February 24, 2024 Full Moon in Virgo

Stephanie AzariaFull Moon Report, Moon Report

Written by Stephanie Azaria

This Full Moon is the second of three full moons occurring at 5 degrees (Leo, Virgo and Libra).  This lunar event includes action from Mercury and Saturn (each on either side of the Sun in Pisces), and Ceres/Quaoar (currently in Capricorn, manifesting with the Moon and in resource with the Sun/Mercury/Saturn).  

This is the Full Moon where we get focused and make thorough plans for pursuing our dreams (Moon in Virgo, Sun in Pisces).  Last month we had the Full Moon in Leo, where we hopefully got a little more clear around our heart’s desire.  Now, Mercury and Saturn are joining forces with the Sun in Pisces to align our intuitive mind (Mercury in dreamy Pisces) and our inner Executive Director (Saturn) to crystallize this vision.  The Moon in Virgo aligns our emotions with the work required to make our dreams a reality.  There are a lot of supporting players adding depth to this lunation so plenty to work with- let’s go deeper.

Venus and Mars new cycle in Aquarius occurred February 22nd, and they are still one degree apart.  They are currently in a stepping stone with Jupiter in Taurus and a bridge with Varuna in Leo.  Varuna brings the ability to see the big picture from a cosmic, higher-self perspective.  Jupiter is expansive and optimistic, however this is a stepping stone so you may be asked to view your desires (Venus/Mars) from a higher perspective.  Optimism is good, but check in with your higher self.

Soul Star (North Node) and Chiron began their new cycle in Aries on February 19th and they are still less than one degree apart.  Aries is ruled by Mars, and the Moon in Virgo is ruled by Chiron, so both the Full Moon and the Venus/Mars new cycle are connected.

What wounds have been triggered (Soul Star/Chiron new cycle)?  What has shown up for you around your balance between masculine and feminine energies (Venus/Mars new cycle)?  How can you utilize this information to clear away blocks?  How can you align to your heart’s wisdom?  Full Moons are the end of a cycle- what cycles need to complete in order for you to manifest your higher good?

Ceres and Quaoar in Capricorn are providing nurturing and access to 5d wisdom (Quaoar is the higher octave of Mercury) and this is easily accessible via your emotions (manifestation with the Moon).  

Haumea is at 1 degree Scorpio. Haumea is creative energy, able to shapeshift, birth from nothing (or from within herself, actually), and to transform repeatedly.  Haumea is manifesting with the Sun, Mercury and Saturn and in resource with the Moon.   This is a great time to spend time consciously manifesting.

These 5D planets feel important to me during this lunar cycle- this is the time to manifest from the higher planes- from our higher heart and our higher mind. We are being beautifully supported by the cosmos right now.   We can manifest what we desire and we are worthy of recieving.  Take the time to get centered and quiet so that we can hear our inner guidance.  

What are you feeling really called to move towards right now?  Are you balanced between doing and being?  Acting and striving, vs manifesting and receiving?   Are there wounds flaring up that need your love and attention so that they can return to wholeness?  And what needs to end?  What limiting beliefs can be released?  Whatever holds you back from living as your authentic, higher self- set the intention to let it go.    Where do you block yourself from moving towards what you desire?  At this full moon, you can intend to stop this cycle now.

Happy Full Moon!  

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