New Moon) brings the opportunity to unleash our imagination.
The Full Moon is in a Grand manifestation (grand trine) with Mars (how we move) at 25 Sagittarius and Eris (our inner disruptor) at 23 Aries. A manifestation creates a harmonious flow of energy. We can anticipate the energy being available to deal with anything that feels out of whack in our relationships—anything that needs resolving or clearing.
Image by David Mark used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/photos/california-road-highway-hills-210913/
Vesta (where we find devotion) at 18 Taurus and Sedna (where we experience the memory of the Divine Feminine) stationing at 27 Taurus are in a stepping stone to the Full Moon. Our Earth consciousness—that we not just live on Earth but are as wholly part of her as anything else-is beginning to awaken in ways we never dreamt of before. Sedna’s station (a concentrated pause in movement) allows us the opportunity to recognize our impact on our planet and experience how we feel about it.
Image by Noel Bauza, used courtesy of the Pixabay license, https://pixabay.com/photos/trash-waste-beach-plastic-1334557/
The Grand Power Crossroad (cardinal cross) continues to fuel our Consciousness so that we recognize the dynamics for change that are always present. This Crossroad has been changing shape yet remaining solid and strong, making sure we get the message—we are collectively never in stasis and never stopped in our tracks. There is always movement and it is multidimensional and universal, touching our inner core and our outer experience whether we are asleep or awake.
During the Leo Full Moon, the Capricorn/Cancer polarity is very concentrated, with Saturn (where we find inner authority) at 25 Capricorn 29 in a Light Bridge with Astraea (where we encounter the purity of the Divine Feminine) at 26 Cancer 34. Adding the power of transformation to this very potent bridge is Pluto at 24 Capricorn, along with the stabilizing influence of the asteroid Chariklo at 26 Capricorn. Saturn, Pluto, and Chariklo, of course, are travelling within the Capricorn stellium that includes Jupiter (where we expand) at 15, Pallas Athena (where we experience our intuitive wisdom) at 9, the Earth Star (Moon’s South Node, where we work with our karma) at 8, and Quaoar (where we change our thought patterns) at 5. It is a stunning picture, isn’t it? All that Capricorn energy yearning for structure and direction bridging with the purest expression of the Divine Feminine—the ability to hold the paradox of life and death, order and chaos at the same time, without wavering. You can almost see the crackling of the energy involved with this bridge.
Image by FelixMittermeier used courtesy of the Pixabay license, https://pixabay.com/photos/flash-thunderstorm-super-cell-2568381/
Forming the other side of the crossroad is the Light Bridge between Eris with Juno, Arcturus, Haumea. This creates a sense of breakthrough through disruption at our core. Certainly, we can point to many things in the news that are manifestations of this. The key lies with our realization that all of what we see externally is actually happening within our own Selves. The most important realization or breakthrough takes place within.
It is also important to note that there is another Light Bridge taking place during the Full Moon—this one is between Ceres (where we midwife) at 3 Aquarius and Varuna (where we find our highest vision) 2 Leo. This bridge supports the main message of this full Moon. We are all equally important in the birthing process for the transformation that we see occurring right before our eyes. During the birth process, we all guess at what might be the end result. But we do not know., and we will not until it is over, no matter how many predictions are made. The Leo Full Moon reminds us that it is not all struggle—Leo also is playful and fun
.and we need to enjoy the process we are going through.
Image by David Mark, used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/photos/lions-cubs-pair-jungle-nature-2702828/
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