Emily SametMoon Report

FULL MOON over ocean

2016 Scorpio Full Moon

Friday 4/22/16

1:23am EDT, 10:23pm (4/21/16) PDT, 6:23am BST

2 Scorpio 30

 I passed a neighbor on a walk yesterday. She was outside weaving a large rectangular basket. It was beautiful. “For a person”, she said. It turns out it was a casket, not yet claimed. The Full Moon in Scorpio opposes the Sun in Taurus. Life and death are cyclic and interconnected. On a beautiful spring day, with new life growing all around, my neighbor was creating a vessel for the dead. You are shedding and growing new skin all the time. The Full Moon is a vessel for releasing layers that are ready to be sloughed off, so new growth can emerge.

The deep Self rises to the surface with this Moon – the part of your being that is beyond identification with this one life. The wellspring of life and the destroyer of it, are one and the same. It can be scary to welcome and yet difficult to ignore.

Scorpio asks that you go deep. That you differentiate between desires that bring you closer to source and those that bring your farther away. As everything is inherently perfect, there is no judgement here. Running after illusions brings disillusionment, yes, but is just as much a path to the truth as going straight for it.

Juno is conjunct the Full Moon and soul-level contracts are up for healing, release or a deepening of commitment. She asks you to commit to yourself first and foremost; to trust in your higher self; to marry your self to your Self.

Emotional integration serves the evolution/expansion of consciousness and this is so much a part of this Moon. Dams that have interrupted the flow of Love within are breaking apart. Coagulations of intense attachments, fears, and emotional memories, dense enough to stop forward movement are being loosened. If resistance has been intense, the dam might break all at once, but by consistently removing a stick here and a stick there, you can calmly liberate the vital force that’s been suppressed along with emotions. When you open to your depths, the flow washes you clean, bringing a renewal of spirit. Unconditional love is there through it all.

Expansion can be overwhelming, which is why grounding and creating a foundation of self-care is so important. The physical container can only handle so much, so strengthening your own system is essential for expansion without burning out.

Discernment is key because resistance isn’t something to ignore. Is it truly the time and place to go deeper, to see what’s on the other side of a fear of vulnerability? Or not? You are so wise in this regard and it’s up to you to be completely honest with yourself. Don’t be careless, but do find a way to challenge yourself to grow beyond a current limitation.

An opportunity to grow likely won’t be hard to find. There is a jolt from Uranus and Venus connecting in Aries that travels easily through the water of the Full Moon. You are waking up to your full potential; to unconditioned self-expression. So often this can feel alien, when it’s awakened but not emotionally integrated and grounded in the physical. Not so this time. Set the intention to be fully present on all levels of being, and have the courage to take an empowered step forward into your new self – which may actually be more like revealing who you already are.

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