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 Thursday October 19, 2017

3:12 pm ET, 12:12 pm PT, 8:12pm GT

26 Libra 35

Wherever you go, there you are.

Namaste...The Divine in me bows to the Divine in you...meant for all who cross our path.  It can truly be that simple when we really begin to allow our Awakened Spiritual Resonance, that which we have cultivated over countless lifetimes, to seep into the depths of our subconscious.  This requires pause and conscious stillness from all of our habitual movement and reaction, it requires Feminine Presence.  When our familiar adverse storylines, faces, and places arise, we feel their sting, then off we go....away to the safe harbor of momentum, surely to be greeted by them once again.  Even in our great awareness of what dwells within, our unconscious dance with our familiar wounds remain, like a nondescript hum of background noise.  It is not until we choose to stop the dance and embrace what is before us, that momentum can take us deep instead of away, and we gain access to the transformed perspective that we deserve.  

The Moon is the reflection of our Feminine Presence. Today she is empty, open, new.  Her fresh intention for the next month, is for us to play wholeheartedly within the realm of the Mirrored Self.  Focusing fully in every moment with our Wisdom of and from the Gift of Other helps us to Master our walk with Gaia.  Gaia is the very platform that affords us this precious opportunity to witness every piece of our God Presence by way of ‘Self’, deepening our experience of becoming the feeling source of Love...the Embodiment of Christ Consciousness.

Mastering our walk in the arena that is Gaia is less about becoming anything masterful, as we are already everything, and more about realizing that very thing...we ARE everything, everyone.  Wherever we go, there we are.  Working with this consciousness and observing ‘Other’ merely as a benchmark, an external gauge of the internal, begins to actively uncover the very aspects of Self that are now rising to be synchronized with Love and to expand into an even grander Lightness of Being.  We are now moving through the physical realm of the Cosmic Clock, trying out our newly aligned Realized Self, making manifest all that we have evolved into.  Let us reflect upon Other for that realization.  

Pausing, slowing down, allowing for an immersion in the Mirror and the emotion that experience delivers us to, gives us a chance to be with the untapped part of our inner Selves more fully, consciously allowing its story be revealed, uncovering hurts with their initial points of fear and separation.  This time though, we will be relating the oldest versions of Self with a newly calibrated capacity for elevated awareness.  

As our archaic pain reflection arises and emotion surfaces, they are now met with the Universal Wisdom that knows our every encounter is a Divine Service towards our growth and our depth.  It is from this new transcended perspective, no matter how slightly shifted it is, that our relationship with our wounds are altered completely, elevated, absorbed into our hearts, ready for more expansion and become the very Wholeness and Unity we so desire to see ‘out there’.

Today’s New Moon in Libra is entering a New Cycle with Haumea and Spica, the same New Cycle that the Sun and Mercury began over this past week.  The Moon now activating this very same degree, begins a new awareness and wholing regarding the power and purpose of our emotions and how important the role of the Mirrored Self is in engaging this essential aspect of our being.  It is the Other, out there, who stirs our emotion, making our sub-conscious conscious, inviting us into the very Realm of our obscured Divine Feminine.  As we continue our call for the Feminine to rise and consciously work with the Mirrored Self through the emotion it ignites, we will allow all that we encounter to work for us, delivering us to Realized Wholeness.

The 5D dwarf planet Haumea represents the Wholing of our entire dual nature of being… old/young, death/birth, anger/peace, dark/light, etc.  In her elevated 5D presence, Haumea’s Wisdom reminds us that all parts are necessary and work together by igniting our desire to reach for each next separate step.  This desire grants us and every living thing, the very momentum of evolution.  ‘Separate’ is an essential state, yet we must remember not to become a slave to it, as it all works for the One.   

The Light Bridge with Uranus and Eris, the Great Awakeners, is elevating the message of today’s New Moon by offering us access to the Eternal Light of the Enlightened Mind in which to process our grand BEcoming.  This Light Bridge also forms a Boomerang anchored by Chiron and Sedna, pointing to the New Moon.  Sedna, the Divinely Feminine Universal Librarian, brings forth all aspects of our evolutionary Selves...past, present, future...depositing them within the feminine depths of our subconscious, the very well from which the Mirrored Self is drawn.  

Sedna is activating our remembrance thru the Mirrored Self and the emotion that reflection evokes.  Chiron, the Master Healer Teacher, is supporting her every move by matching those visions/versions of Self out-there with the ability to Master those wounds once and for all.  Stepping into our 5D space of elevated heart/mind by choosing Love of Other and Self especially in the midst of rising emotion, steps us out of the old karmic momentum that has kept us locked in the repetitive, oppressive states of fear and unconscious darkness for lifetimes.

