April 2024 Full Moon in Scorpio

Cari CampbellFull Moon Report, Moon Report

Written by Cari Campbell
April 23, 2023
4 Scorpio 18

Are you ready for the Full Moon in Scorpio?  No matter, as it is ready for you!  Pluto is forming an intersection with the Moon and Sun, so transformation is here whether you like it or not.  Coming on the heels of the new cycle with Jupiter and Uranus, this is the time to allow yourself to unfurl into your next stage of growth.

As if that weren’t enough (it isn’t!), we are still in the eclipse wormhole, so surprises abound.  Are you flowing with it, or are you resisting?  How can you move from friction to flow?  Consider taking at least some small steps each day to move with the energy of your life rather than fighting it.

Back to Pluto for a moment…that intersection is actually a grand cross with Varuna at 7 Leo.  Varuna represents the ability to see the bigger picture from our higher self’s perspective.  Keep in mind that Pluto doesn’t transform just for the sake of torturing us…it’s part of our higher path.  With Varuna here, what larger purpose is calling?  How can our transformation serve this purpose?

There is a major Aries stellium happening right now, with Salacia, the Soul Star (North Node), Mercury, Chiron, Venus, and of course Eris all taking up residence.  Aries is the “Divine Spark of Creation” and this is perfect energy to support whatever it is we are birthing and/or transforming right now.  This is the energy that supports us in aligning with our higher selves and creating from that higher vantage point.

This all fits together like a beautiful puzzle.  The Jupiter/Uranus new cycle is bringing something new and beautiful into creation.  The Full Moon and Pluto are assisting us in releasing and transforming so that we are able to create this new thing, and the Aries stellium is providing the energetic support for us to do the work.

Finally, Ceres is in a bridge with Astraea, with Chiron forming an intersection.  This speaks to an opportunity for healing a matter surrounding balance and nurturing.  Astraea in Cancer and Ceres in Capricorn are interesting, with Astraea potentially over-giving and not letting go, and Ceres in Capricorn  being more practical in her nurturing.  However it is manifesting in your life, Chiron can bring the awareness of the imbalance and help you step into the center of that Astraea/Ceres bridge.  Fitting this into our puzzle, this transit can help us see where we are out of balance- either through over-giving or refusing to let go of something that no longer serves our highest good, and then we can move into a more balanced state, freeing up energy to focus on our highest good and next right path.

This is an extremely powerful time; stay present and allow it all to unfold naturally, so that we may flow and transform into our next highest form.

Happy Full Moon!