Sedna’s role in this New Libra Moon is loud and clear as she is the dispositor of Libra, which the Sun and Moon and an entire stellium connected to the New Moon are currently in.  Today’s Yod/Finger of God which stems from Quaoar, Ixion, Saturn and the New Moon is pointing directly to the radiant feminine essence that is Sedna.  Sedna is devoted to wholing our soul and de-fragmenting our being so we can inherit and embody the feeling tone of Source and experience the same elevated bliss  that flows through her. This is her promise to us and the very purpose and promise we made to our Selves prior to this incarnation. Embracing Sedna with her reflection of Self in the Mirror, no matter how glaring it may seem and by choosing to see from our highest perspective what this Earth platform truly is, will free our soul, enlightening our within and illuminate our without.
Today Mars, the new co-ruler of the Divine Feminine, moves over the degree of the last New Moon in Virgo which ended the worm hole.  The physical is now fully transmuted and our lower body calibration complete.  Mars is also in a Bridge with Chiron and forming a powerful Boomerang secured by the New Libra Moon and the North Node/Soul Star Chakra, pointing to Chiron. This speaks to the potency of embracing wholeheartedly, our old subconscious wounds as they rise. Healing, Wholing, Mastery is taking place within our physicality, the Earth plane and all things tangible and feminine, shifting the very vessel that emits our Light.  When we confirm Oneness, Connectedness, Unity in every opportunity with the Mirrored Self, we consciously step into our Highest Potential of Realized Awareness… pure balanced Love.
The New Libra Moon is also Manifesting with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra) and in a Friction aspect (formerly semi-square) with Orcus, the Master of the Invisible Realm while Orcus is also in a Grand Earth Manifestation with Pallas Athena and Juno.  These aspects together bring about our ability to access our most elevated Self, rising above with the highest mind, clearest consciousness and fairest heart.  The friction Orcus is offering, is one that only walking on the brink of death...whether it mental, emotional, physical....can so succinctly offer.  This potent journey delivers us immediately to what matters most, our TRUEST priorities and we finally drop the noise, the very noise which produces that indescript hum of distraction from Realized Wholeness. These configurations are a Divine backdrop that will help us clear the decks, clear our minds and support our desired evolution towards Unity Consciousness.

Unity and Wholeness are fluid, a continual becoming and it is not solely the form that seeks the becoming, it’s also what is within the form that is ever present to real-ize it.  Allowing emotion to flow through you and around you with the Wisdom that All is in Divine Order and in service for our greatest expansion, detaches from ego, allowing Oneness to thrive within our internal humanity...sending that very wave ‘without’ to the far reaches of our external humanity.
As Lightbeings, our Soul’s purpose and promise is to be the Awakened Rods of Light.  We manifest this first by embodying the Light, finding it within and secondly by seeking it, seeing it and believing it within anOther, as many Others, creating a perpetual web of Light Consciousness.  In this anchoring, we energetically plant a Seed of Light within Other which will sprout in its own time and space, taking part in an Initiation into Awakened Consciousness.  This practice of planting seeds of Light in every version/vision of the Mirrored Self, also burns through the layers of our own egoic darkness, our ancient dross, our suffering that has been….as the suffering of Other is ultimately the suffering of Self.  

Yearning for the experience of Unity and Wholeness within humanity requires us first to address and to Love our untapped humanity within. How often do we allow, embrace and sit with what rises to our surface, with grace?  Can we see that rawness as a wave of Divinity that it is?  Do we acknowledge our Oneness with all that we encounter?  Can we see the Light within the very thing we fear the most?  Do we remember that the very visions Other we deny are the very versions of Self within wanting to be Realized as Whole?  Realizing that NOTHING is ‘out there’ but reflection, IS Unity Consciousness and affirms our Wholeness.
Embrace what you see wholeheartedly, go with the flow of Oneness even if only ‘imagined’ or from afar, seek it out in at every turn, surprise yourSelf with your openness and willingness to embrace and connect and Unify.  This will create more fluid, seamless steps towards your Realized BEcoming, and you will be surprised at the peace that comes with acceptance, as acceptance always offers up an easier ride.  
On this Earth plane that is Gaia...wherever you go, there you are.

“We are here to awaken from the illusion of separateness.”

~ Ram Dass 


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